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Best VR VIDEO 360 Virtual Reality Video
Compatibility: Google Cardboard VR Box 360, Oculus Rift VR, Oculus Quest VR, HTC Vive VR, Playstation 4 VR Headset, PSVR
#360video #VR360 #VR #WaterSlide
This is an advertisement video for the company Glass-Canvas. I was not paid for uploading this video on my channel.
I got the written upload permission by the Founding Director of Glass-Canvas Mr. Andrew Goodeve (copyright owner) but I was not allowed the edit the footage (image & sound is original).
Original video by Glass-Canvas: ruvid.net/video/video-Q66f8ufanp4.html
RUvid channel of Glass-Cavans:
Website: www.glass-canvas.co.uk
Music: Drifting Clouds by David Goldsmith
The video was uploaded before the new YT policies have been released 2018.
I injected 360 meta data to make the equirectangular projection RUvid 360 degree compatible.
What is this video about?
This video represents a Virtual Realiy 360° waterslide experince through several locations like a city, desert, lake, jungle and many more. You can look around in any direction by using your mobile phone, touch display, gyroscope sensor or a VR headset.
Educational information:
What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is a medium with the ability to be transported to other places, to be fully immersed in experiences and to feel like you are really there.
All you need is a Virtual Reality headset and a Virtual Reality video. Enjoy ;)

Channel information:
This channel creates and provides family-friendly videos for Virtual Reality based on real life events and video games by using the latest hardware- and software technology. If you want to publish your VR video on this monetized VR channel, feel free to contact me.




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Comments 80
3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 5 days ago
New 360 video - Half Life Alyx ruvid.net/video/video-F3gLnnZyG4s.html
Sandra Castro
Sandra Castro 7 hours ago
Is incredibol
Ahmed Almusawi
Zeus KZ
Zeus KZ 4 hours ago
ksaweru Kalus
ksaweru Kalus 5 hours ago
Musicie po polsku
Goca Klenca
Goca Klenca 6 hours ago
I want more PLS!!!
Жанна Панакшева
Жанна Панакшева
Goca Klenca
Goca Klenca 6 hours ago
WOW that was so cool this is my first comment ever
Patty G.
Patty G. 12 hours ago
It was fun
Anne Manubay
Anne Manubay 14 hours ago
This is awsome
COSMIC Astro 16 hours ago
looks like going through a black hole tbh
Loganaruto X
Loganaruto X 16 hours ago
I watched this yrs ago and still one of the best vr vids ever
darkwolf 57 gamez
This is amazing!
farah Pangestuty
poeta bassjazz
Mimi Jaquez
Mimi Jaquez Day ago
No entiendo nada de los comentarios 🤷 Like si tú tampoco
Free fire
Free fire Day ago
Aí meu Deus
John Nguyen
John Nguyen Day ago
Why do some people not like this video it’s so cool-
gaby torrealba
hello I love this type of videos sorry if I write something wrong the truth I speak Spanish and I am using the translator bueno bay sígueme por favor
Kausar Nur
Kausar Nur Day ago
It’s just soo cool
roope tuomi
roope tuomi Day ago
Im trying this video with my Oculus quest but the video is not working right. Everything is bent and doesnt seem to work. Can someone help me with this problem ?
Nikki 2 days ago
Wooow💙 This ia best💙💙💙💙💙
gnaatt alhoseen
gnaatt alhoseen 2 days ago
Lincoln Weatherspoon
Hi this is cool
LICK Master
LICK Master 2 days ago
it's not 360 video for me :(
Max Amelse
Max Amelse 2 days ago
that was the best
Gamers Gokil
Gamers Gokil 3 days ago
Ini sangat menarik
Rafaella Alves
Rafaella Alves 3 days ago
Eu não falo grego não pow
Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor 3 days ago
I want vr
3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 3 days ago
Try VR BOX headset for 5 bucks. Very popular 😎
Pitbull & Cie
Pitbull & Cie 3 days ago
omg, so cool 😎
Poppy Judd
Poppy Judd 3 days ago
How I spend my quarantine
najet saafi
najet saafi 4 days ago
BonnieBoo Playz
BonnieBoo Playz 4 days ago
BRATALISTIC 4 days ago
DIY VR came in clutch
Michael Lester
Michael Lester 4 days ago
This was so f***ing scary but cool♡
Şahin Mutlu
Şahin Mutlu 4 days ago
this is not 360 video
3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 4 days ago
No problem. Have fun 😄
Şahin Mutlu
Şahin Mutlu 4 days ago
@3D-VR-360 VIDEOS sorry
3D-VR-360 VIDEOS 4 days ago
It is 360
松本直志 4 days ago
Abi Sree
Abi Sree 5 days ago
Marissa Daily
Marissa Daily 5 days ago
Played this on my projector with my boo and we LOVED it! Thank you!
Neamah 88
Neamah 88 6 days ago
Mackenzie Windress
So I don’t have Vr but still watched it
Gusion 01
Gusion 01 6 days ago
Fernanda Reinoso
Fernanda Reinoso 6 days ago
Me encantooooo
Rafael Abril
Rafael Abril 6 days ago
Me:*wants to go to concert Also me:*casually go's to the concert like it was nothing to get there
João Pinto
João Pinto 6 days ago
Gabino domiguez
Gabino domiguez 6 days ago
i love 360!
Maria Noel berrio
Салтанат Каржавова
it's so amazing 😲
HAYAT Aloqili
HAYAT Aloqili 6 days ago
360 Sanal Gerçeklik
Subscribe to our channel Pls:)
Jurell Cummings
Jurell Cummings 7 days ago
Yep we do
rica mae llarves
rica mae llarves 7 days ago
Cinthya Silva
Cinthya Silva 7 days ago
Quién se subirá en ese tobogán 🙄
Daha cat
Daha cat 7 days ago
Кто русский лайк на ком 👇
Just Me
Just Me 8 days ago
Anyone else that is dizzy after watching this video?
Елизавета лизунчик
ты искал 1 русский коммент и ты его нашёл
Clovermycat20 AJ
Clovermycat20 AJ 8 days ago
Why isn't this working for me .-.
Yasmin Bicharelli
Adora esses vídeos 369 💜
Crimson Wolf
Crimson Wolf 8 days ago
This was amazing I really like be videos
Ahmad1 Gamer
Ahmad1 Gamer 8 days ago
اشتركوا بقناتي
Anahit Hovhannesyan
Game name please 😢😢😢
Flare blast official
Really cool video I enjoyed putting on my old vr headset and using it for once
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez 9 days ago
Amo ese video
Mr.Drache 9 days ago
I feel like one a drogtrip
Hala Abou Assaf
Hala Abou Assaf 9 days ago
Duderof 9 days ago
nisha ranadhir
nisha ranadhir 10 days ago
Best 360 ride
Rakesh Mavinakere
Rakesh Mavinakere 10 days ago
Anybody watching this video after the corona lockdown, then hit the like button.
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell 10 days ago
This video's messed up now. It's all glitched.
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Why my screen is black
Caial Juraci
Caial Juraci 10 days ago
Tá legal
alex Gamer09
alex Gamer09 10 days ago
I feel like the Pepsi part is random.
gogi joji
gogi joji 10 days ago
when you're in quarantine and actually wanna go outside and you're an introvert
Avqni is bae
Avqni is bae 10 days ago
Bruh what- I whnet to this place and it had this VR
Wiwin Pasaka
Wiwin Pasaka 11 days ago
Wow is so imazing or cool 😀😀😀 like his vidio pls😎😎😎😀😀😀
ade andriyani
ade andriyani 11 days ago
I..i... Loveit 😭😭😭😭👍😇👍😎😇
mariana urrutia quiroz
El mejor video del mundo Like y suscribirse
Anwar Thamer
Anwar Thamer 11 days ago
O oh hell00uu
尾原千里 11 days ago
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