Best of Simon Cowell Against Mental People

Matthew De Franco
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Sep 17, 2016





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Comments 36 895
PNW VLOGS 2 hours ago
I just wanna break simons nose without all that money I bet he’s a big pussy
PastelBudgie 312
PastelBudgie 312 5 hours ago
I think the first guy created the yes meme...
Salvatore Capaccio
Salvatore Capaccio 6 hours ago
Ian really thought very highly of himself. This is the problem with lying to people, telling them they're better than they are. The real world smacks you in the face with the truth eventually.
Ulrich Warthen
Ulrich Warthen 8 hours ago
We love Ian's attitude
ltz Xyber
ltz Xyber 11 hours ago
The first guy was trolling hard i think
kelvin Joe
kelvin Joe 19 hours ago
the 1st one look like superman haha
Samoan Niuean
Samoan Niuean 19 hours ago
Where n seattle she from? So I can purposely accidentally deck her face. WE DONT CLAIM HER
Samoan Niuean
Samoan Niuean 19 hours ago
For some reason i like Andrew.
Twanty 21 hour ago
'' I am a superstar, ask my manager, my mother, one of my therapies'' lmao
Twanty 21 hour ago
''Tamika, Tamika'' ''IT'S TA-MEEH-KA, TA-MEEH-KA''
Twanty 21 hour ago
Judges were rude on the first one.. He wasn't a terrible singer!
Gloria Alias
Gloria Alias 21 hour ago
I'm a superstar. You can ask my therapist 😂😂 That was golden
Derrick Perez
Derrick Perez 22 hours ago
Wow that first judge was a fuckn cunt on the first dude.. this dude has a problem. But the judges need some help
Carrie Underwear 😂🤣🤣🤣
Adam Pezley557 AUTOMOOSE
Since when did acting like a too smart person get you anywhere? Like, that attitude is unbearable
Adrian Venegas
Damon Salvatore has many talents.
Alisson Jalil
I think the 1st guy is in need of a really good angry fxck!!! 😂😂😂
I thought Ian Bernardo was a spoof contestant/comedian/joker but...eh...no...he actually exists as himself 😂😂
Ali Amir
Ali Amir Day ago
Omg IAN BENAROD SHUT UP like seriously Shut up
Jpts13 Day ago
Early oos we laughed at mental people 18/19 we laugh at same people as if there mental while people chop there bits off and say I am a man/women huw we have fallen
Corbillat Day ago
Andrew reminds me of Onision
Bin Nguyen
Bin Nguyen Day ago
Simon and Gordon Ramsay maybe brother i think
ramsy420 Day ago
I'm a superstar you can ask my family, my friend and one of my 2 therapists
Evan Mulryan
Evan Mulryan Day ago
The first guy, Simon says yes😂
First guy has an ok voice.Terrible attitude.
He did have anxiety,so some sympathy for him.
Lps Mimi
Lps Mimi 2 days ago
Ian: (sound like he's talking to a person named Gloria) Gloria: what?
Lps Mimi
Lps Mimi 2 days ago
Andrew: hear that? I'm single Me: imma go hop on that DICK
Michael C Greywolf
First guy, i think that's Clark Kent aka superman lol
John Dunn
John Dunn 2 days ago
“You want to be in the music business but you don’t want to wait to get into American Idol. That to me seems to be a problem” That’s a pretty high opinion you have of this shitty show when many other before and after will do it without this show
Steve Quinn
Steve Quinn 2 days ago
Ian had me laughing. He's so bad
Darren Milne
Darren Milne 2 days ago
That first guy Andrew was a moron, Then ian bernardo I want to throught punch for using My friend Laura Branigans song.
laurens scholte
laurens scholte 2 days ago
The last guy has lost a bet right? If that was serious i am ashamed of being a human being
King CAS
King CAS 2 days ago
I think the first dude is pretty fucking awkward and was extremely nervous on top of that and also probably has an anxiety problem. Shame cause he’s a good looking guy he could pull ladies if he knew how to talk just a little
Yoshiro Matsuki
Yoshiro Matsuki 3 days ago
Cringe Fest
MR. X 3 days ago
Creeper?.. 3:21
A lego brick
A lego brick Day ago
Yazmin 3 days ago
People will do anything and I mean anything for fame. Sad
livelovely livelovely
Ian is my favorite period
alo2acs 3 days ago
That last guy reminded me of Kathy griffin
Hack Jokes
Hack Jokes 3 days ago
their reactions to the first guy reflect their ignorance. i was actually surprised they rejected him just because his an aspergers
Jimin's lost Jams
4:20 Because he's doing his Job currently
Lucasgg Ellis
Lucasgg Ellis 3 days ago
They said no but yet he could sing, really?
Novac Yeen
Novac Yeen 3 days ago
8:02 "CWALLIN"
lostguy17 3 days ago
I didnt even think the first guy was bad lol
Jabari deRoux: More
The first guy’s responses remind me of myself lol. He just seems nervous. I respond like that but I’m not trying to be rude lol
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones 4 days ago
I know the song "House of the Rising Sun" like word for word and despite how the first guy was acting he killed the song
Verne The Turtle
Verne The Turtle 4 days ago
Let's be honest Neurotypicals are silly.
Caleb Meyer
Caleb Meyer 4 days ago
I'm sorry but these judges are entitled assholes, the first guy obviously had some sort of problem, and I think he was pretty good. He didnt come out and say "man I'm tired of waiting all day". Nope actually the bitch asks him why hes angry and on edge and he gives an honest answer. Like are you fucking serious
TheRealGlitchEXE 4 days ago
3:02 bro why did three voices come out.
Krishmech 87
Krishmech 87 4 days ago
I fucking hated the judges so much on the first guy.
The Speeder
The Speeder 4 days ago
The first guy was actually better than I expected him to be, he's not the best it's okay but he just seemed really stressed out.
DH_Artist 4 days ago
Simon: Tamika Tamika: ITS TAMEEKA NOT TAMIKA Simon: Tamika. Oooh the savageeeeee
DH_Artist 4 days ago
The first guy actually had a great voice. I wish the judges were a little more understanding and less assholes to him. He obviously isn’t 100% there so be kinder to him!
sandra washington
adamgh0 4 days ago
1:01 Things just got cunty........
Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer 4 days ago
The first guy was actually pretty good......too bad he was a douche
Winston Paul
Winston Paul 4 days ago
LOL LOL you can actually Google ...mental state saying 1 out of 5 or 20% have a mental disfunction. LOO LOL
Gosh Josh!
Gosh Josh! 4 days ago
My boy Ian sounding like Louise belcher from bobs burgers
Guess Who?
Guess Who? 4 days ago
Shouldn't make fun of mental people. Karma is a bitch.
sonny lee
sonny lee 4 days ago
First dude was Clark Kent in disguise as superman. But really he should audition to play a young Superman or something
Diabolik Nightcore
The first guy looked like a serial killer and a guy that does creepy ASMR role play on RUvid...
Dirty Wash
Dirty Wash 4 days ago
That first guy...man she unloaded on him Judge: what happened? Why are you angry? Andrew: I'm just on edge from all the waiting. Judge: fuck you I do not like you at all. Andrew: 😰 jesus christ you just asked.
Peter Werninck
Peter Werninck 5 days ago
You know when I was in school we had a name for laughing at the eccentric and awkward ... It was called bullying... Reality TV is fucking trash
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5 days ago
What are those judges doing if they can’t even tell the difference between someone who is awkward and a person being ‘arrogant’ and ‘rude’.
Lamiesnasser As
Lamiesnasser As 5 days ago
What does it mean (( read it too far ))??
Nabeel Asghar
Nabeel Asghar 5 days ago
Jennifer looks like the ugly step sister at the bar in Shrek 2
bam bam
bam bam 5 days ago
Andrew is actually a really nice guy but isnt all there up top, i'd suck his cock though if he would let me and allow my husband to finger his ass while I blew him, welcome to 2019
Baby Sudhir
Baby Sudhir 5 days ago
First guy is a weird version of Clark Kent
Joseph Orra
Joseph Orra 5 days ago
yo that is definitely clark kent doe
Goldine Saintil
Goldine Saintil 5 days ago
The first guy wasn't bad he had a jazzy feel to it need help vocally for coaching and he will be Broadway ready
rebecca hoffman
rebecca hoffman 5 days ago
I wonder where security was....
Reset 5 days ago
They were so immature to Andrew
lambent123 5 days ago
@0:01 The chances of him being the next mass shooter in the U.S. is very high probability. @1:52 Do not get into shower, the young lady or the Psycho IV is about to appear with a big sharp knife. @4:52 Please don't call me "baby." I sure don't want to be your boyfriend. I 'd rather go gay.
bill Bloggs
bill Bloggs 5 days ago
They show a few clips where Cowell answers wittily but I bet other clips are immediately destroyed where the singers make a fool out of him
Louna 5 days ago
*Andrew playing Minecraft* Creeper: exist Andrew: 3:21 . . . . . Sorry usjdhehhssj
Jordan Hart
Jordan Hart 5 days ago
Clearly fake, dude is an awful actor. Just terrible 😂 👌
Lucy And Op
Lucy And Op 5 days ago
Eww creepy! Remind me of that creepy guy from the movie, "Girl in the box." 😵☹️🤪🤭😱
Ben Carrion
Ben Carrion 5 days ago
Ian Bernardo is straight deluded
Ben Carrion
Ben Carrion 5 days ago
Jennifer Chapton had the attitude of Danille Bregoli
chipie 69
chipie 69 5 days ago
This guy said he's on EDGE not angry from waiting
piratexxxking 5 days ago
The first guy reminds me of Ross having a bad day
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