Best Moments of FaZe Clan #5 (Livestream Compilation)

FaZe Clan
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The best moments of July!! #FAZEUP
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Aug 6, 2019




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Comments 1 267
jessica castro
jessica castro Month ago
# Victory for the Faze Clan
jessica castro
jessica castro Month ago
Hi everyone from Faze Clan
Bannana 3 months ago
When Ewok was mocking Montreal I started dying (edit :) Also when the person earraped megga
Swirl 3 months ago
caveirA 712
caveirA 712 5 months ago
2:47 sway stream on YT what hell bro
DAngerrous 0811
DAngerrous 0811 5 months ago
Faze Hammer and replay is earrape
xMissMilkyWayx 5 months ago
I thought ewok was a guy who had like long hair or a man bun😂 didnt know it was a girl till i saw these comments yikes😂
Rst Textbook3n
Rst Textbook3n 5 months ago
Stop, Nicmerces in Faze?
RTG Hex 5 months ago
Why do you guys put the same replays clip in twice
ChristiansDrowzy 5 months ago
Faze sway doesn’t have a twitch
Ts-ByAmin 5 months ago
And vorwen??
Marlon Pind
Marlon Pind 5 months ago
Can i coming in the face clan
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Been years since I watched anything faze clan and fck.... I don't recognize any of yall
Cap 6 months ago
Who 5he f is funkbomb
Team_Ace Gaming
Team_Ace Gaming 6 months ago
6:42 whats that game called
Notice 6 months ago
Je suis le seul qui regarde les vidéos mes qui comprend rien à se qu'il disent 👇🏻
rex 6
rex 6 6 months ago
2:52 y want that crosshair
George Drose
George Drose 6 months ago
Faze Clan Can’t even récord 1080 60 FPS
Cole Kaufman
Cole Kaufman 6 months ago
Imagine replaying he same clips twice... 8:50 and 2:04 in particular
MiniFN 6 months ago
No hate but i dont like Ewok
Chrauz Official
Chrauz Official 6 months ago
Nobody: 7:26
Kezzfy 6 months ago
Look at my. Vid
ThanosFan21 6 months ago
7:34 McLovin
PIN Tyrese
PIN Tyrese 6 months ago
where Jarvis at?
Sokkaz 6 months ago
Ewok did mongraal sooo dirty. Funny tho
Jack HD
Jack HD 6 months ago
What game was dubs playing at 6:49??
rx 6 months ago
Battalion 1944
xxPhilipxx21 6 months ago
Your family will never die Because legends never die
tamal thor_yt
tamal thor_yt 6 months ago
Can i join faze? My dream 1v1 is 1v1ing jarvis
Messys 6 months ago
replays clip in twice...
emeprus ahT
emeprus ahT 6 months ago
you need italian player i am italian player 😁😉
emeprus ahT
emeprus ahT 6 months ago
I want join in the faze clan dude
YuKkI 6 months ago
Good quality
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 6 months ago
Why you put the replays clip twice
Accept ツ
Accept ツ 6 months ago
Why is the quality bad
Damian Guzik
Damian Guzik 6 months ago
FaZe Clan can I join FaZe Clan PLS
Rennae Johnson
Rennae Johnson 6 months ago
Ewok isn't in faze that was mongarll
George Michael
George Michael 6 months ago
Love Funk
Sergio Mora
Sergio Mora 6 months ago
Swan? :(
Youtubegamerpro 5
Youtubegamerpro 5 6 months ago
5:13 I laughed so hard 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mortal Killerrr
Mortal Killerrr 6 months ago
No One: Literally No One: FaZe Megga: yOuR gEtTiNg bAnNeD
aCt Miguelin
aCt Miguelin 6 months ago
Xavier Lofton
Xavier Lofton 6 months ago
Can I join FaZe I want to try out
Yassine_Gaming 6 months ago
Outro song please
te amo wekend
te amo wekend 6 months ago
La concha de tu madre aguste SyS papaaaaaa
Omer Farooq
Omer Farooq 6 months ago
Impossible challenge* 1. Turn of the volume 100% 2. Go to 1:13
ObjecT 6 months ago
First one with ewok wasnt even fking good lol
Jesus moises Guevara ultreras
That quality is nasty
Josephhh 6 months ago
That first ewok clip wasnt even good
fatimo olanrewaju
fatimo olanrewaju 6 months ago
Iron Butterfly
Iron Butterfly 6 months ago
If Ewok in FaZe I can be in FaZe
32 Beast
32 Beast 6 months ago
Choofah 6 months ago
Hey guys don’t wanna be that guy but I’ve recently started streaming and it would be great if you could checkout my twitch @Choofah hope I don’t disappoint
Cisco Lopez
Cisco Lopez 6 months ago
Sway is the best faze fortnite player then nate in my opinion
Evolvez 6 months ago
The quality of the clips is awful
Jack Norman
Jack Norman 6 months ago
Why is ewoks audio muted?
Artic_Nix Gaming
Artic_Nix Gaming 6 months ago
Quick question. Why r all the clips 10px10p?
K2FromWest 6 months ago
0:36 every game I touch I'm actually good at *places 99th in world cup*
Master Bill™
Master Bill™ 6 months ago
Blinken at least he qualified
Handexxx 6 months ago
why spacelyon always have only 60 viewers
Fear Venage
Fear Venage 6 months ago
I wonder what’s the song they use for the outro
LT Acuhr
LT Acuhr 6 months ago
If you support Faze Support me as well 👍
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