Beyoncé - “Spirit” + “Bigger” *Extended Cut From Disney’s The Lion King*

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Jul 26, 2019




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Comments 38
Rai Jadé
Rai Jadé Month ago
i’m here crying
Niyah Jones
Niyah Jones 2 months ago
She wrote these songs.
Diogo Andrade
Diogo Andrade 9 months ago
You sound disrespectful. No need for all that testosterone. It was just me??
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia 10 months ago
You're so beatiful and naturally sexy, omg
JJ thraud08
JJ thraud08 10 months ago
why you look like drake 😂😂
OfficialDrizzy_Tayy 10 months ago
That’s how I got the name Drizzy_Tayy lol 😂
Difan Difan
Difan Difan 10 months ago
Queen 👸🏽
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall 10 months ago
Do Beyoncé Mood 4 Eva from the new album gift!
DM GR 10 months ago
This album was produced by Beyonce's company Parkwood Entertainment, not Disney.
Marlena Martin
Marlena Martin 10 months ago
Great review!
Alexandru Costache
Alexandru Costache 10 months ago
Plz react to Beyonce VMA 2016 live
Augusto 10 months ago
damn, your lips!!!!!! i just cant omg
Black central Talk
Black central Talk 10 months ago
Where tf have u been
Le Prince Mosis
Le Prince Mosis 10 months ago
Press pause when u speak pls
Emmia B
Emmia B 10 months ago
Sooooo, basically what you got from the second song is that "Beyonce is fine"?????
shakira starling
shakira starling 10 months ago
can u react to chloe x halle song association
shakira starling
shakira starling 10 months ago
react to beyonce stevie wonder tribute
classyboy04 10 months ago
Them vocals in Bigger. Yassssssss!!!!!!
Porsche22 10 months ago
She stay coming w the 🔥🔥🔥
Porsche22 10 months ago
Plzzz check out Qveen Herby
MAR2905 10 months ago
You need to stop commenting about how she's 'fine' and react to more about the video, lyrics, song, vocals!!
DM GR 10 months ago
Whose channel is this?
MAR2905 10 months ago
None Ya- business well he might as well react to pictures of Beyoncé then.
None Ya- business
None Ya- business 10 months ago
everyone is different. That's what he focused on and that's his right
User123 456
User123 456 10 months ago
Plz react to brown skin girl by Beyoncé
Jemesha Chunn
Jemesha Chunn 10 months ago
Can you react to Dinah Jane new single called SZNS
blackkatt777 10 months ago
Make sure you go back and listen closely to the lyrics of BIGGER. She talks about our black history being hidden, but we're part of something way bigger. The lyrics and video gives you the impression that she's not only making a reference to Mufasa talking to Simba, but also the black diaspora and to her daughter in the video, Blue Ivy. The whole "The Gift" album is her project. The musicians, writers, artists and behind the scenes are black American and African. The whole thing is amazing.
Tezy Monroe
Tezy Monroe 9 months ago
Monique Alexander he won’t .. he’s one of the men who look at videos for twerking and butt popping .. see he focuses on who wrote the song instead of what the meaning is .
Monique Alexander
Monique Alexander 10 months ago
Thank you sister. You are so smart, but the sad thing is for most of our people. It went over their heads... I caught it from the moment I heard it... Your woken..
Joey Briones
Joey Briones 10 months ago
Yoooo OfficialDrizzy_Tayy. Not sure if you've reacted to APESHIT yet, you should! ruvid.net/video/video-kbMqWXnpXcA.html
Kimah Mikaele
Kimah Mikaele 10 months ago
Dinah Jane's new single is out yo. React to the wifey right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Messiah ThomaZ
Messiah ThomaZ 10 months ago
Kimah Mikaele she trash 🗑
Babygirl 92
Babygirl 92 10 months ago
Plz react to Ally’s stripped version of “Lips don’t lie”
mbkmonarch05 10 months ago
You should review Beyoncé’s album for The Lion King
Robin Carter
Robin Carter 10 months ago
Speaking of new look's I love your new look 😍🤩😛😛😛😛
Dana 10 months ago
You liked my comment so I'm expecting a reaction to Chloe x Halle's song association my guy
Da Keiki'z Yap-Rosario
Can u react to szns
mary 590
mary 590 10 months ago
She wrote this whole album a gift to Africa you need to react to the album bc she her self has it on RUvid but just do the album reaction this here is her best work besides lemonade album. This is a masterpiece
abs 10 months ago
This song is part of the the album she produced and curated for the the lion king, it's her personal project called the lion king:the gift and it's a love letter to africa. It's amazing you should listen to it. Yu should react too to some classic iconic beyoncé live performances it's really where her legendary status shows up. Start by 2016 vma's performance The 2016 freedom performances with Kendrick Lamar Her two superbowl performances The stevie wonder tribute Or you can start a mini serie if you didn't watch her historical beychella performance !
Pharoess 8 months ago
Thanks love I'm glad someone broke that down to the king lol
MyA SwAiN 10 months ago
Ana Ponce
Ana Ponce 10 months ago
Beyonce's daughter was in it and the same person that did The Jungle Book is the same person that did Lion King life I think correct me if I'm wrong
Snatchedwigs and
Snatchedwigs and 10 months ago
And I’m so happy because she voicing either the mother of simba or Nalla
Snatchedwigs and
Snatchedwigs and 10 months ago
Jade LMX Fan oh okay
MyA SwAiN 10 months ago
Shanraya taylor she’s older nala
Snatchedwigs and
Snatchedwigs and 10 months ago
Okay so... she wrote these herself she made an album or is making one it called “The Gift” its a gift to Africa..
Snatchedwigs and
Snatchedwigs and 10 months ago
Post notifications on dudeee
Snatchedwigs and
Snatchedwigs and 10 months ago
Yess I think I’m the first!!!
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