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Bill Burr shares his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, how hard it is to get abs, and how he never got hugged because his father thought it would turn him gay.
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Oct 14, 2019




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Comments 60
Facundo Robles
Facundo Robles 16 hours ago
Punkgulan 2 days ago
Jesus that's a big crowd.
Lucitaur 4 days ago
Of course no one is going to listen to Colin Kaepernick; people are there to watch him play the game, not to listen to him preach. Kinda sad Bill couldn't figure that out, though he was smarter than that.
zander Brumfield
zander Brumfield 5 days ago
Bill burr is just funny just meant to be good at that good comedian
Tavaras Riddle
Tavaras Riddle 6 days ago
but all seriousness fuck Kaepernick. entertainment is just as it is. stop putting political nonsense in everything. now its in baseball. go woke go broke
Jovanny Alamo
Jovanny Alamo 7 days ago
Man Netflix is a f****** joke
Jovanny Alamo
Jovanny Alamo 7 days ago
I speak for all of us who has a fast metabolism I'm sorry for your luck
ModzillaTV 10 days ago
I shout out stuff in the shower too that i regret lolol
Thaddeus Sokhulu
Thaddeus Sokhulu 12 days ago
Bill Blurr tells the truth in a funny way. I relate
Donald Yates
Donald Yates 12 days ago
boogie wit da hoodie
Luke 2:52
Luke 2:52 13 days ago
Omg I thought I was the only 1 who has to shout stuff out of my head from 3rd grade. Thought It was mild turrets
Sumukh 13 days ago
I can watch this all day
Stewart Huval
Stewart Huval 13 days ago
I love his female voice lmfao 😂
Schmee gil
Schmee gil 13 days ago
Balsamic right on the side , no crutooons!
Cosme Alcantar
Cosme Alcantar 14 days ago
he kind of right about hugs.
Collin Dalton
Collin Dalton 14 days ago
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 15 days ago
My mother hugged me twice, once when I was little and once when I was leaving the house. Painfully true!! But funny
avatarpopco 19 days ago
Yeah but he wasn’t protesting police brutality. He was advancing his failing career.
Jj 20 days ago
This video doesn't have a lot of views cause we already rewatched all of his specials on Netflix
Fellow Person
Fellow Person 21 day ago
I love Bill Burr. I feel like he personifies this small part of my brain that wants to say FUCK YOU/THAT THING IN PARTICULAR. I hope this lives to be 150+
altovelli08 21 day ago
This guy is the truth
Ruthie Du
Ruthie Du 22 days ago
Bill Burr, the result of no hugs 😂😂
Stuff&Things 24 days ago
In the shower yes I think of something and shout "FUCK!! ME!" 😂😂 shout the thought out of your head 🤣
Nicholas Fouch
Nicholas Fouch 25 days ago
I gained a new level of appreciation for Netflix when he was talking about creating F is for Family. They only note they had after season one was, "push it farther."
Dan H
Dan H 27 days ago
As a life long fan Bill....I say wake the fuck up....you have shoved me away!
MO MO 27 days ago
This guy is one of the best present day comedians if not the best.
C Dub
C Dub 29 days ago
I'm so glad I'm not black. Being the weak victim has to get old.
Dylan Churchill
Dylan Churchill Month ago
All i hear is frank murphy now 😂😂
carni virus
carni virus Month ago
He makes you want to be his mate
FallenOG Month ago
Bill Burr reminds me of the dad from 'That 70's show'
Star. Month ago
frank murphy omg haha
Runna 7
Runna 7 Month ago
Rip kinison on feminism
Runna 7
Runna 7 Month ago
Runna 7
Runna 7 Month ago
Third part dan akroyd
Runna 7
Runna 7 Month ago
Second part John pinette
Runna 7
Runna 7 Month ago
First part ripped denis leary
Allison Bauch
Allison Bauch Month ago
Yeah, I’m like that, Bill.
Jason Le
Jason Le Month ago
“Everything has become absolute”. So spot on. For so long, so many people have tried to explain to the rest of society that issues have more than two sides and a gray area. Its not black or white, right or wrong. Nowadays, if you pick one side, its like you’re automatically right.
dondodda don
dondodda don Month ago
He's a legend 😂
Dave Breckon
Dave Breckon Month ago
If the best of this Talentless Ass hat is this, he’s doomed. 😂😂
Jared Thiel
Jared Thiel Month ago
If people like Bill Burr and Joe Rogan were the face of the "liberals" and people like Steven Crowder and Rick Harrison were the face of the "conservatives" this country would be running a lot more smoothly... we need these guys and people like them to have some say in our laws and politics.
Mehmet Tertip
Mehmet Tertip Month ago
6:11 Bill Burr's son isn't taking drama classes now :D
Wreckanize Month ago
This video aged well.
jeebussaveus Month ago
I was supposed to be at the Tabernacle show in Atlanta (the one shot in black and white). I didn't know it was going to be filmed and my girlfriend didn't feel like going so I didn't fucking go. I've seen Bill live since but will always regret not making it to that one!
NobleSpartan117 Month ago
If you are kneeling during the National Anthem to fight police brutality you aren't even doing that. The national anthem is for the country and our military. Completely different to police
Lil Sebastian
Lil Sebastian Month ago
The shower thing...💯💯💯💯💯
peter ganem
peter ganem Month ago
And now Mr. Burr is having a son.
Scot Brent
Scot Brent Month ago
seth meyers a closer look
Carlos Smith
Carlos Smith Month ago
Bill burr is the funniest dude this generation hands down
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott Month ago
Anyone who appears on Joe Rogan's podcast loses all credibility with me....Another one bought the dust!
Brian Ellinger
Brian Ellinger Month ago
Nathan-DTS Month ago
I really don't understand American stand-up comics. This shit isn't funny. I liked Carlin and Hicks because they spoke about politics. Didn't particularly find them funny, though.
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Month ago
HOLY SHIT! I thought I was the only person who did this! Here's a question Bill Burr, because i know you read all 1,100 of these and care what people say in Netflix comments, have you ever slipped up and screamed because of a memory but you forgot there's people around you so now you look COMPLETELY insane? I've never done that. Just asking.
Frank's Fiddle
Frank's Fiddle Month ago
two parking meters came to life .. hahahahaha
Robbie S
Robbie S Month ago
It's like he is me on the stage, only I can't do what he does on behalf of me. That's why I Love him.😂
DrFlaggstaff Month ago
"Cottage cheese! What is it made of?"
Sasquatch Month ago
I love bill but fuck kaprinick!!! Bill has kinda sold out now.
Ste La
Ste La Month ago
He’s hot
rkidlat Month ago
They don't make em like they used to
BLOP - A - BLOP Month ago
4:53 looks a lot like Jim Carrey , I love it ^^
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