Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition. Available on iTunes: beyonce.lk/itunesplatinum Available on Amazon: beyonce.lk/platinumam Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live performances . 2015 Mini Calendar . 2 Photo Books . 17 Music Videos Music video by Beyoncé feat. Jay Z performing Drunk in Love. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Dec 16, 2013




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Comments 111 925
Mark Ugbesia
Mark Ugbesia 3 hours ago
4:06 Jay-z's turn
Kassem Jaber
Kassem Jaber 6 hours ago
Here dancing is so crazy yet sexy
Stella Kalamara
Stella Kalamara 7 hours ago
Tek Miz
Tek Miz 9 hours ago
Very Effective. Dreamt about this as I was heading to a Beyonce / Jay-Z concert while staying at the mile high Hilton in the 27th century.
da Joka
da Joka 20 hours ago
A masterpiece 👏🏾
Nad Lia
Nad Lia 23 hours ago
Before the kids came into the picture
Ed Vance
Ed Vance Day ago
Message was to Beyonce lol
Ed Vance
Ed Vance Day ago
U can swerve on my wood lol
Yameni Tchanyap
Aboubakar hamada
This music Is good😍
Billyma Billyma
Sarah Idun
Sarah Idun Day ago
I can never stop watching it because i love love these two Jayonce 💘😭 it January 2020 still love it 😌❤
Vicky Dogra
Vicky Dogra Day ago
When this song released, it became my one of the best fap-material, and today after 6 years RUvid's algorithm recommended me this song and twist is I broke up with my girlfriend a week ago. Thanks RUvid, you're very caring! 😂
H Meezy
H Meezy Day ago
I could watch Beyonce dance in the water all night 😍😍
renita Eggleston
And why jay z was looking like beyonce i think we should leave and blue was watching this asking mommy beyonce nmv
renita Eggleston
I think my cat is singing this i had too say watch your mouth 🤣🤣🤣
renita Eggleston
Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
renita Eggleston
Cute vid
Valerie Moore
I Am on the street♡ tarelle
Niabaly Oumar
C'est super magnifique
Invisible man Invisible man
Her best most passionate emotionally intense song
Niya Editz
Niya Editz 2 days ago
Another song I had no business singing when I was a child 😂
Nikø Chän
Nikø Chän 2 days ago
sexy dee
sexy dee 2 days ago
B in Jay z
sexy dee
sexy dee 2 days ago
Get it b
Takenna Melton
Takenna Melton 2 days ago
I’m still here listening 2020🥰🥰🥰
Vids Official
Vids Official 2 days ago
Kisses from Germanyyyy
GAMER GIRL 2 days ago
ah shit
Gibb3x x3
Gibb3x x3 2 days ago
When this song had first came out I thought she said “how the hell dishes happen now baby”
DE'ANDRE NELSON 2 days ago
I love
Melanie Williams
Melanie Williams 2 days ago
This my shit luv beyonce and Jay-Z killed his part 🔥
DE'ANDRE NELSON 2 days ago
In love
mireia gimenez
mireia gimenez 2 days ago
One of Beyoncé's best songs, then her music changed radically here is complicit with her husband like never before
Skyley Buddy
Skyley Buddy 2 days ago
My moms dancing to it drunk rn lol
Crazy girl On da bloc
Where they drunk while recording this song
Tyleeloves Roblox
She seemed so drunk and high🥴😵
Tyleeloves Roblox
My mom loves this song and I think I’m starting to like it just cuz the beat😂
trinabellz1985 3 days ago
2020 Anyone...
Cupcake MASTER
Cupcake MASTER 3 days ago
Idk why I was allowed to sing this at the age of 9
ivan1v4n7 3 days ago
amazing! love from argentina
pEpA pIg
pEpA pIg 3 days ago
Who else is in 39174028? Living in Mars??
Musaweer Hakimi1
Musaweer Hakimi1 3 days ago
The Weeknd’s Version Is Also Too Hot 🔥🔥
ruselstill 3 days ago
Одна из лудших
Charndro Bosman
Charndro Bosman 3 days ago
My Duss'E is the shit
Charity Lezor
Charity Lezor 3 days ago
my best....still listening
Clara Horácio
Clara Horácio 3 days ago
Manaia Torre Amos
181K angry haters. Frown. They'll have a nosebleed.
Caio Silva
Caio Silva 3 days ago
Mno ouvir essa msc pensando nx @ e sentir aquela vibe e a mlhr coisa ...quem concorda deixa o like
Gapsong 56
Gapsong 56 3 days ago
i'll cry a river for u
Gapsong 56
Gapsong 56 3 days ago
im lucky to live in the world that u exist
Valerie Moore
Valerie Moore 3 days ago
I want drake! ♡ this is Tarelle a VIRGO!🙄
Gregory Love
Gregory Love 4 days ago
This album dropped my junior year in high school. 2013-2014
QUEEN LIL-BOOTY 4 days ago
2020 Surfboard 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 she definitely a human surfboard Jay-Z must got some good dick 😭😭🤣🤣👌👌👌
Albeliz Morales
Albeliz Morales 4 days ago
What's that funky smell face twitching she was doing at 4:37 why?
Jeannette Rael
Jeannette Rael 4 days ago
So I'm a motha fucckin Rael Contreras
Zoe Moses
Zoe Moses 4 days ago
Well, no love for me.....I dont drink.
Miya Reni'ta MB
Miya Reni'ta MB 4 days ago
ayeeee classic
Thecle Mawo
Thecle Mawo 4 days ago
2020 always in LOVE 💕
Mutsa wilko
Mutsa wilko 4 days ago
Cant believe Jayz actually cheated on Beyonce what a shame
Dialika Dieme
Dialika Dieme 4 days ago
2020 yours Her
Shakiesha Muldrow
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