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EVERY Superhero Movie After Endgame (Spoilers)
How Avengers: Endgame Sets up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoilers)
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May 22, 2019

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Comments 212
fei catapat
fei catapat Day ago
I thought my eardrum has swollen! And my headset just broken!Hahaha! 😀🤣 Guest what! The audio of this channel was got into my nerve and I'm about to trash this edit.hahaha
criss pacheco
criss pacheco 2 days ago
Wtf I thought my AirPods where broken 😂
Rasha Sameer
Rasha Sameer 2 days ago
Wtf no voice for almost the entier video and i though my phone broke😡😒😠😠
sylvee A
sylvee A 2 days ago
Rainer Kaufmann
Rainer Kaufmann 3 days ago
Ramoncito Ross
Ramoncito Ross 4 days ago
Tired Old Man
Tired Old Man 4 days ago
B movie at best.
HardRockMiner 5 days ago
Has Bautista had plastic surgery on his face..? He looks weird around the eyes and forehead
Tony Neader
Tony Neader 5 days ago
Audio cuts in and out
P D 5 days ago
The only thing I was thinking about the thumbnail was will it get caught in his hinges
DUDE not-PERFECT 8 days ago
Stranger things isn’t a movie
wraith rux
wraith rux 10 days ago
Hey kid let the pros handle this one and all the other videos u plan to make. Leave the audio in the trailer.
Frozen Gumwad
Frozen Gumwad 10 days ago
Why is this still up, MovieGasm? It sucks ass. Completely unprofessional, but I guess for some people 'good enough' is a euphemism for "I don't give a shit. Post it with half the audio missing and missing titles."
dark field
dark field 12 days ago
fix your shit shitheads
raymund llagas
raymund llagas 12 days ago
Lol I thought I broke my earphone. 😂 I was trying to plug it in and out 😂😂
Egle Davidsoniene
Egle Davidsoniene 15 days ago
2019 movies authentic. grate script and movies mood. I hope to see them with my familie. thank you. best wishes from my country.
Timothy O'Neill
Timothy O'Neill 16 days ago
Damn copyright blackouts
Robert Belch
Robert Belch 17 days ago
Horrible editing job you did there guy... audio cuts out on each of the trailers.
Jennifer Lafleur
Jennifer Lafleur 19 days ago
Aaron Paul is making load of money... he's in almost all the trailers... wow!
Sandy Prater
Sandy Prater 19 days ago
Large chunks of video with no sound.
Finance & Fitness
Finance & Fitness 19 days ago
Wow the audio is beautiful, I could bear the silence crystal clear.
RC-UFO interceptor
RC-UFO interceptor 20 days ago
Repost it. It is to awesome to bee without sound.
RC-UFO interceptor
RC-UFO interceptor 20 days ago
No sound in some parts. Almost broke my 3.5mm audio on mobile 😂
SuperMat13 Gaming
SuperMat13 Gaming 20 days ago
3:57 Is that the "Sweat Dreams" background!?!?
Ra Souldier
Ra Souldier 21 day ago
What kind of car does an egg drive? a yolkswagen
Murrv Vmurr
Murrv Vmurr 22 days ago
4:48 ish. The Caprio Shimee is everything
ColbyH 22 days ago
So usless
gwa73 22 days ago
You need to take this down and fix the frequent audio problem, and then repost it. It makes you look bad.
CoreyCutYou `
CoreyCutYou ` 22 days ago
Show some love for the thumbs down button. Such a crap video!
王维 23 days ago
Lmao I love this shit
RachaelHful 23 days ago
2:00 Captain America in 2020😂😂
Marxine St.Arline
Marxine St.Arline 24 days ago
1:25 Old actors,...oops,..I mean old superheroes.
Ruby Wagstaff
Ruby Wagstaff 24 days ago
Lil Palo
Lil Palo 24 days ago
God this is so broken
Loida Araña
Loida Araña 24 days ago
Blackfish in supervised..
Liberty 25 days ago
I can just hear the elevator pitch. "Ok, what if we combine the(1985) movie "Cocoon" with todays super hero abilities.......... What do you think?
Sabih Raza
Sabih Raza 25 days ago
No audio.
ManSam Sung
ManSam Sung 25 days ago
Why did they ruin the plot twist in the preview!!!
EnterTheDragon 25 days ago
the the hell is the name of that movie @2:57
Toches 24 days ago
Its stranger things season 3
TheKolin63 26 days ago
A great family film to all enjoy after a very big meal and everyone falls asleep .....before it actually starts lol
bingokitty 26 days ago
jesus xrist! really? you uploaded something so broken as this??
Mine SG
Mine SG 26 days ago
Never going to watch MovieGasm again. Wow. Terrible.
my2cents2u 26 days ago
How about a list in the description?
ARTISTIC - BOI 26 days ago
Am I deaf?
Alec W
Alec W 27 days ago
Fix your fucking audio, DS.
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall 27 days ago
Well that was an annoying waste of title. Shit video.
VirtuDiaries 27 days ago
Audio gaps!
Spartanthechief '
Spartanthechief ' 27 days ago
"Upcoming movie trailers 2019" *shows stranger things* Get your title right , that's a TV show B.
CommentCop Badge#666
So is Watchmen.
Art Anderson
Art Anderson 27 days ago
Fix the audio problem, and then maybe I'll watch this
Rays woodshop
Rays woodshop 28 days ago
Well thanks for the run around, I change headphones twice for nothing ! WTF get with it !
James Hardy
James Hardy 28 days ago
No audio had to be some monetization scare over copyright bullshit! I hate RUvid!😊
Bouhhg Z
Bouhhg Z 28 days ago
So like 6 minutes into it; no sound...... I've seen enough.
J Cee
J Cee 28 days ago
Can someone just tell me what the thumbnail is please?
roberto rivera
roberto rivera 28 days ago
Dirk Monseur
Dirk Monseur 28 days ago
piss poor audio - THUMBS DOWN
MA Hervé-
MA Hervé- 28 days ago
What the hell??? No audio on most,half way through !
CIIZAR 28 days ago
HOw does someone, uploading shit like this get 1 M subs???
Daniel McLaughlin
Daniel McLaughlin 28 days ago
Where is the sound for much of this video?
Sebu K
Sebu K 28 days ago
Robert Spitznas
Robert Spitznas 28 days ago
The rise of the machines. In real time. Prepare your household
Vanessa Serrano
Vanessa Serrano 29 days ago
Why is your upcoming movie video all television programs?
Maybe Chloe
Maybe Chloe 29 days ago
Stranger things isn’t a movie....
Denitria Ferebee
Denitria Ferebee 29 days ago
I thought something was wrong with my phone.
The Ripper
The Ripper 29 days ago
Definitely a horrible editing job.
PapaGandalf 29 days ago
Zvuk vam ne radi jebo vas retardirane
lwc2009 29 days ago
so ... 30 minutes of bullshit to tell us that there is really nothing worth going to see...
techlover231 29 days ago
NO list ?
Paul Masters
Paul Masters 29 days ago
How the fuck do you have 1 million subs with this garbage production...
Ross Stevenson
Ross Stevenson 29 days ago
Gave up after 3rd loss of audio!
CPU UK 29 days ago
Lots of sections with no audio
thisisruss_vwk 29 days ago
Audio cutting in and out. thumbs down.
NRA Jesus
NRA Jesus 29 days ago
This would be a lot more entertaining with sound.
Sammy Mugi
Sammy Mugi 29 days ago
Useless. Poorly done😡😡😡
Ray Goossen
Ray Goossen Month ago
Wtf what a fail. so many parts without audio.
Kinania Ofa
Kinania Ofa Month ago
For the Leonardo DiCaprio move they should have gave him an Oscar in the movie
Brock McDunnah
Brock McDunnah Month ago
fix yo sound it cuts out over and over every preview after 15 seconds ish
MIKELIN8 Month ago
Tarantino really hates Nazis. I knew there was a reason I like him!
Frank Miller
Frank Miller 28 days ago
Yeah, you and every other boomer conservative and shit-lib fag.
Sean Nissen
Sean Nissen Month ago
how the hell do you upload something this broken?
Dave Janes
Dave Janes Month ago
Crawl looks pretty good. Stuber is just the comedy version of Collateral (w/Tom Cruise & Jamie Fox).
VimyScout Month ago
1973 Mustang Mach 1 conveniently parked - I'm driving !
K Month ago
original gone in 60 secs
Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins Month ago
Wait. Ms Wheeler (Stranger Things) looks Hot now
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Month ago
Mike Adkins lol
Ramza Month ago
rim of the world was soooo bad lol
franck pop
franck pop Month ago
only shit movies, 2019 will be a great year...
Shawnee Roberts
Shawnee Roberts Month ago
No sound
Zurround100 Month ago
that second one that was at the swimming pool with the group of middle aged milfs attracted to the young lifeguard had no name so how am i supposed to see it?
Tatiana Blackthorn
Zurround100 that was stranger things, you're welcome!
Sean Hanlins Daddy
Worthless with 1/2 audio don't watch it
2006glg Month ago
I'm sorry but Tom Berenger was fine as hell back in the day. He still has a great face.
Sean Gillard
Sean Gillard Month ago
No audio in many parts
doina dragomir
doina dragomir Month ago
absolutely shit shit movies
RDC Month ago
Preview 1 Grumpy Old Heroes!?
Agul2001 Month ago
Great! Hollywood is making silent movies again! Seriously, MovieGasm. You have ONE freakin' job and that's editing videos! It's not like you need to write a script for this one, or screen test actors/actresses. It's EDITING EXISTING VIDEOS! Get your shit together, man.
No Thank You
No Thank You Month ago
Sound is bad.
rrichna Month ago
whats happening with the audio?
Crimson Raptor67
This an embarrassing excuse for an upcoming movie trailer list, many parts no audio this is one of those times I wish I could just report this video bc someone doesn’t know how to do it properly
Sephandre DeMarte
I didn't see a trailer for the thumbnail.
louie r
louie r Month ago
Thats what I came for
100% TRASH
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 28 days ago
CHE !! !
CHE !! ! Month ago
im done with all "avengers" shit.
Ahzzloe Ret. S.C.Demon
Bright burn was a really good movie Its the age old ? What if superman was a phsycopath an NOT a good person. BRIGHTBURN
Brooke Houska
Brooke Houska Month ago
ridiculous title
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Month ago
What’s with the long segments with no sound?
ShinyBusterBaby Month ago
What's up with the sound going out? Why is this still up if it's defective?!
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