Beyoncé - Haunted

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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition.
Available on iTunes: beyonce.lk/itunesplatinum
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Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live performances . 2015 Mini Calendar . 2 Photo Books . 17 Music Videos
Music video by Beyoncé performing Haunted. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment


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Nov 24, 2014




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Comments 12 152
Moutarde 16 hours ago
M se
M se 17 hours ago
Why is she nearly white?
Soft Melody
Soft Melody 19 hours ago
If I am haunting u, u must be haunting me
Levity Rollarcoasters
Which part has maye musk?
Irina Miklashevskaya
reminds of some parts of this world... but you have this after death.. it complicatedd to explane.. you see later
Irina Miklashevskaya
great video
Austin Hayes
Austin Hayes Day ago
3:04 Dead Presidents.
Janine Arvayo
Janine Arvayo 3 days ago
Beyonce haunting all Kenya for Murdering Her
citrvs 4 days ago
🕷🖤AHS hotel vibes🖤🕷
VeteranCape 4 days ago
Anyone else just curious about satanic Illuminati symbolism?
Lisette Nicole'
Lisette Nicole' 5 days ago
Erotic 💋💋💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
King _kai15
King _kai15 5 days ago
It's so crazy how she made this song 5years ago. I still love this song so much when i first heard it on 50 shades of grey
Thayson Victor
Thayson Victor 6 days ago
essa música é tão boa, cara
daisuki 6 days ago
Wtf I'm searching for scarlxrd
Raissa Oliveira
Raissa Oliveira 7 days ago
fifty shades of grey ❤😍
Felipe Alves
Felipe Alves 7 days ago
amo esse clipe sombrio 🖤
Jonathan Díaz
Jonathan Díaz 8 days ago
Cool song, horrible video...
Naryama Khansa Banyu Yekti
the bad song 😫😱
Maisen West
Maisen West 9 days ago
This is the same mansion in tyler the creators A Boy is A Gun video
Vitória Santos
Vitória Santos 10 days ago
beginning of music: 1:55
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly 10 days ago
Jenny Barrett
Jenny Barrett 10 days ago
The reason for showing the family - mother father and children around the table. Is showing the destruction of the family unit. The demonic laughter is revealing that is their mission
spooky katt
spooky katt 7 days ago
the star of Remphan earrings is child rape and sacrifice-a cult pagan Jewish ritual. I hate that the bad guys always win
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo 11 days ago
CosplayMemories14 11 days ago
queen of the illuminutty
Heather Christofferson
I just see the video as an updated remake of Madonna's Justify My Love. Both are great...no shade
camile séllos
camile séllos 14 days ago
Bey with short hair That is RARE
camile séllos
camile séllos 14 days ago
This song and video deserve so much attention
Laira de Paula Pessoa
Still cannot believe Elon Musk's mother is in this video She is such a badass ❤️
OR0R0 18 days ago
Came here for Maye Musk only
Iris C17
Iris C17 18 days ago
Makes me think of an episode of AHS in 5.21. So disturbing is the vidéo.
vanilla has no calories
Does her eyes blink when she kisses like birds..and friends...like high in the back of coffee shop??
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo 18 days ago
Farez Derrya
Farez Derrya 18 days ago
Samira Bamba
Samira Bamba 19 days ago
Why Beyonce, just, WHY?
Evisella Matsika
Evisella Matsika 19 days ago
This song is 6 years old I'm surprised
Allison 'Ali' Marra
Why am i watching this at midnight and home alone
adrii 19 days ago
Who else searched up "Haunted"
Desi Benjamin
Desi Benjamin 20 days ago
KIM FOWLEY!!!!!!!!!
Yurii Yurik
Yurii Yurik 21 day ago
kuku maku
kuku maku 23 days ago
Meghan Markel won't be greeted by Beyonce, cause Meghan ISN'T ROYAL ANYMORE!!!! Foolish girl.
Caio Silva
Caio Silva 24 days ago
Nesse vídeo ela ta muito branca isso me incomoda. ...
Caio Silva
Caio Silva 24 days ago
Nesse vídeo ela ta muito branca isso me incomoda. ...
Mandi Cruz
Mandi Cruz 25 days ago
Luvz It 🐝🐝🐝
Maria Camila Durango Barrera
C. Martinez
C. Martinez 25 days ago
Name of the violin piece at the beginning when she drives in ?
Bruna Lima
Bruna Lima Month ago
If "Justify my Love" (Madonna) had a child with the AHS, that child would certainly be "Haunted".
KSandra Month ago
Paparazzi-lady gaga, she goes to jail afterwards Telephone-lady gaga ft. Beyonce, lady gaga now in jail and Beyonce take her out Aura-lady gaga, it says "I killed my former" witch was Beyonce Haunted-beyonce, Beyonce is now a ghost
van X
van X Month ago
I still love this video 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
Zachary Lucky
Zachary Lucky Month ago
This is must be telephone part II cause gaga kill b and she ghost now
Lucas Ripardo
Lucas Ripardo Month ago
This is pop perfection on some whole other level.
She said its her favorite from Beyoncè.
Alivia Halverson
I remember I had the album with the videos on DVD and I would put it on my lil TV and get scared to mf hell
techas Month ago
That model’s skin is GORGEOUS! Looks like silk!
Agirl Hasnohope
Agirl Hasnohope Month ago
Beyonce has dominion and ownership over every kink represented in the rooms. There are more layers but the jist is she's the dominant, she has ownership, over herself and you... She's onto you.
I loved that lipstick shade ❤❤
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Beyonce will always Haunt you for killing Her
Vegetable News
Vegetable News Month ago
This is Cucumbers fav song.
Cris Bucris
Cris Bucris Month ago
One of the best videos of beyoncé ❤️
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres Month ago
2020 anyone?
spooky katt
spooky katt 7 days ago
yiu can dee the demon that controls her when she blows out the smoke of the cigarette and looks away. That is a man.
Bao Han MM Pham Nguyen
Hereeee. Back for some good music. Nowadays i don't hear good music as this anymore, don't know if it's just me or...? Queen Bee still rocks it tho ❤️
viola kennedy
viola kennedy 29 days ago
DiabolicalAngel Month ago
Love this and clearly takes its Cue from Madonna's Justify My Love ♡
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