Best Of 90s Grunge Rock Mix | Best Grunge Classics 2019 | The Best of The Grunge

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Best Of 90s Grunge Rock Mix | Best Grunge Classics 2019 | The Best of The Grunge


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Mar 9, 2019




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R.N Amago
R.N Amago 2 days ago
Ys Chae
Ys Chae 7 days ago
한국인 그런지 매니아입니다. Grunge is 영윈하다!
Alejo VM
Alejo VM 8 days ago
Grunge ❤❤❤
CAVERNA CLUB 1 Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-AGEiJ1zczcA.html Dejo esto por si gusta
mar co
mar co Month ago
any nirvana song any Alice in chains song some silver chair songs night goat black hole sun spoonman Jeremy the wait
Sashaeye Month ago
There should be more nirvana and u should mix the playlist around so that we arnt listining ti the same band for like 30 minutes
Les Paul
Les Paul 5 days ago
@Sashaeye aic=alice in chains
Sashaeye 5 days ago
@Les Paul i like nirvana. I dont know much about them except their music and that there is a shit ton of fake fans. Whats aic?
Les Paul
Les Paul 5 days ago
Nirvana is too overrated,aic is the best
kathleen jolly
kathleen jolly 20 days ago
I could listen to Alice in chains all day 🤷🏻‍♀️ no complaints here
denyfixe1000 Month ago
Eu sei que é óbvio ter Nirvana em uma lista de Grunge, mas faltou mais Nirvana...
Kari Boersheim
Kari Boersheim Month ago
Audioslave isn’t grunge. Soundgarden should be on the list instead. Other than that: great list 😊
GĪSHĪ 26 days ago
@Reishin Exactly, Ultra Mega Ok is fantastic as well the Louder than Love Ep, and Screaming Life Ep, Soundgarden is epic, I don't care what anyone says about that, Audioslave is different from Soundgarden in many ways and similar, both two beautiful bands. @Shane Walsh, If you think Soundgarden is boring I strongly suggest you listen to those albums, so much beauty and meaning in every song.
Reishin Month ago
@Shane Walsh I dunno man, have you listened to Superunknown and Badmotorfinger? The stuff he did with Audioslave pales in comparison. His vocals and lyricism was better with Soundgarden imo. ie: The Day I Tried To Live, Slaves and Bulldozers, 4th of July, Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose etc.
Shane Walsh
Shane Walsh Month ago
@Reishin technically you're right. audioslave is categorized as post grunge like the Foo fighters. in my opinion though audioslave is better. I'm a Soundgarden fan as well as a grunge fan. all the way from Alice in chains Nirvana to Soundgarden. I just feel like Cornell had more talent around him with audioslave. dude is pure genius no matter who he plays with though
Reishin Month ago
@Shane Walsh Dude I love Audioslave but it's still just an alt rock band that appeals to the majority who are not fans of grunge. Soundgarden is unique, experimental and heavy. It's more niche but it's got so much more character.
Shane Walsh
Shane Walsh Month ago
@Reishin Soundgarden is decent. kind of boring. audioslave is unique with much more powerful lyrics. and Tom Morello alone makes audioslave better.
Luis Cabrera
Luis Cabrera Month ago
pearl jam list ? LOL
DeadManRunning Month ago
Initially, grunge was pretty cool, but overstayed its welcome as far as I'm concerned!
Reishin Month ago
@DeadManRunning Anytime, buddy. Let me know if you need more opinions on your opinion.
DeadManRunning Month ago
Reishin Thanks for your opinion of my opinion.
Reishin Month ago
What an incorrect opinion to have...
LCol. Darcy
LCol. Darcy Month ago
S p o o n m a n
Carlos Souza
Carlos Souza Month ago
Lista fraca, faltou mais nirvana, e Stone Temple Pilots
Joao Vitor
Joao Vitor 21 day ago
faz a tua então
lety calvo
lety calvo Month ago
por qué no está en la lista STP? Saludos desde Madrid hermosa España.
Oliver CG
Oliver CG 5 days ago
@lety calvo Una cosa no quita la otra jajaja feliz día
lety calvo
lety calvo 14 days ago
@Oliver CG ahora te entiendo pero yo solo respondo a comentarios sobre música saludos.
Oliver CG
Oliver CG 14 days ago
@lety calvo Si te diste por aludido ya sabrás por qué es. Saludos desde Españita
lety calvo
lety calvo 14 days ago
@Oliver CG no sé por qué has hecho ese comentario saludos desde Madrid hermosa España.
Oliver CG
Oliver CG 14 days ago
Vaya, un patriota :v
Jacky T
Jacky T Month ago
Grunge? Get outta here haha
GĪSHĪ 23 days ago
too much pearl jam, not enough mother love bone, mad season, and soundgarden.
Bruno aravena
Bruno aravena Month ago
algun heroe haga la lista con los minutos de cada tema
David A.S
David A.S Month ago
Usted podría hacerlo.
Jefry Arango
Jefry Arango Month ago
Alguien sabe de playlist en spotifi donde salgan sólo estas bandas?
Martina Torres
Martina Torres Month ago
Martina Torres
Martina Torres Month ago
Hay una se llama Grunge Forever
Rogue Nero
Rogue Nero Month ago
I hadnt realised how good a song would is
LCol. Darcy
LCol. Darcy Month ago
Same boat here
Did Didg
Did Didg 2 months ago
ghostgamer 2 months ago
Someone's a pearl jam fan
CASPER no 2 months ago
Where is nirvana they basically invented grunge
red_rogue Month ago
TAD - 8 Way Santa (SubPop already has it up on youtube, so...) ruvid.net/video/video-a5_Cd9-Rz0o.html
LCol. Darcy
LCol. Darcy Month ago
@Keith Kramer s p o o n m a n
red_rogue Month ago
Mudhoney, Tad, Green River, Screaming Trees, U men, Melvins, Mother Love Bone...a lot of bands were involved, not only the most popularized.
Keith Kramer
Keith Kramer Month ago
You need to look at the history of soundgarden. They are the grunge GODS!
red_rogue Month ago
No, they didn't.
SR C 2 months ago
Why is this “90’s list” mostly Pearl Jam? Yes, they rock, but there are others.
M S 2 months ago
It begins with a dope song lel
H47IAM0625 RM
H47IAM0625 RM 2 months ago
yeah... because QOTSA No One Knows is the epitome of 90's Grunge. Wow. lol
Jakk Kasra
Jakk Kasra Month ago
Ridiculous playlist. It's an epic song but neither grunge nor 90s.
Tancredo SB
Tancredo SB 2 months ago
primeiro nessa bagaça!!! parabens otima seleção
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