Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had (Video)

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What goes around comes back around...
There was a time
I thought, that you did everything right
No lies, no wrong
Boy I must've been out of my mind
So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I, I saw the real you
Thank God you blew it
I thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
So baby good lookin' out
I wanted you bad
I'm so through with that
'Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
You turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
And I'm gonna' always be the (best thing you never had)
Oh yeah, I bet it sucks to be you right now




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Comments 80
🔥Gurl On Fire 🔥
Sending Love ❤️ to all the Wonderful Women who gave far more than we should have to those who were unappreciative & undeserving. Thank GOD we found the Good in Goodbye🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Aryan Francois
Aryan Francois 3 hours ago
Listening during Corona days..
Jisandraferreirabarroso Barroso
Beyoncé Love linda ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Paranormal princess
I left my husband of 13 years hurt like hell at first but I'm now happy as can be
stillsexywit04 9 hours ago
anyone here 2020 😂?
P B 21 hour ago
Song really hits when you can relate to the lyrics
Casey Medina
Casey Medina 21 hour ago
yaca kotobalavu
yaca kotobalavu 23 hours ago
love listening to old songs 💖
José Daniel Villota
Mi ex mejor amiga me la dedico hace 7 años 😔💔
Erin. Lynn. Johnson_jackson Johnson_jackson
Best. Thing. I. Ever. Had. ☁ 🔥 🌈 👑 ✝ i. Had. A. Outfit like. This. For. The. Bed. With. Red. Linnings. And. Ties. 👔 👖 👞 👨 I'm single and. Divorce d. Want. A. Date. To. Yolanda Adams concert April 2020. Achr. Arizona. Erin psalms 20
417gonzalez Day ago
She’s an angel
Jasmine Delee
2020 Learn to walk away with a clear mind and a clear heart. Best thing I never had.
Djxon Uno
Djxon Uno Day ago
My ex was so toxic it was oppressive never allowing me to grow and express my true self. So glad i left her, life is great now.
Tiffany Christian
Who still rocking this in 2020???❤️❤️❤️
Albanian_ Eagle
Albanian_ Eagle 2 days ago
The one, my first love i thought i’m gonna marry did not marry me but my niece.
🔥🔥 Like if you listen to this in 2020 This performance is amazing 1:45 💟💟 👇 👇 👇🧡
the radiant red diamond
I found out my ex crush did some messed up things so he literally the best thing I never had
warrenique Meadows
This song is so touching
V C 3 days ago
Saniyah Taylor
Saniyah Taylor 3 days ago
who still watching in 2020 ?
Anishka Sharan
Anishka Sharan 3 days ago
Beyoncé singing this to all her high school boyfriends who were dumb enough to dump her. It really does suck to be you right now 😂
elvis odondo
elvis odondo 14 hours ago
Tiara Srg
Tiara Srg 3 days ago
🔥🔥 are you still listening all the time This video beautiful 1:30 🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
Patricy Almeida
Patricy Almeida 3 days ago
Algum brasileiro?✌💕
Daniel Farias
Daniel Farias 3 days ago
Tudo que vai volta, eu disse tudo que vai volta.🐝🐝🐝 Brasil
Bangga. Miyah
Bangga. Miyah 4 days ago
Daianne Santos
Daianne Santos 5 days ago
My love life dream is trought all that shit that stupid boys do with me, them broke so strong my heart, and find a true love, for begin and be so happy, so i will forgot all that shits and back to free me again. I hope in God
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 5 days ago
Anyone listening in 2020 and thanking God for that failed relationship?
Heudos Moura
Heudos Moura 5 days ago
Perfeita 😍😍😍
Fatima Conteh
Fatima Conteh 5 days ago
3:44 kid almost got smacked and after years I just noticed 😂
Tamara gonzalez
Tamara gonzalez 6 days ago
This song hits differently!!
Gemini19 6 days ago
This song is for all the good faithful girls who get ghosted by guys who didn’t see their value
Samuel Biede.M
Samuel Biede.M 6 days ago
that song is my Family are going wedding with the Best thing I never had
Dcw Galvatron /death gun /deadpool
Paper Route
Paper Route 6 days ago
This my sign song as a beyonce song 😂😂
Joyce Lima
Joyce Lima 6 days ago
Bom dia
Dbelleza Sherie
Dbelleza Sherie 7 days ago
She and that guy that played her husband would’ve made a cute couple in real life. 💖💕💕
elvis odondo
elvis odondo 14 hours ago
Eeeeee yeeeees
chinny chin
chinny chin 7 days ago
2020 ..
chinny chin
chinny chin 7 days ago
Feeling this right now ...
Lil mess
Lil mess 7 days ago
One of the most iconic mv out there
Phyllis Greenlee
Phyllis Greenlee 7 days ago
Love you be
Reign 7 days ago
Anyone else in their Feelings 🥺😩💔
Moann Delmo
Moann Delmo 8 days ago
2020 anyone?
jowie kibe
jowie kibe 8 days ago
Am here for the lingerie 😍 ...
JC BURI 8 days ago
There are times I wanted your songs so bad❤️😂❤️
Hyrule Hero
Hyrule Hero 8 days ago
Why was Aaliyah in the video?
Linda Sanchez
Linda Sanchez 9 days ago
Its sucks to be you rightnow
Bumblebee Yaya
Bumblebee Yaya 9 days ago
I still jam to this song in 2020
Kiyana M.
Kiyana M. 9 days ago
Needed this in 2020
Dominique Lockett
2020 vibes "Best thing I never had" 💯😊
Jeffrey M Rewis
Jeffrey M Rewis 10 days ago
Lakendra Jones
Lakendra Jones 10 days ago
And want kids call them mom and they hoes
Lakendra Jones
Lakendra Jones 10 days ago
I would never do no shit like this for no company girl they sick
Suzie Martinez
Suzie Martinez 10 days ago
Heres an idea... How bout the good guys start meeting the good women and we stop all these toxic relationships for good.
Tik toks With Nyla
Tik toks With Nyla 10 days ago
1:34 her face had me weak😂
Alicia Mattis
Alicia Mattis 11 days ago
You show your ass and l saw the real u.
Brittany Richard
Brittany Richard 11 days ago
I wish I was prettier or pretty like Beyonce
joe vine
joe vine 11 days ago
I wanna wear Beyoncé’s eye lash
Larissa Mob
Larissa Mob 11 days ago
Now wait...how does this seem like a real wedding and everything ! the facial expressions, the ambiance...it looks realer than some real weddings smh
beatriz da silva
beatriz da silva 11 days ago
Após sofrer tanto por quem nao merecia, finalmente olhos abertos e coração livre!
Yazmin Webb
Yazmin Webb 12 days ago
that's right stand up for yourself because u should never cry over a boy
Yazmin Webb
Yazmin Webb 12 days ago
i love this song
Brain Hacksaw
Brain Hacksaw 12 days ago
Good night
Brain Hacksaw
Brain Hacksaw 12 days ago
Britt & Bubbles
Britt & Bubbles 12 days ago
Sucks to be you right now
Mirian Marcelino
Mirian Marcelino 12 days ago
Nice Song
Zy t
Zy t 12 days ago
3:40 Absolutely in Even way that Jehovah Hasnt allowed me the ability to see or understand - but I kno through what I Not only can see & understand But also through what I’m sure I don’t Eva Need to know let alone don’t kno . . .
Zy t
Zy t 12 days ago
How cud some body Eva fix themselves to dedicate ur feelings regarding a song like this about u to themselves isn’t it better to tryn develop self like but guessn when somthn is hard to achieve people deceive themselves in the most wanna be delusional way etc I jus some time like to imagine where such a sad individual cud be coming from wit itself an even fitting u n is mind and delusions & clearly I am supposed to be the 1 that blew it - that wud be me delusionalist . . . this cud really make a Song feel Gross to u - Rilly ! & is Not right if a man Eva I said Man Eva felt this kinda b**** Song about me . . . Excuse my language but a fat Gay Man with high cheekbones feeln this form of emotion & delusionally about me - we betta off fightn Wanted to be like me real Bad wanted to be me real bad still jealous of me real sad - there ain’t No way in Hell - u can even feel this song enough to dedicate this form of emotion to another b**** No longer jealous - desperately tryn to work is self over is jealousy wit the kinda female like myself it prolly Cudn Even Place is feelns between idolly love & jealousy Naaa maybe the emotionally Obviously un healthy physical inner self kinda wanted me bad but the other part wanted to be me so Bad N I can’t even be made to believe that I think it still wants to be me somewhere deep down inside n it fefinily wants to kill me bn wat it is Nope stiiiiiiiiiiill sucks to be u I jus understand how deeep is sadness is - how Gross n I wonder why this part feels this way In time I’m sure I wud be able to explain it better Ok part in why it picked a female song most likely instictively cus it not only does it feel the Emotions of a ms but it feels like it has to pick what it feels is a better ms than me to feel like is better Witch u r Not Beyonce I don’t care how u feel Expect it to care cus I cud Not be made to actually like what I cudnt be made to be attracted to clearly is anger do to all is hard work an the calibor of work it wud go to the extent of having do n still not bn able to be able to create the ability - I wud be mad too but obviously still cares enough to I actually want to feel I cud care anything about is feeln the feeling it gives off & has worked through shown all it is overides anything um sure anyone cud feel this is disgustn why cud is tryn to MAKE u care & I was pose to feel like this Made to feel like this I thought she said want me bad she said 1 me back. Still Gross Part is real Gross
Kailie Fernandes
Kailie Fernandes 13 days ago
this is how I want my wedding to go like this is perfection
Laura White
Laura White 13 days ago
Amber talks Kanye west
Black Golden Cherries
I’ll always love this song, when I was younger I’d replay it TIL I literally thought of nothing but these lyrics even in church😂 so I’d take it off my playlist. Give myself a fast for a year max and re add it. It’s that’s year again folks 🤷🏾‍♀️
Alice Khine
Alice Khine 13 days ago
I have the hardest breakup. My ex left me hanging. I really love him all of my heart and I give him everything I can do it for him. But at the end, I figure it out he lying on me and he cheated on me with his another girlfriend back in China and I just figured it out the wedding photos together. They already have plan together for their future but he played with my feelings and my heart for fun. And take all my feelings For granted. I made him special and make my priority even tho I know it will hurt me. My heart broken into thousand of pieces and I don’t know how to mend my heart now.... my heart is in really pain. 😣😣
aaliyah sharp
aaliyah sharp 14 days ago
i love so much
Veah Walker
Veah Walker 14 days ago
Who had a mood when listening to this song that they wanted to cry
Mika Nakagawa
Mika Nakagawa 14 days ago
She will always be our queen.
Manika Sharma
Manika Sharma 14 days ago
Go watch Thriller
Manika Sharma
Manika Sharma 14 days ago
Why do people even watch this bs
Manika Sharma
Manika Sharma 14 days ago
Long live King MJ, Beyonce is nothing
Manika Sharma
Manika Sharma 14 days ago
Beyonce sux
Roger Sarayno
Roger Sarayno 15 days ago
Marry me
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