Best Mythical Pets + Fight Cauldron Update! - God Simulator (ROBLOX)

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In this video I check out the new 10M visits update in God SImulator! I manage to get 5 of the best mythical hound pets and show how powerful they are as well as the new PvP fight cauldron game mode! Could God Simulator be the next super power training simulator?
Track: TULE - Lost [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: ruvid.net/video/video-h-nHdqC3pPs.html
Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/LostYO
SKYL1NK - The Wizard [NCS Release]


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Apr 2, 2019




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Comments 145
GamesReborn 5 months ago
Do you think God Simulator could be the next Super Power Training Simulator? It has a lot of similar things such as PvP and AFK farming but is pretty different as well.
данил 23
данил 23 2 months ago
Реборн вернись!!
rabbit709 2 months ago
Games on bee swarm vid u hearted me on another add😄
Subtopewdiiepi 3 months ago
GamesReborn do you no robux left for superhero city?
oompa goompa
oompa goompa 3 months ago
WHYDONT YOU MAKE VİDEOS ANYMORE can upload more videos because your videos are awsome :D
master bg2
master bg2 3 months ago
Games pls answer do you start to make super hero city videos pls i want to watch you how play i L0ve you
Limb 0w
Limb 0w Month ago
GamesReborn, How old are you? Weird question but wanna know
ePiC rObLoXeR
ePiC rObLoXeR 2 months ago
renuo 2 months ago
Are You Onett friend?
Mustafa Roblox
Mustafa Roblox 2 months ago
Want be friend name mustafa_127 I sub
henderson rusli
henderson rusli 2 months ago
Love the song btw😎
MrILikeMemesALot 2 months ago
Plz upload more videos i love watching them over and over
Pixelslayer01 2 months ago
Can you pls play superhero city?
Nobie Playz
Nobie Playz 2 months ago
plssss play new spts game adn become 1st
Ahmet Koray Yüzen
Ahmet Koray Yüzen 2 months ago
gamesreborn brother pls account gives wrong
Flamies YT
Flamies YT 2 months ago
Hey upload any vids plz
Shatter Velacia
Shatter Velacia 2 months ago
You don't ever talk what the hell.
luka gamer
luka gamer 2 months ago
I need rec super power training simualtor
Brian Bremmer
Brian Bremmer 2 months ago
would it just get taken down for copying
Mihailo Tomic
Mihailo Tomic 2 months ago
BluSphinx 2 months ago
games remember your jail game? i absolutely loved that game. i used to play it all the time, til everybody stopped and it died. those were the good ol days. rip
Mikey Pon
Mikey Pon 2 months ago
I watch all you vids
Mikey Pon
Mikey Pon 2 months ago
Please make more vids we miss you!
Dustin Wu
Dustin Wu 2 months ago
Games reborn you suck
NoBoddy Ro
NoBoddy Ro 2 months ago
When ye make new vid? Me new on ye channel and me like ye channel
Kyann Plays
Kyann Plays 2 months ago
Bruv super hero city is out go back on top 👌😉
DUNGEON QUEST SuCKS 3 months ago
Record superhero city I know u play it
galaxy fighter122
galaxy fighter122 3 months ago
Dude make video on new spts we would like I to be apart of the RUvid war
axentra gaming
axentra gaming 3 months ago
Make a vid on super he4o city
random guy
random guy 3 months ago
Reborn are you and nemisoa gonna play super hero city? It’s the same as SPTS but a little better. And I’d say you could rule that game too just have to beat tanqr and that’s it you’re gonna rule it once more
Cool Kid
Cool Kid 3 months ago
There is a new game out there its called superhero city its like super Power training Sim just with updates
Cool Kid
Cool Kid 3 months ago
@Tate lol xD
Tate 3 months ago
The last part XD
luckimivr. the  pigboi13
games reborn there's a new game called superhero simulator
Kirill Fedorenko
Kirill Fedorenko 3 months ago
where videos ???
Benedict Zapanta
Benedict Zapanta 3 months ago
Gamesreborn pls do super power training simulator because in the leader ur so weak..🤔
xxx stepanoscope
xxx stepanoscope 3 months ago
The game just won’t update. The dev will get very popular games, get all the money from the people, and just abandon the game. He did this same thing with the once very popular “ninja assassin” game.
Alex Konrad
Alex Konrad 3 months ago
he wont play it for some very good reasons such as no updates/deader than a frog with kitrid
Arthur Arithut
Arthur Arithut 3 months ago
Game r u ran out of idean of rbx?
MasterPenta 3 months ago
dead chanell???
bill erskinè
bill erskinè 3 months ago
i was yelling GAMES REBORN IN THE SERVER in treasure quest
bill erskinè
bill erskinè 3 months ago
i met u today
DUNGEON QUEST SuCKS 3 months ago
Oh no his no longer uploading :(
MastersOfPandas YT
MastersOfPandas YT 3 months ago
I heard that a new game released called superhero city its like super power training simulator but better with different areas and a better map you should check it out
SerbianGamer17 3 months ago
Can i have some tokens in super power training sim my ign is GamingFelesYT_17
plaidgoose5306 5306
plaidgoose5306 5306 3 months ago
Agh Zp
Agh Zp 3 months ago
Can I have idk noob account please
raffy adana
raffy adana 3 months ago
My name is masterlee03
raffy adana
raffy adana 3 months ago
You are the best player in training simulator
raffy adana
raffy adana 3 months ago
Gamesreborn can you give me robux
Lê Đức Huy
Lê Đức Huy 3 months ago
New vid plis ?
om lolroblox
om lolroblox 3 months ago
Why no vids?
Yusuf Ünlü
Yusuf Ünlü 4 months ago
pls play super forces training similator
Luca 0408
Luca 0408 4 months ago
Where are you
nonstop 4life
nonstop 4life 4 months ago
Roblox Games
Roblox Games 4 months ago
Go friend pls
Roblox Games
Roblox Games 4 months ago
Прими в друзья
Natália Morais
Natália Morais 4 months ago
ViceCorgi86 4 months ago
Do You know you are a Famous Roblox Player because you join in 2011 and roblox loved evertime a year turned that has a 11 (Example) 3011 Or 4011/2011 So Your Account Is Pretty RARE so you should never share it with anybody GamesReborn (Please Subsribe To Me I Make STUPID AND BORING Videos (dont watch them) *BYE*
Aztekx - ILuxrO
Aztekx - ILuxrO 4 months ago
Games Reborn Do this Game called Dungeon quest and beat Tanqr!
Charlotte Official
Charlotte Official 4 months ago
what is the problem with your mouse???
Viper 5 months ago
Can you make a dungeon quest video?
lukas Apachou
lukas Apachou 5 months ago
pls accept my friend roblox name : Spongebozz_yt
bossman 789
bossman 789 5 months ago
Plsss make a pet ranch vid
Biue Wolf
Biue Wolf 5 months ago
One question do you remember me from a long time ago when we played super power training together I think it was before this channel, I was weak back then I go by the user name Biue9078
Fuzzy Raven
Fuzzy Raven 5 months ago
Nice vid I hope they will update Super Power sim the game is almost died and I just afk for hours I hope something new comes out
FEĽÎØŤŹ 22 5 months ago
Nick HBG
Nick HBG 5 months ago
GamesReborn puts PvP on your server pls pls pls
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