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An edit I made from Undisputed 2 and 3 containing the best bits (my opinion) of Yuri Boyka. No flashy editing, just served straight up.
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Oct 23, 2010




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Comments 16 035
Kaloyan Katzarov
The capoeira fighter got submitted. Is that a nice little nod to the fact that BJJ has really become the national martial art of Brazil?
Carla Leal
Carla Leal Day ago
Megustan tus videos
Serhat San
Serhat San 3 days ago
İlk film de kötü ve 2. Adam olarak rol aldı ama o kadar çok sevildiki filmin diğer serilerinde başrol oldu
Rocio Herrera
Rocio Herrera 4 days ago
yolly endrada
yolly endrada 6 days ago
this is beutifull movie
Yam Nepali
Yam Nepali 7 days ago
always king fighter boyaka Boyaka
BishopDon MagicJuan
And by the way SCOTT ADKINS IS A underrated ACTOR.! Him and MJWhite are some of the best for combat movies.
BishopDon MagicJuan
Champion of the toilet “Yuri Boyka”
Kedy John
Kedy John 10 days ago
That Colombian guy is super good ooh... Excellent and very technical fighter
Cesar Pescetto
Cesar Pescetto 7 days ago
es chileno Marko Zaror
How I think I am in my morning cardio boxing class full of soccer moms
Kevin Kurnia
Kevin Kurnia 14 days ago
Rick Weiss
Rick Weiss 15 days ago
I know all these fights in this vid are choreographed to perfection, however if fedor were in fights like this, he wouldn't be "the last emperor" he would be the "dead emperor"! Just saying.
Wolf Lee
Wolf Lee 19 days ago
220 lbs a pure martial art powerhouse
Haris Ahmad
Haris Ahmad 20 days ago
who would win in a fight between yuri boka and captian america??
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia 23 days ago
3:56 Eddie Gordo ?
Benoît panda
Benoît panda 28 days ago
scott adkins est un des plus grand . j adore ses combats meme fictif. il a le pouvoir de le faire
Dara Bot
Dara Bot 27 days ago
paddy ken
paddy ken 29 days ago
He should try one UFC fight like Brock Lesner
Diogo Rian
Diogo Rian 29 days ago
Papita Juega
Papita Juega Month ago
0:59 those are serious sayan moves!
Lukáš Horvat
Lukáš Horvat Month ago
Dollar mange pijeha o kar
پرنده سرخ پرنده سرخ
عالی بود
Sheki Sheher
Sheki Sheher Month ago
Jack Hammond
Jack Hammond Month ago
In undoubted 5 I wanna see chambers vs igor
Aykut Çınar
Aykut Çınar Month ago
Günlük dozumu almaya geldim.
another worthless
8 years, and this still by far the best video
xɴᴇʀᴏ Month ago
@another worthless I get what you mean dude haha I'm just saying. 😅 He did a great job.
another worthless
@xɴᴇʀᴏ Well, if you get the context, the possibility of this being my favorite fight film and this is the best compilation of the movie that I like, I think Scott Adkins wouldn't mind me knowing him more for this movie than any other.
xɴᴇʀᴏ Month ago
To the point that there's people out there who knows boyka but not scott lol.
death valley
death valley Month ago
Who wants to see boyka vs mike tyson fight scene
rojeroivince gicaro
The fight against brazil us like facing Edi Gordo on tekken.
The Devil
The Devil Month ago
Why has this dude not played batman yet
Danzo Shimura
Danzo Shimura Month ago
When a pro gamer fights against noobs
Delio Santos
Delio Santos Month ago
O boyka é o melhor do combate.
Emperor Mxson
Emperor Mxson Month ago
1:18 FLASH KICK !!!
Emperor Mxson
Emperor Mxson Month ago
0:10 that was the most badass shit I ever seen 😭😭😭🤣🤣
siwakorn namwan
siwakorn namwan Month ago
Zeeg 1
Zeeg 1 Month ago
Adrian Trejo
Adrian Trejo Month ago
Turismo ioo8oom urrwg jhjujkykjjfdaaagñ
Imagine fighting was like this
DARKSAINTXVI 19 days ago
nikolas No shit Maybe not dead but close
nikolas 20 days ago
50% of the fighters would have been dead
Explorari Month ago
iceman vs boyka , Winner is : Iceman because Because he broke the leg.
Kids Channel
Kids Channel Month ago
Hello my friends look what i found! The best t shirt yuri boyka rdbl.co/33LDvVP Yuri Boyka is the best Fighter in the world!!!
John Mendoza
John Mendoza Month ago
1:44 😵
John Mendoza
John Mendoza Month ago
Dude these movies have the best fight scenes
CaptainN209 Month ago
Scott Adkins should be the new MCU Wolverine
کاوه احمدی
کاوه احمدی 2 months ago
به نظرم این برنامه و این نحوه پخش ویدئو ها بهترین در نوع خود میباشد،..
Jamesly Omega
Jamesly Omega 2 months ago
How the heck does he do that omg best guy smart am go in to 💪
Bayram Ay
Bayram Ay 2 months ago
Boyka. Boyka boyka boyka yuri
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 2 months ago
Иури Боика is da best
Bobby Oombash
Bobby Oombash 2 months ago
When i watch movies like this builds up my momentum an i believe i could become better an ready for anything what life throws at me...good movies tho scott adkins makes
Bobby Oombash
Bobby Oombash 2 months ago
When i watch movies like this builds up my momentum an i believe i could become better an ready for anything what life throws at me...good movies tho scott adkins makes
Paul Halibas
Paul Halibas 2 months ago
When MMA fighters reach ultra instinct
Jean Pierre Polnareff ,
Its a Cool
выше крыши
выше крыши 2 months ago
15 лет занимаюсь uFs
Omer Sorgucu
Omer Sorgucu 2 months ago
Klud Samia
Klud Samia 2 months ago
Boyka Boyka Boyka
Youyou Youyou
Youyou Youyou 2 months ago
Reydika Faresta
Reydika Faresta 2 months ago
1:43 best
HARP SEAL 2 months ago
Sven Peter
Sven Peter 2 months ago
Boiko is a legend on tv
Гуля Ахмедова
Black X /Samurai Zackx
10:45 ✖ FINISH HIM💀💀💀🔥🔥🔥🔥
fiyan bewok
fiyan bewok 2 months ago
Boyka is the best
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