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Best of Simon Cowell Against Mental People

Matthew De Franco
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Sep 17, 2016





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Comments 34 756
Mandee Nelson
Mandee Nelson 3 hours ago
Jennifer was a royal bitch lol 👑
Mandee Nelson
Mandee Nelson 3 hours ago
Wow Andrew Finland is such an asshole and cocky as hell! He’s such a prick! He doesn’t deserve to even audition! What a smartass wow !!!!!!!! Poor judges
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 4 hours ago
You’ve got very bad energy *aw man*
Toxic Fumes
Toxic Fumes 5 hours ago
Alot of these people sing to big and try to sing better than they are
Lyonardia Speller
Lyonardia Speller 6 hours ago
The first one looks like Clark kent
V G 7 hours ago
Simon sed yes to the first guy👌👌😎😏
V G 7 hours ago
I disliked cuz they sed no to the first guy
V G 7 hours ago
He's a good singer wtf
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez 8 hours ago
First guy was hot.
Hershey Bars
Hershey Bars 9 hours ago
I think these people are paid to be so bad🤣😂
Antonio Pietro Luppino
The first guy wasn't bad at all.
Almer Fritzie
Almer Fritzie 10 hours ago
"??????????" 😂😂😂
Clash Craft48
Clash Craft48 11 hours ago
The last one hurt my ears😫😟
Classics 14 hours ago
The first guy is actually a good singer well decent-
Wrsh B89
Wrsh B89 14 hours ago
The first guy looks like Clark Kent.
Rowan Rust
Rowan Rust 17 hours ago
Ian Bernardo is a household name in my house.
daycian Milsted
daycian Milsted 18 hours ago
I'm fr going to die😂😂
daycian Milsted
daycian Milsted 18 hours ago
RoshLife🦄 18 hours ago
6:22 Plot twist: James Charles undercover
Diegochox Master
Diegochox Master 19 hours ago
the first one sings fine but he's fucking weird
Martha Mack
Martha Mack 20 hours ago
Andrew acted like an arrogant, SARCASTIC diva from the 1st moment. Very insulting to ask Simon if he's familiar w/ one of them most covered & classic tunes of all time. Then, he's deluded himself into believing he does not have a "bad attitude" when he PROJECTS it in all directions. IAN sounded like a talent LESS child in a neighborhood "show," He didn't even sing. He just recited the lyrics.
Sagar Sheth
Sagar Sheth 20 hours ago
4:44 ahhh ohhh yeahh crazyyy vohh yeee plsss stoppp
Mark Arvin
Mark Arvin 21 hour ago
now i have to lower the volume when it comes to the 3rd contestant.
ExtremeUltra 21 hour ago
Temica: YOU'RE NOT WHERE IM STANDING, YOU AREN'T STANDING HERE BEING JUDGED. AND FOR YOU TO SAY THAT I NEED LESSONS AND MY SINGING IS BAD? Simon: Temica, temica Simon: Go to an audition where they lie to you Me: **dies from laughter**
Sandy Sovie
Sandy Sovie Day ago
I looove Simon! Hes frickin hilarious,what were all thinking he says out load.
tyreese gayem
No we are not gonna give you any love hahahahaha
factshet android
Worst audition ever? Ian Bernardo👎👎
factshet android
Worst audition ever? Ian Bernardo👎👎
Austin Henry
Austin Henry Day ago
What a nerd he actually had to say he’s single like oh my god how desperate is he smartass
Linus Persson
6:20 He has this "punch me" kind of attitude
Linus Persson
First guy is an actor..
Tom the GOAT
Tom the GOAT Day ago
That Ian Bernardo guy definitely lost a bet
veddie knows when
Watching these things makes me feel self concious! 😂
lacie_baller 2006
I love how she freaked out about being told she “needed lessons” literally nobody said that...
Annoyed Orange
To all of you that think the first guy was "not that rude," I'm telling you, that's the importance of a good first impression. The way he answered the first two questions from Simon was enough to get the judges to dislike him. In normal, casual conversation it may be tolerable, but in this case, no. You're walking into an audition. Think of it like a job interview. If you walk in there looking grumpy, and when the interviewer ask why you're there you answer "I'm here to do the job interview, isn't it obvious?" do you believe you will get the job?
chris mcintyre
This edited video was rubbish.
luva90 Day ago
The first guy is ACTING.. BADLY.. cringe af
Frantisek Fnukal
Im a superstar - you can ask my therapist.
akaBlitzzz Day ago
The first guy looked like that guy that went to Americas Got Talent ad Michel Jackson
Dayum Son
Dayum Son Day ago
4:28 ur welcome
The first guy wasnt bad. The guy probably has anxiety
yellow snow
yellow snow Day ago
Every time I watch it gets better
mike honcho
mike honcho Day ago
i wore this chinchilla fur to prove how wealthy i am..... alright now i dont know shit about chinchilla fur but i do know you can buy a live chinchilla for $100. Dont think wearing chinchilla fur is a flex?
mike honcho
mike honcho Day ago
The first bitch judge needs slapped.
Dory Explory
Dory Explory Day ago
Such a shame.. his voice is actually really good and he's good looking but fuckn crazy
Tiddlers Day ago
I loved the first guy. He was hilarious.
Life With Todd
8:40 the look of um no
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Day ago
Anyone else think that despite him being rude, the first guy had quite a nice voice?
Cherry Sy
Cherry Sy Day ago
Job in a pole? Haha
judge: i dont know what to say ian bernardo: oh thank u
Ungster_22 2 days ago
nobody: not a single person: talent show contestants: my mom died while giving birth to me, my 5 cousins got cancer at the same time, my dad left me when i was 6 years old, my brother got shot 36 times while serving in the army, and i was diagnosed with depression 7 years ago
Callie Blum
Callie Blum 2 days ago
Hahaha oh god
chicken nuggett
chicken nuggett 2 days ago
people are attacking the judges over the first guy, but why? if he does have a mental disability, they wouldn’t know. and it isn’t respectful to make an assumption that he’s disabled. he literally walked in with a shitty attitude so stop bashing them when they’re just giving him a taste of his own medicine, especially since they’re JUDGES.
ahsan iqbal
ahsan iqbal 2 days ago
Is it me or this guy just looks like Cillian Murphy the actor from inception movie
Zachary Sheppard
Zachary Sheppard 2 days ago
It’s just rubbish
Tayler Rhymer
Tayler Rhymer 2 days ago
Do you all remember that time when Ryan tried to high five a blind guy Lol best thing ever
Hot Potato
Hot Potato 2 days ago
Yea I always thought the first guy wasn’t bad at all. He was just nervous mane. I would give him a chance
Spencer Ashford
Spencer Ashford 2 days ago
Yeah he has a voice but his emotion drag him then lost his track. And yeah his attitude I think they giving him advice not a disrespectful words. Lets say even he has mental condition and the music industry gave him opportunity the first problem that media will find to him is his attitude.
사신Raptron666 2 days ago
the first dude has autisim and is nervous but his singing is not bad plus he is kinda hot looks like cillian murphy, and Christopher reeves
Minho Gaming
Minho Gaming 2 days ago
you have a good voice, you're just fucking retarded
Stang SS
Stang SS 2 days ago
That nigga IAN got a big ass head😂
Afrili Setio
Afrili Setio 2 days ago
Welcome to american idol smackdown 🤣
Grace Veno
Grace Veno 2 days ago
Single? Married? Have kids? No Yes Yes I’m single, hear that everyone I’m single.
Head is a mop
Head is a mop 2 days ago
Emma Remy
Emma Remy 2 days ago
Why is she questioning Simon’s yes on the first dude? Shut up fr 😂
Mo Doncorleone
Mo Doncorleone 2 days ago
Kyla Gomez
Kyla Gomez 2 days ago
Ian BErnArdO more like Ian BReTmanROCk HSBDHDHA
Honeyy Le
Honeyy Le 2 days ago
“Carrie UnderWHEREEE”
Cadence Chambers
Cadence Chambers 2 days ago
4:53 omg
Esmeralda Bouwer
Esmeralda Bouwer 2 days ago
The Tamika hoochie belongs on the Jerry Springer show
Esmeralda Bouwer
Esmeralda Bouwer 2 days ago
I like the first guys voice, I can hear him singing Jim Morrisons stuff.
Mark Maloney
Mark Maloney 2 days ago
The first guy was rude, but in my opinion i think the woman did try to attack him after. And he wasn't as bad qs they made it seem, he was alright tbh😂
S Anderson
S Anderson 2 days ago
When Americans says "I'm sorry", they never mean it. It's a phrase that has no meaning at all these days. If I suspect insincerity, I ask people to say it again and mean it. Otherwise, it's such a waste of breath.
D3MØ Gaming
D3MØ Gaming 2 days ago
T Ta Tam Tama Tamak Tamaka!!!! Tamak Tama Tam Ta T Its TA-ME-KA
steve chase
steve chase 2 days ago
Reminds me of Christopher Reeves Clark Kent, the first guy
Zografos. 2 days ago
The first guy would be great for Clark Kent role
Comical Animator
Comical Animator 2 days ago
Ian Benardo. 😂😅🤣 Galoaria!
Ahmad Safwan
Ahmad Safwan 2 days ago
The first one seems like a cool dude to hang with.
Pony boy Curtis
Pony boy Curtis 2 days ago
The first guy looked like Clarke cunt! He was definitely a actor? He wasn’t a genuine contestant but a fix. The little prick
sangsangi Hlondo
sangsangi Hlondo 2 days ago
Is that Victoria Beckham?
olivia chapman
olivia chapman 2 days ago
Yeah some contestants can be annoying but the judges piss me off anymore, they think they’re top shit.
cj West
cj West 2 days ago
this is why I never had kids... u just never know how they are going to turn out
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 3 days ago
"Unemployed musician" 😂😂🤣
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu 3 days ago
Clark kent
Hyper Jump_HD
Hyper Jump_HD 3 days ago
*Comes to an audition to judged and be an idol* *_I dONt CaRe AbOUt YouR OpInIoN_*
Lindsthestudent 3 days ago
I knew this would be funny😂 no offense to the candidates. I have Aspergers myself.
Chris Gonc
Chris Gonc 3 days ago
The first guy is good, he just should’ve worked on his attitude
Give Ron Your Fakin Sausage
Should be *fairly* obvious
Madara Obito Uchiha
first guy amazing
John 3 days ago
Anyone else notice Gigantis Cillian Murphy?!?!
Irma Peuch
Irma Peuch 3 days ago
Andrew was actually really good at singing, and just a bit socially awkward, not disrespectful in any way...
The first guy probably had Autism, My reason is on how awkward he is and he did pretty good at singing.
jhope is my sunshine
the first one looks like jeffery dahmer....
Denominator 566
Denominator 566 3 days ago
I T ‘S N O T T A M I K A , I T ‘S T A M E E K A ! 4:28
ChocoPeanuts Dortio
Most people like these people don't understand that another key to being successful, other than being able to sing, is having a good personality, goddamit.
Cruicfy Clan
Cruicfy Clan 3 days ago
6:28 is he mememing
Suga's Hoe
Suga's Hoe 3 days ago
bad singer: *sings bad* judge: it's a no. bad singer: iM sOrRy?
Azure 3 days ago
if the first guy changed up his style a bit he could definitely become popular, his voice is amazing
Hide the pain Howard
the amount of cringe this video has XD
HL Watts
HL Watts 3 days ago
Those bitches behind the panel wanted to phuck Andrew Fenlon so bad. That's why they "hated" his attitude so much...
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