Best of Simon Cowell Against Mental People

Matthew De Franco
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Sep 17, 2016




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Comments 80
SilverDragon 550
SilverDragon 550 38 minutes ago
The first guy is obviously autistic. Poor dude.
johnnyd63 Day ago
Great talent=I'll do my best and I respect your opinion. No talent=I am the best and fuck you.
DylanUni 2 days ago
The first guy reminds me of characters from the room
Angel S
Angel S 3 days ago
ngl i love ian benardo
emm cee
emm cee 3 days ago
ian benardo looks like detox
Jake Sutton
Jake Sutton 3 days ago
Osamas Big brother
Who’s the brains behind the operation, Ian or the chinchilla? P.S if you call Ian Bernardo at 3 am he will turn you into a chinchilla
Skelly Tunes
Skelly Tunes 4 days ago
The first dude was good but the attitude was off the chain or the aura
Vivi O-o
Vivi O-o 4 days ago
4:27 ... “its Tamika. It’s Tamika... TaMiKa TAMIKA!!!!!!! 😡” me: 😂😂
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 5 days ago
The third persons singing is soooo shitty
RandomU5erName 7 days ago
“Unemployed musician”
The Old Main Guy
The Old Main Guy 7 days ago
I actually thought Andrew did pretty well. Sure his attitude was out there but then again he might be on the spectrum. He also has a pretty good voice. I'm with Simon. I would've said yes
Christopher Cravens
He would be a good character for a Superman movie....
Christopher Cravens
The first guy looks like Clark Kent from Superman....
Whiny 7 days ago
the 2nd girl, what did she expect, if they dont like her singing are they ment to say yeas ofc?
Dorian Plummer
Dorian Plummer 7 days ago
Why do the judges bring their personal feelings to this show ? That shouldn't be apart of judging.
Vic917 8 days ago
I hear the old school in the first artist voice, I liked the performance he kind of sounded like ol blue eyes.
Shia Labeouf
Shia Labeouf 8 days ago
I think Clark Kent was actually pretty good
Ester Rembeci
Ester Rembeci 9 days ago
Simon turned the tables at the first audition loool
Cafry Peña
Cafry Peña 9 days ago
"give me love give me love" 🎶 "We ain't giving you any love" I died. 😂😂😂😂😂
For all of these I wish Louis Walsh was there so I could hear him breakout laughing. 😂 😂 😂
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 12 days ago
Why do some people think they can sing like its clearthey cant
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 12 days ago
Joe Horizon
Joe Horizon 12 days ago
What a great title for a thumbnail. The title brought me here.
Lil Husky
Lil Husky 13 days ago
Simon is a boss 💪
Mythili Venugopal
Mythili Venugopal 13 days ago
Andrew looks like he's secretly superman or something
Mickey You so fine
Mickey You so fine 13 days ago
This made me yeet in my cheerios
Jeanne Lund
Jeanne Lund 13 days ago
OH FFS, PEOPLE ! This isn't your standard brat, or someone with just "issues". The signs of Asberger's/Autisme are that obvious, that with just a tiny bit of knowledge about it, you 'll spot it in seconds. "Funny" part, one of their biggest problems in life, is stigmatisation. Too big of a word for you ? Stigmatisation is what YOU DO, spreading bullshit about things you don't understand yet. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOU are like the people who used to burn epeleptics alive, because they were convinced they saw the devil, when seeing someone having epeleptic seizures !
Estelle Khaled
Estelle Khaled 13 days ago
He reminds me of onision
Mj Jost
Mj Jost 13 days ago
The first one kinda reminded me of vector from despicable me lmaoo 😂
James DeDonato
James DeDonato 13 days ago
I think Simon saw that the first guy was just socially awkward unlike the other 3. That's why he said yes
Roderick S
Roderick S 13 days ago
4:28 meme-able pose 🤣🤣
Bobs Joes
Bobs Joes 13 days ago
Andrew is a perfect example of being able to sing in pitch but with terrible tone.
Beffuny Haton
Beffuny Haton 13 days ago
I only understood that Only charming people can have attitude 😂 😂
linzie78 13 days ago
First guy is a total actor, and a bad one at that.
Dorsen Cani
Dorsen Cani 13 days ago
Jake Hart-Kirby
Jake Hart-Kirby 13 days ago
The first guy can actually sing
Dilan 13 days ago
My cousin is just like the first guy with ADHD, there’s just a certain way to deal with people
King Chow Chow
King Chow Chow 13 days ago
The first guy obviously had something wrong with him, and I don't understand why the judges couldn't see that.
Dirty Dog
Dirty Dog 13 days ago
Cowell is a worthless piece of shit. He was caught fucking a 17yo and it never got reported. Do you know now how I know? It was my friends sister
Astro Boy
Astro Boy 13 days ago
I think its a character, no way the 1st guy was real 😂
ChildInTime 44
ChildInTime 44 13 days ago
I honestly think that the first guy has a beautiful voice. I would like to hear him sing the whole song.
Shani Starlight
Shani Starlight 13 days ago
This should’ve been called “obnoxious American idol contestants”
Carsomatic 13 days ago
the first guy was definitely high
Srđan Pejović
Srđan Pejović 14 days ago
I thought Clark Kent would shot laser from his eyes, but...
amxthyst 14 days ago
andrew fenton was actually good it’s just his attitude was abrasive
amxthyst 14 days ago
also the guy who was singing Gloria had the sass for a drag queen
a10inchwarrior 14 days ago
The first guy had a decent voice tbh
Mike Cappadocia
Mike Cappadocia 14 days ago
First guy was clearly high on something
Kay Johnson
Kay Johnson 14 days ago
Who tf is Gloria?
P O W E R - R E D - B U L L
First guy acts so fake..seems like an actor they hired in order to have a funny tv moment
Akko Katsuki
Akko Katsuki 14 days ago
The first guy was actually good. Even if he had a bad attitude, that doesn’t mean they should pass up on a chance to get a popular singer. And no one can say he wouldn’t go far with his attitude. There’s so many stars that apparently have nasty attitudes but no one cares. Could’ve been the same with him. Who cares about his attitude if he’s only going to be popular by his singing?? Kinda pathetic that the judges couldn’t see that.
Dis Named
Dis Named 14 days ago
Let's just be honest, Simon can roast anyone without trying, and handle anyone. 5:00 If she just took some vocal lessons, she could be really good! Agh, but I HATE the cocky ones.
Xx høneypie xX
Xx høneypie xX 14 days ago
“No we will not give you any love” LMAOOOOO 😩😷😂😂😂
Spottedhusky 14 days ago
The first guy was not even that bad, I feel sorry for him I mean waiting that long is hard, just to be shut down :(
superaleksibros2 14 days ago
Why does Ian look like a crappy CGI animation?
Arturo Carvajal
Arturo Carvajal 14 days ago
First guy was an ass stop! fucking! cover the fact
Glenn Brooksby
Glenn Brooksby 14 days ago
The drugs dont work
Yoda 14 days ago
Fuck that first bitch
KavaLogue 14 days ago
First dude is better than half the judging panel
Noah Osborne
Noah Osborne 14 days ago
1st guy sounded pretty good
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
Judging a person for There vibe
Rob 15 days ago
These judges think they're gatekeepers to a golden ticket. Fuck the music industry.
Rob 15 days ago
These contestants didn't just wait 3 hours to perform, they go through multiple rounds of screening. The producers build them up and tell them great and only to get these reactions.
AL 15 days ago
why does the first guy give me Luka Magnotta frequencies
Wyatt Wilson
Wyatt Wilson 15 days ago
Majority of these people are actors.
Yasuke 15 days ago
He looks like clark kent
Pangea 15 days ago
That first guy smashed his music career to pieces in two sentences. He could have actually had a record deal with Simon backing him.
Willy B
Willy B 15 days ago
The female judge was pushing it WAY too far on the first one. What a bitch.
dqni_x x
dqni_x x 15 days ago
Ian is a WHOLE mood
536joe 15 days ago
Anyone knows about the well known very talented singer+dancer international superstar "IAN BENARDO"? Any tours, albums, films... posters? I tried to google it... nothing 😂
Panzoid DJ
Panzoid DJ 15 days ago
You didn't search for this. But it didn't come up in your recommended either
mwsc 15 days ago
The first guy, Andrew was a good singer but he was nervous and didn't have enough time calm himself down before entering. Terrible part on "The Bitch" who had no talent for being a judge.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 15 days ago
Notice how for the first guy, none of the judges actually did their job and judged him based on his performance. All that mattered apparently was his attitude. Dafuq? He had a nice voice. You could have at least acknowledged that. Why are you sitting there if you can't do your job?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 15 days ago
2:32 Well you know the thing is, you asked him and he gave you an honest answer. Nobody actually enjoys waiting a long time to perform. Plus he waited after all didn't he? He could have just left but he kept waiting because he wanted a shot that badly. So why don't you stfu lady?
moonchart 15 days ago
The first guy needs a good pounding to loosen him up
Mete Buyukozturk
Mete Buyukozturk 15 days ago
That first guy is actually stoned out of his mind xD
Irritated Camel / Roblox Stuff
how is asking if you know that song rude *also he clearly is having a hard time, you asked him a question, he answered honestly, and you're still mad*
i like the first guy. he's that kind of guy, y'know? he's got... *s a s s*
Sharon West
Sharon West 15 days ago
When the first guy was being judged, the black guy ( i hope im not being racist) took a drink of his water in the coke cup, that was my mom listenimg to me sing when i was 4 🤣
Tree of trees
Tree of trees 15 days ago
Some people are crazy and deluded
David James
David James 15 days ago
Annoying judges. It is a talent/singing contest, not a best attitude contest.
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