Best of Cardi B (Compilation Part 1) | Season 6 | @VH1 Love & Hip Hop: New York

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You know who she is! Watch all of your favorite Cardi B moments from season 6 of @VH1 Love & Hip Hop: New York.
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Cardi B Supercut: Best Moments from Love & Hip Hop: New York (Season 6) | VH1 ruvid.net/u-VH1


Published on


Jan 15, 2018




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Comments 100
VH1 Year ago
TIMECODES 0:07 - Cardi B goes from your phone screen to your TV screen (S6 E02) 2:52 - DJ Self chooses Mariahlynn over Cardi B for Gwinin Fest (S6 E03) 5:20 - Cardi B meets DJ Self’s main squeeze (S6 E03) 6:52 - Cardi B reminisces about Mariahlynn’s Birthday bash (S6 E04) 9:05 - Cardi B is feeling ferocious with DJ Self (S6 E04) 11:08 - Work it out with Cardi B and Bianca (S6 E05) 13:07 - Cardi and Bianca get lessons from Tara (S6 E05) 16:45 - The Creep Squad vs. Cardi B (S6 E12) 17:36 - Cardi B talks relationship protocol with Peter Gunz (S6 E14)
James Balakrishnan
@Hoho Ji .
LaNasia Koonce
LaNasia Koonce 25 days ago
Keymar Boboletow Immmu
Carol Berwind
Carol Berwind Month ago
What a rough world she was in. It is scary! That is no place I would want to be. The men treating them like meat. The women ready to cut each other over nothing. A million miles from my world.
Barbie Whaley
Barbie Whaley Month ago
Cardi B. Is a true queen! She worked hard to get where she is today! A true inspiration for many young ladies.
Shanika Murphy
Shanika Murphy Month ago
tritri0079 Hour ago
😂😂😂😂 this girl be having me dying 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Noah Benjamin B
"Are you paying they rent?" "Yea" " -_- you know you not paying both they rent"
Metro Customer
Metro Customer 4 hours ago
Cardi B is doing well in her music career. Better than someone ain't worth mentioning at all.
reawnna boyd
reawnna boyd 8 hours ago
its funny how she thought she was going to put cardi in check
Angel Me being me wing
Y'all mad at each other when the man is the one who y'all should be mad at
markez c
markez c 9 hours ago
that last clip gets me every time
Brother James
Brother James 15 hours ago
And who knows how many times did she say and what not
Ice-wallow- come
Ice-wallow- come 19 hours ago
Be boo boo bop be ba beh owww.
Donnell Patterson
Donnell Patterson 20 hours ago
Self is short fat and old
Apple Peel
Apple Peel 23 hours ago
I hate cardi b
Nini&Mom World
"if a girl gon have beef with me she gon have beef with me" " *forevah* "
Rita White
Rita White Day ago
This never gets old 😂😂😂❗
Red Afro76
Red Afro76 Day ago
I'm proud how Cardi a good up for herself!👏👏👏👏
Kaeleigh Glass
But self most have forgot I am crazy
yoohoo my tutu
I totally forgot that Tara's dumbass was the etiquette instructor 😆
Fallon Liferider
i love her but damn she talk like she got cancer mama
Chloe-Elise Williams
It's the shmoney part fa me
Terri Green
Terri Green Day ago
Peter can't stand the fact amina is in a serious relationship with her new 👨 and tara has moved on with her life
prontofalei Day ago
i like and agree what Cardi B says.........this guy complainig about strippers but they are bad husbands and bad fathers thinking they can say something about beijng good.this Peter was a jerk to Amina and Tara at same time
Peace Lover
Peace Lover Day ago
*shmoney* *turns a 360* I got *bills* that have to be payed
Gabriel Cota
Gabriel Cota Day ago
Cardis bad...😘
Stephanie Pink
Go Cardi!!!
Stephanie Pink
All this nonsense is Beneath Cardi B right now!!!
Stephanie Pink
I love Cardi B. She comical but Serious!!!!
Stephanie Pink
Metaly Black
Metaly Black Day ago
Je comprends que la moitié de ce qu'elle raconte 😂
Queeni 2 days ago
Damn like this dude kept her from Gwinin fest, didn't get her songs on the radio, doubted her every step of the way and now look. It's crazy honestly it's like everyone's doubt fueled what she became
Robert Dietrich
Robert Dietrich 2 days ago
Imagine hearing her voice for an hour straight
Robert Dietrich
Robert Dietrich 2 days ago
Such a nasty nasty person
Robert Dietrich
Robert Dietrich 2 days ago
God she’s so disgusting
Tracy Harris
Tracy Harris 2 days ago
You are pretty cardi b and you guys can’t delete her ig account
Moriah Rizzo
Moriah Rizzo 2 days ago
It’s crazy how much Cardi’s face has changed, I feel like she still looked more Dominican here but now with the surgeries she looks like an American lightskin woman. (I know she is from America)
Moriah Rizzo
Moriah Rizzo 2 days ago
Mariah’s behavior in her interviews is so cringe 😭🤢
I DS 2 days ago
Pretty much shows cardi b is about as classy as a sexually transmitted infections
Peterson Oliveira
Boa tarde 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 vai amém bom
Navneeta Singh
Navneeta Singh 2 days ago
Is thst Marge's voice 😂
Mona Cole
Mona Cole 2 days ago
Peter was maaaaad, she struck a chord and I love it. He was so bothered
Lisa Ornelas
Lisa Ornelas 3 days ago
Lisa Ornelas
Lisa Ornelas 3 days ago
Lisa Ornelas
Lisa Ornelas 3 days ago
The thumbnail pic that moment "PRICELESS"
tiffymarieseesthetea marie
I cant breath I got asthma 😭 next time I dance its gonna be for some shmoney
tiffymarieseesthetea marie
Hahah I love cardi b she is still the same even after the fame
B Andreas
B Andreas 3 days ago
This gives me P Valley vibes, and Cardi is Miss Mississippi!
Sensational Sharon
I saw the grab of the head and how she angled her hand.📋
Ida Bou
Ida Bou 3 days ago
She told Peter OWWW 🤣🤣🤣
JuniorTube 101
JuniorTube 101 3 days ago
Did y’all see his eye changed color at 4:58 weird af
BROTHA Jeff 3 days ago
You can tell she had some work done her especially her teeth looking back at these episodes.
mary queen
mary queen 3 days ago
7:53 why she's talking like that ! 🤔
Nekko Kitty Cat
Nekko Kitty Cat 3 days ago
Mariah do be speaking like a black women
victoria emery
victoria emery 4 days ago
victoria emery
victoria emery 4 days ago
Pumping them up with babies n making them look stupid on tv. A-💯💯💯
Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall 4 days ago
She was in a show?
Auniyah Clark
Auniyah Clark 4 days ago
why ain't nb tell her she had lip stick on her teeth don't let my player go out like dat
judith reyes
judith reyes 4 days ago
I think back then she was more funny...she always seem to be mad...
c.histry topic
c.histry topic 4 days ago
Cardi b teeth tall an short
Yuo Xiu Min
Yuo Xiu Min 4 days ago
A meme? A mood? That's Cardi B 💜💙
The Imposter
The Imposter 4 days ago
Her voice is annoying
jamie Knudsen
jamie Knudsen 4 days ago
And what not😂😂
Luis Velasquez
Luis Velasquez 4 days ago
at the end the guy got salty
Mphatso Mokabiri
Mphatso Mokabiri 4 days ago
Tara. I know as a woman I'm not supposed to say this as much you get this from every guy but I'm not a guy. I'm just team Tara. I love the person that you are
Shelly Thomas
Shelly Thomas 4 days ago
Imagine the dude who didn’t believe in her sees her now...👁👄👁
Idc idc I love cardi ♎️🎉🔥😭👏🏽 libra gang
Gangstertarot Tarot
Bet self regret his judgment even if he say he wishes cardi b the best after she made it in the industry now he watching her on the big screen with his memories he could have made money with her kicking his self now go to show he don’t know talent when it’s in his face yes my girl cardi b popping now 💯
Tenisha Stephenson
It seems like Cardi and her friend are changing their voices for the show. Smh
Tenisha Stephenson
Cardi can't fight, so she needs to keep her hands to herself.
Tenisha Stephenson
@Kitty potato I'm not your darling. This was a public video that got a response. U don't understand how "SOCIAL" media works? Every video on YT has a comment section, so people comment. Surely u understand that.
Kitty potato
Kitty potato 4 days ago
Darling nobody asked for your opinion.
Tenisha Stephenson
Like the lady that kept saying, "Byron" in the Madea movie.
Ailyn Herrera
Ailyn Herrera 4 days ago
Shes always been real
Reality Check
Reality Check 5 days ago
LaJette Holland
LaJette Holland 5 days ago
Self corny AF
Laura Williams
Laura Williams 5 days ago
Cardi should not have hit that girl she should have slapped the man that cheating!
Estraya Pinske
Estraya Pinske 5 days ago
Dude said “see, I got some crooked teeth so I’d rather them look at my titties” 🤣🤣
Vixtage Cartel
Vixtage Cartel 5 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this whole video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gemini_bby !!
Gemini_bby !! 5 days ago
Cardi is funny asf😂😂
Trust The Process
Never planned on watching this whole thing but I swear cardi was the realist 💯 at the end !!!!!!!! Gotta love her!
Aries22 5 days ago
Hello there my name is card I b and I am from the bronxxxx 😂😂😂
Neena Singh
Neena Singh 5 days ago
Selfs dumbass didn’t believe in cardio music - I bet he’s soooo salty now
Neena Singh
Neena Singh 5 days ago
Imagine how that guy in jail feels for not supporting Cardi when she was with him lol she’s a mega fucking superstar millionaire now
ANGIE FLORES 5 days ago
yass sis
Lil Yatiii
Lil Yatiii 5 days ago
She done grown up im so proud XD
injustice 2 lover
She changed alot
Jacob Cradoct
Jacob Cradoct 5 days ago
That's a bad picture
Jacob Cradoct
Jacob Cradoct 5 days ago
It's good to know if I got something the stadium is interested in they won't listen to the lies of my rep.
Lovesick Girls
Lovesick Girls 5 days ago
10:14 me though
Jennyvi Valerio
Jennyvi Valerio 5 days ago
tomcarlo 5 days ago
Who marries strippers but i love her
Brenda Un
Brenda Un 5 days ago
You know I am a kid and I watch cardi fight with Asia
Duke Weathers
Duke Weathers 5 days ago
Don't know why this is in my feed to watch....but good lord!!!! I'm so sorry America! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ please go back to the way it was in the early 2000s.. PLEASE!!!!
I 6 days ago
I like her old teeth better!! I actually like imperfect teeth 🦷
Catarena Tucker
Catarena Tucker 6 days ago
Nobody: Cardi at 6:32: you have chosen D E A T H
Contessa Moffitt
Contessa Moffitt 6 days ago
0:03 fo 🎶 eveeeeeeeh 🎶
Amber Jean
Amber Jean 6 days ago
At the end cardi was speaking the truth tho. And the bitch in the red saying he does his part know damn well she just don't want the truth out there cause then she'd look dumb at frfr 💯
Bcrbes 6 days ago
Bcrbes 6 days ago
Bcrbes 6 days ago
This came up on my feed
Jack Givens
Jack Givens 6 days ago
I'm happy Cardi got hers bc she deserves it more than anyone ever did on love and hip hop ny... Glad she's with Offset that dude ugly...
Amber Jean
Amber Jean 6 days ago
That white girl fake af
Ruby Ellis
Ruby Ellis 6 days ago
Cardi b say I have beef with a girl we will have beef forever lol lmaooo she is some else!!!
AGbutera 6 days ago
I’m a huge barb, but everytime I watch Cardi videos, I fall in love with her even more 💜!!! Maybe I could be a fan of both!!!
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