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2020 has been a hard year for all of us. Luckily, it's over halfway done! Which is why we are incredibly stoked to give you a HUGE compilation of The Best Fails of the Year (So Far)! Enjoy! If you've wondered where The Fails of the Week's have gone, you can watch them at www.FailArmy.com!
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Jul 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Regelos 5 hours ago
I feel for the guy with the mcdonalds and tripping. I know that anger and while it may be embarrassment and anger at wasting money its largely frustration at having to carry all that crap alone.
Marco Fernandez
Marco Fernandez 10 hours ago
4:46 and that's why you dont buy delayed water it just explodes
Mariano Escribal
Mariano Escribal 13 hours ago
Most of these people should be thankful Bill Burr isn't president.
Drevonte James
Drevonte James 13 hours ago
This too hilarious🤣🤣
Ali S Dayoub
Ali S Dayoub 16 hours ago
2:16 ah of the year .
Asylum81 18 hours ago
@3:50 Diving into 2021
Educated Psycho
Educated Psycho 22 hours ago
Poor guy at 6:03 that’s some real pain
Failure Squad
maree singh
maree singh Day ago
AND Yeah it's nooooot
maree singh
maree singh Day ago
Yeah I like this shit so much he looks drunk that tsunami is creepy and thaaats all
Matthew Gibson
Imma gonna have to ask you to leave..
Man that Golf fail made me laugh so much man. So stupid, I cried.
Bartold Day ago
3:01 crying xD
Kilian Blank
Kilian Blank Day ago
The year 2020 was fail enough
mustafa ahmad
mustafa ahmad 2 days ago
all in the family
Prosper Kings
Prosper Kings 2 days ago
The guy with the tape so funny
Feli gamer 7924
Feli gamer 7924 2 days ago
6:47 "ETE SECH"
A Non
A Non 2 days ago
He was asked to leave because he didn’t have a shirt anymore and there was another guy that walked by with no shirt or pants? LOL
Mikey Alexander
Mikey Alexander 2 days ago
0:30 Who else flung back??😂
Hashpotato 2 days ago
My face watching this🗿.
Big Ray
Big Ray 2 days ago
When aliens invade, we'll go extinct.
Jake Hughes
Jake Hughes 2 days ago
That last clip in the zoom meeting made me physically throw up from laughing.
Hitler - Senpai
Hitler - Senpai 3 days ago
0:31 its not a fail , its the ultimate goal
5:56 When life wants you to laugh a little
Selvin Duque
Selvin Duque 3 days ago
9.50 guy deserves a slap for talking to his mom like that
Danny Liang Animations
5:57 you can still eat that 😂
James brooks
James brooks 4 days ago
camodo gaming
Θοδωρης Θεοδωριδης
The first one is the best of all time😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vinod Singh
Vinod Singh 4 days ago
I haven't seen single person wearing mask . How my generation is gonna believe it's was the worst year,,,
brynnus 4 days ago
Bloke that tore tape off his eyebrow... what was he trying to do?
Cheeze It
Cheeze It 4 days ago
4:18 where’s my Malibu Barbie beach house I asked for?
The Dark Phoenix
The Dark Phoenix 4 days ago
Everybody do the Flop 2:02
TheRealMcCoy 4 days ago
'Mr. Andrews, can you please put on your shirt?' "I ain't go no other one, Sir"😆😆😆
Milo Milo
Milo Milo 4 days ago
2:16 i love it HAHAHAHHAHA😂😂😂😂
Dino Benelli
Dino Benelli 4 days ago
3:39 the ''im lesbo but i dont want to be too obvious''
Cloudy Maui
Cloudy Maui 5 days ago
4:18 ❤️🍭💖
Chicken Man
Chicken Man 5 days ago
4:23 girl hating Santa for putting her on the naughty list
Brea Carlson
Brea Carlson 5 days ago
The year 2020 has been a whole fail.
Jenifer Damke
Jenifer Damke 5 days ago
5:48 i just hate this guy now
Greg Downer
Greg Downer 5 days ago
Omfg that’s one of the nelk guys at the end of the video joining that class online. I have not watched their videos in a while I’m gonna have to go look for that. LOL
Deacon Marlin
Deacon Marlin 5 days ago
aha lol
Butterfly is a masterpiece
Dude, dont eat mcdonalds. I worked part time before at mcdonalds, the kitchen dirty as shit. no joke
Simply Different
Simply Different 5 days ago
1:27 Hahaha she loves spanking :P. 2:45 Haha how we get sleepy heads not aware of things xD 5:12 Whahaha XD. Is there a compilation about this? 5:49 What is funny about that? :/ 9:00 I love her laughing part xD And fuck fishermen, fuck animal cruelty.
Victoria Relámpago
3:15, the asians, africans and southamericans are gonna eat us alive if there is a war. The west is pretty much done.
cod demo
cod demo 6 days ago
the last one is NELK.
paras jaiswal
paras jaiswal 6 days ago
Well year 2020 is a fail
Alfonso Nahuat
Alfonso Nahuat 6 days ago
le type qui fait tomber le macdo, je ressens sa rage
wafeeq ahmed
wafeeq ahmed 6 days ago
Puzzle guys a sav
TwiddyBolt 6 days ago
5:47 This one is just cruel. It isn't funny at all.
Tom Deglmann
Tom Deglmann 6 days ago
Its 2020 stop posting cell phone videos that are vertical ...
carlos fuentes maldonado
Vídeos estupendos
Vanamayya Gummalla
1:29 let's crack it
Newbie here sending my support to ur channel...see you around? I hope I can learn a lot here to ur channel..i love it the way u make funny videos.. I hope we can be friends?God bless
Matthew Maciosek
Matthew Maciosek 7 days ago
I like how I got a grubhub add right after the uber eats guy tried to jump the road barrier
ROGZ MODZ 7 days ago
Pour mcdonalds. Wasnt its fault
Mike Russell
Mike Russell 7 days ago
what the hell was this video ? the lamest shit ever. whtat the hell happened to this channel ? it used to be funny but now it's cringe AF
Simeon Mladenov
Simeon Mladenov 7 days ago
2:14 he's better off removing the other one as well, 😛😆👍🙈
isis jung
isis jung 7 days ago
5:05 só o brasil msm
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez 7 days ago
1:12 far shamed 1000% IN FRONT of the other shirtless dude he was asked to leave. Thats fd up
Urahara Mitchell
Urahara Mitchell 8 days ago
That bucket prank would give some of us an existential crisis.
Demetrius Johan
Demetrius Johan 8 days ago
Romans chapter 10 verse nine if you declare with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead the Bible says you will be saved Jesus loves u Any prayer request put in comments
Deshawn Thomas
Deshawn Thomas 8 days ago
4:18 santa didnt get her what she wanted now she is pissed
Epic Rage Gaming
Epic Rage Gaming 8 days ago
yo none of those drinks spilled and most of that mcD's was good wtf?
YRN GAMING 8 days ago
Chronicles of a fallen queen Revenge of the fallen queen Anna the fallen queen Whitxh sounds better🤣
MrLossFTW 8 days ago
8:17 Best Reaction 🤣
David Moctezuma
David Moctezuma 8 days ago
8:54 brooo I can’t get enough of this😂😂😂😂😂
õkami andrea
õkami andrea 8 days ago
idk if it´s my anxiety overthinking or people are just dumb but most of these fails could´ve been prevented. Makes me hella frustrated and glad they get hurt or sum hahaha
Al-Amin Priyo
Al-Amin Priyo 8 days ago
ZALGO 9 days ago
0:36 task failed successfully
Prateek Srivastava
That last clip just made me angry. I hate such people.
Maxzeema Faith
Maxzeema Faith 9 days ago
5:33 That was fucked up... I genuinely feel bad for her... 3 weeks of doing this puzzle and you throw it off the table as a Joke? All of the emotions, trials and tribulations I've been through and this is what you do? Now perhaps, it's time to die... 5:56 I take it back what I said before I Genuinely and whole heartedly am distraught for this man...
charlie chollet
charlie chollet 9 days ago
8,13 😂
Rachel Keee
Rachel Keee 9 days ago
2020 itself is a fail
Joel Coward
Joel Coward 9 days ago
6:02 I felt that in my soul
fenderfan85 9 days ago
I honestly felt bad for the dude that dropped all the mcdonalds food.
Buddy Kane
Buddy Kane 10 days ago
6:00 - it wasnt that bad until he threw his little temper tantrum and ruined literally everything. pathetic.
Kalk 10 days ago
The first guy wasn't expecting goop to fly into his ear that early in the day.
Tsunami Jani
Tsunami Jani 10 days ago
8:20 Faces of Near Death...
Tsunami Jani
Tsunami Jani 10 days ago
6:40 The wall was already broken tho -_-
Mad Skull
Mad Skull 10 days ago
1:39 R.I.P 😂😂😂
Eugene Milchenko
Eugene Milchenko 10 days ago
It's sad how stupid people are.
Satan's Butthole
Satan's Butthole 10 days ago
0:38 that's not a fail, that was impressive
Ruhaan arsal
Ruhaan arsal 11 days ago
Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 0:47
True Gadite
True Gadite 11 days ago
The dude with his food on the steps 🤣
WovaGTS KevlarCarbonPerformance
3:03 fake sound
Adrian Gomez
Adrian Gomez 11 days ago
Sorry but been looking through all your vids and you have a lot of the same reused videos. You need new content.
Biden Is Braindead
Biden Is Braindead 11 days ago
This video is proof that if an asteroid took the planet out tomorrow, we wouldn't be missed in the universe....useless.
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 11 days ago
2:02 too satisfying
0:26 at least the alligator gets a free phone
Mariam Ahmad
Mariam Ahmad 11 days ago
jeff dunham
The d6 of fate
The d6 of fate 11 days ago
5:11 do NOT do this. You can bet every clip you see of it is staged.
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher 12 days ago
7:19 Seeing a chubby bearded bald dark plushie man makes my eyes feel better after seeing my mother's humoungous fibrous dump in the toilet she forgot to flush. Thanks for providing the eye bleach. Chubby bearded bald guys have a special place in my heart.
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher 12 days ago
6:45 You are entering a drunken basketball party. Please set your watches to November 30, 1979.
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher 12 days ago
4:09 Popping water balloons with lit cigarettes is more fun if the water is not burned already. Oh the humanity. 8:17 Samurai tai-chi staff form, and Phantom Of The Opera show business were invented before electric light fixtures were popular therefore it's not fully synchronized with the L.A.R.P. setting...but just because it isn't fictitious doesn't mean it also isn't real. Martial arts and electric lighting doesn't mix.
Max Baumgartner
Max Baumgartner 12 days ago
The best fail of 2020 has undoubtedly been 2020 itself. May it forever be remembered as such.
Coluurs 12 days ago
5:59 dood the food is still savable wtf
Kim Kasdo
Kim Kasdo 12 days ago
Half of these are stupid acts. Not fails. Just cheesy acting...
Alexis Guillen
Alexis Guillen 12 days ago
All that admirable fun and hard work for this 8:55. Life is funny like that sometimes.
Abel Khan
Abel Khan 12 days ago
2:30 that's the dirtiest camera lens I've ever seen
Ian Mason
Ian Mason 12 days ago
7:10 pls explain wtf is the fail lmao
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher 11 days ago
Oversized load...it would be more of a fail if they were filming and the cops showed up...
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