Best Fails of the Week: The Eagles Are Champs!! (February 2018) | FailArmy

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The best Fails of the Week are here and we've got an awesome fresh batch for you to gobble up. We've got a rubix cube champ failing, a guy who can't chop wood and an Eagles fan who missed out on the train! Let us know your favorite below, and please smash the subscribe button.
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Guy Falls Into Ocean When Rope Snaps from Boat goo.gl/ibNMXZ
Guy Tries to Climb up Salmon Ladder goo.gl/AMSVT5
Guy Kicks Ceiling While Doing Martial Arts Trick
Guy Slips on Porch While Playing With Dog
Toddler Flies Drone Into Aunt's Hair
Baby Falls off Sled and Faceplants Snow goo.gl/Ervvpt
Woman Falls While Roller Skating Indoors goo.gl/tzEV6N
Umbrella Canopy Falls off From Shaft goo.gl/rq5FW3
Downhill Skateboarder Slips off Board goo.gl/vo2y8H
Kid Faceplants Snow After Jumping Ramp With Sled goo.gl/ysqMpS
Multiple Mountain Bikers Crash on Difficult Corner goo.gl/8EdbQh
Cat Attacks Girls Face During Selfie
Girl Mispronounces Laundry Detergent Name
Motorcyclist Crashes Into Car and Flies in the Air goo.gl/Ds6C3P
Guy Falls off Lamp While Recreating Animation Studio Intro goo.gl/S3iESN
Dog Smiles and Wags Tail Next to "Beware Dog" Sign goo.gl/Lw7swY
Car Pulled out of Ditch Slides Straight Into Opposite Ditch
Guy Falls on Sand While Attempting Backflip goo.gl/2pV2uj
Guy Breaks Axe While Attempting to Chop Wood goo.gl/KtWDz9
Cliff Diver Belly Flops Into Water goo.gl/oQMeAs
Guy Drops Coffee Pot Lid in Mug goo.gl/Z5fVdA
Lady Rides Airport Baggage Carousel
Woman Faceplants While Going Down Slide
Football Fan Runs Into Pillar While Chasing Train goo.gl/FvMJK2
Woman Throws Flaming Pot Into Pool goo.gl/21SMA9
Homemade Bow Explodes in Guy's Hands goo.gl/CFTyzU
Snowboarder Fails to Perform Jump During Group Stunt goo.gl/T32qJu
Guy Crashes While Doing Jump on Minibike goo.gl/E3yLzv
Parrot Bites Guy's Ear
Guy Falls During Cyr Wheel Training goo.gl/bK3DGr
Kid Tries to Jump on Moving Sled goo.gl/VKi5Kv
Woman Falls While Salsa Dancing goo.gl/BQdvvx
Movers Drop and Break Wardrobe
Mini Drone Accidentally Flies Into Woman's Hair goo.gl/msSx5x
Guy Tries to Do Parkour Stunts on Tree
Guy Tips Over Kayak
Baby Falls off Playground Bridge
Guy Falls off Horse During Traditional Festival
Boy Gets Dizzy at the Playground
Kid's Puzzle Cube Falls Apart During Challenge goo.gl/Jstqmx
Best Fails of the Week: The Eagles Are Champs!! (February 2018) | FailArmy
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Feb 9, 2018

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Comments 1 527
EmpireFall Hour ago
look at all these white folk having fun
Denis Brennan
Denis Brennan 2 days ago
The scooter rider was a real bright spark!!!
Denis Brennan
Denis Brennan 2 days ago
What a dumbo with the axe!!!
NOAH DIAZ 3 days ago
1:43 *that moment when you realize, You grabbed the wrong axe...*
Hoseok_ Bts_1994
Hoseok_ Bts_1994 4 days ago
Danny Roybol
Danny Roybol 4 days ago
The smiily dog TOPS
Böser Wolf'i
Böser Wolf'i 9 days ago
Not good! Boring shit
JJ LOSANTOS7 12 days ago
2:15 Alcoi..........
Gregg Kemp
Gregg Kemp 14 days ago
Why isn't Hillary Clinton in prison?
Nova 15 days ago
4:25 did not see that coming xD
EK HN 18 days ago
03:22 hahahaha
Aki Ukonmaanaho
Aki Ukonmaanaho 19 days ago
JAZZZ 21 day ago
4:57 who also wanted to do this as a child? XD
Dinusha K.Perera
Dinusha K.Perera 24 days ago
1:17 that`s not a mother.she didn`t even try to catch the kid
Kasen 25 days ago
beware of dog it gives derpy smiles
Frozen Solstice
Frozen Solstice 26 days ago
You added Kevin hays’s Fail from years ago and put it on the “fails of the week” why? That fail was ancient
Mike Zerker
Mike Zerker 27 days ago
3:24 - cats are such assholes!
Zesty Lion
Zesty Lion Month ago
1:39 To bo posnet xD Slovenian fail
Steel Here
Steel Here Month ago
We should all be thankful the kid in the introduction clip didn't have a gun.
Justin Ansako
Justin Ansako Month ago
Dog trying to be scary
Ritvik Kumar
Ritvik Kumar Month ago
burntheobedient Month ago
Point of the first clip? Dont waste your time on useless skills.
oksanasdad Month ago
A poor understanding of basic physics combined with just being a clutz generally doesn't mix well...
larry aniel
larry aniel Month ago
sKiTzMiCk 69
sKiTzMiCk 69 Month ago
6:03 i would of bashed that stupid kid if he did that to my missus then id bash his parents for buying him that lil drone
Giorgos Giorgatzas
6:12 that girl ♥
HanCrane Month ago
Tidi is tidi. Thatst it.
Just Saying
Just Saying Month ago
This is aweful
anthony carmine
anthony carmine Month ago
some people are very stupid.
Arnoldzik Month ago
1:45 śmieszne jak cholera normalnie dostałem ataku śmiechu i sraczki
jokan rulex
jokan rulex Month ago
ledzeppelin711 Month ago
3:40 two fucking idiots on a boat
Dmitriy Month ago
1:45 Денис Косяков?
Saahil Sheth
Saahil Sheth Month ago
3:15 those ankles got broken
mssnothingness Month ago
1.44 the wood was like bitch Who the fuck u think u is im Shop your ass
Swamp Hawk
Swamp Hawk Month ago
1:39 In Soviet Russia, Log chop axe.
Rapid Month ago
OKUDA Month ago
1:05 SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jy Month ago
I really like your concept ! Every succes begins with a failure
TacticalError Month ago
0:26 Is that Novritsch?
mgmcd1 Month ago
Yeah, spines are overrated. 🧐
Aravind Month ago
0:52 damn bruh! are you in crack?
Dee Ess
Dee Ess Month ago
Nailed it
OtisDriftw0od _
OtisDriftw0od _ Month ago
I gave you a thumbs down
Starguard !
Starguard ! Month ago
I loved the one at 3:21 :D
Thiago de Paula
Thiago de Paula Month ago
2:31 Owwn...
Daniel Weston
Daniel Weston Month ago
2:50 Honda Grom for sale. Adult owned, never abused.
Szyszak Month ago
1:06 she is good looking girl
Beamist Number
Beamist Number Month ago
Go pats
stephen cameron
stephen cameron Month ago
Mari-Aton Jalkanen
2.42 Made in China
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