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Watch the best cover auditions from Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor UK, The X Factor USA and American Idol! Are these better than the original versions? Let us know now!
Featuring performances from:
Caitlin Lucia on American Idol
Alex and Sierra on The X Factor USA
Calum Scott on Britain's Got Talent
Ella Henderson on The X Factor UK
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Nov 27, 2019




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Comments 100
Campgoer One
Campgoer One 3 hours ago
OMG The couple were soooooo awesome singing Toxic!!! WOW!!!
MARY CRIS PO 4 hours ago
wished they did a recording of their toxic version
MJ De Sagun
MJ De Sagun 4 hours ago
Why do I always forget that Calum is not the original singer like COME ONNNN
flor García Ferri
flor García Ferri 7 hours ago
ANONYMOUS 8 hours ago
Me watching this over and over makes my talents come out 😂😂
Rim Ibrahim
Rim Ibrahim 9 hours ago
support for my channel please 😊💙💙
Carmen Leib
Carmen Leib 10 hours ago
The guy breaks my heart ❤️
Carmen Leib
Carmen Leib 10 hours ago
A V W 11 hours ago
Like all of them have become famous singers
Maria Nancy27
Maria Nancy27 11 hours ago
He is so good ... 💖💖💖
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson 13 hours ago
what is the background song the producers used when the crowd was cheering for Calum Scott? It sounds so familiar
TIONG 13 hours ago
this yellow girl is 10/10 omg
Shokumbah Janger
Shokumbah Janger 15 hours ago
Anyone here looking out for time stamps?😂
BAHADIR ERCAN 17 hours ago
Calum Scott by far
Dave Fox
Dave Fox 18 hours ago
Ella is amazing. “We can’t touch her, Just be I awe of her”!!!
Guru Prince
Guru Prince 20 hours ago
Laurahhh 20 hours ago
The couple do look more like brother and sister than gf & bf
Laurahhh 20 hours ago
She did it waaayyyy better than Katy
beaney56 23 hours ago
That first girl was just fantastic. I love her sound.
Justin Case
Justin Case Day ago
When simon buzzers you know you're the deal
side2 Side
side2 Side Day ago
Toxic isn't... no offense but it wasn't good tho
Th3 Highlander
Those were all amazing, but that Believe cover though.
Aerial Day ago
The chick at the end though.....Now thats awesome.
imani patrick
If only Calum Scott knew he was going to be a RUvid sensation
emma riley
emma riley Day ago
okay but the couple who sang toxic broke up cause Sierra is dating Luke Hemmings from 5sos
I suck at life
Did I just feel happy for someone, maybe I do have a heart
Clara Daza Eminent
Do you believe in life after love..
Paris Day ago
Calum’s voice is very crystal clear wow 💎 it’s very clean and distinct
Ree.thegemini 2 days ago
Reading the comments waiting for someone to say this dude sounds just like Adam Levine
noshadow666 2 days ago
Callum Scott absolutely killed, dude is on fire.
Lukas Jones
Lukas Jones 2 days ago
You already know that half of the dislikes were by accident
Rina Latina
Rina Latina 3 days ago
1. I had NO idea Calum came from this show 2. I thought this was HIS song!! I was TODAY years old finding all this out!! I am in disbelief right now!😭😩
Shevii Don. Entertainment
Wow that's so amazing right there the second that song toxic is one in a million I haven't seen anything like that in a long time ...
Emily Webster
Emily Webster 3 days ago
I was not really impressed with the girl that sang believe. I think she tried too hard with the vocal runs.
Issei Hyoduo
Issei Hyoduo 3 days ago
boyfreind useless
Fa Ba
Fa Ba 3 days ago
The girl who sings Toxic just did the exact same notes as Melanie Martinez’s cover
A n i m e S i m p
A n i m e S i m p 7 hours ago
Gaysadilla🌝💕. 16 hours ago
I swear I was just about to comment this😂! "We do it a little different" my a**💀
Ambia Khamaly
Ambia Khamaly 3 days ago
Toxic was rubbish britney is much better
Calinic 4 days ago
Teargassed, the last one!
Balsam Mohammed
Balsam Mohammed 4 days ago
R we not gonna talk about how much the guy in the couples audition like like the Dolan twins
Balsam Mohammed
Balsam Mohammed 4 days ago
I want to be in the couples wedding
Chris C
Chris C 4 days ago
Get a girl who looks at you like Sierra looks like Alex. Get a guy who makes you laugh like Alex does for Sierra to calm her down.
C. D.A.
C. D.A. 4 days ago
Q: With Caitlin wearing those tight yellow pants, how do we not see the outline of her ENORMOUS balls, which she must have to sing one of Perry's songs, with Perry being right there and judging her, and to knock it out of the park like that?
Marissa B
Marissa B 4 days ago
Am I the only one who felt uncomfy by Alex and Sierra and didn’t think their version of toxic was that great?? Also, better than Cher? Ha ha no. Calum is the best in this video but the first girl was really good too
Marissa B
Marissa B 3 days ago
Aiden Houchens I’m not mad lmao. I think they’re amazing singers I just don’t get how their version is that great. It was okay but idk not my thing. Also, I would never even audition I couldn’t care less bro
øreø :3
øreø :3 3 days ago
Aiden Houchens
Aiden Houchens 3 days ago
Whatever you say Alex and Sierra are a musical duet you’re just mad they made it and you couldn’t
Shwetha Shalom
Shwetha Shalom 4 days ago
Omg famous people like Calum, Ella visited here and audtioned... wow...
Sofielvehaug 4 days ago
Imagine having Simon Cowell giving you the golden buzzer. That man was so good it's unbelievable. Goosebumps went so hard.
williams montero
williams montero 5 days ago
Alguien sabe como se llama la canción del minuto 5:54
Liberty Leslie
Liberty Leslie 5 days ago
I remember hearing this song on the radio and knowing ever since it is the one reason I have never heard another Katie Perry song and if I have I don't know about it....and never want to know about it.
Roo Mum
Roo Mum 5 days ago
Oh no, apparently Alex and Sierra broke up, which is really sad, 'cos they made an awesome couple!
Blazen 5 days ago
now ella henderson has a song with KSI
aafster life
aafster life 5 days ago
Adriano Portes
Adriano Portes 6 days ago
The best part of seen most of these talents, is seen how awesome they are at the same time as being simple and humble... even though sometimes they sound better than their own idols ...
Scott Forbes
Scott Forbes 6 days ago
Yeah, those versions were both better than the originals. I have to say I liked the cheesy Britney Spears version of that song, but not better than that very much more sly and seductive and dangerously underplayed version, that made something of the lyrics, like a poetic crime spree, instead of a pop kiss with detergent, as per the original.
Jade Louise
Jade Louise 6 days ago
Calum Scott makes me cry
TheNEWGuy NafeaY
TheNEWGuy NafeaY 6 days ago
nicole parry
nicole parry 6 days ago
Aurora-across the universe, is better than the original
sunil kumar
sunil kumar 6 days ago
It was so beautiful if Alex and sierra were together... Those two were really amazing..
Cooky cutie
Cooky cutie 7 days ago
The golden buzzer was soooo well deserved his voice was so clean ut felt like a studio version it was full of emotions and it was very unique very soothing and calming no crazy high notes needed just beautifully sang lyrics
Jorge D
Jorge D 7 days ago
21 years... He... Okay...
Rojarate Jitrakul
I actually like this version than the original. So raw and pure to me.. You can fee the song!
nullunit 7 days ago
I hate that Cher song, now I really like that Cher song.
TheCloisFan 7 days ago
the audacity of the title saying better than the original and then posting a katy perry cover in front of katy perry FIRST lmaoooo
Simiren Lempaa
Simiren Lempaa 7 days ago
i want a girlfriend that looks at me like Sierra does Alex
Lelaina Jaramillo
yeah now shes dating luke hemmings, or at least she was idk if they're still together
niecie27 4 days ago
I'm a woman who wants That.... Love them!
Driving With Jerry
they broke up
Will Swart
Will Swart 4 days ago
You mean Sierra Sierra lol
Sin of Pride
Sin of Pride 8 days ago
Simon knows the difference between diamond and rock.
Cheryljane Alac
Cheryljane Alac 8 days ago
Calum Scott? You Are The Reason :-)
Miral Abualjadail
Thats the first Toxic version that sparked all the quirky covers after. Including Melanie’s version.
jose luis colmenares ontiveros
la cancion de cher sin autotune......waooo lo maximo......
Valerie Galvan
Valerie Galvan 8 days ago
Wow! I don't like Cher 's style and to hear this girl change it to be more engaging and enjoyable experience. That was awesome! Sorry if you like Cher I don't mean to upset any of her fans. Toxic, Kissed a girl cover were so lit as well as Dancing on my own.
Nolan Perrini
Nolan Perrini 8 days ago
Remember the days when we didn't wear masks? Cuz I don't.
SRC 8 days ago
Orlando represent!!!!!! 🤙🏻🌈🦚
Armed and Bulletproof
Omg I never thought the singer of You are the reason is Callum Scott of Britain's Got Talent! I never got tired of the song because I love his voice I just never thought it was him 🤯. Also Ella's cover of Believe gave the lyrics of the song so much depth and meaning. I love how she sang "I don't need you anymore" part like she was convincing herself after being dumped. So the last "Do you Believe in life after love" line was so emotional. I love it 😭
Rina Salem
Rina Salem 8 days ago
Callum Scott!🤩
Otto Palm
Otto Palm 8 days ago
where is the shirt from that calum scoot wears
Domonic Rini
Domonic Rini 8 days ago
This song is just as good - ruvid.net/video/video-r4DkJ43i0lk.html
Ane Tangifolau
Ane Tangifolau 9 days ago
Shashwat Malik
Shashwat Malik 9 days ago
Christina Grimmie: major missing :'(
gersontheperson 9 days ago
The Bf that sang toxic sounded like Shawn Mendes no cap
Precious N
Precious N 6 days ago
omg yes
Chusnul Isnainy
Chusnul Isnainy 9 days ago
sierra is so cuteeeee im crying
Mixed Best Interest
guys look what i found, a modern karaoke platform ruvid.net/group/PLaTYDkY5iiICGXbamLExj46meuBZJPV3P
Hans G
Hans G 9 days ago
In this case, do give up your day job.
Cherry-Ann Francis-Lau
Awesome singer, love it
Sarah Furlong
Sarah Furlong 9 days ago
Shout out to Alex wearing a Jason Mraz bracelet
W S 9 days ago
Edward Mendez
Edward Mendez 10 days ago
0:53 What's wrong with it?
Lola 10 days ago
the toxic thing is sooo stolen from mel, don't copy peoples creativity ;(
LemonB 10 days ago
I need to stop watching these type of videos I’m a 20 year old dude and I’m crying eating nachos watching this lmao
chuck norris
chuck norris 10 days ago
i need gf like sierra XD
Malka Mulhall
Malka Mulhall 10 days ago
The people who disliked were crying from Callum and pressed the wrong button😙✌️
ozricstormbringer 10 days ago
wow some of the adds are creepy
marieke official
marieke official 10 days ago
But why was Calum so sad?😕
southpaw20_ 11 days ago
who would've thought now sierra now dating luke
Timothy Simms
Timothy Simms 11 days ago
I love it(toxic) but I always thought he was a pyshco behind the scenes....
Jaz Giani
Jaz Giani 11 days ago
Ella's voice is heaven
Claire Frances
Claire Frances 11 days ago
'I will never outgrow my guitar' says the woman who literally threw it out when she got a pop deal and has never been seen with it since, aside from like what? Like two acoustic shows? haha, joker.
Julia Egly
Julia Egly 11 days ago
Sierra is one brautiful woman and her legs are really sexy. Idc if that sounds weird 😅
Angelica Noemí Sandoval Herrera
La versión de toxic es la de Melanie Martinez
Sheree Henry
Sheree Henry 12 days ago
Calum was definitely worth the golden buzzer
Sheree Henry
Sheree Henry 12 days ago
Go show some love and subscribe to ruvid.net/show-UCHr8z6Wo-kaJm7HFjKhMMjw. Thank you!
Sheree Henry
Sheree Henry 12 days ago
Alex and Sierra!!!! WOW!!!!!!
John Jones
John Jones 12 days ago
When Callum rips into that chorus, I get chills!
Dahou Boumaiza
Dahou Boumaiza 12 days ago
Amazing !
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