Best Grizz Moments from The Society | Netflix

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The best of Grizz - from his many moments of bravery to his kiss with Sam.
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Best Grizz Moments from The Society | Netflix
When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.


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May 20, 2019




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Comments 1 684
Lea Peace
Lea Peace 22 hours ago
Grizz is too precious
kinda funny
kinda funny Day ago
What a lovely💖💖💖💖💖💖
Carla Guion
Carla Guion 4 days ago
I didn't realize first that grizz is gay because when he comfort allie i feel the connection. I think in season 2 they have build a strongest friendship together, and sam & grizz is the cutest couple ever. 😭❤️
Hello World
Hello World 7 days ago
Grizz is the best character. Disagree with me I DaRe U
Moira Don't
Moira Don't 8 days ago
wright gregson
wright gregson 10 days ago
damn Sam and Grizz are so good together. Sam is a treasure.
TheGav67 22 days ago
I could easily watch a TV series where everyone else disappeared except Grizz & Sam... so they kept growing their own food, read every book they could find... and made love in their newfound relationship & freedom.
Weronika Wójcik
Weronika Wójcik 23 days ago
Grizz is that little cute bean , who hugs you all the time
Laura Araujo
Laura Araujo 26 days ago
Is the actor from Grizz actually gay in real life ?
random person
random person Month ago
I’m so ready for season 2💜🙈🥰
Jaime Aguirre
Jaime Aguirre Month ago
Ugh I where’s my Grizz :/
Erin Stone
Erin Stone Month ago
Jack Mulhern and Netflix stuck gold when they found each other. It's awesome to see a rising actor get his big break
Kacey Bushell
Kacey Bushell Month ago
Even rewatching their first kiss makes me freak out !!!!! Sam and grizz need to be protected at all costs! How is grizz a side character???
destin4u2c6882 Month ago
I hope they show more of them next season
Samantha G
Samantha G Month ago
I love the kiss scene! It’s such a real moment, you can feel all the emotions!
skater girl
skater girl Month ago
“how do you say kiss me” my heart exploded.
Smol Trash Can
Smol Trash Can Month ago
This was great but honestly my fav scene with Grizz is when they arrest dewie (how tf do you even write that) and grizz is like THERE’S NO MORE LEGAL SYSTEM JASON
StewNWT Month ago
I love Grizz’s samurai haircut
Vahneimoi Singsit
Grizz and Sam was the best thing ever like whenever they kiss I'm the happiest
lucien carr
lucien carr 2 months ago
grizz is such a cuddly ass teddy bear like i just wanna hug him and just way too good of a person
Weronika Wójcik
Weronika Wójcik 2 months ago
Grizz is that one guy you have a crush on and it turns out that he's gay, you think is so sweet, but still you have mindfuck and it fckn hurts
Evan Beggs
Evan Beggs 2 months ago
What about when he awkwardly comes out to that girl in his tent while they're ooking for farmland right at the end of the season
Janelle is my Name
Janelle is my Name 2 months ago
Grizz, Sam, Becca, and Cassandra(rip) were the best characters!!!!!!
Raabia S
Raabia S 2 months ago
Why does every show have to push gay relationships in our face? So annoying.
smolterpoint_ 2 months ago
if Grizz and Sam don't get more screen time in season 2 I'm gonna *yeet*
Vitruvius Antarchius
They did him wrong by turning him into a gay.
Letícia Barbosa
Letícia Barbosa 2 months ago
So cuteeeeeee❤😭
Marina Soldo
Marina Soldo 3 months ago
Alice Manero
Alice Manero 3 months ago
I love grizz and sam.. They are soooo cuuute! 😍
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson 3 months ago
If anything happens to Grizz in season 2, Netflix is gonna catch this fade
nerea carrillo
nerea carrillo 3 months ago
No hablo bien el inglés pero hablo fangirl y con eso me sobra
José 3 months ago
Am I the only one who finished watching the series and now is looking everywhere to know if Jack (Grizz) is gay in real life? No one? Just me? Oh well, bye.
Dina Chalmers
Dina Chalmers 3 months ago
I don't know. Don't think so.
Neha P
Neha P 3 months ago
I love how most of these involve sam❤️
Maddie D
Maddie D 3 months ago
Did you mean: anytime he speaks?
Bridget McTiernan
Bridget McTiernan 3 months ago
It’s so cute how in other scenes, Grizz has no problem taking control, but when it comes to him and Sam, he sometimes acts extremely timid.
D A 3 months ago
No one: *Sam and Grizz* Me in my room alone at 2 am: EVERYONE SHUT UP THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART
Phoebe M
Phoebe M 3 months ago
I was absolutely gutted when he turned out to be gay , gutted!!
Emma Kate
Emma Kate 3 months ago
I think this was mis titled. It should be best moments of the most precious couple that must be protected at all costs.
ParxRat 3 months ago
Grizz needs more screen time!
Hey it’s Jay
Hey it’s Jay 3 months ago
I hope grizz has more screen time in season 2, he deserves it so much!!!!
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