Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition. Available on iTunes: beyonce.lk/itunesplatinum Available on Amazon: beyonce.lk/platinumam Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live performances . 2015 Mini Calendar . 2 Photo Books . 17 Music Videos Music video by Beyoncé feat. Jay Z performing Drunk in Love. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Dec 16, 2013




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Comments 110 444
Jess 07
Jess 07 11 hours ago
October 2019?
Afro Lit
Afro Lit 15 hours ago
Everytime I can't sleep I'm right back here. Seen Jay three times and Bey once. But this song makes me feel like I'm right back in one of their concerts.
Brianna McPherson
Brianna McPherson 21 hour ago
2040: Nobody: Whose Beyonce? Future me: BITCH I KNOW U DID NOT JUST ASK THAT. She's drunk in love, ring a bell? Nobody: Oh yEaH, QUEEN B.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 22 hours ago
Mood 2:30
Mbusi Cele
Mbusi Cele Day ago
I'm drunk
Chantelle Newby-Wright
2017 September?😂juh me then ight
attitude music
She is a queen 👑
Davey Day ago
I still don't know what she says at 2:55
Davey Day ago
lmao can someone tell me
Matt Ladden
Matt Ladden Day ago
Alien: I'm new to earth show me the perfect female specimen. Me: I got u. Watch this video.
Sharrika Jackson
Will Farrell lip synced tf out of this song
Caroline Robinson
bad song
BL EastdusRbl.
Au top j'adore 💕
Denilson Alfama
15 September 2019 people listening 👂?
Terryon LeFlore
I made a baby off this shit....
Kiera Belton
Kiera Belton 2 days ago
The queen B💘😘
Eben 2 days ago
I'm here again !
Zygarden 2 days ago
Carolmel ATL Productions
Alexus Franks
Alexus Franks 2 days ago
19.3 million LAWDDD the fucking GOAT 💯💅🏽 like if you’re here in 2019 😍
Sloane Dennis
Sloane Dennis 2 days ago
SurfBORTSURFBort lol
Aisha Edwards
Aisha Edwards 2 days ago
Still here
lilnedbigby 2 days ago
i been drinkin... watermelon...
dawn d
dawn d 2 days ago
and performing a ritual near water gives it more power ya big dummies
Kristoff Dixon
dawn d
dawn d 2 days ago
i'm gonna laugh my ass off when they all find out you a dude.and we both know it's gonna be sooner than later...welcome to the great awakening
dawn d
dawn d 2 days ago
i'm gonna laugh my ass off when they all find out you a dude.and we both know it's gonna be sooner than later...welcome to the great awakening
Sussan Vallejos
Sussan Vallejos 2 days ago
Mr Nicholas
Mr Nicholas 3 days ago
owww 2019 FRI the 13TH
Kelly Toolan
Kelly Toolan 3 days ago
Going out to you my heart and soul I remember never knowing what was coming ahead taking soooooo much for granted had I known what was heading our way OH MY GOD I would've cherished every moment we had together I love you n miss you more than you would ever believe rest in peace beautiful I'll see you when I get there
Barry Ramírez
Barry Ramírez 3 days ago
Beyonce is the greatest singer of all time
Ernesto G. Wilson Delmonte
HOV= ultimate pimp
M K 3 days ago
Best every Beyonce song The beat is sickkkk
Haylie Miller
Haylie Miller 3 days ago
Sandra silva
Sandra silva 3 days ago
Brasil alguém 2019 ???
Cb Breezy
Cb Breezy 3 days ago
5:03 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
lisa brown
lisa brown 4 days ago
Oh snap! 🤭🥴
London Stackhouse
Queen Beyonce
London Stackhouse
Song of the year 2013
London Stackhouse
A hit record 👍 surfboard
Gabriela Cardoso
Gabriela Cardoso 4 days ago
Essa mulher é tão incrível 😍😍
Towanda Ward
Towanda Ward 4 days ago
Love old songs
Raheema Hassan
Raheema Hassan 4 days ago
Still listening
Jonathan Gee
Jonathan Gee 4 days ago
I want to go into her fast/deep/& hard. oh yeah!
mehdi cherki
mehdi cherki 4 days ago
Friday ?
ايناس ميلود القطعاني
_Prophet Muhammad said_ *There is no difference between* _white and black_ *only with piety and good deeds*
Adriël Allas
Adriël Allas 3 days ago
any link with Beyonce?
CNS4 real
CNS4 real 4 days ago
Invisible man Invisible man
Can’t stand jay z how he got so successful il never know!!!!! Sorry
Invisible man Invisible man
I don’t like her much music much... But this choooon n vid....the BEELINE???? Proper !!!
DES K 4 days ago
Your looking like a snack!
Troy Watson
Troy Watson 4 days ago
Mallory bros which is better brought me here🔥🔥🔥🎯
R PT 4 days ago
12 of September 2019 and my third eye still opens everytime i see this video❤
Ariana Ledesma
Ariana Ledesma 4 days ago
One of my favorite's by Beyoncé. It's fire🔥 2
JTR VLOGS 5 days ago
shit tune
blow it like a flute
AlI Zulqarnain
AlI Zulqarnain 5 days ago
All illusion good music
Saul Nava
Saul Nava 5 days ago
Bunty chhokar Chhokar
Nice one
Chovelli Uitenwerf
Who is gonna be here in 2020 Just me ok fine
Emma Frost
Emma Frost 2 days ago
Chovelli Uitenwerf Who else is tired of comments like these? Just me? Ok...
JOJO 5 days ago
Always stay gracious the best revenge is your paper 💰👑
Zinhle Sibanda
Zinhle Sibanda 5 days ago
this song slaps asf.
Genie Perez
Genie Perez 5 days ago
When htown meet Brooklyn 🙏🏼🔥
Kenyan Roy
Kenyan Roy 5 days ago
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