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Bill Burr shares his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, how hard it is to get abs, and how he never got hugged because his father thought it would turn him gay.
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Oct 14, 2019




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Comments 933
Sangita Dongre
Sangita Dongre 16 hours ago
I really spit my saliva out by laughng so hard when he said spit it out
Richard Kranium
Netflix lost me when they felt the need to include scenes of gay guys screwing in all of their shows. Too much gay on Netflix. Not homophobic, just find it gross myself
" well I wanted to hug you kids when you were little, but I was afraid it wud make you gay" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SGT ROCK 2 days ago
Mauri Funez
Mauri Funez 3 days ago
Bill Burr is the Eminem of music he tells it like it is 🤯
Jonathan Leon
Jonathan Leon 4 days ago
This guy is dumb
Peter James Kotze
I...cant...see...hahaha.Fuck I love this guy!!!
Rex Zamponi
Rex Zamponi 4 days ago
Dude is an absolute riot...and smart as hell. Should do a show with he and Chapelle together...
DanforthSalunek 5 days ago
“Get out in The rain you shitty baby”
M Smith
M Smith 5 days ago
This is destroying people - Hold no prisoners here. Surprised it is still up on TY will soon be removed: ruvid.net/video/video-6aIdNexGjw0.html
WithoutAChance64 6 days ago
Hilarious 😂
Coasters 4 Cocktails
Hardly the "best" of Bill Barr. But some funny stuff.
IDDQD Sound 6 days ago
Which special is the third one?
ivanovsd 6 days ago
Honestly of all the live ones, to me, Bill is funniest.
Claudia Solomon
Claudia Solomon 7 days ago
You can get abs if you're in your 30s, the secret is don't have kids & don't live with anyone.. see?? Hey where ya going??
john schmeltz
john schmeltz 8 days ago
You can tell a women runs this. Only one would
john schmeltz
john schmeltz 8 days ago
I don’t comment after this sh.... it Is trash you have no idea what’s happening bill. F off fruit f.. u.... c . K
Dwayne Ross
Dwayne Ross 8 days ago
It’s hard to say Best of Bill Burr because all his shit is the Best of... when you watch this guy it’s not just a show or interview it’s a experience, Bill is a absolute beast!
Alex Richardson
Alex Richardson 8 days ago
Bill should've been cast as Tuco in breaking bad
Anouar Krassimovich
what Bill Burr says about the showers everyday, the moment when bad memories and thoughts come the most is EXACTLY what i have everyday, i'm sure my neighbors hear me shouting the bad thoughts out ! are there other people like that out there? :)
WhoAmI ToU
WhoAmI ToU 9 days ago
I thought I was the only one with those memories that make you so uncomfortable you have scream them away
Matt Sharpe
Matt Sharpe 9 days ago
Not his best... He was just basically loud and full of cursing to get his jokes across ... Sorry, but I’ve seen better out of him 🤷‍♂️
Unkraut60 7 days ago
No you haven't.
MR DRAKE DADDY 11 days ago
It's about time i see a white guy funnier than a black comic. Just saying
Nothing Left
Nothing Left 11 days ago
Sorry Bill, not with you on this one. Kaepernick is a moron.
FBicoolshaman 11 days ago
Love your son make him gay wtf hahahahahahah
Wingman1977 12 days ago
Absolute genius.
Msd Smti
Msd Smti 13 days ago
Omg now I know why my parents hate me
AlxEm3 14 days ago
Bill and Dave, I can watch these two guys all day.
Dash Riprock
Dash Riprock 14 days ago
Bill burr is a great man.
Shift Lizard
Shift Lizard 14 days ago
Bill burr had to black wash his bloodline to get back on that Hollywood tit.
Juke Box
Juke Box 15 days ago
Fuck Collin kapearnik
Linda Benton
Linda Benton 15 days ago
Voice is priceless😂🌍🌴🔥🔥🔥
Jeff Lawson
Jeff Lawson 15 days ago
What a bad spot to end the video. He wasn't even at the punchline yet.
Shawn M.
Shawn M. 15 days ago
My favorite Comedian by far.
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan 15 days ago
My brothers a firefighter, He watched 9/11 on television hahahahahahahaahahaha
Ludmilla Gutomo
Ludmilla Gutomo 16 days ago
bill burr makes more sense than politicians today 😂😂😂
john pokrandt
john pokrandt 16 days ago
funny guy but please don't defend kapernick he's a tool
chad 17 days ago
The “cottage cheese, what is it made of” line really got me.
Liam O’Neil
Liam O’Neil 18 days ago
Bill burr rants should be taught in schools
Carl McLaren
Carl McLaren 19 days ago
This video far from constitutes the best of Bill Burr.
BRUCE BANNER 20 days ago
Everybody let's thank Bill Burrs dad, for making him the man he is today🤣
Jack Timbers
Jack Timbers 21 day ago
@4:54 he tested that bit years ago during his interview on the Pete Holmes show.
iLLWiLL 22 days ago
This is NOT his best stuff
spookypunky 22 days ago
Hilarious. "Can comedy go too far?" 😆
MiXedPlague 22 days ago
Best of bill burr? Why isn’t this every single clip of this man?
justin case
justin case 22 days ago
Ever been driving in your car and just think...... "I'm gonna run over that stupid cat" ...............?
Pekka Laitinen
Pekka Laitinen 23 days ago
Getting abs is effortless if you just watch Bill's videos
Pekka Laitinen
Pekka Laitinen 23 days ago
*SPIT IT OUT!!!!!*
R Torres
R Torres 24 days ago
Everydaaaaay??? 🤣🤣🤣
3RD CAV 25 days ago
Kevin hart or Bill burr?
Ulfhedinn Norsk
Ulfhedinn Norsk 26 days ago
Defending Kaepernick is a new type of low! 🤦🏻‍♂️ SAD!
John Sawatzky
John Sawatzky 28 days ago
And the bit on paper tiger... it was hilarious. This short piece doesn’t do it justice. It needs context
John Sawatzky
John Sawatzky 28 days ago
I get bill burr. I love him. I love his comedy. But Colin kapernick is a pos. Bill. I love you. But that 8th string alternate excuse of a quarterback did it the wrong way. He ONLY PROTESTED because trump is president. If it was Hilary as president he (Colin) would be first in line to suck her dick.
YeEzter 29 days ago
"Aaron Burr, sir?"
Hermit Gamer
Hermit Gamer 29 days ago
Thank God for creating this awesome dude in the comedy industry
Jordan Gustafson
"MY BROTHERS A FIREFIGHTER AND HE WATCHED 9/11 ON TV" Okay that was really funny!
Mr Hombre Gordo
Mr Hombre Gordo Month ago
Way too short to be the best of. I havent ran across a bad set yet. Not even his old stuff. This dudes a legend.
Stan Keki
Stan Keki Month ago
Disrespecting national anthem or flag protesting police brutality is just like disrespecting the Quran protesting Islamic terrorism!
AlFaShArK 246
AlFaShArK 246 Month ago
Bald burr
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday Month ago
"Cottage cheese, what is it made of?" 🤣🤣🤣
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