Best Grizz Moments from The Society | Netflix

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The best of Grizz - from his many moments of bravery to his kiss with Sam.
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Best Grizz Moments from The Society | Netflix
When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.


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May 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Xxlove_wolvesxX Wolf
I love Sam and grizz together
Pavel Junior Novak
Grizz made this show unforgettable and I‘m just waiting for season 2 to see more of Grizz
Liv Antebi
Liv Antebi 6 days ago
talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.
Mxrshmxllo 6 days ago
But I wanted Grizz ;(
OMB 8 days ago
1:09 that's sound like what Dewey said in Malcolm about God and the ants.
Danazia Crawley
Danazia Crawley 9 days ago
Am I the only one who said “That makes so much sense!” after realizing Grizz was gay? Like it just clicked for me when I found out because of little things he does
Vassilina K
Vassilina K 11 days ago
Am I the only one that ships grizz and Allie even if he is gay?
Vassilina K
Vassilina K 11 days ago
Grizz looks likes damiano from baby I-
Iana Steyaert
Iana Steyaert 13 days ago
I feel like I wanna hug and kiss him forever
mervetutorials x
mervetutorials x 16 days ago
someone tell me when season two is comming out 😩😩
Dzhumanazarov Tilek
Would Grizz be a great mayor?
Joey Griffin
Joey Griffin 21 day ago
does anyone know the soundtrack that plays when they kiss, i've been trying to find it but can't
ImHereee 21 day ago
Grizzam needs more screen time or I'm literally calling the directors of the show and questioning their life decisions
Laughing Gurl
Laughing Gurl 22 days ago
Grizz is better than everyone in this show and no one can change my mind. (except sam maybe).
Eloïse Sinou
Eloïse Sinou 24 days ago
no, but seriously, Grizz must have more text in season two. HE IS JUST THE BEST
Yudis Tety
Yudis Tety 26 days ago
Dear sam,do you like Grizz? Me: yes i do
The Kiddo
The Kiddo Month ago
I think Grizz was way to important for the show than anyone realises. I think he is gonna be main character in s2... My guess is that he is gonna make people realise the truth... so yeah my thought is that is his purpose on show...
Mike Obit
Mike Obit Month ago
sahasra Month ago
sam/sean is so precious and adorable 🥺
Nihal Rissane
Nihal Rissane Month ago
I could almost become transgender so i could go out with Grizz
Faustina Solomon
Sam kind of looks like the male version of Joey King (Elle from kissing booth) and I can't unsee it
Jocelyn Cruz
Jocelyn Cruz Month ago
Tengo que aprender inglés 😑 El mejor beso 😍😘
Federico Juric
Federico Juric Month ago
I love this serie tv♥️🌈
hello lol
hello lol Month ago
highkey wishing i was gwen in episode 10 i won't lie🙈
James Mccourt
James Mccourt Month ago
Upon careful consideration, I still thing the execution was dead wrong, if for no other reason than if (or since) Grizz is to be portrayed -- and so movingly acted -- as sensitive and searching for some truth of the matter, it doesn't suffice that he should vomit and not be able take part, there is no way in which it would not prey on his mind all the while he is courting Sam -- or that it wouldn't trouble Sam as well, reminding him of his brother's brutality and lack of feeling. It's a big hole in the plot, how would they not have mentioned it at all as they drew closer and closer, this not to mention the augmented acting possibilities that they, as a first rate actor team could explore. They really are amazing together, especially in those pauses.
Basikelele Ngqono
That baby is gonna be like: “Hey this is my mom Becca and my dad Sam...oh and my dads boyfriend Grizz”
meh Month ago
Stop saying that Grizz is the most amazing character ever. *I'm tired of liking all the comments*
James Mccourt
James Mccourt Month ago
i guess it must be like being full un to the nech in a shower of roses.
James Mccourt
James Mccourt Month ago
Jack Mulhern has the "suspensory pause" down pat. The other actors should watch how it's done. If his favorite actor is Tom Hanks (good choice) he should also research James Dean, in "East of Eden" and "Rebel Without A Cause." As for Meryl Streep, her acting coach (after Yale) once yelled at the screen, "Play the SCENE, Meryl, don't play the MOOD!" For research in this department, research Faye Dunaway in "Chinatown" and "Barfly" as well as "Bonnie and Clyde" and many others, or to go back beyond his grandmother's day, Bette Davis in "Dark Victory," "Jezebel," "Now, Voyager" and "All About Eve" among ditto.
Seth 2 months ago
i’m always gay, but especially for sam and grizz
jdrews17 2 months ago
It is not healthy the amount of times that I already saw this video WHERE IS MY SECOND SEASON ????? 😭 😭 😭
Grace M
Grace M 2 months ago
Am I the only one who wants Becca to like die just so that Grizz and Sam can like, actually be together? Or maybe for Sam to just tell Grizz that the baby isn't his biologically. I mean, I don't understand why he had to keep that secret from him. 😕
RILEY M 2 months ago
when grizz asked to kiss sam my heart broke a little
BenJ 2 months ago
0:32 you can leave now, it's all you need to see
Whitnee Sand
Whitnee Sand 2 months ago
I’m sorry 5:46 doesn’t nearly cover all of Grizz’s best moments! Not even a little bit
Majeñta TBH
Majeñta TBH 2 months ago
At least him and Sam were on good terms at the end, so we can be in peace till S2😭
Vicki High
Vicki High 2 months ago
Grizz is so friggin' smart! He knows stuff none else knows. But kind, not snooty about it.
Vicki High
Vicki High 2 months ago
no one not none
Dreammaker 2 months ago
We need more Grizz. We need a third season!
Veda Larson
Veda Larson 2 months ago
I love how everyone just completely forgot about Cassandra- I was le shooketh when she died. xP
Z P 2 months ago
Omg what if Netflix put this show, sabrina and the order in the same universe
Chanade Smith
Chanade Smith 2 months ago
Gordie Sam Becca Grizz and Will are all such cutiesss
Hula._. Hoop
Hula._. Hoop 2 months ago
For all you bored grizzam shippers out there I found an entertaining thing to do, go watch a bunch of ship edit comps on RUvid find the time stamps in the comments and some will have Sam and grizz edits 😄
1mikrofonsuz _
1mikrofonsuz _ 2 months ago
Ağğğğ Grizzz çok tatlıı
Sofia Templos
Sofia Templos 2 months ago
im litterally in love with him
Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark
Stan Grizz for clear skin
roopa john
roopa john 2 months ago
Grizz s "how do you say kiss me " line is literally the BEST LINE throughout the entire show
Evan Hample
Evan Hample 2 months ago
Tell me how I knew it when Grizz walked into prom with a green shirt
Esther Okoyen
Esther Okoyen 2 months ago
what about the scenes where he's sharing something he read with someone
kylo kyoki
kylo kyoki 2 months ago
OMG I CAN SEE IN THE FUTURE!! I knew he would kiss him, that he was gay. Wow
kylo kyoki
kylo kyoki Month ago
James Mccourt ikrrr. My witch side got me hehe
James Mccourt
James Mccourt Month ago
You have a very clear crystal ball.
Smol Bean
Smol Bean 2 months ago
The kiss scene never fails to give me butterflies
Caycie Annalise
Caycie Annalise 2 months ago
Oh shit I thought he was straight
gabriel soares
gabriel soares 3 months ago
Its just me that i'm obssesed with him? Kkkkkkakakakakakakkakakakak
Alexis Pedersen
Alexis Pedersen 3 months ago
elektra mc
elektra mc 3 months ago
Omg the best couple ❤️ I hope they will be together in the 2 season!
Shailaija Campbell Parker
Grizz is literally the best person in the entire show.
James Mccourt
James Mccourt Month ago
Let's say Grizz and Sam are, that's why they are so perfectly matched.
James Mccourt
James Mccourt Month ago
It's the writers, the directors, and above all the newcomer actor who makes him so astonishing.
Mia Valdes
Mia Valdes 3 months ago
Omg returning to this after seeing the first season last year and now I remember how much i miss this show! Season 2 better come out soon!
Julia Sawczuk
Julia Sawczuk 3 months ago
Grizz and Sam kiss me : o my fcking God is that Real 😍🤤😍❤️🤤🤪🥵😍🤤🤪😍
Filomena cossa
Filomena cossa 3 months ago
3:39 someone has to have noticed that Sam kissing Grizz while he is standing on his tiptoes I'm screaming 😍😍😍😍❤
Eleanor Kraft
Eleanor Kraft 3 months ago
Grizz is the the most wholesome person on that show if he gets hurt I will actually die
kristen fondue
kristen fondue 3 months ago
Cay !!
Cay !! 2 months ago
kristen fondue, i thought i was the only oneeee 😭😭
Im_a_introvert !
Im_a_introvert ! 3 months ago
Cadence Rush
Cadence Rush 3 months ago
My heart-
Hula._. Hoop
Hula._. Hoop 3 months ago
I love Sam and grizz so much I will probably cry if something happens to them in season 2 they are both so cute
coffeekupp 3 months ago
Grizz and Sam were the ONLY people in this show I thought were 100% good and pure hearted.
Sydney Edwards
Sydney Edwards 3 months ago
Gordie and Kelly say hello
zo_goey ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
zo_goey ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ 3 months ago
Like, the ship is so strong that freaking NETFLIX ships it
evelin radics
evelin radics 3 months ago
i'm on that level of loving them i would watch literally any show if they were in it, especially if together
evelin radics
evelin radics 3 months ago
0:20 the butterflies i get every single time🦋🦋🦋🦋
evelin radics
evelin radics 3 months ago
y'all if grizz and sam dont end up together and live happily ever after i'M THROWING HANDS
Neo 3 months ago
Grizz and Sam were my fave characters!
mari karo
mari karo 3 months ago
Best character 💯
my name is not even Luise for real
I watched this show now for the third time and that is only because of grizz and sam. Not because they are gay, their characters are just so authentic and lovable! They deserve more screen time for sure!!
James Mccourt
James Mccourt Month ago
Very astute sayinbg Grizz and Sam; without each other they would only suffer.
— ; rosiimilk
— ; rosiimilk 4 months ago
If y’all even dare hurt Sam or Grizz Netflix can catch my chancla
mia_mw_.x 4 months ago
Tram Anh Luong
Tram Anh Luong 4 months ago
i fell in love with grizz in ep 1. Knowing that he is gay, make me love him even more... but it still hurts a bit 😂
Peaca Lim
Peaca Lim 4 months ago
Is he in generally lobing boys ?
Peaca Lim
Peaca Lim 4 months ago
I've a crush on him
Ava Gracie
Ava Gracie 4 months ago
Why is grizz so cute!!! Sam & Grizz forever! If they don’t end up together in season 2 someone’s gonna die on Netflix 😂😂 I’m not joking.
Natalia Ruiz
Natalia Ruiz 4 months ago
when sam hurt grizz. i felt personally attacked that the best person in the show got his heart broken:(
Ju Dste
Ju Dste 4 months ago
I get such a strong Stiles vibe coming from Grizz it makes me so happy! 🥰
Lotte V.
Lotte V. 4 months ago
So glad I'm not the only one with a Grizz obsession
Milomondo 5 months ago
He was pretty much the only character I really liked, I totally hated the glorified protagonist.
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