Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 Plus How To Do Funny Magic Tricks & Slime vs Food Challenge

Collins Key
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Learn how to do the 8 best diy pranks as brother vs brother compete to win a $10,000 prize. Plus funny prank magic tricks and a crazy new Starbucks inspired slime vs real food challenge you need to know how to do!

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Last time brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself competition to make amazing kitchen hacks, test a genius new art challenge game, and create Disney characters like Dumbo out of pancakes. Today’s battle has an epic milk jug prank, the ultimate jelly eggs, a giant edible Apple iPhone, and more! Perfect for pranking your family, friends or classmates at school, these easy and fun tricks use household products like Quaker oats, Blue Diamond almond milk, pancake art bottles, and Elmer’s white glue. It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this entertainment and education life hack tutorial compilation series.


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Twitter: twitter.com/DevanKey
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Ingredients, supplies and tools used:
Surprise Jug
• Orange juice
• Coconut milk
• Balloons
• Shaving cream
Coffee Slime
• Starbucks
• Foam soap
• Opti-Free contact solution
• Clear glue
• Sta Flo
Granola Energy Bar
• Measuring spoon
• Peanut butter
• Honey
• Dates
• Spatula
• Wusthof
• Activated charcoal
• Wilson piping bag
• Parchment wax paper
• Paint brush
Jelly Egg
• Blueberries
• Fruit
• Potion
• Water
• Agar agar powder
Meat Prank
• Pillsbury crust
• Beef
• Onion
• Kroger paper towels
• Garlic
• Paprika
• Morton Salt
• Potato
• Beets
• Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
Cashew Cactus
• Matcha powder
• Bread
• Clay flower planter
• Pretzels
• Sunflower seeds

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Autumn W
Autumn W Hour ago
Keeper squad
TheSteph2426 Hour ago
Keyper Squad 🔑
Rick Cagle
Rick Cagle Hour ago
I like your shirt it says yeet
Tracey Costanzo
Tracey Costanzo 2 hours ago
I have a challenge make a shoes made of clay
Jhasmine Junaidi
Jhasmine Junaidi 2 hours ago
Allee McDowell
Allee McDowell 3 hours ago
I love you Devine
Random Peep
Random Peep 3 hours ago
They didn’t even clean the eggs ;-;;;;
Random Peep
Random Peep 3 hours ago
Keeper squad
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque 3 hours ago
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque 3 hours ago
Sean van den Heever
Edible slime
Phoenix Anderson
Phoenix Anderson 5 hours ago
I thought devon would win.
veer mishra
veer mishra 6 hours ago
I love your video 😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😙😚☺😏😜😝👻💀👦👶🙊💂👷👸🙅🙆🏃💃💪👈👉☝👆👊✊👍👌✋✌💏👋✍👏👐🙌🙏💅👂👚👓
John Williams
John Williams 7 hours ago
you both WIN ok.
logan atkinson
logan atkinson 8 hours ago
deven should
Sandra Moore
Sandra Moore 9 hours ago
Thor-Oskari XD V Laakso
Van u have a live stream
Dawson Rand
Dawson Rand 11 hours ago
When he starts to yeet
Dawson Rand
Dawson Rand 11 hours ago
Look at his neck you'll see something weird
XxPhazer FoxX
XxPhazer FoxX 11 hours ago
Keyper squad
Haason Pires
Haason Pires 11 hours ago
Collins is always slop and speedy but when it comes to something gross looking or tasting he wins that's why half every challenge Devin wins
Ismael Bueno
Ismael Bueno 11 hours ago
Please me
YouTubeTwins 13 hours ago
collins is going to win for sure
Alyssa Werezuk
Alyssa Werezuk 14 hours ago
devan for everything, sorry collin
Winnie Tsou
Winnie Tsou 14 hours ago
Devan should make a RUvid channel Make this blue if you agree 👇🏼
Brittany King
Brittany King 12 hours ago
Yes OMG I competed that on one of his videos OK we are jenouses
XXXcookie GirlXXX
XXXcookie GirlXXX 12 hours ago
Kaila Brooks
Kaila Brooks 14 hours ago
You are the best people ever and you are the best people in the whole world I love you so much
Nancy Castaneda
Nancy Castaneda 14 hours ago
Nancy Castaneda
Nancy Castaneda 14 hours ago
Matthew Gaulden
Matthew Gaulden 14 hours ago
Martyna Drozdowska
Martyna Drozdowska 15 hours ago
Why is devan so energetic
Urumi santos
Urumi santos 15 hours ago
Collin ur coffee bean slime looks like 💩💩💩
Danielle Hamilton
Danielle Hamilton 15 hours ago
i think devin won
AbÿTheDörk XD
AbÿTheDörk XD 16 hours ago
Keyper squad
Gacha studio
Gacha studio 16 hours ago
6:36 😭😢 I'm allergic to honey 🍯
Michael Lowery
Michael Lowery 17 hours ago
Deavin is gonna win
vegan metro
vegan metro 17 hours ago
I know I’m late but good video
gabby dunney
gabby dunney 17 hours ago
I have ocd so when they make a mess it hurts
Danielle Reda
Danielle Reda 17 hours ago
Keeper squad
Unicorn321 Fortnite345
Keeper squad
Amelia Thistlethwaite
I meep you made a mes
Amelia Thistlethwaite
Made a meep
Amelia Thistlethwaite
Yes you can come home to meet
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming 18 hours ago
Do a art challenge
TTV chris
TTV chris 18 hours ago
Keeper squad 😃😃😃
GachaTacolover 5599010937
A+ to Collin for creativity!
Maima D.
Maima D. 19 hours ago
Kelly Nze
Kelly Nze 19 hours ago
Keyper squad
sanyi :D
sanyi :D 19 hours ago
NOOO Mór yeet
Cinnimon _Katty
Cinnimon _Katty 19 hours ago
Keyper squad
Raighne Kotrla
Raighne Kotrla 19 hours ago
who else remembers the Disapearing Girl
Amiah Chimilio
Amiah Chimilio 21 hour ago
Inner circle
Jessica McCloud
Jessica McCloud 21 hour ago
Keeper squad
sammawtus 21 hour ago
I hope Collins wins
Norah Klein
Norah Klein 21 hour ago
devin: "I CAN BARLY HEAR YOU" 8:24
Michele Smith
Michele Smith 22 hours ago
Ban Collin
Pauline Papsite
Pauline Papsite 23 hours ago
Marzapolooza 23 hours ago
I want to go on a date with Deven
Marzapolooza 23 hours ago
Pop this in the FRIDGE and let it FREEZE up
grace slip
grace slip Day ago
KEYPER squad
Kyle Andrew Evangelista
Collins win
Wendy Davies
Wendy Davies Day ago
I think Devine wone
Chetna Khemka
Devan won all the rounds
Nyan WIn
Nyan WIn Day ago
Devan won
Ballet Buddies
Chicken Nugget Man
Keeper squad let’s go you guys are the best ⬇️
Annabelle M.
Annabelle M. Day ago
It's: Worst-sti-sure Not: Worst-stie-stire Or whatever you guys said
Lauren Russell
deven won
Kyle Andrew Evangelista
Make apple slime
Alona Gieber
Alona Gieber Day ago
I’m a bot
I’m a bot Day ago
Manjinder Singh
Can you call Care’s brother words🏆🏅🎖🥇🏵🥈🎗🥉🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Manjinder Singh
Ava Lewy
Ava Lewy Day ago
Devin won
Thomas Ahearne
There really is no point of asking us which one was better
Rowan Geiger
Rowan Geiger Day ago
Devan: no you're crying cause you're gonna lose! Me: get rekt Collins!
Rowan Geiger
Rowan Geiger Day ago
Devan won coffee
sheetal mahey
Keyper squad
Luke O donnell
Deven wins
Luke O donnell
Deven wins
Darren Toh
Darren Toh Day ago
Finn Harrison
Finn Harrison
This how many years you want to be with your family 👇🏻
John Williams
John Williams 7 hours ago
GamingTiger 005
L for loss
Kong Tzingming
Keeper spuad
Tracy Pierce
Tracy Pierce Day ago
Yay devin
mrwayne208 Day ago
Devens won
Eloisa Vinatero
Devin won
alyssa tabor
alyssa tabor Day ago
Samantha Contreras
I think devon won.
Lily Baker
Lily Baker Day ago
Who do y'all think it's going to win Collins: comment Devan: like I know that no one is going to like but whatever 👇😝
The Dark Spirit
I'm not trying to be rude but your coffee looks like it's poop
Matas Matas
Matas Matas Day ago
Dewen won
Gacha_ Wolfie
My name is Samantha
Rodrigo Baltazar
Keeper squad
Bethany's Potatoes
That doesn't look like shaving cream
Chloe Charles
Dear, Collins Try using swim goggles while cutting or cooking with onions. It basically saves lives 👍🏼👍🏼
John Williams
John Williams 7 hours ago
Erin deanne Panlilio
Wow nice 👍
Yvette Ottereyes
Hi Corey
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