Best of Sade | Sade Greatest Hits Full Album \ Sade Love Songs Ever

Brian Mcknight
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Best of Sade | Sade Greatest Hits Full Album \ Sade Love Songs Ever
Best of Sade | Sade Greatest Hits Full Album \ Sade Love Songs Ever
Best of Sade | Sade Greatest Hits Full Album \ Sade Love Songs Ever


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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 80
rosanna patruno
rosanna patruno 21 hour ago
bella la scaletta
monte Flaks
monte Flaks 3 days ago
A class Act..
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 3 days ago
Pure love and passion! Priceless!
Didier Noyes
Didier Noyes 4 days ago
I love her voice since the beguining and i MISS HER.
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo
leila lenglet
leila lenglet 6 days ago
j'ai entendu pour la première foi sa voie quand j'étais comme travailleur en Arabiesaoudite quelles souvenirs pas pour le travail mais les amis
Roseann Duchon
Roseann Duchon 6 days ago
The Sweetest Taboo...Don't let it slip away.
Céline Brenot
Céline Brenot 6 days ago
Je l ai vu en concert à Paris Bercy en 1989, un souvenir inoubliable. 😍
Melinda 9 days ago
Наталия Байкова
The best dgaz songs . 😙
Stefan Groepper
Stefan Groepper 11 days ago
LOVE it! - Wondering how's voice is it @ 8:50 sec? Duet with SADE... Thank you!
Ricardo maldonado
Ricardo maldonado 12 days ago
Ermosa. Mujer. Porque. Tienes. Esa. Carita. De. Eterna. Pena. Te. Adoro. Linda. Sade. Cantas. Temas. Que. Me. Encantan
Ricardo maldonado
Ricardo maldonado 12 days ago
Sade. No. Me. Canso. Nunca. De. Oir. Tu. Especial. Vos. Y. Ver. Tu. Carita. Desde. Que. Escuche. Tu. Vos. Quede. Enamorado. De. Ti.
Juanita Mullen
Juanita Mullen 12 days ago
One of the best and sexiest singers. Great preformer. People are forgetting class.🇺🇸
Inés V M
Inés V M 12 days ago
Me encanta el talento de Sade, aunque dentro de sus grandes éxitos, hay más allá de su título Tabu, debería haber un grandes éxitos II
Joselas 14 days ago
¿Sabías que Sade canta en español en su canción "Fear"? "Temor" es un tema con arreglos de guitarra española y piano. Bellisimo.
Monserrate Quinones
Maravilloso wau que talento y massss
Kenny Vawter28
Kenny Vawter28 16 days ago
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Kenny Vawter28 16 days ago
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Carl Lee
Carl Lee 17 days ago
Michael Wecker
Michael Wecker 17 days ago
Track 12 is an amateur Karaoke singer, she massacres this beautiful song
Armandina Andrade
Armandina Andrade 18 days ago
Uma Senhora...!
Lifestyle K Darkdom
Sooooooooothing, 🥰
luiz antonio Almeida
Jazz avec Elegance
Jewel J
Jewel J 20 days ago
never as good as the first time is not sung by Sade - who is that?
Mil Atkin
Mil Atkin 20 days ago
Sweet,Lovely and beautiful voice Sade r you a Angel 😇
Ariagna Peña
Ariagna Peña 20 days ago
Soy una enamorada de su voz, desde el primer día que la escuche cuando tenia solo 15 años quede fascinada y aún cuando escucho su voz parece que es la primera vez.
R M 20 days ago
Beautiful. Peace. AscendEarth.com
Glen Dedrick
Glen Dedrick 21 day ago
The time that time forgot a performer and an audience. Intimate and alluring
ZAES La 60
ZAES La 60 21 day ago
Esra Serim
Esra Serim 21 day ago
By your side ❤️ Legendary song..
WhisperJet America
Aside from her ability to sing so well, the best thing about Sade is that she is a person of great character
Monica Rafanelli
Monica Rafanelli 21 day ago
Sempre Fantastica ♥️
Edivaldo Reis
Edivaldo Reis 21 day ago
I love Sade.
Firdaus Muhammad
Firdaus Muhammad 21 day ago
It is too long I have never heard this magic voice...
Marizela Guerra
Marizela Guerra 4 days ago
This song makes me wish someone would love me like this
Luis Sotol
Luis Sotol 22 days ago
Me encanta su sensualidad y su música.
Sebastien Isz
Sebastien Isz 22 days ago
Martin Kempe
Martin Kempe 22 days ago
Psi Para Potl, Para Pepi Tetl. Soma Sade.
Roberto Lobina
Roberto Lobina 22 days ago
Elegância e sensualidade.
David Martnez
David Martnez 24 days ago
Hola buen dìa, gracias por compartir Brian, me gusta mucho su estilo, una voz muy sensual.
Lloyd Robert Evans
Lloyd Robert Evans 24 days ago
Smooth operater is mine Andy loves as rolls thought the years of exploitation police
jean faublas
jean faublas 25 days ago
So fucking cute
Алексей 25 days ago
Мне нравится на 5 баллов!
Georgios Gkogkos
Georgios Gkogkos 25 days ago
Elegance and Tenderness. Softness and Sexual Healing. For intimate Love affairs.
Sade is something different always a beautiful thing
Tranquility Within LLC
Sade. Always relevant.
R C 26 days ago
Nobody in the biz like Sade. I would happily marry Sade.
Genevieve Smith
Genevieve Smith 23 days ago
Like she'd marry you. LOL
Caciano Lando
Caciano Lando 27 days ago
Brasil 🇧🇷2020 ?
Walter Spazzali
Walter Spazzali 27 days ago
Surround yourself with people who always give you a reason to smile! You are special remember it!
Catherine Byrne
Catherine Byrne 27 days ago
Amazing singer 😀
Nicky Dare
Nicky Dare 27 days ago
Love Love Love Love !! Thank you Brian McKnight for these gems together! Listening to her voice and music just give me so much love ... I still keep the 1st album (in TAPEs) do you remember those?
Philippe M
Philippe M 27 days ago
le plus beau diamant du monde.....de la galaxie........de l 'univers.......des multivers.....
Noel Bandaru
Noel Bandaru 28 days ago
First' time
Kenny Vawter28
Kenny Vawter28 28 days ago
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Kaya Tshabalala
Kaya Tshabalala 28 days ago
At 50 you still make me feel 30 years younger #music that still stand the test of time👌🏽😘🙏🏾
Lisa Molinar
Lisa Molinar 28 days ago
Sade,simply the best..
Dan Barigye
Dan Barigye 29 days ago
2020 Lockdown company ;-)
Halil İbrahim Ocak
My love Sade 🌹💚🐞🍒💙
Simon Sevios
Simon Sevios Month ago
papa don"t piss
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