Best moments Taekwondo Worlds 2013 - Behind the scenes - WTF World Championships - Puebla 2013

World Taekwondo
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Wrap up video of some of the best moments of the 2013 WTF World Championships in Puebla, Mexico.


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Aug 14, 2013




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Wanderson Ramos
Wanderson Ramos 2 days ago
Eu pratico e amo taekwondo, mas essa seleção foi horrível! Aff 👎
BRUH ! 15 days ago
Why is the comment section defending taekwondo from non existing haters ?
Ali Isa
Ali Isa 3 months ago
What the track??? Подскажите пожалуйста что за трек?
Lara Enache
Lara Enache 4 months ago
At the world Championship in Bulgaria, I got the chance to talk to some North Koreans, and they were super nice to us. This encouraged me to learn Korean.
毛泽东 9 months ago
ZydrazYeh 11 months ago
0:38 girl on red almost puked
Jayant Shrivastava
Jayant Shrivastava 11 months ago
Who is in 2019 tkd watching
Academics Fun Study
Academics Fun Study 11 months ago
This is best taekwondo video editing i have ever seen
cristobal hernandez
Like a quien le gustaria ser uno de ellos
Alex Year ago
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Ahmed Kamel
Ahmed Kamel Year ago
Alex Year ago
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Баишева Айка
Нусу это я Айжаркын видео👍👍👍
vikas kumar
vikas kumar Year ago
Nice video
Beto Ipanaqué Neyra
Artes marciales ? Taekwondo :)
Pengclub 2 years ago
I started TKD a year ago. Trained two three times a week for the whole year but I am far from any of these guys. Still a long way to go till Black belt. But I effing love it. It is hard and takes time to really get it. But you can see that I am getting better and really working hard to earn each belt. It is really an art.
KG DeLeón
KG DeLeón 2 years ago
Guys I'm not sure if I'm right but isn't the intro tkd guy Jason Ok's from howcast? lol.
KG DeLeón
KG DeLeón 2 years ago
The tkd shadow guy by the way.
Richel Suriaga
Richel Suriaga 2 years ago
Cause of TKD we have some awesome kicks and spinning kicks it all came in TKD
Bb Behera
Bb Behera 2 years ago
Nikhil Kashyap
Nikhil Kashyap 2 years ago
loving moments
Manuel Alarcón
Manuel Alarcón 2 years ago
Pé Danh
Pé Danh 2 years ago
xD wtf -> what the fuck :o
Pint Size
Pint Size 3 years ago
thanh nhan nguyen
thanh nhan nguyen 3 years ago
co link mp3 ko z may a cho e xin
Ahmet Demir
Ahmet Demir 3 years ago
ı love you taekwondo
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 3 years ago
Taekwondo !!!
IndiaRubber Man
IndiaRubber Man 3 years ago
A compilation clip made up of missed attempts - only saw 2 or 3 score.
Alegandro Tz
Alegandro Tz 3 years ago
min 1:35 music: please open ur eyes and a asian woman in the background lol
SAUD Al 4 months ago
Alegandro Tz 👌🏻😂
Elevator Music
I thought I was the only one who noticed, I felt bad 😂
Asp Year ago
Steve Trabajos
Kristian Asp dude relax
Asp Year ago
He did not ask for the song you cunts. Your fucking mentally unstable.
Deddy  Sugiarto
Deddy Sugiarto 3 years ago
iam teakwondoin...ahee
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez 3 years ago
para los que dicen que el taekwondo no sirve, quiero que se metan con algun taekwondoin, llevo un año y medio practicando y podria noquear a cualquiera con una patada, aparte obtienes mucha condiciom fisica
Felipe s
Felipe s 3 years ago
Pensaba lo mismo del taekwondo antes. Hice kickboxing por 2 años y hace 2 meses que hago taekwondo, y el nivel de pelea de los grados altos de taekwondo es increíbles, por eso e llegado a la conclusión que el que dice que el taekwondo no sirve, es por que no sabe bien como es o bien, practo muy poco y no pudo llegar a mas alto nivel, ya que no es fácil llegar a el nivel de agilidad y destreza fisica y mental que tienen los grados altos del taekwondo.
VideosTeamMC 3 years ago
ITF doesn't better!!! ITF is very boring!!! WTF is exciting!!!
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 3 years ago
VideosTeamMC both are ok
Kratunox 3 years ago
I thought it meant what the fuck world cup tournament
Kratunox 3 years ago
I mean world championships
Dia Schön
Dia Schön 3 years ago
Aryans World
Aryans World 3 years ago
Mark Wu
Mark Wu 3 years ago
itf is better
fatima kante
fatima kante 3 years ago
comme taekwondo ya na pa
Mikki Williams
Mikki Williams 3 years ago
reppin yins the kwon do academy world tae kwon do federation....
Universe 4 years ago
I too make Takewondo and my favourite ist the dydjagi
vassilios 4 years ago
No real application on a street fight.
Mr Fantastic yellow
It's not suppose to be use to pick fight. It's suppose to be for self defence idiot
The Crest Fallen Traveller
+vassilios its just sparring prt of the great art,pls don make any useless comment wen u don even knw wat r u talking abt idiot
Nick McLay
Nick McLay 4 years ago
+vassilios Depends on your opponent. A single kick makes a real short fight
Touch Me Sama
Touch Me Sama 4 years ago
there are four types of commentors... 1.taekwondoins who love taekwondo 2.other martial artist claiming their martial arts is better....and other martial artist who wants to learn tkd. 3.normal people who wants to learn taekwondo 4.jobless keyboard warriors whose work is nothing but to comment that tkd is not useful in a street fight...😂😂.... for Gods sake....there's a reason behind why tkd or any other martial art is also known as a self defence weapon...
Mercader de Lyria
Tim stepside1959
Tim stepside1959 2 years ago
1 is my type
Anjan Pramanick
Anjan Pramanick 2 years ago
Aling_kok BUT people should understand tht TKD in present time is Huge sport!! SO , TAKE it as a Sport N they will love this game....
Oliver Ashford
Oliver Ashford 2 years ago
Aling_kok normal people that what's to learn taekwondo I do taekwondo and two black belts show of lol it's funny
Trenton Alberts
Trenton Alberts 3 years ago
tkd is usfull broke a guys nose with a back kick and knocked another guy out with a cut spin hook
Grira Ahmed
Grira Ahmed 4 years ago
DRALION 4 years ago
cual es el nombre de la cancion?? ?
The Banana Melon
The Banana Melon 4 years ago
I do ITF :/
The Banana Melon
The Banana Melon 3 years ago
+UnknownDarkDragon yup, no contact sparring. Probably the most underwhelming fight you'll ever see
Tacio Oliveira
Tacio Oliveira 4 years ago
muito bom...quando assisto esse vídeo me inspiro mais e mais no treino.
Gabriel Antunes
Gabriel Antunes 3 years ago
da uma passadinha no meu canal pra ver se gosta
Cansu 4 years ago
❤Taekwondo ❤
Prouds GT
Prouds GT 4 years ago
I love taekwondo I wanna learn it really bad!
Emili Moreno D'Armas
Querer es poder~ xD
Ab Dou22
Ab Dou22 4 years ago
My Life #TKD . The best ko
Jehu Gonzalez
Jehu Gonzalez 4 years ago
Alguien sabe como se llama la canción
Joaquin Colin Garcia
Mi nombre es joaquin colin garcia y entrenó taekwondo México Morelia Mich
asingle buLLetforallthesKulls
Me llega al pincho.... ;)
Joaquin Colin Garcia
el taekwondo es lo mejor del mundo 🌍 no existe cosa mejor que ello, mi novia es mi inspiración y sin ella no uviera llegado tan lejos te amo mí amor me ayudaste a encontrar mi deporte
Willia Goku
Willia Goku 4 years ago
excepto las artesmarciales
James Doukaga
James Doukaga 4 years ago
Can I have this song, please ?! Thank you !
Rhythm 2 years ago
James Doukaga uvuvwebwebwe onyenteyevwe ugwemubwhem osas
Blessing Tshuma
Blessing Tshuma 4 years ago
+James Doukaga .......tired by Zaka Music ft. Lorraine J. Seymore,
Ryan Tristani
Ryan Tristani 4 years ago
My school does part Wtf,which focuses more on speed,and the original korean kind.Which focuses on pweer and inpact.So I jave it all in one.
jarvis starc
jarvis starc 4 years ago
Tkd is the est martial art in the world I luv tkd
Haragei Lucid
Haragei Lucid 4 years ago
fucking bullshit ads
From Couch Potato To Taekwondo Black Belt
The the 2015 championships start today.
Caleb 4 years ago
WTF World lol
Айым Айтбаева
Класс ,,,,,мой сын будет участвовать на чм казахстана в мае .иншалла станет чемпионом. Настрой хороший.
le tien
le tien 4 years ago
ghe thiet
Carlos Daniel Rico Soto
Whats the name of this song?
Diana CH
Diana CH 2 years ago
Is Tired - Zaka Music feat Lorraine J. Seymore.
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