Best before dates: How supermarkets tamper with your food (CBC Marketplace)

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Supermarket insiders tell all and share common tricks some grocery stores use to give your favourite foods a second life. Watch more Marketplace videos here: ruvid.net/video/video-0Pi_SugVWbw.html
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Nov 20, 2015




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Comments 80
Demetrius Cottrell
Demetrius Cottrell 8 hours ago
That’s y we must pray over our food and ask God to bless the food and keep it safe
Dunc P
Dunc P 8 hours ago
Humans as a species SUCK!
Olga Ante
Olga Ante 11 hours ago
Hi everyone. One day my boyfriend bought I packed of salon added 🌶 chilli. I always washed the salmo. But that day my boyfriend told me don't wash his piece of salmon but my piece of salmon I washed before cooked and I found that salmon was old because when I washed the salmon broke in a small piece. I told to my boyfriend don't buy any food added something because that is all food. If you want to know the food is old just washed very well in cold water. If the food breaks is old and see clear the colour of food too.
4:36 am I the only person who thinks CBC marketplace has lost part of their credibility when they had bought a cake that already had mold on it?
Dave Hyde
Dave Hyde Day ago
Watch Dr Coleman on RUvid for advice
zombienectar 2 days ago
this makes no sense to me. Meat does not hang long enough before being sold to you. The best meat in the store is the brown looking stuff. It is always on sale. It will be the most tender and have the best flavor . People think it is bad and that meat has to be red to be good. More madness.
bryan woodring
bryan woodring 2 days ago
What about the RATS
bryan woodring
bryan woodring 2 days ago
bryan woodring
bryan woodring 2 days ago
Especially WAL MART
Maisey 2 days ago
This is why Britain shouldn’t buy meats and produce from America!
Ryder 3 days ago
wait i am eating meat while watching
Peter Who?
Peter Who? 3 days ago
You always have the biggest "douche's" running the show and Loblaw's needs to eradicate the filth in the upper management!
A Gourd
A Gourd 3 days ago
If you are able to, you're safer growing and making your own food from scratch as much as possible.
Billy Reynolds
Billy Reynolds 3 days ago
Well is it true or not. I don't ever remember in my 50 years being real sick other than the flu. So It might not be as bad as they make it sound.
Who the hell would cut mold off food and eat it? If you do this you need help! Far king disgusting. I wouldn't eat anything like that and don't eat anything on or after the best before date. Disgusting. The guy she questioned at the end is a twat! This happens and I know it happens so do many others. How can he say it doesn't when there are so many eye witnesses? Has he ever worked in these places? I seriously doubt it.
BurstingColors 4 days ago
ugh this is so messed up! everytime we buy strawberries, they get all fuzzy within a week!!!
Unni Håvås
Unni Håvås 4 days ago
Not sure if that is common in America, but in the store I work in in Norway, we would never do that. I don't even think anyone would have thought that anyone would do that.
kattzzzfl 4 days ago
Food Lion used to bleach their meat back in the day when I had no choice but to shop there...in N.C./S.C. about 1990
Nettie Reynolds
Nettie Reynolds 4 days ago
I used to buy packets of chicken pieces fresh chicken separately wrapped in bag from M@S I forget the amount of times after opening it .it stank and took it back the lady on 2and time I took it back she opened a bag!! Then another and another told me they seriously will change thier supplier well happened again so after no sorry just offer of replacement bag I had my money back I spotted an elderly ladies in que with a bag I suggested she opened it and smell the chicken pieces as long date on it she did but what was worse I could smell it as she opened it but she had no sence of smell this lady like myself would have used 1 and put th rest into freezer for another day the manageress was annoyed but I was happy as I saved that dear lady from food poisening
Nettie Reynolds
Nettie Reynolds 4 days ago
God they have been doing this for years
Melissa Davis
Melissa Davis 4 days ago
Worked in meat department True Story It’s common practice to rewrap with new dates...
Debbie Rabe
Debbie Rabe 4 days ago
Shoulda called the health dept. And reported anonymously. So thats B.S.
Huchen Courouleau
Absolutely gross
x moss
x moss 5 days ago
try that in Australia and you go straight to jail.
Kelvin Lythcott
Kelvin Lythcott 5 days ago
Some people don't know about this it is incorrect😠😠😠😠😠😖😖☠😤😑😑😑
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 5 days ago
Katie Mcguires bake shop in the 90s. scrape out old pie filling and use it to mix into the muffins after the pie was molded
Gilo Gaming
Gilo Gaming 5 days ago
I wonder how many of the whistle blowers were disgruntled employees
Enigma 5 days ago
That is why cook your own food, if you can't grow it.....then please at least cook it.
Zxevia12Lk 5 days ago
If I worked in those food areas, I would be sick and not buy these items that I know have been tampered. I would definitely go undercover and report that and let people know about it where I live so they don't waste their money on these foods.
Zxevia12Lk 5 days ago
I feel like there should be security camera with sound recording what people do in all food areas of the stores in order to regulate fresh food that's safe and not expired. They need to better regulated weekly in these foods instead of tampering. I'm just wondering, people are wasting their money to buy expired, unhealthy meats.
JohnLoydon 5 days ago
I like food past the date - it is the best
dolofonos 5 days ago
Trust the scientist--before eating expired food, he looked like Brad Pitt.
Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa 6 days ago
I ate a can of tuna that expired 1 year ago, I'm still here 😁
Ibodat RIZAEVA 6 days ago
That's why covid-19 🤐
Kenneth Laster
Kenneth Laster 6 days ago
Yea it's happening more and more in the States also. I see bad food with every visit to the stores. Without naming them, I'm growing my own now.
Μιχάλης Κ
This damn music is more dangerous than spoiled food.
c7042 6 days ago
I like home cultured kefir and yogurt. I want a lot of bacteria in my milk.Sour milk. mmmmmmmmgood! BTW, never found a sell by date on yogurt. Don't eat it but use it as a starter culture. Never bought store kefir. Never bought. Have milk kefir grains.
Star Sky
Star Sky 6 days ago
Disgusting already
Savaial Addams
Savaial Addams 6 days ago
Wilkes... The body language of the lower in the hierarchy, a well paid stooge doing the same as everyone else below him; fudging the data. Honestly, he is so transparent. A puppet of others who cares nothing for the health of the consumer. He probably has the money for the BEST food that isn't subject to the chain of command. Maybe even shops at Globus, or something.
Holly Fisher
Holly Fisher 6 days ago
My grocery store is always selling foods that are expired and they have a discount table for the ones that people notice are expired. I was looking at tea that was being sold and they had changed the Best Buy date on it. But it was literally so oblivious, they cut out a part of labor and sloppily glued on a new Best Buy date!
thenerdnetwork 7 days ago
This video is insanely misleading. I was kinda grossed out... but then I started watching closer, and thinking more. Why didn't they actually buy food from the shelves and have it tested immediately to get real data? I become absolutely confident this was a misleading story at 4:12 when I saw the cake. At 4:19 the cake looks absolutely 100% fine, it then leads into them going to "buy cakes" and then she is at the lab, and she says look at this. This cake is 100% the cake from 4:12 that was completely fine, although now, for some reason, it is covered in mold? I mean... hello? How much time has passed? Also, when they go to the store to buy the cakes... none of the cakes that were in the video at 4:12 are in the case? Is it just stock footage? If you are going in with a hidden camera, why not show you actually buying the cake and what time it was and what date? Then at the lab, show the time... I honestly believe considerable time has passed between when the cake was at 4:12 and where it was at 4:35? I completely understand why the guy wasn't going to contact his member stores at the end, the investigation you did literally proved nothing whatsoever. You had a cake purchased from an unknown date and was in the lab at an unknown date. It also showed meat that wasn't purchased at a store, and listening to some kid say how they did things to prolong the best before date. How about, I don't know... buying the meat and immediately having it tested?
NDK 7 days ago
18:55 Nice clip-on Tie Jim
smitajky 7 days ago
I once bought some bread that was so stale it was inedible. I threw it out. My solution? Never, ever, ever go back to that store again. Such businesses should not be in business. As a comparison "day old" items at my local bakery are more fresh than fresh items at my supermarket and are sold at a very substantial discount.
Momo Momo
Momo Momo 7 days ago
First of all people should stop eating or buying food packages
Eternally Angelic
This is a very small % of stores and food packaging that does this. That being said.. how many people actually got ill an died from this? Not many I'd say if any at all. People don't realize how bad food has to be for you to actually get sick.. The dates on food can actually go months past it and the food is still perfectly fine for most things. People have become so accustomed to the dates and following them, that they don't even know 99% of the food they throw out after its gone past its date is still perfectly good food, which they actually show at the very start. It's literally "BEST BEFORE" that tells you exactly what it means. Best to eat before if you want the best eating experience. Not that it goes bad at that date. Only thing you REALLY need to pay attention to is meat, and even then if you freeze it, you can go well past that best before date if its properly frozen.
Linda McNeil
Linda McNeil 7 days ago
Sugar is bad... sugar with molds, bacteria. Breads are the same way. Buy your meat from a local processor...
420 YEET
420 YEET 7 days ago
don't buy food in Canada. got it
JackMason864 7 days ago
I find this stuff mind boggling. Im a meat cutter and we never do anything like this whatsoever. Anything that has discoloration may get reduced to 50% off depending how it looks if not it'll get take off the shelves and disposed of. Everything we put out is fresh. Dates are never tampered with.
Jamie Pacheco
Jamie Pacheco 8 days ago
They also do this with medication pills just unpack and put a new box with date
Katie Pena
Katie Pena 8 days ago
That's nasty,thank goodness we have a slaughter. house , where you can. get fresh meat.
My Bronco
My Bronco 8 days ago
I worked at one of the largest Grocers in the U.S. for 18 years, I never ever saw dates changed or tampered with, when food was close to best by date it was often reduced for quick sale and then either discarded or donated to a local food bank, this video makes me wonder is this a Canadian Grocery issue, or small independent grocers with little oversight? I also have friends that work at Costco and food safety is a high priority and I never heard of these practices. I did hear about Food Lion re labeling fresh food a number of years ago in the press.
Professor Vlad
Professor Vlad 8 days ago
It's even worse in socialist countries...
Emilia Dyck
Emilia Dyck 8 days ago
just become vegan
Jacquelene Lively
Uncle Sam and all its agencies really do not protect US.
Kim Marie Faber
Kim Marie Faber 8 days ago
Myself and my husband have indoctrinated our five adult children to read and follow the « best before date », now we need to rethink our program.
katrina meadows
katrina meadows 8 days ago
I used to work in a butcher's and the management would tell us to open and reseal with extended dates no more than 5 days so this happens often or we would use it on the sample stand when it was near the date so delli counter meat that's wrapped in store could be up to 5 day past best before I'll always trust frozen more I only worked there for a few months but was changing dates daily felt like I couldn't do anything about it because I needed the job and didn't want to lose it
Chang卓 8 days ago
if you get caught doing such things in Japan, the govt shutdown the entire company down and do a thorough investigation until they are happy, then they'll fine the company with millions of dollars if they wish to reopen, but most of the Japanese people would know not to purchase from them, also Japanese news doesn't seem to have those mosaic things to blur out criminals' face, they even go further and inform people their full name, age, city they live in, occupation... There was a Japanese rice company who got caught mixing regular grade rice into premium grade rice packages to save a buck or 2, the CEO killed himself shortly after cos he was facing public shaming and bankruptcy . While in Taiwan, the same thing happened with rice, but the guy mockingly apologized on screen 14 TIMES, and got 14 WARNINGS.. let's just say each country does things differently.
Beatrice McGill
Beatrice McGill 8 days ago
Tell me about Eggs, what happen with all those expired eggs.
Steve T.
Steve T. 9 days ago
CBC - we need a follow up please.
Kathy McGirt
Kathy McGirt 9 days ago
This is why we need regulations, along with the funds to support them. Your conservative politicians are fighting government regulation to make money off of endangering your health.
Virginia Alonso
Virginia Alonso 9 days ago
And YESSSSSSSSSS people who tamper with dates and meats, should be fired or the supermarket closed
Virginia Alonso
Virginia Alonso 9 days ago
A person who knows how to cook, also know about meat, for example went you buy fish, look in the eyes to see a bright eye, not a blurry eye, you smell it if the odor is to fishy you know its being sitting the for a couple of days or even more, the same is with the meat, the color should be red on ( beef) not dark or paled, with chicken is the same, chicken should be bright yellow(, well the skin) and you can always smell your poultry its nothing wrong with you double checking your provisions after all its your money, supermarkets as well as restaurants they don't want to loose money, so they wash the meat with vinegar and a new sticker, bingo new meat, there is were the smell on products come in.
Purple Ice
Purple Ice 9 days ago
I thought this video gave you tips before a date.
A I 9 days ago
No wonder those cakes taste so bad
Kenneth Pringle
Kenneth Pringle 9 days ago
Corruption is everywhere.....
iSLaND CHiEF 9 days ago
How many people got sick because you evil workers!
iveco555 9 days ago
What is this about, smart people buy food from small specialized stores or directly from producers. The average consumers are to ignorant to care, at least they can afford food, or they be starving like they did most of the history.
Amris Alk
Amris Alk 10 days ago
Nothing like that in Australia 🇦🇺, here before expire date they drop the price soo very fair play
Cédrick Phan Lafrenière
What is that expression "Shut the front door" 🤣😂 We do not say that in Québec
Debbie Rabe
Debbie Rabe 4 days ago
Aka " shut the Fxxk up
M M 10 days ago
This is why the WORLD is coming to a close.
M M 10 days ago
The USDA and others are being eliminated by the government making stores free to be very effective in corruption. Watch what you EAT!!!!!
M M 10 days ago
Those who think the United states is the greatest country of all is insane. The government is corrupt and has a mandate to reduce its population big time. The only thing that makes the United states the greatest is the number of rich people compared to the poor. That's IT!!!!!
Andrew gholami
Andrew gholami 10 days ago
i hope you guys come to HALIFAX NS to investigate some pizza store, i been working there befor pandamic and they serve bad food to costomer its at HALIFAX MUMFORD road, but i cant name the store, i hope you come to investigate it and maybe save some lives
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi 10 days ago
just shop at Costco. they have zero incentive to push old products
ROY FR 10 days ago
Great content from Canada...… And the Presenter cant seem to present without changing outfits every scene...
leigh D
leigh D 10 days ago
Hey, people: YOURE WHAT YOU EAT; you're only as informed as your resources be your own CEO. Stop just buying stuff because it is easy or the, "standard". Mmkay. Byyyee
Mopar Girl
Mopar Girl 10 days ago
I love Marketplace! Panama City Beach, FL 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 🌴✌🌴
leigh D
leigh D 10 days ago
Dude! Whyyy. Cant. Trust. Nothing. Or. Any. Company. I'm officially grossed out
Deni Tristan
Deni Tristan 10 days ago
This is ripp off and fraud . And very endangering . These greedy mf are playing with lives and health . This is one of the reason why I loathe people.
DJ MIXXTHAT 11 days ago
Wow it’s always about the MONEY ALWAYS!!
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