Beyoncé - Sweet Dreams

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Turn the lights on
Every night I rush to my bed
With hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you
When I close my eyes I'm going out of my head
Lost in a fairytale, can you hold my hands and be my guide?
Clouds filled with stars cover your skies
And I hope it rains, you're the perfect lullaby
What kinda dream is this?
You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I don't wanna wake up from you
(Turn the lights on)
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me, your love's too good to be true
(Turn the lights on)


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Oct 3, 2009




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Comments 28 384
Tosha Crooks
Tosha Crooks 52 minutes ago
Keep praying Hoffa........ Xx
Johannes Derkannes
Johannes Derkannes 2 hours ago
Lanola Bombalock- Chat4free sweeeet dreeeeeams
J P 5 hours ago
I'm such a slave for my ex😌🙇🏾‍♂️🙌
1000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Who's here before this song hits 10 years old?
Aishah Ahmed
Aishah Ahmed 10 hours ago
Idk why people say Beyoncé is fat, If I had her body I wouldn’t know how to act 😊😊
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton 21 hour ago
I'm A big Elvis Presley fan. And it breaks my Heart to say she blows him away sozz King
andre white
andre white Day ago
Who listening in 2019 also talk about throwbacks and hit that like button
Mars Day ago
Anyone from September 2019? One of my fav songs from her.
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson 2 days ago
I love it when she crumps like that it’s so funny😂1:30
Jade 2 days ago
True bee fan 2019 from 2003
MiaGangsta305 3 days ago
That walk at the beginning always gets me. Im like aye bad ass walk 🚶
aeon manalo
aeon manalo 3 days ago
The 10th anniversary of this song is close
GLAMED_ D 3 days ago
Growing up black and gay Beyoncé was my idol and still is
tennis boy
tennis boy 3 days ago
I despise this song, tbh I want to be the first comment with a thousand dislikes, drop a dislike please.
LVX1 11fer
LVX1 11fer 3 days ago
This song must kill Jay...uh, sorry man, what happens when ya marry a dime.🤭
gladys lazzar
gladys lazzar 3 days ago
beyonce - sweet dreams
Calo Nbl
Calo Nbl 3 days ago
Beat it Mickael Jackson
Cristiano Lopes
Cristiano Lopes 3 days ago
Sasha Fierce
söz müzik
söz müzik 3 days ago
Tamer Alkhwaldh
Tamer Alkhwaldh 4 days ago
اجمل امراة سمره في الكون صراحه
Gursahib Singh
Gursahib Singh 4 days ago
Queen Bee....her walk is so powerful
Karine Soares
Karine Soares 4 days ago
Sou fã 😍🇧🇷
Gia _kpoplover1
Gia _kpoplover1 4 days ago
Ok but she’s literally gorgeous😭😍
Maria Antonia Oliveira
morria de medo dessa música
_ autoRubii _
_ autoRubii _ 5 days ago
I wasnt even born when this was made-
ARARAT records
ARARAT records 5 days ago
Back in the days when beyonce was serving smash hits!
ARARAT records
@Patricia Ki sure. Flop after flop.
Patricia Ki
Patricia Ki Day ago
ARARAT records still does...
Bonnie's World.
Bonnie's World. 5 days ago
Drown international in stunt steam and conscience. Ingite light up. Fire.🔥
Josh Kerr
Josh Kerr 5 days ago
01:46 Beyoncé walked so Ashley O could run
Jean Midi
Jean Midi 6 days ago
Look @ this old picture of Beyonce.
Alex Legal
Alex Legal 6 days ago
Assisti muito na Mix TV 😂🇧🇷
Nathan Marriot
Nathan Marriot 6 days ago
this is my favorite child hood song yet im still a teen .-.
Carolin Beyer
Carolin Beyer 7 days ago
Adnan A
Adnan A 7 days ago
I miss this song
LVX1 11fer
LVX1 11fer 7 days ago
Daniel Alba Nunez
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, somebody pinch me
Lindo De Morrer
Lindo De Morrer 7 days ago
Are made of this...
Donya P
Donya P 7 days ago
One of my Favorites by QUEEN 👑 Bey!
Kelli Collier
Kelli Collier 8 days ago
Who is here 2019? Thanks For All The Likes!
King Qa
King Qa 9 days ago
James Nelson
James Nelson 10 days ago
A futuristic queen I stan!
Andre Bastos
Andre Bastos 11 days ago
Beyoncé top demais linda
Donald Schmenk
Donald Schmenk 11 days ago
You stole a song's name
Sapphire Gordon
Sapphire Gordon 11 days ago
I'm singing this to my baby in the future
Sapphire Gordon
Sapphire Gordon 11 days ago
Giving me kim k in thriller vibes
Game point
Game point 11 days ago
Beyoncé: every night I rest in my bed Me: we have so much in common
Nightcore Audios
Nightcore Audios 11 days ago
This song is kinda underrated and I think it deserves more fame
Haren Russel Samson Makaea
Who's here in September 2019 😍 ❤️
hip hop
hip hop 13 days ago
Sweet dreans❤
Raymond Lopez
Raymond Lopez 10 days ago
Or a beautiful Nightmare
Larissa Oliveira
Larissa Oliveira 13 days ago
Aaaah como eu amo Setembro 2019
Eri Joy Wu
Eri Joy Wu 13 days ago
Still listening to this song💖
Milan Peric
Milan Peric 13 days ago
..Quante bugie?
malone phyllis
malone phyllis 13 days ago
N1k32h 13 days ago
Ff8 boss has nothing over u babe
Zachariyah M
Zachariyah M 14 days ago
DAMN! SOOOOOO very sexy
The Starman
The Starman 14 days ago
So sweet
The Starman
The Starman 14 days ago
Oh great
sue mae
sue mae 14 days ago
this song will forever be a bop
Di na
Di na 14 days ago
Ich grüsse alle aus Germany😘
Renan Fernandes
Renan Fernandes 14 days ago
BR 09/ 2019?
Kelton’s Channel
Kelton’s Channel 14 days ago
Who else forgot about this song???
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