Best Anime Openings Mix #1 (Full Songs)

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Best Anime Openings Mix #1, my first compilation video, hope you enjoyed it!
If you have any song suggestions make sure to put them in the comments below 💬
Spotify - spoti.fi/2N3LBoS
Discord - discord.gg/sfdvzRHkVA
None of the songs and images used in this video belong to me, they all belong to their respective owners.


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Nov 28, 2020




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Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 4 months ago
THE VIDEO GOT UNBLOCKED 🎉! I made a playlist on Spotify with the same songs → spoti.fi/3mezu3U 👇 Timestamps are below 👇 Best Anime Openings Mix #4 is out now! → ruvid.net/video/video-9b4jWytXDmQ.html Link to the pictures used in this video → bit.ly/3aFnxkj Playlist: [00:00:00] 01. Noragami Aragoto OP 1 [00:04:10] 02. Naruto: Shippuden OP 3 [00:07:44] 03. Haikyu!! OP 4 [00:11:45] 04. Kaguya-sama: Love is War OP 2 [00:14:48] 05. Jujutsu Kaisen OP 1 [00:18:26] 06. Rent a Girlfriend OP 1 [00:22:11] 07. Attack on Titan OP 1 [00:27:26] 08. Black Clover OP 10 [00:30:42] 09. Fire Force OP 4 [00:33:46] 10. Tonikaku Kawaii OP 1 [00:37:15] 11. Tokyo Ghoul OP 1 [00:41:12] 12. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 2 [00:45:31] 13. Bunny Girl Senpai OP 1 [00:49:54] 14. Kuroko's Basketball OP 3 [00:54:36] 15. Seven Deadly Sins OP 1 [00:58:19] 16. KonoSuba OP 2 [01:02:52] 17. Akame ga Kill! OP 2 [01:07:42] 18. Oregairu OP 2 [01:12:08] 19. Assasination Classroom OP 4 [01:16:16] 20. Domestic Girlfriend OP 1 [01:20:27] 21. Your Lie in April OP 1 [01:24:37] 22. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations OP 1 [01:29:17] 23. Death Parade OP 1 [01:32:45] 24. One Punch Man OP 1 [01:36:31] 25. Code Geass OP 1 [01:40:08] 26. Gintama OP 13 [01:43:43] 27. Grand Blue OP 1 [01:48:51] 28. Bleach OP 13 [01:52:40] 29. Sword Art Online OP 1 [01:56:47] 30. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou OP 1 [02:01:02] 31. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma OP 5 [02:04:24] 32. Durarara!! OP 2 [02:09:10] 33. Overlord OP 1 [02:13:06] 34. Dororo OP 1 [02:16:43] 35. Re:Zero OP 1 [02:20:59] 36. No Game No Life OP 1 [02:25:40] 37. Violet Evergarden OP 1 [02:30:12] 38. Kill la Kill OP 2 [02:34:41] 39. Steins;Gate OP 1 [02:38:55] 40. Gamers! OP 1 [02:42:13] 41. One Piece OP 5 [02:46:32] 42. Yuri on Ice OP 1 [02:49:41] 43. Blue Exorcist OP 1 [02:53:57] 44. Hunter x Hunter OP 1 I realised that some of the songs I used here are bad quality, some aren't even the full version. If that bothers you, check out the updated video → ruvid.net/video/video-Hz3qbVbjFJc.html
Sarah Ryu
Sarah Ryu Month ago
you're a master, thank you!!
i.crimson.14 Month ago
@Rhyoga Hibiki the @Otaku Beats community is very cool and this guy is proof
Vicente Tapia
Vicente Tapia Month ago
Nagisa Shiota
Nagisa Shiota Month ago
@Rhyoga Hibiki Still, most people won't speak up. I think that's a great quality especially in the virtual world ;)
Nicolás Zuñiga
1:16:15 me encanta este op
Keefe Thompson
Keefe Thompson 2 hours ago
I've been listening to this every day for online its been a vibe
Stergios S
Stergios S 4 hours ago
nice storm 4 bro
Hitler's DaD
Hitler's DaD 8 hours ago
This was a Very Nice Collection That Makes You Remember All The Anime and Its OP Would You mind sharing the wallpapers cause I fell In love with some of them...
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 8 hours ago
The link to the wallpapers are in the pinned comment, some of them will be different because I made another version of this video 😅
Eduardo Perez
I want the sauce But for the art behind Redo by Konomi Suzuki
Brenda 2 days ago
Fruzy 3 days ago
Black Clover OP Always *FIRE!*
707 3 days ago
2:25:40 Hell yeah, glad to see my favorite anime here
Secret 2 days ago
The anime that made me enjoy all the blood in anime, good indeed
707 3 days ago
@Otaku Beats hell yeah man, great compilation by the way
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 3 days ago
Violet Evergarden is a beautiful anime, one of my favorites too 👍
juan manuel alvarez cajiao
bua man, los mejores openings, los disfrute mucho
Uncle Vim
Uncle Vim 4 days ago
idc what anyone says, bumping to anime music while studying/doing hw is the best thing ever.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 hours ago
u can doing homework while listening to such a music when i try it just vibes with the music with no Homework done ._.
icyhottodo 5 days ago
Anime is basically the god of having good opening and ending songs
icyhottodo 2 days ago
@Otaku Beats Oh lol well I'm happy it's unblocked
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 2 days ago
@icyhottodo, your comment made me realise the video got unblocked 😹
icyhottodo 2 days ago
@Secret it wasn't blocked when i was there
Secret 2 days ago
Wait, wasn't this vid blocked 2 days ago?
fred123212 18 days ago
some of these are very nostalgic.
Infamous 19 days ago
Kimetsu no yaiba??, Monogatari???
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 19 days ago
Kimetsu no Yaiba OP is copyrighted, Monogatari OPs are in my other mixes! I'm pretty sure theres one in mix #2 and another one in mix #4 👍
Dark King
Dark King 19 days ago
orgullo otaku :)
Oscar Lua
Oscar Lua 21 day ago
Tokyo Ghoul 🖤
Te-Jay 21 day ago
01:40:08 still the best opening of all time :)
ShadowPePe 21 day ago
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 21 day ago
In my third mix, ruvid.net/video/video-9D2P3hcMSU4.html 👍
Eduardo Puluche
Eduardo Puluche 21 day ago
kiiiminosei, kiminosei kiminosei !!!! xd
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 21 day ago
One of my favorites 🔥😹
Jeydon Lopez
Jeydon Lopez 22 days ago
Grand Blue is a vibe
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 21 day ago
For real, matches the anime's vibe really well
Snudge 22 days ago
Rent a gf op slaps
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 22 days ago
Yea it's 🔥
Kirk dylan Yamio
Kirk dylan Yamio 24 days ago
I love u
Raul Aillapan
Raul Aillapan 24 days ago
fome tu wea, hasta el opening de Dororo,le pusiste saco de wea, manda paypal
misakimei 41
misakimei 41 24 days ago
No mamen falta Dragon Ball eso es infancia >:i
Nicolas 25 days ago
Sos un genio
Vic Arevalo
Vic Arevalo 25 days ago
why is there no katekyo hitman reborn opening?, sorry i know that many dont know that anime but i think the last opening of KHR is really good
Vic Arevalo
Vic Arevalo 25 days ago
@Otaku Beats ty
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 25 days ago
Okay, will check it out and add it to one of my future videos 👍
levi ackerman
levi ackerman 25 days ago
faltaron unos de Boku no hero academia UnU
Talelox Galaxy
Talelox Galaxy 25 days ago
No se si hables español pero este es uno de los mejores mix que he encontrado es el segundo mejor, además este podría superarlo fácilmente porque tiene las openings de muchos animes que me gustan te dejo mi like
Shibito 26 days ago
When i see they add 1st OP of seven deadly sins, that times when it was relatively good anime
Russell Steele
Russell Steele 26 days ago
a few songs in, haven't watched anime or read manga in a long time & about to get back in it this year. Songs are amazing so far. Editing photos to this, thanks my friend!
Israel 27 days ago
Even the start... WAS TOO AWESOME BRO!!
Israel 27 days ago
Thanks for the heart bro!!!
Chean Andrew Galudo
"Tonight we honor the hero!" okay, i know this playlist will be a great, good and best anime openings :>
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats 27 days ago
Yes! Put that song first for a reason 😹😹
salat _
salat _ 28 days ago
I dont care what others say about sao and its plot, but the opening is nostalgic as hell!
André Felipe Santos
Essa musica o começo parece do Scooby Doo skkss de Kaguya Sama
Dolan Playz
Dolan Playz 28 days ago
The picks were so good that I got distracted on my work
Berserker 28 days ago
Best mix I’ve heard hands down !
Kels Kels?
Kels Kels? 29 days ago
alternative title: anime recommendations
Lucas Santos Gomes
Lucas Santos Gomes 29 days ago
29 pontos
고현정 Month ago
Attack on Titan good
TheDariusox Month ago
Me encanta que nadie mencione al op de Domestic na kanojo que es de los mejores xd 1:16:18
Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez Month ago
Me singing along to Liar Mask with depression
Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez 3 days ago
@ZainGone your right say no to depression and yes to happiness :)
ZainGone 21 day ago
depression is not a thing just be happy
Radwan Sadik
Radwan Sadik Month ago
i am responsible for at least 1000 views
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Thanks 😹😹
ㇱ;-;AzuKa Month ago
NoGameNoLife Art source? 2:23.31
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Sorry, I don't have the source. But all the wallpapers can be found here, bit.ly/3aFnxkj 😅
Екатерина Мельниченко
There is a mistake. There is opening 4 from code Geass instead of opening from durarara
Natari-chan Month ago
1:44:04 me morí de la risa al ver la foto que esta a la izquierda XD
Devilicious Team
CarlitosGamer Z
CarlitosGamer Z Month ago
7:46 oprimelo sabes que lo quieres
Braggade Month ago
Mami-chan pog
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Very pog indeed
Nicolás Tello
Nicolás Tello Month ago
What thw fuck is that shit remix of guren no yumiya lmao
Hưng Đào Đức
El Psy Kongroo -Steins;Gate-
Yiruchi -
Yiruchi - Month ago
when the first song popped up i knew it would be a good list, tysm.
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Thanks for watching 👍
Gabriel Baca Saxi
Solo me gustaron 4
Im11 Month ago
y'all I finished the whole video without skipping who else ? XD
animes adaption
animes adaption Month ago
The sulky linen early ban because tailor intradurally license out a grouchy creature. slow, overrated periodical
Tommy Sánchez
Tommy Sánchez Month ago
Shigatsu wa kimi :((
Darkai006 uchiha
[1:43:43] amo ese opening y esa serie
Thiago Feltrin
Thiago Feltrin Month ago
No matter how many years have passed, "Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel" will always make me cry
fbs Month ago
.025% if the people who watched liked
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Probably a little more because a lot of people click on the video multiple times. But yes, not a lot of them liked 🤦‍♀️
kaarism scott
kaarism scott Month ago
just look at they sword on 1:50:00
Ginja Remixes
Ginja Remixes Month ago
The fourth OP for Assassination Classroom always makes me sad... It's a pretty upbeat song, but it reminds me of a better time.
MIRA-SAMA Month ago
idk why i cried when i heard hunter x hunter OP. it's just SO NOSTALGIC
Ok Rubbo
Ok Rubbo Month ago
01:36:31 this opening so nostalgic
Liceo Darío Salas
Soooooo very nice playlist, can't focus on work u.u
Liceo Darío Salas
@Otaku Beats Done! =D
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Thanks! Go do your work 😹😹
sailorsleepy Month ago
Love that you put the Kill la Kill OP here!
MIRA-SAMA Month ago
Hello ! May i ask where did you get the photos in this video? I would like them to be my computer wallpaper...Thank you very much
MIRA-SAMA Month ago
@Otaku Beats Oh..i'm sorry iwas not able to see.. Thank you very much
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
All the wallpapers are in a Google Drive folder, link should be in the pinned comment 📌
Hachem Lejmi
Hachem Lejmi Month ago
Tonikaku Kawaii I like this one
Hachem Lejmi
Hachem Lejmi Month ago
thanks for this
Guillemette Pradier
When I've saw the Jojo opening 2 : Oh ! Let's heard to this playlist :)
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Month ago
2:42:12 Best nostalgic op 😭
Jibossgaming 0
Jibossgaming 0 Month ago
tonikaku kawaii best
kawato 639
kawato 639 Month ago
i cant understand the people who dont like the video
Yunuen Urrusquieta
do more pls you are the best it is great , keep going (:
Steven Plitsch
Steven Plitsch Month ago
I like the list, only thing I got to say is that the 4th Fire Force op is there, but the first one isnt
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
I try not to put 2 OPs from the same anime so OP 1 is in my second mix, ruvid.net/video/video-ZekKCavs1xY.html
stanzin gyatso
stanzin gyatso Month ago
I watched 90 person of anime in this op songs
Long Le
Long Le Month ago
Playing Noragami OP first was a correct move
Carter Clarke
Carter Clarke 12 hours ago
Goose 19 days ago
@Wizardwond86 agreed
The Blue Phoenix
The Blue Phoenix 24 days ago
@Israel אחלה
Sophiette 24 days ago
Israel 27 days ago
Facts bro
miya Month ago
Jaegerrrr!!!! Dı dı dı dııı jaegerrrr!! 💃💃
Aaron Month ago
Ya know I clicked that and I skipped about to the halfway point and it was right at the climax of your lie in April’s OP and I was suddenly like Shit. Depression time
9:13 a Neg-
Nooblible Is best
GRAND BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1:43:40)
Mr.monakoma Month ago
yup it does int
Gamer Luuk Miche
im wathing the seven deadly sins at the moment
Is evanglion OP in this?
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Not in this one, it's in the 2nd mix
Anna Askew
Anna Askew Month ago
omg once I had to wake up really early at like 4am to get on a plane and I set my alarm to play Bluebird and I couldn't sleep that night but I started kinda dozing off then the alarm went off and scared me like heck so now when I hear bluebird it scares me just a bit.
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Miguel Angel Muñoz Serrano
Genial para trabajar inspirado
El Facherito
El Facherito Month ago
kaikai kitan for ever¡¡¡ eve
MemeMMM Month ago
your taste is epic :yaoi-love-heart-emoji:
Its jesus
Its jesus Month ago
why is there a trashcan in the screen during the kaguya arc during 4:14 all the way to 7:36
Станіслав Король
Akame ga Kill both openings
Fairuz Khaidarov
Pablo Acevedo
Pablo Acevedo Month ago
todavía no supero que haya muerto Kaori
RzR tiagodxc
RzR tiagodxc Month ago
falto la animacion y era lo mejor que hubiera visto en youtube
Gabriel Vigil
Gabriel Vigil Month ago
es muy buena lista :3 gracias, puedo hacer tareas agusto
Crazy Yummy Weeb
RX Ewan
RX Ewan Month ago
im listening but am sad mha op 5 isnt on yet
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
My bad, I'll add it to the next one if it doesn't get blocked 👌
Juan Potter
Juan Potter Month ago
i love this playlist pls continue your job
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Ahaha this isn't my job, just doing it for fun! I already uploaded a couple of other playlists so go check them out 👍
Botond Nyitrai
Botond Nyitrai Month ago
I would love to see more gintama! OP 9 and 17 are really good and a lot more, even ones from the movies(not particularly op-s but OSt-s)
Otaku Beats
Otaku Beats Month ago
Thank for watching! OP 9 is in my 2nd mix, ruvid.net/video/video-ZekKCavs1xY.html, it's the last song of the playlist 👍
Mario Month ago
1:54:50 why asuna lookes like a boy
Sebastian Bringas
Good ❤
loki ta
loki ta Month ago
Bloody Stream hit me so hard 😌
arely Month ago
alguien es español 😓
SHINee 샤이니 'Atlantis' MV
Не грусти
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