Beyoncé - Formation

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Grammy nominated best video of the year "Formation" from LEMONADE the Visual Album Available Now! iTunes: smarturl.it/LEMONADEitunes Amazon.com: smarturl.it/LEMONADEcd TIDAL: lemonade.tidal.com
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Dec 9, 2016




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Laura Kenny
Laura Kenny 6 hours ago
Beyonce I know you're intebt on this song on video was black lives matter and please belive I respect that but as an Extremely underprivileged white woman you represent. I don't care what anyone says your music was the soundtrack to be going for interview and fighting for my righys. Many may give out but as a Catholic living in a bombed protestant area you talk me to be good, reasonble and Respectful of others. Thank you
Laura Kenny
Laura Kenny 6 hours ago
I am not black and did not grow up in a country where racism was an issue. However there were issues about where you born. I know this song. I know who it is meant represent. But I tell you it makes a 5ft red haired lady from Ireland pound. We celebrate and share our troubles. Prove to b you fit some coordination
santi bay
santi bay 6 hours ago
Sasha fierce might get my song played on the radio station (im kidding)😀
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 7 hours ago
She sings like a crackhead having a meltdown. How could anyone listen to this?
ITIS WELL 9 hours ago
PERIODT 🐝......
sadrian whyte
sadrian whyte 11 hours ago
Destiny Joseph
Destiny Joseph 12 hours ago
I would give damn near anything to be one of her background dancers 😂 they’re all so amazing
Werid Friends
Werid Friends 14 hours ago
The people who dislike The bee hive will get in formation
vlone Sluggan
vlone Sluggan 14 hours ago
Finally I found it his shit
Lloyd Larssøn
Lloyd Larssøn 16 hours ago
Who's here from tik tok?
So did she pay messy myas estate for using his voice.
Marcos Jhonatan Boorati
Beyoncé 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Asadullah Tahir
Asadullah Tahir 17 hours ago
É SO ZUERA Day ago
Biribinha eu não vou poder ir pra casa da minha mãe e ela não tem como vc me mandar o número do seu pai e vc não vai vir trabalhar amanhã eu vou querer a nimesulida eu não
Alex Shone
Alex Shone Day ago
Anyone else getting PTSD from A Level Media studies?
Renanda Santana
Elder Rocha
Elder Rocha Day ago
James Oxford
James Oxford Day ago
I am from México .....latino power??? Bro?
Jeremias Lopes
Gratidão Hifin Show DIZ-DIX!
Janaina Jeisa
Star Arts
Star Arts Day ago
Beyoncé is my Illuminati
Star Arts
Star Arts Day ago
Elise Day ago
Afro's are cute
Monique K
Monique K Day ago
I remember when this song came out, it sparked a lot of controversy, about gun violence and black people being killed by white cops. I remember I took a stance that I know regret, because I couldn't understand, but I've grown to learn that beyonce's message powerful. Thanks queen b.
Jimmy Rahi
Jimmy Rahi Day ago
Formation: I see it, I want it 7 Rings: I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it Ha Ha Ha. Ari gets it
AndyMJF 2 days ago
Can’t even play music without it being explicit anymore. Sad world
Chicken Swing
Chicken Swing 2 days ago
Beautiful face, fantastic body, dance, soft voice, great singing, mature stage manner, always perfect performance, warm heart. Beyonce is a fantastic pop queen.
Ruth puentes
Ruth puentes 2 days ago
This is 2019 so yeah still blue looks still like me when i was 4-5
Tessa Ng
Tessa Ng 2 days ago
A timeless masterpiece
Aella 2 days ago
Messy mya
Well if your not illuminate..then y do you do all that satanic symbolism??
Rayssa Nara
Rayssa Nara 2 days ago
renster Edradan
renster Edradan 2 days ago
A white people asked our president in philippines if why we kill drug addict the only answer its tha same in america cause you kill black people But my answer is police shoot drug addict coz of they are not listening to law if we didnt do it it will spread all over the country Then did the black people did a crime?
Victoria Davila
Victoria Davila 2 days ago
My friend said that you’re mom is his moms aunt and he related to you threw marriage and his mom and him and me all live in Alabama
Ella’s page
Ella’s page 2 days ago
Whoa I’ve never actually listened to Beyoncé before but I love this song
O love this a1
Millie GatchaPlays
September 2019
BRUNNA BAL 2 days ago
Chrisanne Naicker
Holly-rebecca Landan
Beyonce is amazing at whatever she does! She can sing, dance, act, and is an amazing mother and wife! What an amazing woman! You go girl!
david perez
david perez 2 days ago
I stopped Watching her after her I am Sasha Fierce album.. she changed 😒
Natali LaFranco
Natali LaFranco 3 days ago
I'm not black I'm American🇩🇴 but black is GORGEOUS ❤
KC 12 hours ago
Natali LaFranco American is not a race, it’s a nationality
Bruna Silva
Bruna Silva 3 days ago
isab 3 days ago
vine por lisa jsks
Lara Martinez
Lara Martinez 3 days ago
Kabrina George
Kabrina George 3 days ago
I like Mark Romanick videos
Wadi oficial
Wadi oficial 3 days ago
El alfa ft bad bunny dema ga ge gi go gu ruvid.net/video/video-ce5sdKxpE3s.html
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy 3 days ago
Girls lookout for girls... thanks tip...
Zay Destroya
Zay Destroya 3 days ago
**Patrick staring at the wall**
Malachi Oquinn
Malachi Oquinn 4 days ago
Creoles and blacks united
boitumelo satekge
define whiplash
zakTDE 4 days ago
so powerful
hyun hyun
hyun hyun 5 days ago
내 적을 향해 춤춘다는 말이 진짜 너무 간지난다..... 우리 욘세언니 꽃길만 걸어요
Devin Devine
Devin Devine 5 days ago
I like it beyonce💖💖💖
As Divinas
As Divinas 5 days ago
Mia Khavinski
Mia Khavinski 5 days ago
Where my Louisiana girlsss? 🔥 😍
이해스티나 5 days ago
I love being black PERIODTTT.
Celine Nyange
Celine Nyange 5 days ago
Cause I just might be Bill Gates in the making
brianna harris
brianna harris 5 days ago
In October 2019, like this!
Анастасия Прилукова
бейонсе королева
KhAn K.A.J. (kojo)
Listening to Beyonce is the only time I thought about wanting to be a strong Black Woman. So UPLIFTING!
justin 6 days ago
to meet beyonce the button gotta be blue *cough* LIKE IT NOW!! *cough* 👇🏼
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