BEST HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE + Next Tati Beauty Launch Date

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Great Holiday Gift ideas plus an update on the next Tati Beauty product launch 🦋
xo's ~ Tati
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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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Dec 2, 2019




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Comments 80
April Campbell
April Campbell 18 days ago
Tati put me on sol de janeiro and I'm ~obsessed~
tashley55 Month ago
What books are in her background? Thanks!
Catie cat
Catie cat 2 months ago
Making faces was my first makeup book too. I used to do my makeup for hours the it's the best
Academia de Nefália
Tati, I'm Brazilian, it really is pronounced boomboom, it's how you say "toosh/butt" in Brazil, it's not crass or anything, you're cool
Desiree Sarris
Desiree Sarris 4 months ago
Would love to see a detailed skincare routine and a video on the tips you learnt from Charolette Tilbury
Carlie Futrell
Carlie Futrell 4 months ago
Pls do Ipsy, boxycharm, Sephora play!, etc reviews
KatieCornell 4 months ago
Tati, I just absolutely love you and I love this whole idea you have of a collection that you will be slowly launching over time. Brilliant! 👏🏻 I love the way you make your shadows but the one thing that keeps me from buying is that I am a simple woman, with simple needs. I’m quickly heading towards 50 and I need mattes and neutrals - no shimmers or sparkles. I LOVE the look of your first palette, the bottom row... and would love a palette of just the mattes! Please consider doing a small basics palette of mattes - I would love it and buy multiples! ♥️😍
Savannah Scarbrough
Savannah Scarbrough 4 months ago
I am in lover with your eye shadow
Allay Muse
Allay Muse 4 months ago
Hello is the 10% off done ?
danielle gentry
danielle gentry 4 months ago
Can I get a Tati palette in my PR please?...I'm jkjk, I could never be a influenster and someday, when I have it saved up and dont need it for bill's, i will have your palette. Currently saving for a birthday present for myself, if ita out by 1/31 lol
Nixa Del Real
Nixa Del Real 4 months ago
Loved the comfy dance
Catherine Rector
Catherine Rector 5 months ago
would love a natural fresh look tutorial (not dark) from your palette!! ♥️♥️
kalenna🦄 5 months ago
When’s the next launch??? ❤️
Eric Wasson
Eric Wasson 4 months ago
kalenna🦄 Right!
Angel A
Angel A 5 months ago
Hi tati! I have been enjoying your videos always and i wish i could afford to try some of the products you feature but currently just volunteering as a nurse in the philippines. But just currently in UK and dubai in between! I hope youll do more give aways 🥰😍 keep it up with your great videos. I like it you always feature drugstore products. I always tune in to those which are within my range of affordability, if ever i purchase. Thank you for being inspiring
Ciss Draconis
Ciss Draconis 5 months ago
Waiting fot Vol2 :3
Lady Bug
Lady Bug 5 months ago
alice sabbadini
alice sabbadini 5 months ago
Tati whyyyyyyyyy? Always sold out your palette!!! But I'm so happy there is an option for international shipping
Rachel Preston
Rachel Preston 5 months ago
I would love a hair tutorial!!! Yours looks amazing
Anika A
Anika A 5 months ago
Where does Tati announce giveaway winners? I’ve yet to find out!
SheilaShesBeautiful Irvin
You two are the BEST 2gether! Love
SheilaShesBeautiful Irvin
Happy New Year Friend! Continue to Be Blessed & Be A Blessing!
Daydreambunny222 5 months ago
Look at all those palletes behind u can i have one or buy one
Emily Marcum
Emily Marcum 5 months ago
No more DAD JOKES!!! 😟😟😟😥😥No I will not stand for it please keep the Dad Jokes
Angeliea Collier
Angeliea Collier 5 months ago
That color shirt looks AMAZING on you!
Brittany Whetstone
Brittany Whetstone 5 months ago
I just started getting into makeup and omg I have never looked at a palette that I had to have until I saw Tati’s!
Rina In
Rina In 5 months ago
Can someone using birth control patch able to use Halo? Is there any affection?
k lana
k lana 5 months ago
i love you tati!
10 silverv Ps4
10 silverv Ps4 5 months ago
I was wondering when I can repurchase the Tati Beauty Vol 1. again?
Taylor Carter
Taylor Carter 5 months ago
My brother in law gave me one of his fenty glosses and I'm IN LOVE! I never tried fenty glosses before.
But are you okay, Tati?
Lisa Cimiyotti
Lisa Cimiyotti 5 months ago
I don't get how tati has so many followers. She never answers questions you may have, she buys all this makeup most of it thrown away. Seeping into the planet. She annunciation words weird, wastes electricity, and talks like a kid. Look up to someone else who gives a darn
Hina Suleman
Hina Suleman 5 months ago
what happened to your hair? It looks bad
Nahida Rayyan sheikh
Just recieved my tati beauty palette please do more tutorials
Alexie Alvarez
Alexie Alvarez 5 months ago
I love tatis makeup but the highlight she's wearing isn't as pretty as usual. So now I really wont get the jh highlights
sweethomechicago 5 months ago
Best Holiday Gift Guide!!!
Savera Iqbal
Savera Iqbal 5 months ago
That eyeshadow 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry 5 months ago
*bum bum* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Macy Thomas
Macy Thomas 5 months ago
I love your hair!!!
Catrine Obscene
Catrine Obscene 5 months ago
That glitter is killing me. So. Beautiful. Omfg 😭🖤
Detty Bencsik
Detty Bencsik 5 months ago
I started watching this video and my boyfriend asked "Is that Tati?" after like 5 seconds. Then he said "I feel like Tati is our friend who comes to visit a lot because you watch her all the time. But that's ok I like her, she makes you happy and motivated and that's exactly what kind of friends you need." I love my life.
Noralie 3 months ago
liliexx 5 months ago
tati reminds me of the makeup guru version of gloom
liliexx 5 months ago
Brittani Tippetts
Brittani Tippetts 5 months ago
I LOVE your palette, i wear it every single day. I love love love it.
Andrea Carr
Andrea Carr 5 months ago
Hello the packaging matches your eye shadow
mary mcCall
mary mcCall 5 months ago
Xmass is a really hard time this yr.
Ray Roses
Ray Roses 5 months ago
Tati we need shipping to the Middle East pleeaaasee love u
Zosuke Coco
Zosuke Coco 5 months ago
Tati, please don't reduce the weekly uploads anymore :'(
Elizabeth Ortiz
Elizabeth Ortiz 5 months ago
Yessss.. I was trying to find your favorite poet from a previous video. Thank you cause I just added into my cart🥳🥳 and I need to get that makeup case😍
Cassandra Hook
Cassandra Hook 5 months ago
I so appreciate how you have handled your launches!
canazozo 5 months ago
Your opinion, what are thee best top 10 lipsticks you recomend
Melisa H
Melisa H 5 months ago
Your hair is so pretty... I had really long hair (like to my hips) and I chopped it off to above my shoulders. It looks nice, but I miss my wild mane.. and your hair reminded me of my mane.
LilithMoon29 5 months ago
Melisa H my sentiments exactly..mine was down to my hips too and I chopped it to my shoulders back in June..I look at her hair and miss mine too..lol I haven't had short hair since junior high and I'm in my 40's, it's a huge change..wont be doing it ever again..
Sita Goddess
Sita Goddess 5 months ago
I can’t wait for your next palette!!
Meghan Correia
Meghan Correia 5 months ago
I love your videos so much , when I’m having a bad day idk what it is about your videos but it helps change my mood ❤️
Judy Gebhardt
Judy Gebhardt 5 months ago
Love your you tube videos, please keep them coming.
kentin allen
kentin allen 5 months ago
I still haven’t received my palette, even though i was promised that I would be getting it dec. 15th, thank you Tati beauty🖕🏽
Alisa Richardson
Alisa Richardson 5 months ago
You look extra gorgeous Tati!! Wish I looked that good in a turtleneck 😂👏🏼
My Charming. Life
My Charming. Life 5 months ago
Omg this video is great it was helpful :)
KayleneNichole 5 months ago
You are looking fierce! So beautiful!🧡
Leslie Gaebel
Leslie Gaebel 5 months ago
I love you Tati! ❤️
Bettina Schweiger Soprano
Sorry but recently it’s too much talk about her beauty line ...huge turnoff
Desiree Bonilla
Desiree Bonilla 5 months ago
I love shay as well!! She’s to cute💕
Desiree Bonilla
Desiree Bonilla 5 months ago
When you weren’t able to watch any recent Tati videos cause you were so focused on finals but finals are over, and can finally catch up on her videos!! 🙌🏽
Darby Lemasters
Darby Lemasters 5 months ago
LOVE You Tati!
MamaBear of 3
MamaBear of 3 5 months ago
I am gonna look into these books!
Rebzly Z
Rebzly Z 5 months ago
This is great!
mimi dumas
mimi dumas 5 months ago
Thanks for the ideas😚
Ella Mccabe
Ella Mccabe 5 months ago
I love your eyeshadow
Leslie Myszka
Leslie Myszka 5 months ago
I just love your videos. So u could do them here or on IG. I'd be good either way. I buy based off of your recommendations and you've never steered me wrong. Love u!
Leslie Myszka
Leslie Myszka 5 months ago
One more thing... where did u get that shirt you're wearing???. It is soooooo my style and super cute!
AR_Girl 82
AR_Girl 82 5 months ago
I'm not showing free shipping in my cart for Halo. Is there a discount code?
AR_Girl 82
AR_Girl 82 5 months ago
Merry Christmas to you & your family, Tati! 🎄
Laurie Myers
Laurie Myers 5 months ago
Holy crap, her hair....
Tamara Morcomb
Tamara Morcomb 5 months ago
I can’t wait til your palette comes back cause I wasn’t able to get my hands on it and it’s on my wishlist 🎄
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez 5 months ago
Can you do eco friendly products? Like with less plastic? I want to be better when it comes to taking care of the planet.
Crystal Grace
Crystal Grace 5 months ago
Love you beautiful angelic human!
Paola Toruno
Paola Toruno 5 months ago
Also, HALO is amazing. I love it so much. My skin looks soooooo good! I definitely recommend if someone is unsure about purchasing. Its worth it.
Paola Toruno
Paola Toruno 5 months ago
LMAO the moaning.... low key made me uncomfortable but made me laugh at the same time.
Victoria McCoy
Victoria McCoy 5 months ago
Everyone loves gloss bomb, but I’ve tried it on and the smell made me nauseous so fast!! I wanna love it so bad lol
Hailey Simmons
Hailey Simmons 5 months ago
Victoria McCoy whats the smell like??
Meredith Hundley
Meredith Hundley 5 months ago
We know why your videos aren't in recommended. we know what's up girl.
Meredith Hundley
Meredith Hundley 5 months ago
Meredith Hundley
Meredith Hundley 5 months ago
Love tori Amos and Kevyn aucoin too!
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