Best One-Handed Catches of the 2018 Regular Season | NFL Highlights

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The best one-handed catches from the 2018 NFL Regular Season.
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Comments 80
Where’s The Patriots-interception one hand3d catch? Nfl I am disappoint
Achilles Plakakis
Brad The Titan
My boy Chris Godwin underrated.
kyle webster
kyle webster Year ago
Odell is trash
Paxton Year ago
The best one was the one by goodwin
Jojo Kobayashi
Dont even have to watch the video best catches were keelan cole, deandre hopkins, and james conner
RedDuppers Year ago
Why is the video quality so bad, even in 1080 lol?
rahliE05 Year ago
Are u kidding me? None of OBJ’s one handers in the Washington game made the list? The one when he was tackled near the sideline was one of the baddest catches in history!
Nathan Marsales
Feels bad that Hopkin’s catch against the dolphins can’t be on here
KILlucaLER Year ago
How in the world can u miss the larry fitzgerald catch against green bay ...
Kade Coleman
Kade Coleman Year ago
Tajae sharpe one hander???
Elijah Year ago
Anyone remember how the jaguars where good last year
The big sad
The big sad Year ago
Odell Beckham jr want to know your location
SeahawkDon 12
SeahawkDon 12 Year ago
I mean who needs the other hand anyway right?
They are all so good
Shadow Wraith
Shadow Wraith Year ago
No Larry Fitzgerald vs Green Bay? C'mon man!
GiantsFan1734 Year ago
Not a single Odell catch he had 3 this season all more impressive than most of these😂😂 Cody Latimer TD against the cowboys should be here too. They hate the giants bruh
Nathan S
Nathan S Year ago
3:06 alright this is easily one of the greatest catches of all time. Not only he caught it with 3 fingers but less then a second later he had to take a hit. Got to respect that.
Tommy Year ago
Have they uploaded the best Stiffys and power runs of the year yet?
Mason Pennoyer
Duke Johnson?
Wildrow Wilson
Larry Fitzgerald week 17!?????!!???!?
Vision_Curvy Year ago
It’s the gloves guys...
im al3xis righ
i swear if another apple ad comes on when i press a NFL video...
Giovanni Ferme
U missed all of Odell’s wtf lol
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio Year ago
Russell wilson has such a nice anticipation high arc throw. I hate it cause he drops them in perfectly. Pft
James Phony
James Phony Year ago
The latex gloves are doing *90%* of the work......
SADBOI - Canal Nou
+The left upright at soldier field cool. I like that youre always original. Like with the imperial system. :) Im from Moldova. (Europe)
The left upright at soldier field
PewDiePie's Vlogs yes and it’s not even close
SADBOI - Canal Nou
Im not from Us. can you tell me pls if American Fotball is more popular than soccer in us ?
Swagner17 Year ago
The Enunwa one was so impressive. Gets hit on that outstretched arm with the ball and somehow still pulls it in for the catch.
Tom Hagen
Tom Hagen Year ago
Where is Fitz's one handed TD?
Thomas Petrucci
Chris Herndon the next Gronkowski 🥶
domanddev Year ago
I hate when a player tips the ball to himself with one hand and then catches it with both and we call it a one handed catch
Three Triblets
Hit or miss Baldwin just never misses huh
Sean Xiong
Sean Xiong Year ago
Where is odell????
panthers123 Year ago
top 100 players pls
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera Year ago
NUK!! it's all you need to show
Jmillyrock 1105
What about Odell’s against the redskins
Moshe Livshits
Odell has 2 in one game better than this whole list saquon and Cody Latimer also had really nice one handed catches come on this is upsetting
Layla Downing
Layla Downing Year ago
So we jus gon forget about Odell's one handed catch against the panthers smh
Gregory Farmer
My case on how Super Bowl LIII will be KC Vs LAR, The Week 11 matchup between the two teams were very high, and now since both are in the final four playing well, the NFL will make sure they play for big ratings, why the other matchups won’t work? Patriots-Saints: Old quarterbacks are the only thing they’ll talk about, and the last matchups between the two teams were awful. Patriots-Rams: Ratings in last years Super Bowl were awful, the Patriots were in that one, if New England makes it for a 3rd time in a row, ratings will be lower. Saints-Chiefs: This matchup will be the 2nd best out of the Super Bowl LIII matchups, but the fact that both teams are small market, and the NFL despises small markets (look at 2017-18 AFC Championship) If the Super Bowl is Rams-Chiefs, the NFL will get big ratings, and lots of money, and the fans will be happy to see these offenses go at it. I rest my case.
El Comedy Rogue
Stop hating on the 9ers..yall show every play twice but the 9ers one..."Nfl loves hating on the Bay breh"
Tc is a G
Tc is a G Year ago
Where is Giants lattimores two catches?!
shloyo Goldstein
Honestly a dead mouse is more exciting than Joe buck... like if u agree
Mason Slaughter
Why are there no giants one-handers. Odell and saquan got a few spectacular catches
Latreal Pinkney
One handers
swag97 Year ago
Sports center dunana danana
Packer nation
Packer nation Year ago
Deandre Hopkins catch was my favorite like If agree
Edonis361 Year ago
Latimer vs Cowboys , Odell vs Panthers/Falcons idk anymore
Sarang Shravan
If David Moore didn't exist then this list would be accurate, but he does so where's his season saving, 4th down, on the road, 35 yard, one handed td catch?
Zahhir Allah
Zahhir Allah Year ago
Most of these are just body catches.
Seattle Seahawks
3:24 save the best for last.
NateG Does
NateG Does Year ago
Seattle Seahawks Lol my cousin is a die hard Seahawks fan look up “Luke Boucvalt” and comment something positive on his video. You don’t have to but I would love my cousin to be surprised he has about 70k subs and is a nerf RUvidr. He specifically said to me after the Cowboys loss “I’m from the future, and we winning the Super Bowl next year, doubters can doubt us, but we keep going”.
Seattle Seahawks
​One thing is for sure... @NateG Does Not
NateG Does
NateG Does Year ago
Seattle Seahawks Lol who runs this account? This is hilarious.
el8ich0 Year ago
I Can't Catch A Ball One Handed Even If It's A Great Ball
Aaron Cook
Aaron Cook Year ago
Krypt1c V1per
Krypt1c V1per Year ago
2 jags lets go
Alex Saucedo
Alex Saucedo Year ago
Seattles doug Baldwin # 89. What a catch. Hall of famer for sho.
Ori C.
Ori C. Year ago
@Sarang Shravan I agree
Sarang Shravan
I hope so. I doubt he will seeing as he's playing in a league where he is overshadowed buy guys like AB, Julio, Hopkins and Odell. Most underrated receiver in the game
Laura m Rutledge
Great video
Logan Jackson
Logan Jackson Year ago
so please tell me if you agree that the commentators are literaly smarter then the refs on some plays and that they should have a say in some of the stupid calls ,i know it doesnt have anything to do with the vid
Cale Bane
Cale Bane Year ago
Dear NFL, on your app in the AFC championship slide it says last meeting 27 42 Patriots losing the last meeting was 43 40 Patriots winning week 6. I'm not mad I'm just pointing this out and thank you for all the content
VOID_Visionz Year ago
Can’t believe the catch from deandre Hopkins with the dolphins wasn’t on here
Noah Meyer
Noah Meyer Year ago
No Fitzgerald catch?
Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT
Hopkins was the best receiver this season. My favorite play of him was when he made the whole daLLass cowgirLs secondary look like division 3 high school players
Steve Henry
Steve Henry Year ago
Saved the best for last. go hawks
CaQuad_04 • DangeRuss
Steve Henry Yessir
Alex Saucedo
Alex Saucedo Year ago
that's the man. SEATTLES doug Baldwin. Amazing catch go hawks 💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙
Charissa Thompson
Another great season
CalebGVS Year ago
Keelan Coles was the best.
Football Kid
Football Kid Year ago
Love this video
iScarface Year ago
Odell vs Redskins? I guess not
Toast Year ago
So y’all just gonna act like Hopkin’s one hand catch against the dolphins never happened?!...dam Refs
Robby Taylor
Robby Taylor Year ago
It's really annoying to here everyone say that a one handed catch is Odell Beckham like there have been players making one handed grabs for a long time before anyone knew who he was
Aajish Marahatta
Breaking News: Cowboys fire Jason Garrett and are now expected to hire Chip Kelly as their new head coach.
BrendoYT Year ago
Wanna listen to mo Bamba or sicko mode?
Michael Hills
Michael Hills Year ago
No gronk double covered ? Ok.
ella pinson
ella pinson Year ago
odell made 4 amazing one handed caches how are the not in there
Jordan Sorensen
Odell’s one hander on 4th and 12 against the skins?
Swaggy Wags
Swaggy Wags Year ago
Weird seeing a one-handed catch highlight reel without OBJ.
Tua Tagovailoa
God bless the players
ddawgg23 Year ago
Pats loss to Jags looks more embarrassing now than it did when it actually happened
Philip Dupuis
Philip Dupuis Year ago
Greg Olsen did a 2 hand catch
Flamur Sherifi
Philip Dupuis k
still2nd2none Year ago
Do missed FGs
perfect stranger
Good Gamers
Good Gamers Year ago
All I can say is wow! I am doing a game and player picks video tonight at 4:30 pm Phoenix time if you would like to stop by!
GrindtimeTv Year ago
Watch my last post a girl was deepthroatn a stick of butter on IG live 😂😂😂😂
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