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I've done a lot of #seveneleven reviews in other countries but I haven't reviewed the 7-eleven in #Singapore so here's my breakfast 7-eleven #mukbang.
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Dec 11, 2019




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Comments 100
Jeremiah Carlos
Jeremiah Carlos 17 hours ago
A Singapore one of my favorite Asian countries
SimplyAsian 18 hours ago
These always give a smile to my face :)
Kasondra Aiyana Graika
I live in the middle of the United states (Kansas) and we don't have any 7/11 just the typical American convenience stores but barely any food mostly just random stuff
LiftyGamez 23 hours ago
IMO only the biryani and the eggs from 7-11 here are good... Though I only eat the eggs with ramen
nothing wrong
nothing wrong 4 days ago
I went to 7/11 so many times I tried all the food there...I got nothing to buy from 7/11 Singapore anymore exept for the drinks
Wudan 5 days ago
Why do I feel your voice change
Hong Ziun
Hong Ziun 6 days ago
we don't have 711 in my country for some reason
Killer Sans
Killer Sans 6 days ago
I live in Singapore that's. Why I watched it lol
Angela 7 days ago
Well usually I just go in 7 eleven for the egg sandwich but now I've got to try that nasi briyani and lava cake
Slushie 7 days ago
frozen coke is in australia and New Zealand
John dale A. Sitchon
That is actually peanut butter
Mel RS
Mel RS 10 days ago
Frozen coke at 7-11? IT'S A SLURPEE!!! He's never heard of a SLURPEE?
Ant Brandon
Ant Brandon 10 days ago
U make me hungry
Blabluble 10 days ago
The hotel workers when they see a 7 11 lava cake is better than theirs: 👁 👄 👁
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 12 days ago
The shit you have to give with so much food that you eat must be very stinky
David Sandusky
David Sandusky 16 days ago
That sauce you spit out looks awful!!! Reminds me of the sludge on that planet that killed Tasha Yar from Star Trek Next Generation !!!
Eyes of Iris
Eyes of Iris 17 days ago
Guys i just remembered. The 4 pcs brownie at 7/11 in SG is freakin Bomb! Expensive but gosh darned moist and soft.
Sadie R. Trego
Sadie R. Trego 17 days ago
Hi Mikey I'm back ohh I missed I love it I had my biggest dumpling binge today ohh my Goddess 😍😋 thank you I watched your dumpling vid ohh maybe had to get some, I was quite surprised with selection we had at our local Asian vege slash mart store ohh so good 🙏🥰🙏👍💐😅👌
Mr Kirai
Mr Kirai 18 days ago
Im laughing dead here😂😂. That ramen supposed to be dry not watery soup. But at least it wont be too spicy then the dry version
mazda rx7
mazda rx7 20 days ago
im from singapore. that maggie pedas giler is the most spicy noodle in singapore .😂
ThomasIsShort 21 day ago
He wants a snack: grabs everything in the store
Faiz legend AZ
Faiz legend AZ 21 day ago
that is not soy sose it is kicap
Faiz legend AZ
Faiz legend AZ 21 day ago
and why are you eating the rice that way we eat with hand
Faiz legend AZ
Faiz legend AZ 21 day ago
and satay is a chiken or meat is on a stick
Faiz legend AZ
Faiz legend AZ 21 day ago
in malaysia that buter chiken call nasi hujan panas
Casual Hobbies
Casual Hobbies 22 days ago
Mike, pls do a video on Singapore HOT POT
Faid Nazir
Faid Nazir 24 days ago
I lived in singapore at thier 7 leven is the best the food are nkown for spicy foof
Deru Tachibana
Deru Tachibana 28 days ago
The 7-11 chicken and hot & spicy instant noodle is the best
Chrispaca 59
Chrispaca 59 29 days ago
He literally picked like the worst stuff from there besides the Briyani and hanjaku eggs.
Cherie Estela Fabular
Im new to this channel and i ended up eating ramen at 12 am coz watching him eat and review the food got me to have some appetite xD
arayelpieitch Month ago
after watching all your 7/11 videos, i conclude that our 7/11 here in the philippines is the worst
Geoffrey Garfein
Watching these makes me super sad about 7-11 in the US......
MrDToast Month ago
Everything you ate beats the 99 cent buttered roll I get every morning from my local 711
Jannat NSR
Jannat NSR Month ago
Maggi ramen aha. Well hot heads is supposed to be spicy that's why it is called *hot heads*
Lauren Silha
Lauren Silha Month ago
I appreciate the niche this guy has settled into on RUvid. It’s refreshing to see his reviews of convenient store foods from around the world, it’s the most local and raw you can possibly get. I fuck with it. The trend of cooking ethnic meals in your own kitchen is overdone, I love this.
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Month ago
I wish we had that in the usa😢😔
Rich Humphrey
Rich Humphrey Month ago
Bomb diggity is definitely at least 25 years away from us, not 10 lol
Li Chang
Li Chang Month ago
“Hainanese chicken rice - the national dish of Singapore" I love that dish but this line just gets me HAHAHA
GachaGamer124 Month ago
Wait, hainanese chicken rice is from Singapore!?!? I thought they are from Malaysia Melaka
PandaOP YT
PandaOP YT Month ago
Indian butter chicken is love we have it every day 😍😍
Crazy Beyblade Gaming Boys
Hi, If you happen to read this you may not feel great due to where you are in life. You feel broken...but you're like a glow stick. It gets broken then its shines. You're going to shine soon.
Siena ST clair
Siena ST clair Month ago
mikey - frozen coke??... laughs in australian
Winbou Zhou
Winbou Zhou Month ago
Balsamic rice lol
Y-HazeBraaH Month ago
I wish we hab a seven eleven here in germany :(
Kane Danaher
Kane Danaher Month ago
You're a good egg... sandwich
azeboogie Month ago
I like how he became happy and energized when he started eating
Kat Rose
Kat Rose Month ago
I’ve been binging this channel for 3 days now and Mike has inspired me to go to my local Asian markets and scavenge for goodies. I wish for nothing more than the US to incorporate Asian 7/11 items and techniques into their stores.
Don Armage
Don Armage Month ago
it stir fry you bitch
Thaddeus Woods
Thaddeus Woods Month ago
“your a good egg sandwich, but not the egg sandwich” Mickey 2019
Ros Skye
Ros Skye Month ago
Try 7/11 in the philipines
TYQ Month ago
The butter chicken briyani is super good
SCΔNDZ 69 Month ago
7eleven in sg is a money scam its like 3x more ex than the local markets lol. i only go there when there is a sale like 1 dollar drinks
An average viewer
Eating while watching
Timothy Chan
Timothy Chan Month ago
What I would give to know what a cashier thinks when they see Mikey come in to 7-11 when it's still dark out and buy a whole feast
Mel Vinegar
Mel Vinegar Month ago
The best food you can get in Singapore is the one you dabao from Malaysia 🙂
Jet Axis2.0
Jet Axis2.0 Month ago
You kinda look like Jackie Chan
Iquirk J
Iquirk J Month ago
Me: what that toungue do Mike: 7:36
Thuddy Waters
Thuddy Waters Month ago
4:51 Balsamic rice? Does it have Basmati vinegar on it?
Spaz 5
Spaz 5 Month ago
Currys not from India
Reoryn Month ago
Filip Month ago
This is a really big breakfast
Dragonmaster 61
Dragonmaster 61 Month ago
Did the sales for the Nasi briyani butter chicken go up(or sold out) after this vid? Any 7-11 manager watching this? Or the lava cake?
VictorizannASMR Month ago
That sausage looks like the fancy wet cat food treats I feed my cats.
Traylove5 2 months ago
I hate eggs 🤮🤮🤢
Aisha ClanClan
Aisha ClanClan 2 months ago
that butter chicken thing looks incredible
Niam Shah
Niam Shah 2 months ago
He rly said balsamic rice
Ben Zheng
Ben Zheng 2 months ago
14:20 that is a sad amount of ramen tbh
Bissemb Celestin
Bissemb Celestin 2 months ago
You look like Jacky Chang... And no... I am not a person who thinks asian people (or people of any race for that matter) look the same. ... You seriously look like Jacky Chang.
Jr 2 fly
Jr 2 fly 2 months ago
singapore: our 711 food isnt that good😔 711 hotdogs from U.S: are you sure about that
Quail Jr. III
Quail Jr. III 2 months ago
Mike: “Ooh pizza bar” Me: “Hot Pocket?”
Maxwell Wong
Maxwell Wong 2 months ago
His voice sounds so deep
SonicSpeed 27
SonicSpeed 27 2 months ago
Holy moly
ScaryIn3D 2 months ago
Fun Fact: Food makes you and people clam down
Blink Lily
Blink Lily 2 months ago
I want to have convenient store mukbang but they won't sell them for me bcuz of age restrictions
notgrblx 2 months ago
you should have tried our singapore mac n cheese
Kookie is my bae
Kookie is my bae 2 months ago
Man I’m jealous that the 7 eleven food in Asia is so good my 7 eleven doesn’t even have that much food it’s mostly chips, candy, drinks, hotdogs and pizza that’s it
Ethan and Manix YT
Ethan and Manix YT 2 months ago
If you could vote who could be a food critic for master chef I will make ♾ alternate accounts to vote for him.
alejandro rohen
alejandro rohen 2 months ago
What's the name of the song at the beginning?
Kmbrly J
Kmbrly J 2 months ago
I thought bomb diggity was like twenty years ago but turns out it came out in the 40's and 50's.
Mark Chai
Mark Chai 2 months ago
I think the maggi is suppose to be dry
Crowns Stephany
Crowns Stephany 2 months ago
Am hungry
TRXTER 2 months ago
Indonesians: Wait, U Guys Have Seven Eleven's?
Gerry GeeGee
Gerry GeeGee 2 months ago
Love your vids Mike but none of the food you taste tested in this video looked/seemed even remotely edible.
Gumbo here
Gumbo here 2 months ago
I imagine this curry everytime i get a pizza at a 711
Brodotron 2 months ago
This guy makes my day
Bernardo Garcia
Bernardo Garcia 2 months ago
Jajaja imagínate que venga a México 😂😂
David Chodúr
David Chodúr 2 months ago
I Just never found a decent instant ramen. You can always taste the chemicals in it .not a natural flavor
anita rahmawati
anita rahmawati 2 months ago
Mie Goreng. Dude the water supposed to be drained! 😂 It shouldve been tasteless when you keep the water.
SteveJL1983 2 months ago
Anyone else burst out laughing when Mike said "mmm I've got a little sausage here"
Jake Chan
Jake Chan 2 months ago
The only comment that we Malaysia and Singapore can stand together and said WITHOUT DOUBT is our 7-ELEVEN SUCKKKKKSSSSSS 🤣
Nathan Zuniga
Nathan Zuniga 2 months ago
6:52 I thought he grabbed from his fridge and threw it out
Tabitha Tate
Tabitha Tate 2 months ago
Mike: "blindfold me an........" Video: MACY'S ONEDAY SALE!!!! Me: "stahp!!!!! I am trying to watch a Chinese American man eat 7-eleven in the middle of the night!
MissesPitty 。
MissesPitty 。 2 months ago
did his voice change?
Krunex Nexus Kronos
Krunex Nexus Kronos 2 months ago
Oh mama
Helluh sama
Helluh sama 3 months ago
I just love seeing ur reactions when u eat 😔💕
Christiane Will
Christiane Will 3 months ago
So sad that there is no 7-11 in Germany
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong 3 months ago
2:25 prime rib delicious
Nurin Nurin
Nurin Nurin 3 months ago
Nurin Nurin
Nurin Nurin 3 months ago
I agree i myself love the briyani and this is how many singaporean are watching your video | | |
Always Watching
Always Watching 3 months ago
I think “ bomb digity” is from the 70s not 2 years ago
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