Beyoncé - Let's Move Your Body ( Official Video ~ HD )

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Comments 80
Halima Muhammad Umar
doing this in heels...respect
s L
s L Day ago
TheAmandaShow 2 days ago
Tyler Thurman
Tyler Thurman 2 days ago
Do you half Let ships. With me. Come Let do this for you
Tyler Thurman
Tyler Thurman 2 days ago
Let with me body to and your body
Jennifer Villarreal
Omg I remember dancing this in P.E. Class lol anyone else ?
Criativa! SóQueNão
Sonyeo Margit
Sonyeo Margit 4 days ago
I want better edit because those moves are dope
Edd Wilson
Edd Wilson 4 days ago
So during this quarantine, imma pro this dance. Yass Bey let's get it
christene tene
My rhoughts exactly
We Blacks
We Blacks 4 days ago
We can use this vibes to fight Coronavirus
Bops For Days
Bops For Days 5 days ago
The pins on Beyonce's shirt: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️
Deveter Baker
Deveter Baker 6 days ago
I love her everything she does is 🔥🔥🔥 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
Samuel Biede.M
Samuel Biede.M 6 days ago
I dance this song let's Move Your Body like Beyonce
vibewithmax 7 days ago
dawg . i danced to this in 2015
XxPinkDrinkxX 10 days ago
I STILL LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Even doe it 2020
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty 10 days ago
She one of the greatest entertainers of all time always and forever 💯😘
nathalie2k 11 days ago
My indoor workout during #coronavirus social distancing in NYC
King Kalix
King Kalix 11 days ago
I am the lil girl BANSHEE. MACHETE the machine
King Kalix
King Kalix 11 days ago
I mean Mya
King Kalix
King Kalix 11 days ago
She still my song Aliyaj
dreadedweirdo hippie
Love bee natural hair 😍
Danik Kryt
Danik Kryt 13 days ago
Let's move your body Let's move Most Wanted 2005
HEATHER HEARST 14 days ago
So great to see this today with a world filled with stress ✌
lena behrendt
lena behrendt 16 days ago
In fucking HELLS!!!!
Lucky 17 days ago
Damn. It has been 7 years? I am back in 2020. Got to keep that heart beat going, am I right? ;)
Hendelina Nghaambelwa
Beyonce okwapukifa
Crystal Fa
Crystal Fa 21 day ago
Fukna she augly I hate her
Shyeeta Gustus
Shyeeta Gustus 21 day ago
Yes yes yes yes yessssssssssssssssssssssssss
D Sohn
D Sohn 22 days ago
no one's gonna mention how Beyonce messed up her directions at 3:20 ? 😂
The Naked Truth Show
D Sohn neither do u😈
D Sohn
D Sohn 3 days ago
@The Naked Truth Show You don't know what she was thinking boo
Shirley Anderson
Shirley Anderson 3 days ago
Why didn't they edit it tho?
The Naked Truth Show
D Sohn she was thinking for us viewers...that is the left when viewing...her right.
Fatma Altayip
Fatma Altayip 22 days ago
Rayana Thomas
Rayana Thomas 24 days ago
I went to this school, years after she came to it😭😭
Jeremithegamer988 JTG988
the devil will eat you oga
Jeremithegamer988 JTG988
the devil will come during your sleep so you better run for your life
Jeremithegamer988 JTG988
the devil will eat you
Jeremithegamer988 JTG988
i hate you beyonce you should die
Olga Lara
Olga Lara 25 days ago
I ❤💙This song😊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
OandIzzy Jones
OandIzzy Jones 26 days ago
Y'all hitting it hard. SO LIT KEEP IT UP
Dee Cai
Dee Cai 29 days ago
Can someone please tell me what's the song to Mission 7🧐
Olga Lara
Olga Lara 29 days ago
I love this song 🙌💜💜💜
John Wright
John Wright Month ago
Because I don't feel that is what school is for. I do not feel Beyonce dancing in a cafeteria is art or culture. She is not there for the students, she is only there to make money and camera ops. I don't feel that my tax dollars should be used for her financial gain. It is not just this performer, I would feel that way of anyone wanting to use the school as a backdrop.
Таня Нитрян
Love love love you Beyonce 😍😍😍
Nefertitti Mavroudi
i still remember dance moves lol after years
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson Month ago
This song gave me anxiety.lol
wanda odland
wanda odland Month ago
Why can’t I buy this on iTunes?! Am I missing something?
reajhan human
reajhan human Month ago
and no one points out the fact that Beyonce ran to the right when everyone went left . . . okay
John Wright
John Wright Month ago
i'd pull my kid out of that school!
Teniya White
Teniya White Month ago
John Wright why?
Christopher Ebuka
When she ran to the right instead of left😂😂 cute
Melody Cruz camacho
D Licious
D Licious Month ago
First time I'm seeing this video. Nice
MANU Month ago
Melissa Gibson
Melissa Gibson Month ago
Should put his in fortnite lol
Usha Aron
Usha Aron Month ago
WHO is the boy on the right hand side of Beyoncé? Just WHO IS HE? Didn't miss a beat, had my complete and undivided attention and made me fall in love with boots. What a smooof dancer! I hope his big break as a dancer (should he so choose it) comes and makes him a huge star. This boi is a rare talent!
Samari Rose
Samari Rose Month ago
"Wave the American flag" Teaching kids to be healthy while being patriotic .. Something the Nazi Barbie @tomilauren can't do !
Beyonce: *dances in heels* Me: *puts on mum's heels and dances in them like Beyonce. Also Me: Hmm, this is actually pretty easy. By the way, I'm 11 years old
Kaewa temato Smith
I get hungry when I watch this song and so did all the kids.
Lakeshia Ball
Lakeshia Ball Month ago
I love this Beyonce and these kids kilt it this is dope 🔥🔥🔥
Kelen Cavalcanti
What I love the most about this song is how the instrumental includes differents styles. At school we usually see certain animosity between kids from differents tribes, but she managed to show hat, in the end, no matter the music or culture, people just wanna enjoy. And move their bodies! 👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾
Oswin williams
Oswin williams Month ago
How can I find this song on Spotify???
Autumn Kirby
Autumn Kirby Month ago
Beyonce used to be so awesome. I love her old songs.
december akins
december akins Month ago
Someone give that kid in white cap a tacos , boy gat moves
Nate d90
Nate d90 Month ago
Insane that this was part of Michelle Obama's healthy, school lunch thing. And M. Trump is doing "be kind" on facebook, Trump 2020 lolololololol
Stella Bella
Stella Bella Month ago
Nate d90 I was wondering if that was what it was for, given the timeframe, makes sense and such a great idea
Niyah Is trash
Niyah Is trash Month ago
Wait did she say 2011 oop I’m late
G weber
G weber Month ago
☀️Have ☀️ 🌺fun 🌺
darcskies777 Month ago
I dont think I've ever seen this before until today.
eban pinket
eban pinket Month ago
To make this more wealthier a apple a day never hurt nobody
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez Month ago
Simone go gial dance is you do shady but down
Moony Pie
Moony Pie Month ago
This is wholesome omg how am I just seeing this
Bieassia Law
Bieassia Law Month ago
This video is old as dirt but feels new as hell
XxPinkDrinkxX Month ago
her high heels tho
Jameia Wharton
Jameia Wharton Month ago
I love this song me and my best friend dance to it💃💚💚
uma Bakongo around the world
This dance moves helped me to loose weights
kittyboo2121 Month ago
This JUST popped up in my suggestions and *I'm so HYPED about it* Let's goooo💃🏾🕺🏾
Guilherme Augusto
same vibe of get me bodied
Khethumusa Mzizi
yay love her video do dance day and night
krebo maurice
krebo maurice Month ago
The best
Kai Bean
Kai Bean Month ago
Did this as a warm up for honor show choir! It was so fun!!!
Sweet Maria
Sweet Maria Month ago
I will nevr miss School....❤Beyonce
tomstieve Month ago
Aw, I wanted Beyonce to come out of the kitchen dressed as a lunch lady, in a hairnet and apron.
Mekah L
Mekah L Month ago
NY Nurse
NY Nurse Month ago
Ain’t a damn person on the planet that can get away with heels and grass green knee socks...‘cept Bey.
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