Beyoncé - Formation

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Grammy nominated best video of the year "Formation" from LEMONADE the Visual Album Available Now! iTunes: smarturl.it/LEMONADEitunes Amazon.com: smarturl.it/LEMONADEcd TIDAL: lemonade.tidal.com
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Dec 9, 2016




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Comments 46 851
Woah Lexx
Woah Lexx 10 hours ago
"I Came To Slay Bitch !! I Like Cornbread And Collard Greens Bitch !!!" ‼❤🙌🏽
Madison m
Madison m 11 hours ago
Brooklyn Dailey
Brooklyn Dailey 17 hours ago
Lol I'm dead when she said I got hot sauce in my bag swag and I like corn bread and collard green😆😆🤣🤣
Mook Flywalker
Mook Flywalker 19 hours ago
One Word: QUEEN🏆
Rabbi Shekelstein 1488
Look up Illuminati and sort by view count. This is the first video to pop up. She’s nothing more than an Illuminati puppet.
Grigor Avagyan
Jeeves Proper
I keep wondering if she altered that Tove Lo sample from "Habits".
Charlie Matthews
Latasha Brown
Beyonce you're so pretty Beyonce and I like your dress love you Smith syre I'm your fan so I hope you my name is cyrayia and I love your songs to songs are so cute and I love them so next time can you can you come over 66 house
Cxtyliaa V.4
Cxtyliaa V.4 Day ago
0:05 -0:13 When you forget to unthaw the chicken
Only One MITCH!
This is a badass song Love from Africa
Drey Day ago
When did 20 second non-skippable ads become legal???
leni_lou17 Day ago
British A-level media studies 🙋🏽‍♀️
dyane Costa
dyane Costa Day ago
Cadê os brasileiro que amam Beyoncé?
Sara Da Cruz Fernandes
Sim estou pronta para formação
Gena Van Blunk
Gena Van Blunk 2 days ago
4:30 F.A.C.T!!! Mic Drop 🎤
Italo Martins
Italo Martins 2 days ago
Vê se não é a rainha do mundo inteiro
Malik Bey
Malik Bey 2 days ago
Islam check out the Moor with the fez shes talking to your. Smh
Ella Is Fearless
Ella Is Fearless 2 days ago
I'm not black, I'm Brazilian-Italian, my home country *BRAZIL* is known for having to sides : we have a weird president who hates people who are not in majority * ex; Asians, mixed people, or specifically black people OR THE LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY ALSO* or the best side which i'm specifically proud of I LOVE HOW MY HOME EMBRACE DIFFERENT CULTURES, SO THAT'S WHAT FOREIGNERS DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT "YOU DON'T HAVE A CORRECT WAY TO LOOK BRAZILIAN ANYONE CAN BE", so i'm white, & talking about Beyoncé she's not the only black woman who i LOVE SO MUCHHHHH, it all started when i was 7 & i listen to B'day album & i never stopped since then, & i know this song "don't define" what am in fact, but...what if music were " forever white" i would be so boring, where would be the soulfulness, feeling & interpretation in singing? thanks God, i'm not a white person who sings "like i was dead"...Beyoncé is my singing teacher literally, i thank God to have her making this album...cause she's innovative, i know white people don't know what this album means, i know as a listener a BeyHive, but if it wasn't for black music from 60s to now i say, music would be boring! I want to be a different white person who don't make "dead music". ILY BEYONCÉ THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS PIECE OF ART. GRAMMY IS NOTHING YOU ARE EVERYTHING.
Mitzi Mtz
Mitzi Mtz 2 days ago
Duke Sawyer
Duke Sawyer 2 days ago
I have strong memories of this MV dropping and TV shows talking about her in a car in favour of the strong lyrical message and her awareness made about the aftermath of Katrina and it's effect on southern POC.
just realised the part where shes sitting on the police car thats flooded was most likely a real flood....imagine being a person in that place tryna evacuate and then beyonce and her team randomly show up to shoot a music video in your flooded neighbourhood
9 Lives
9 Lives 2 days ago
And why can't I stop watching
9 Lives
9 Lives 2 days ago
Wtf am I watching
Caoimhe Murphy
Caoimhe Murphy 2 days ago
Anyone going to point out how adorable Blue was here?
Awesome Aight
Awesome Aight 2 days ago
3:32 Fortnite stole that dance!
Andre Wingate
Andre Wingate 3 days ago
I got hot sauce in my veins ...WHAT? …. nIts 4 years later and Im still saying that line! My all time Favorite Beyoncé song. But not over Bills Bills Bills and Say My Name!
nerdaiada_ 3 days ago
kevin manss
kevin manss 3 days ago
Kalyhia Warren
Kalyhia Warren 3 days ago
Angelica lopez
Angelica lopez 3 days ago
Dariana Iglesias
Dariana Iglesias 3 days ago
Matthew Ashton
Matthew Ashton 3 days ago
Beyoncé, a mother and an artist, a wife, and a queen, a woman, and a goddess, a symbol of sex, and of independence...An influence, and an icon.
Stefan Sava
Stefan Sava 3 days ago
Hip hop formation 90s colors. ☺
Scrappi Blaze
Scrappi Blaze 3 days ago
R.I.P Messy Mya
GoldenAcorn 3 days ago
I watched this about 10 times and I still am. AND I LOVE IT. You go Bey
Carmen Singleton
Carmen Singleton 4 days ago
You are beautiful
Wanjiru K
Wanjiru K 4 days ago
This Album deserve an Oscar
KKPie KJELLBERG 4 days ago
I cant help but dance to this bruh
Racquel Whitous
Racquel Whitous 4 days ago
🖕🧻🐍🐁✉🐏🚽🐇🐰🐼🐷🐖🦄🐑👻💀☠🐽🖕🖕🖕👈 🖋🖋🧘‍♀️💵😇🤔🛌🛀🚽😇🤔🛌💵🧘‍♀️🇺🇸🖋!
Peter Berisha
Peter Berisha 4 days ago
Camren Bicondova and Will Adams aka WillDaBeast brought me here.
SNMCeCe SNMNails 4 days ago
Amazing ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Alexandre Costa
Alexandre Costa 4 days ago
Formation música do século
Alexandre Costa
Alexandre Costa 4 days ago
Beyoncé canta MUITO
Damiana 4 days ago
this is what I call perfection.
Aliyah M
Aliyah M 4 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Formation is better than 7 Rings.
100k subscribers without any vids Challenge
Aliyah M unpopular but true
Léa Perro
Léa Perro 4 days ago
Aliya Ferguson
Aliya Ferguson 4 days ago
I'm a beyhive🍯🐝
Daniel Farias
Daniel Farias 4 days ago
Cadê os Beyhives vendo esse icônico em 2020 ?
Wiwi 4 days ago
Me after vacations on 1st school day : *BICH I'M BACK AND I CAME TO SLAY*
Imarni Miller
Imarni Miller 4 days ago
I love beyonce she is my favourite singer
Grace Mba
Grace Mba 4 days ago
Best revenge is your PAPER!!!❤
sweetwildflower 4 days ago
Her beauty SHINES in this one! 💥
Fede Guigou
Fede Guigou 5 days ago
This video gave rights no everyone
sialealea g
sialealea g 5 days ago
my president. My national anthem.
Timi ade
Timi ade 5 days ago
no one can argue with me. This music video was a complete game changer in music videos when it came out.
Avan Caeter
Avan Caeter 5 days ago
This pumps me up into beast mode every morning
Yonce Knowles
Yonce Knowles 5 days ago
Who’s watching in 2020?🔥
Every day as Brooklynn
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