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Leopards and ostriches, hawks and iguanas, wolves and buffaloes... Which predator vs prey fight is the best one? Find out in this Top 5.
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Pets & Animals

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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Aneesa Ansal
Aneesa Ansal Day ago
Its so funny when snow leopard stoped at the river.. LOL..
Sai Eswar
Sai Eswar 2 days ago
The bgm is like in a Hollywood SciFi movie
Orange Music And Gaming
I live in a place where snow leopard is living for thousands of years. Infact only place on earth where you can find all the species of leopard.
Eva-Maria Radl
Eva-Maria Radl 3 days ago
snow leopards surly are the most hauntingly beautiful creatures out there
WuZoo 3 days ago
Love to watch BBC Earth.
Aleksa Kandic
Aleksa Kandic 3 days ago
*Buffalo join the chat* *Iguana join the chat* *Mountain goat join the chat* *lesser Jerboa join the chat* *Ostrich join the chat* 10 minutes later: *Hawk join the chat* *Wolfes join the chat* *Snow leopard join the chat* *Desert fox join the chat* *Cheetahs join the chat* *Buffalo left the chat* *Iguana left the chat* *Mountain goat left the chat* *lesser Jerboa left the chat* *Ostrich join left chat*
AsMoose Alter
AsMoose Alter 3 days ago
“Snow Leopard vs. Markhor Goat” was my favorite. What a chase.
Xie Xie
Xie Xie 4 days ago
XED JZ 4 days ago
amazing eagle
Ice Koffe
Ice Koffe 4 days ago
Jeboas rule. 👍🏽👍🏽
Emmett Kapitan
Emmett Kapitan 6 days ago
That hawk saw that iguana from 3 miles away.
Wild Life
Wild Life 7 days ago
My video please
Jenni Ross
Jenni Ross 7 days ago
shorturl.ca/lovesex26opuss දැක මෙම එක් මම මුලින්ම මගේ නළල
Toma Herceg
Toma Herceg 7 days ago
Gotta go fast 💨
Krazy Maniak
Krazy Maniak 8 days ago
"but the Jerboa has one last trick up its sleeve..." Jerboa: Pick a card, any card!
Markolito 8 days ago
Is no on egunna talk about how amazing the iguana looks when it runs lmaoo
Giancarlo Reyes
Giancarlo Reyes 8 days ago
yo the joboa look like a mouse and a ostrich mix together
Gyrocompa 8 days ago
Hello there, what DVDs must I buy if I want more than extracts ? Thanks in advance for your help and hats off to the BBC for such wonderful footages ! I would dream about taking a single photograph as good as this !!
Gucci off Thee streets
The fact that they can capture these moments is kinda cool
John Ceccarelli
John Ceccarelli 8 days ago
The Hawk taking down the iguana was like “sshhh, sshhh, it will be over soon”
whatsgoingon07 8 days ago
Imagine chasing after your hamburger
The Dark Soldier
The Dark Soldier 6 days ago
whatsgoingon07 my name is barry allen
Somaye Jafari
Somaye Jafari 9 days ago
Joseph W
Joseph W 9 days ago
I never knew how they shot these scenes.
XII 9 days ago
the fox name is Fennec he lives in north africa so rare to see one good job bbc.
John Titor
John Titor 9 days ago
I feel like the last fox chase was staged...
Greg TheBatman
Greg TheBatman 9 days ago
Yeo 1:47 that hawk can skateboard better than me he was even doing some tricks on it
yajuan zhang
yajuan zhang 9 days ago
The last one is like a kanguru
tet ewa
tet ewa 9 days ago
Brandon Lacosta
Brandon Lacosta 10 days ago
wolves are just intelligent
Joy Division
Joy Division 10 days ago
The real MVP is cameraman
Maria Harmon
Maria Harmon 10 days ago
when a hawk lands on a lizard so perfectly that it rides it like a skateboard before killing and eating it. Bird skills.
Super Bright Brat
Super Bright Brat 11 days ago
Snow Leopard: *sees goat* Snow Leopard: "Finally. A worthy meal. Our dinner will be legendary!"
Xx_sneaky_xX-_-3 7 days ago
Kung fu panda reference ? 😂
riley grace
riley grace 11 days ago
Those iguanas run like phoebe from friends, no cap
Marc Wyant
Marc Wyant 11 days ago
The desert fox couldn’t hear the kangaroo mouse turn positions in the sand? I feel like it should have
Slaver Studios
Slaver Studios 11 days ago
Guy talking about the wolves and buffalo is a furry and wants to be a wolf in real life.
つひQYひ 11 days ago
Best top 5 wild animals CHASE I need an explain about failure no. 1 & 3
Them X Æ A-12
Them X Æ A-12 11 days ago
1:14 The reptiles : “ OH SHIT OH SHIT... hawks here!!”
Clayton Schmidt
Clayton Schmidt 11 days ago
How is hopping a secret WEAPON?
Clayton Schmidt
Clayton Schmidt 11 days ago
3 cats against one bird?? That's not fair! I guess that's why they call them cheetahs...
Cley's 11 days ago
The eyes of the iguanas that slap his bro's back and like : Bruuccvvv we gotta runnn tf are u doing manneee lookin at d eaglee u dumbass ?
Sakutaa 11 days ago
The cheetah was like “Yoh mama, give me your number”
Balistic 11 days ago
8:46 me emerging from my dressing room early because I forgot something and dont want to be seen ;-;
Facundo Duarte
Facundo Duarte 11 days ago
SENARTLUX TV 11 days ago
Pour ceux qui adorent les animaux ruvid.net/video/video-r_16P90A8Vs.html
Hey Boss
Hey Boss 12 days ago
Crazy how all this is cgi
Ben B.
Ben B. 12 days ago
1:45 When Toni HAWK becomes reborn
Dakuto_Cos 12 days ago
Cheetahs looking at the giraffes like, 👁👄👁.
bobwatters 12 days ago
Wish the would have shown how the wolves finished off that buffalo. Seems like no videos show the kill for wolves, almost like wolves killing big animals is just a conspiracy and all they do is slow them down then let them go.
Orenziox Oz STRAW
Orenziox Oz STRAW 12 days ago
Void to FIT Line up follow DayLife Color
Francisco Trevino
Francisco Trevino 12 days ago
The male ostrich was like well I owe her child support anyways, so you can take her 🤣😂😂😂😭😭😭
Hasan Asif
Hasan Asif 13 days ago
Good work so BBC nice
Lizzy Grant
Lizzy Grant 13 days ago
What am I doing here lmao
Ligue de Corinthe
Ligue de Corinthe 13 days ago
wolves are fascinating animals, I like them
Pawan Rai
Pawan Rai 13 days ago
Me when my relatives ask about results
Allan Sigudu
Allan Sigudu 13 days ago
me and my brother:
333 Shamanic Ascended Master
The *hawk* made that look so easy. Lol
333 Shamanic Ascended Master
Those faces of the *cheetah* brothers looked so poised and powerful. Beautiful cats.
Rashid NV Perambra East
ഒട്ടക പക്ഷി 3 ചീറ്റപ്പുലികളുടെ അത്രയും വലിപ്പമുണ്ടല്ലേ
Peng Ding
Peng Ding 13 days ago
Irene Gilda Newton
Irene Gilda Newton 13 days ago
@ 2:04 Bison not Buffalo
Ggthegang sucks
Ggthegang sucks 13 days ago
the disklikers are the 6 year old girls
SHAHID UL REHMAN 14 days ago
I mean I just love BBC Whether be it BBC news BBC earth BBC sport Or anything of it I just love it the fair and the just report whether it be animal or human ...
TOO FILTHY 14 days ago
Snow leopards are so Majestic to me . :) Crazy
rson 14 days ago
Was that Justin Trudeau commentating the buffalo and wolf chase? 😂
TF AK 14 days ago
What if the cheetah was an ostrich cuz he cheated on someone else and now he in a very good accent called cheat-ah.
dantheman 14 days ago
The fox hunting the mouse shots are abviously staged.
Szãm A
Szãm A 14 days ago
8:16 When you have a good squad for co-op
Tim Woodiwiss
Tim Woodiwiss 15 days ago
Very deceptive the picture at the beginning of this has nothing to do with the actual video I will not watch one of your videos again
glenn doleberry
glenn doleberry 15 days ago
That Jerboa could be a first round draft pick🤣
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 15 days ago
Best wild
Muthuveeran Sasikaran
salute to the camera team
YG_Thony 99
YG_Thony 99 15 days ago
6.2 thousand vegans disliked this video
Charlie Meekings
Charlie Meekings 15 days ago
I love the way the snow leopard just glares at the water 😆
Andrew #315
Andrew #315 15 days ago
cheetah: chases ostrich and catching up ostrich: turn around *god mode activated* kick kick kick kick
I eat ur cookies
I eat ur cookies 16 days ago
1:30 I AM SPED *speed.exe has been activated*
Best of TTT
Best of TTT 16 days ago
jerboa: jumps around in slo-mo close up me: Hmmm looks like a cute, tiny and fluffy T-rex
Jamal Lane
Jamal Lane 16 days ago
LMAO that big turkey tried to run
Yogurt .
Yogurt . 16 days ago
That fox was using player esp
Yogurt .
Yogurt . 16 days ago
In the first one I was just thinking “AC-130 ABOVE”
Jasmine Pevach
Jasmine Pevach 17 days ago
Like why snow leopard u would of got your food if you just sawm like really😒 snow leopard: stop me HATE water 🚿 me: u looked hungry so why not swim?!
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