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Rich DeMuro
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Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro shows off the iPhone Xs Max Gold, talks specs, price, release date and demos the dynamic depth of field feature.
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13 сен 2018

iphone xs maxiphone xs




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Isaac kent
Isaac kent 3 дня назад
You'd only need the 512 GB model if you plan on keeping phone for 20 years and never removing any content from it ever. It's so silly, 64GB is again too much, but it's enough, more than enough, geez I have desktop for 5 years and have used 70GB.
jace888 24 дня назад
eSim for US only. But other 187 countries prefers physical Sim
Savvy Luis
Savvy Luis 27 дней назад
buying an iPhone 8 plus, I miss 16:9 screen ratio. Especially when watching most videos I get black bars. pretty disgusting tbh.
jetndrosa 28 дней назад
Mračni Škorpion
Mračni Škorpion 28 дней назад
Watching in 2012? (Dual sim wow😂😂😂)
kunal sonawane
kunal sonawane 29 дней назад
Are u kidding me?..."dual SIM "🤣🤣
Smirky G
Smirky G 29 дней назад
Another one ball licking apple again this is getting old 😪
Radoslaw Filip
Radoslaw Filip 29 дней назад
Price is as always fuc*ing joke!
Superfort29 29 дней назад
Too big to fit in your pants pocket.
mexxedm 29 дней назад
Did you get married to a wrong girl like you grabbed the wrong phone? lol... Who would trust you any more when you did not even know what phone you were holding?
Manager Bear
Manager Bear 29 дней назад
So many ignorant people here, comparing how their phones was first in the market, first with features, first with size. Yet people could care less about all of that when it's finicky, inconsistent, with poor service, poor quality and made by a brand who offers only mediocre devices for people who have a budget. Versus for us who are in the ecosystem that are planning on an upgrade. Samsung this, Android that. We don't care. We own Macs, Apple watches, and Airpods for christ's sake. So stop trying to convince us that Android, Samsung or Google is better because we are ALWAYS going to see it as Inferior devices from inferior companies, be it fact or preference.
Steven 29 дней назад
If comments and critics are mated
Steven 29 дней назад
Maxy Phone 😬
Jerome Harrod
Jerome Harrod Месяц назад
Does anyone know how much RAM it has?
Wilbert Parel
Wilbert Parel Месяц назад
Samsung galaxy note 9 killer
Denis Sulovic
Denis Sulovic Месяц назад
There are no landscape Mode for the Home Screen?
Raul Chris
Raul Chris Месяц назад
These new iPhones are ca$h grabs!
The ACE Family Fan P
The ACE Family Fan P Месяц назад
he's too excited lol
norway45 Месяц назад
Xs Max gold 256GB for me.
Evelyn Vargas
Evelyn Vargas Месяц назад
I'm getting a iPhone xs max for my birthday
These Eyes See Darkness Clearly
These Eyes See Darkness Clearly Месяц назад
I really wanted to get an iPhone. But I just can't when I think about what the Galaxy s10 will consist of
Robby Kresna Maulana
Robby Kresna Maulana Месяц назад
where is the RAM ?
JonSnowxx Месяц назад
Dat Nilay tho
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc Месяц назад
Yeh if you are rich any body that wants to upgrade to even a iPhone X has to have 400 dollars in Canada and you have to have the premium phone plan so I guess I’ll be going to android cause Apple is getting greedy here in Canada we don’t have the choices you do in the states oh well Apple is getting greedy as far as I’m concerned
Manny carrasquillo
Manny carrasquillo Месяц назад
Wow I did that on my note 8
Apollo The Great
Apollo The Great Месяц назад
$1,100 with quick charge but doesn't come with the quick charge adapter in box ok lmfao apple be making u idiots pay for more than what you get. Looks like the same shit every year haha
Isz Yusuf
Isz Yusuf Месяц назад
The last one
The last one Месяц назад
I currently have an iPhone 7 and I really want to upgrade to the Xs Max. Is it a justifiable upgrade?
AKA-.- Месяц назад
How do you like the Max im debating between the max or XS
JP Huwaè
JP Huwaè Месяц назад
$2369 Australian 🤣🤣🤣
I I Месяц назад
Im getting th gold. I cant wait.
Live Life
Live Life Месяц назад
Idiot I am Apple 🍎 user but from stupid iPhone X until today I bought 8 plus over x and today iPhone Xm fuck Apple if they don’t bring fingerprint and make t full clean screen don’t be fooled by size cuz there is stupid Face ID on top make it less size fool
Ronald LeBeau
Ronald LeBeau Месяц назад
Whatever should have came out last year
athletejmv Месяц назад
not digging the whole salesman pitch attitude and upscale dress (uniform).
Joshua Kelley
Joshua Kelley Месяц назад
4:16 Niley Patel (from The Verge) cameo lol
Kheri Macksood
Kheri Macksood Месяц назад
A giveaway away from you broo
JLH Месяц назад
Too cocky for me disliked button on max
Ellie Elvira Berzina
Ellie Elvira Berzina Месяц назад
Preordered 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Princee Erick
Princee Erick Месяц назад
So ugly
Sai Gon
Sai Gon Месяц назад
it not cheap boy ..apple earn money
Nitin Pandey
Nitin Pandey Месяц назад
Heyy m frm india...m big fan f yourss..lv ur styles..i want to use this phone
Tad Pierre-Louis
Tad Pierre-Louis Месяц назад
its iphone... with a camera.... move on folks
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Месяц назад
A Big Bs From Apple....
Matthaeus Tsopels
Matthaeus Tsopels Месяц назад
I like the sides of the phone in gold color but not the back of it...
Lin Belcher
Lin Belcher Месяц назад
Mine is arriving next Friday can’t wait! Gold Xs Max £1.099 😱
Joseph Cox
Joseph Cox Месяц назад
- iPhone Xs Max Space Gray 512 Gig coming October 5. I haven’t upgraded in 3 years and I’m looking forward to it.
Sarah Hobbes
Sarah Hobbes Месяц назад
Who else also preordered the Xs Gold is stunning 💕
David Journey
David Journey Месяц назад
This is a great hands on review/video, Rich
Sarah Hobbes
Sarah Hobbes Месяц назад
Just wondering- what if u dropped and shattered the display unit iPhone Xs?
Seth Clayburn
Seth Clayburn Месяц назад
He should’ve brought the 8 plus to compare it with but I like it, I have an 8 plus and a iPhone forever plan and I will be upgrading to the 250g
Danny Porsche
Danny Porsche Месяц назад
*what’s with the dislikes haters?*
AC-K 2005
AC-K 2005 Месяц назад
It looks like Samsung
peter khan jan jan
peter khan jan jan Месяц назад
Obviously its gona the best if u spent £1500 loooooooooool its garbage
Prescilla Graff
Prescilla Graff Месяц назад
I get stubborn using a plus iPhone during subzero weather or very cold weather. I can’t easily put it on the pocket and much more on my winter jacket. I’m not sure if I oder one. I might just keep my iPhone X.
Moises Sequera
Moises Sequera Месяц назад
Finally I can put my old 7 in starge, Right now I have my main number on th e iPhone X, and the side on my 7, and I'm so glad that Apple didn't switch to USB-C, Lighting is good on its own, that's what Apple is, No need to be like the others.
DIck Biggerson
DIck Biggerson Месяц назад
Girl at 6:30 has such a nice ass
txmoney Месяц назад
But that notch...🤮
usman abdulkadir
usman abdulkadir Месяц назад
Great video what about the bettery life
I have a 8 plus gold
icanmanifest Месяц назад
What's the Rich Score?
Carl Krebs
Carl Krebs Месяц назад
Great presentation! Nice iPhone! I’m getting an iPhone SE in Space Gray from Verizon. Thank you!
سلطان القحطاني
سلطان القحطاني Месяц назад
Are you serious guys? Don't you ever compare air conditioner company phone with iPhone!! That's not fair
Olomanu Usini
Olomanu Usini Месяц назад
It didn't even blur the guys arm in the selfie
양념닭후라이드 Месяц назад
4:16 The Verge in da house ho
양념닭후라이드 Месяц назад
2:55 CNET in da house ho
Action Albert
Action Albert Месяц назад
You can be a host for a show. Very charismatic and entertaining. Great job.
Steven Peacock
Steven Peacock Месяц назад
Typical iturd Tim crook's sweaty testicle sack
Steven Peacock
Steven Peacock Месяц назад
Selfie portrait.. you mean the thing that's been available on android for years 😂
Steven Peacock
Steven Peacock Месяц назад
You mean top of the line screen Samsung offers 😂
The Molf
The Molf Месяц назад
Apple's sole purpose is to make poor people feel like shit.It is a good phone but so are a bunch of other devices that only cost a fraction of this.Where I live the Xs Max 512GB costs 1650 Euro (over 1900,- USD)For What? A representation of everything that is wrong in the world today.Horrendous pricing invokes the perception that this phone is superior to others.Ignorance is bliss. If i would not know about any other smartphone manufacturer and would earn more in a month than this artefact costs, i may consider it to be the best.I won't even mention the circumstances this thing is produced in. We all know about that.An iphone is an elitist toy. The corporation that produces it, a perversion of human ingenuity.
robiebie rico
robiebie rico Месяц назад
That was before in my samsung s8 plus 🤣🤣
Sky-view Месяц назад
“Little things in life that matter”, for £1,099 🤔 minimum. I’m waiting for someone to point out the reasoning behind these prices for the new iPhones. How are they justified especially in Europe. My 6s plus still looks and works brilliantly, someone needs to give me sensible reasons why I should buy the newer version coz I’m struggling here.
Bart Месяц назад
Pause the video at 4:03 and see the selfie 🤣🤣🤣 This edge detection is some serious shit The pants of the guy behind him is still clear the rest is blurred
HatchetFam Entertainment
HatchetFam Entertainment Месяц назад
Change the settings to better pic qaulity
Guy On A Budget
Guy On A Budget Месяц назад
That girl was hot
HatchetFam Entertainment
HatchetFam Entertainment Месяц назад
Bro if u don’t get a Otterbox before you drop that thing
Linda Baby
Linda Baby Месяц назад
His so handsome 😍
info mania
info mania Месяц назад
Please watch and subscribe my youtube channel ruvid.net/video/видео-4SQ6uhtCpf0.html
Johnny Hilon
Johnny Hilon Месяц назад
Stop trying to be funny... you’re not
Joe Garcia Jr
Joe Garcia Jr Месяц назад
I’ll be getting the Samsung Galaxy S10. Oh wait wrong video.
Gamed4Geeks Месяц назад
Does anyone know why the difference in the holes number for the speakers at the bottom of the phone?
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara Месяц назад
Nice that your wearing a suit while the other bozos are in jeans. Subbed.
ezigogi D
ezigogi D Месяц назад
So is iphone xs max good then glaxy note9?? Which phone will u buy??
Itsthebrowneyez Месяц назад
I will get the XS Max. I just love those big screens!!
Charlie Narimab
Charlie Narimab Месяц назад
Shane OMac
Shane OMac Месяц назад
This guy is such a pro! I ordered Silver one 256gb been waiting for a year ever since the X came out. I pre ordered at 3:05 am EST....on sept 14. Should deliver by 21st...keep my fingers crossed!!!
Ryan Enero
Ryan Enero Месяц назад
phone is a joke 😂🤮
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Месяц назад
I’ve had that horizontal feature since I got my iPhone 8 Plus since last September. Lol. I’m surprised that you didn’t know.
payal sahani
payal sahani Месяц назад
bad mobile bad company
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee Месяц назад
This review was trash
Sione Vimahi
Sione Vimahi Месяц назад
Why is this suggested to me?! Trash phone
Love2FFu Mister
Love2FFu Mister Месяц назад
$2200 inclu tax in Canada ! Really??
Destina1 Support
Destina1 Support Месяц назад
iPhone sucks...
Jabbypants Месяц назад
I was normally the first to moan about apple products, catching up android. Been android user always. Decided to get a iPhone X last year, got to be honest best phone I have ever owned. First time I can truly say I have a device with no lag. Snappy , perfect size device. Very pleased with mine.
TheGamingChannel turbo
TheGamingChannel turbo Месяц назад
i like how its being filmed on a phne. it looks great but sounds bad
Dan Li
Dan Li Месяц назад
audio lacks
Hunter Marshall
Hunter Marshall Месяц назад
This review sucks you don’t even show us anything
Steven's Pokie Adventure's
Steven's Pokie Adventure's Месяц назад
More like a waste of 1100 dollars.
LuisEspinozaMusic Месяц назад
Jahron Clarence
Jahron Clarence Месяц назад
That phone is for noobs
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