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Best Music 2021 - Remixes of Popular Songs - EDM Gaming Music, Bass Boosted, Car Music Mix @Magic Music Mix
📧 Contact us: hi@magicmusic.io
✔️ Tracklist:
00:00 Arc North, New Beat Order, Cour - Faded
02:21 Arc North & Cour & Charlie Miller - Youngblood
05:24 Fakti & Ronnie - Coming Home
07:57 Poylow & CPX - Havana (ft. Britt Lari)
10:22 Spinner Sunny, VERB, Stella Key - Survive
13:16 Arc North, New Beat Order, Cour & Aaron Richards - Numb
15:21 Coopex & New Beat Order - Heroes (ft. LUNIS)
17:50 Arc North x Badjack x Cour - Down
20:10 Mariline - Old Days (Ft. Robbie Hutton)
23:02 Besomorph & Anthony Keyrouz - Death Bed (ft. Lunis)
25:20 Kovan - Dizzy (Feat. FJØRA)
28:15 Dame Dame, Britt Lari - La La La
30:47 Harddope & Lunis - Summertime Sadness
33:16 Tabba x Dj Goja - Secrets
36:48 Harddope, LexMorris feat. Lunis - Wicked Game
39:32 Coopex - You Broke Me First (ft. Britt Lari)
42:15 Heyder & Navaro & Taylor Mosley - What Is Love
45:20 EQRIC & Finnet - Lights (ft. Polina Grace)
47:46 Moha, Irma & meqq - ily (Final)
50:02 UMAI - Titanium (feat. Faithroze)
52:41 EQRIC, Xenton, Jex - The Final Countdown
55:05 Repeat
#MagicMusic #MagicRecords #EDM
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Mar 13, 2021




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Comments 100
Magic Music
Magic Music 2 months ago
Where are you now?
Real_Sticky Hour ago
Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast 6 hours ago
At home 😂😂
Dustbin Gaming
Dustbin Gaming 10 hours ago
in heaven
Codename:Bread 19 hours ago
on youtube, listening to this mix while programming
Lucas Persson
Lucas Persson 22 hours ago
Im Done
Blue_Eye GAming
Blue_Eye GAming 8 hours ago
In german we said: Das ballert!
Yoko Hamster
Yoko Hamster 9 hours ago
I love this song
Klaus Eberharter
Klaus Eberharter 8 hours ago
me too
The WW Wizard
The WW Wizard 13 hours ago
great song selection
Ámí Nèè
Ámí Nèè 16 hours ago
O.G , where were you hiding ?!!! il's the best remix I've ever heard
basel123gamer 19 hours ago
like it
Sandra Latuškevičienė
This music is the best of all
Brandon Piddington
Brandon Piddington 23 hours ago
where are you now? where are you now? or is it all in a fanicy where are you now?
nocxn 23 hours ago
Pretty music and so sad to like roblox bully story
Tessa Maier
Tessa Maier Day ago
a littel loud but ok with heatset :)
Everyday TikTok
In my kitchen
Michelle Schmidt
i love this playlist :)
Tammy Tavarez
Is this song better than party rock? Or HECK NO 🤷💫
Tammy Tavarez
I always think im in a concert right when i hear this. :)))
Caleb Rosas
Caleb Rosas Day ago
I am faded so lost I am faded
Amy Moore
Amy Moore Day ago
Where. Are. You. Now?
Alex Francisco Avila M.
where are you now
Alex Francisco Avila M.
hey magic music thanks for the letter I wish you the same
Rabbit Music
Rabbit Music Day ago
Yo check out my new track
Samuel Langen
Echt cool
Marcos Desousa
Marcos Desousa 2 days ago
next time can you make a JOJO's bizzare adveunture music like steel ball run or girona's theme?
V GAMES 2 days ago
Hi i just want gameing song
Gk05 2 days ago
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gamesmaster Gm
gamesmaster Gm 2 days ago
I live 6208 flushing
gamesmaster Gm
gamesmaster Gm 2 days ago
In your
gamesmaster Gm
gamesmaster Gm 2 days ago
I am the game master
Давид Богатюк
gamesmaster Gm
gamesmaster Gm 2 days ago
This is the best music
Илья Музикальный
Музика для душі
Lunatic 2 days ago
this is the greatest music mix i have ever heard. love your remixes. the music is old but you made it new thanks for the remix
jiya 2 days ago
Jiya 🎧🎤👌👌
Swati Pawar
Swati Pawar 2 days ago
gajab yaar
Madiyna Shuhrat
Madiyna Shuhrat 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-7t4mtLGHSBo.html I don’t think
Twin Gamers
Twin Gamers 2 days ago
You make the bestest of bester of best music dude 😆 keep it up I love it
Piyapat Pattamma
Piyapat Pattamma 2 days ago
I love all song in the charts
Soren Unser-Kleissen
this person deserves a like
Soren Unser-Kleissen
good songs
Philiene Kuipers
Philiene Kuipers 2 days ago
My faferiet
Philiene Kuipers
Philiene Kuipers 2 days ago
Eletrônicas Superstar
Eu amo isto! Mantem! Bem, fazendo compilações como essas, e a música original que você faz! Ansioso por mais conteúdo!
Joven John
Joven John 3 days ago
sweaty oreos
sweaty oreos 3 days ago
Crazy bro
Ashit Verma
Ashit Verma 3 days ago
This mashup killed me every time I hear it 💀⚰ So beware to listen it next time
Кира Казакова
Magic new Music
Magic new Music 3 days ago
Mika Lenze
Mika Lenze 3 days ago
Kann man gut bei Hausaufgaben hören
Егор Максимов
Thats Harddd bro 🔥
Yulia Affan
Yulia Affan 3 days ago
Yulia Affan
Yulia Affan 3 days ago
I like the song
Yulia Affan
Yulia Affan 3 days ago
Yulia Affan
Yulia Affan 3 days ago
Seowah Kahn
Seowah Kahn 3 days ago
I wanna blast this bass from every corner of the earth, get everyone jumping as one
Magic Music
Magic Music 3 days ago
That's hardd
Mr KoH
Mr KoH 3 days ago
Check out my latest fortnite kill montage
Dave Hale
Dave Hale 3 days ago
Where are you now
Magic Music
Magic Music 3 days ago
I'm home
Michela Oosthuizen
Perfect music for the summer man this is great😱👌
Magic Music
Magic Music 3 days ago
Glad you enjoy it 💗
mały youtuber
mały youtuber 3 days ago
Magic Music
Magic Music 3 days ago
Thank you 💗
Jey zeL
Jey zeL 3 days ago
I'm into smooth and soft music this past few months but I guess now I am back here again. Thank you for this great mix❤️
Magic Music
Magic Music 3 days ago
Glad you like it ☺️💗
A Trotty
A Trotty 3 days ago
best ever
Magic Music
Magic Music 3 days ago
Thanks bro 💗
hondedrol _nl
hondedrol _nl 3 days ago
Kintsugi 4 days ago
jesus christ 2021 and people still putting same songs in remixes from like 2015
Natural Soul
Natural Soul 4 days ago
Dear person that’s reading this, we don’t know each others but I wish you all the best in life 💞 Don’t ever blame yourself, accept things and go forward✨ We only live once, let’s fill every second of our life with happiness 💝
Gowri Manugula
Gowri Manugula 16 hours ago
Ok dear🙏🏻
Hagan Life
Hagan Life Day ago
Back at you x10!
Andsta Baxter
Andsta Baxter 2 days ago
Solid wish u all the best
Letricha Blignaut
Wow this is just what I needed to hear
Sienna Steiner
Sienna Steiner 3 days ago
Thank you
nick nickili
nick nickili 4 days ago
nick nickili
nick nickili 4 days ago
lunaftik xs
lunaftik xs 4 days ago
Классное оформление внизу видео. Белая волна! Very well
yul 4 days ago
Magic new Music
Magic new Music 4 days ago
Happy weekend everyone❤❤❤
Dr. Tin MyoAung
Dr. Tin MyoAung 4 days ago
wow! I love this song
itskenny9 4 days ago
free vbucks
1NV1S1BLE GaMING 4 days ago
Nina Samek
Nina Samek 4 days ago
You have the best music for my couisn
Project Sunlight Music
Great music mix and great effect 👌 🎶🎶🎶
Vitor Alves Souza
Dorcianna Buckley
Where are you now
kkea1000 5 days ago
Magic music always youse his eltric smart brain. 🤯
•SummerBear• 5 days ago
BruhMoments Yup
BruhMoments Yup 5 days ago
i like the music
SIFIR01 5 days ago
ADANA gardaş
Alain MENARD 5 days ago
what a music
Mr Bru production.s
So nice 😍👌 video
Gilvano de Lima
Gilvano de Lima 5 days ago
😎👽👽✌️só as melhores encontra aqui
Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 5 days ago
Wow I like ti
kim bob
kim bob 5 days ago
HMG MEKA 5 days ago
5/7/2021 anyone?
Kiki Zheng
Kiki Zheng 5 days ago
My I name
BEST DUBSTEP MIX ruvid.net/video/video-050cc1BBfZs.html
Narcilita Pucica
Narcilita Pucica 5 days ago
I l
dominik matějek
dominik matějek 6 days ago
Fakt superrrrrrrrr!!¡!!
Gac951 6 days ago
This music makes me cry
John Fierro
John Fierro 6 days ago
Ran across this mix yesterday and I'm totally loving it. Thanks for sharing!
TECNO Annihilation Gamers
Can do some manyb happing song remix song beat like fight
Ashton Shuck
Ashton Shuck 6 days ago
i like the first songs
Simone Kramer
Simone Kramer 6 days ago
D4S Dynax
D4S Dynax 6 days ago
Is it copyright free?
Calix Bisson élève
bla bla bla
Rick Behrends
Rick Behrends 6 days ago
Einfach gut
LingeringLilacs 6 days ago
EtherHub 6 days ago
Eleena Abdullayeva
Best gaming music for TRYHARD