BET Humanitarian Award 2020

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Jun 30, 2020




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Blue 6 hours ago
Trump 2020 🙌 sorry not sorry. We will always win.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 10 hours ago
Little girl can I have some of that money
tina rosas
tina rosas 19 hours ago
Tey K
Tey K 19 hours ago
Nani Perez
Nani Perez 23 hours ago
Nuevos beyonse ruvid.net/video/video-sKKbpU5mkwU.html
Coatla Xo
Coatla Xo Day ago
You weirdo involved with Epstein.... Disgusting 🤮🤮🤮
Gerald Butler
Black is not King. Jesus is the only King that matters! He is way beyond color description! I hope that you can understand that, if you refuse to, enjoy this life because it is all there is,for you.
Abdurahman Mohamed
What a joke
Yassine Harrouch
My beautiful queen love you
Con más de 21 millones de seguidores y su vídeo no llega ni al millón de reproducción en un mes que ha pasado?
Jose Maria Hernandez Ortiz
Mónica naranjo and Beyoncé divas pop
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson 2 days ago
This fucking demon amongst people has been celebrated as a humanitarian....fuck we are in trouble..Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.
Della Taylor
Della Taylor 2 days ago
Pretty sure her skincare regime consists of adrenochrome iykyk
MiKey mc
MiKey mc 3 days ago
Mad Love
Jeff Ourun
Jeff Ourun 3 days ago
Is that really here?
Aallessa A
Aallessa A 3 days ago
is that how much you hate white people?
Tommiedam 2 days ago
Supporting black people and fighting for equal rights is not hating white people. You simply can’t say all lives matter, when black lives clearly don’t matter as much as my priviliged white life!
Matheus Ramos
Matheus Ramos 3 days ago
My Queen i vote for you B ❣️
Jacquez Griffin
Jacquez Griffin 3 days ago
She’s gorgeous
Kelly Angela Couto
Pleeeeeease!! Bey in the white house !!!!!!!!Noww!!
Adam Rooks-Grant
Adam Rooks-Grant 3 days ago
Lil baby’s new artist YWN just dropped they’re first video Titled Reckless That shit goes hard I think they from New York but here’s the link if you want to check them out m.ruvid.net/video/video-Eib7Q3adZN8.html .
Kusogaki 553
Kusogaki 553 4 days ago
three kids... and still so FUCKING FLAWLESS I LOVE YOU QUEEN B
brincando com LIVIA vitoria
Culton Litdayton
Culton Litdayton 4 days ago
Bud Light Platinum
Darkshadow 4 days ago
She looks like her younger self again here. Very beautiful :)
Cj Green
Cj Green 4 days ago
Does beyonce know who shes telling the people to vote for? Joe Biden the racist babbler that doesn't make sense.
Brenda Campbell
Brenda Campbell 4 days ago
Black power 😍✊🏿
Linda Gon.
Linda Gon. 5 days ago
Wait a minute. How can she be Humanitarian by the fact that shes a millionaire and there is so many poor people, people that are still starving? just shows how inhumane she is.
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins 5 days ago
And we thank you for using your platform to help those that don't have a voice you're amazing
Nadia Ndiata
Nadia Ndiata 5 days ago
Beautiful girl
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Kawian Haidar
Kawian Haidar 5 days ago
Chaunsey Billings
I love this woman
Laissa Pereira
Laissa Pereira 5 days ago
intelligence wisdom
Lanester Dieu le père
I Love you Beyoncé.
Keith Gass
Keith Gass 6 days ago
Her clothing line is made by slaves.....
naa naa
naa naa 6 days ago
Love you so much Beyonce
Louisiana Costa
Louisiana Costa 6 days ago
w b
w b 6 days ago
God bless you Queen 🙏🏿❤❤
Amber Bell
Amber Bell 6 days ago
TruthKnowsLies 6 days ago
BLACK IS KING DECODED EXPLAINED ruvid.net/video/video-qMTych-IzY8.html
Mister Evans
Mister Evans 7 days ago
we own are ancestors are life
no username
no username 7 days ago
Shes right we do need to vote to change this racist unequal system. #Trump2020
David Stricklin
David Stricklin 7 days ago
Michelle Branch
David Stricklin
David Stricklin 7 days ago
Natalie Imbruglia
Wjf. ent.
Wjf. ent. 7 days ago
Seymour Kitty
Seymour Kitty 7 days ago
Shadeson 7 days ago
You go queen bee
SecondKnight18 7 days ago
The dislikes on this video are from those evil police officers out there. (The ones that are black haters. 😡)
laurensimonee 7 days ago
So scary how young she looks ! She doesn’t even age 😭😍
Abdurahman Mohamed
Yeah it a called adrenochrome
Rosa Peronace
Rosa Peronace 6 days ago
Beyonce fans may not want to see this ruvid.net/video/video-Pd7I3abIMo8.html
TheAmber Shon
TheAmber Shon 7 days ago
Fernando Gomes
Fernando Gomes 7 days ago
Ιέρεια 7 days ago
Beyoncé is a walking Lie. CULTURAL MARXISM IS A LIE, a TRAP OF GLOBALIST ÉLITE, the most racist of ever. But you are too stupid to understand it
Eigna Cruz
Eigna Cruz 7 days ago
So perfect💖
YAKI KADAFI 7 days ago
Queen B
Махабат Абдыкеева
Большая трудяга
Gael Gomez
Gael Gomez 7 days ago
I f****** love Beyonce
TrickyPanda 65
TrickyPanda 65 8 days ago
I'll vote for Trump
Shamyra Wilchie
Shamyra Wilchie 7 days ago
Yvonne Davis
Yvonne Davis 8 days ago
Her hair is beautiful 😍 love that color
Calming Asmr
Calming Asmr 8 days ago
Be' yonce.
Louie Cen
Louie Cen 8 days ago
I dont like trump but he will be re-elected. Just wait
zhou shanshan
zhou shanshan 8 days ago
truth about the Chinese Communist Party virus😡😡😡😡😡t.co/KblKF8RkwP
nessy shnoenber
nessy shnoenber 8 days ago
So fake...
Lauro Aparecido Costa Jardim
Eu não sou o melhor fã que você tem, mas eu te amo, minha mulher maravilha, não existe outra, me desculpa por ser latino, mas eu sou o que sou, eu te amo minha minha velha (uma salsão de respeito) entre nos gays dos Brasil com relação hà mulher. Eu te amo 😘♥️ e desejo todo o sucesso pra você, seja firme e nos represente, obrigado 🤑🤩🌞
Tina & Tony TIME Arafat
i love you queen that you are you look absolutly stunning as always !i love you so much god bless you and your beautiful family xoxo Tna
Godwin Odey
Godwin Odey 9 days ago
Where is Jade Novah she needs to recreate this
Macky2 Music
Macky2 Music 9 days ago
The Biggest Song In Africa Rightnow👇 ruvid.net/video/video-Z9Q7hiTHZCc.html
insta: lucsllr
insta: lucsllr 9 days ago
love u
Jeremi Diaz
Jeremi Diaz 9 days ago
MAYLIA H 9 days ago
Spoken like a true warlock🥳🥳🥳
Zillionaire Da Vinciii
MB Kamara
MB Kamara 9 days ago
@0:19 and 0:24 now who is snoring or breathing heavily
Xzavier Redfern
Xzavier Redfern 9 days ago
diann h
diann h 10 days ago
It's so funny she is black and she is a billionaire I'm sure. But ya know America is racist so...
Math Perry
Math Perry 10 days ago
Excuse mee for you and m'y présence because for iam a little gay but if you can just a suggestions math Perry RUvid and mee for You i Will bye now thankiou and i Will bye chek always yor RUvid and commetarie with the eart because iam not prétention and a now abonned now
Shadow Chief
Shadow Chief 10 days ago
✊🏽VIRGO GANG GANG🔥Love👸🏽Queen🦋Beyoncé💜
Leo Anderson
Leo Anderson 9 days ago
Hey twin gang gang ♍♍♍♍
Ameni Ami
Ameni Ami 10 days ago
Hello Queen
Sweetsugar Shae
Sweetsugar Shae 10 days ago
Good morning Mrs.Queen B love you,and me and you are about the same age we both are Virgos and I also want you to know I'm so very proud of you for your journey from the start until now and I'm rooting for your future#team Bforlife
Beyonce seinVater
Beyonce seinVater 10 days ago
Love her!
True Patriot
True Patriot 10 days ago
Beyonce is voting for TRUMP, righr?
Zhang Hung
Zhang Hung 11 days ago
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DanPaivaa 11 days ago
Disse tudo!!
Lalisa Loves
Lalisa Loves 11 days ago
love you Beyoncé ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lauriel Brooks
Lauriel Brooks 11 days ago
She looks amazing that makeup is glowing and beautiful on her. She still looks the same just like she did back in Destiny's Child taking me back in time.💚
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