Bethenny Frankel Delivers Million Hazmat Suits To New York

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Bethenny Frankel is giving back. The “Real Housewives of New York” alum took to Instagram to share that she and her charity are helping out medical professionals battling coronavirus in New York by donating 1 million hazmat suits. The 49-year-old wrote, “Mission #1: deliver 1 million biohazard water resistant full body protective suits in 22 trucks to the. New York state government.” On top of that, she’s also donated 10,000 face masks to coronavirus relief efforts.


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Mar 31, 2020




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Comments 22
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones Month ago
There are so many millionaires and billionaires in or from New York what are they doing with their money?
Lillian Ortisi
Lillian Ortisi Month ago
Bethany wants to be appointed the czar of cock!
Patricia Edmonds
May God continue to bless you and your family for your kindness and for thinking of others.
Thang Vuong
Thang Vuong Month ago
Always hearing people making disparaging remarks about this woman, especially the other housewives. Name me one other housewife from any franchise that has done more in charity work than Bethenny.
iguerino Month ago
Good! Where are the millions of Kenye West and why is no donating! #unfollowkanyewest
The Official Andy Saenz
Where did those suits come from? South Korea?
Sarah holland
Sarah holland Month ago
Dupont, LakeLand Industries & quite a few other US firms manufacture hazmat suits & protective safety equipment. If you order from South Korea you'd have at least a 10day wait for shipping.
L Peterson
L Peterson Month ago
Thank you for coming to the rescue again.
Madeline Highland
Bless her heart!!!!!!
Carmen So
Carmen So Month ago
Good for Bethany!👏 This is what ALL. the BRAVO HouseWives should do, use their Charity platforms & HELP those that are in crisis! instead of arguing & fighting amongst each other!
Carmen So
Carmen So Month ago
@Official Thanks, I was never good at spelling!lol
The Official Andy Saenz
Lori g
Lori g Month ago
I LOVE her!
Veronica Gonzalez
Bethany Frankel always comes through. She is a role model for women.
Lori g
Lori g Month ago
She may be abrupt but she has a biggest heart. Love her!
Rene Elliott
Rene Elliott Month ago
God bless her for giving hazmat suits to NYC...and masks as well. Amazing!
Faye Month ago
I just love Bethany!!!
Lori g
Lori g Month ago
Me too. Amazing person
V Flores
V Flores Month ago
OMG!! ❤️🙏 Thats Right ,, Were all in this Together... and Will all get through it together 🇺🇸❤️
History LVr
History LVr Month ago
This is what all celebrities should be doing...others should follow her example! Bethenny you're a blessing for sharing your wealth...she was once broke and struggling to start her business, so she understands what being in need really is. You will be rewarded in many other wonderful ways for your kindness!
The Official Andy Saenz
That's awesome! More celebrities should be stepping up to help like this.
Simply Simone
Simply Simone Month ago
This is amazing👏👏👏
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Month ago
Good for her and She is a blessing. She should run for Congress.
Sam Zai
Sam Zai Month ago
This good girl❤❤❤❤and this not first time porto rico...#fuckingexanple
k94tran Month ago
That's so fantastic!
Joanna Pop
Joanna Pop Month ago
Morgz Month ago
Happy to hear that! Hope more celebrities help out
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