Best Action Movies English 2019 - New Action Movies - Action Movies Full HD

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Best Action Movies English 2019 - New Action Movies - Action Movies Full HD
Best Action Movies English 2019 - New Action Movies - Action Movies Full HD
Best Action Movies English 2019 - New Action Movies - Action Movies Full HD


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May 9, 2019




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Jr TV 17 days ago
So this movie was a commercial for Nike
T.E. Ross
T.E. Ross 20 days ago
Great movie!
Jewels 27 days ago
Good 🎥
Don Pobre
Don Pobre Month ago
Pota ambobo Lang! mas excited pa akong mahuli kang gaga ka!
Don Pobre
Don Pobre Month ago
Brian Gross
Brian Gross Month ago
Dumbest fucking movie ever. The writer should be shot in her face
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Piece of shit cop, I imagine this goes on quite a bit in corrupt govt America.
Russell Manweller
The helicopter can't hear you but the crazy guys trying to kill you can
Russell Manweller
I can't stand these movies. She should keep on running and not stop, ever, then remembered how to get back. Not put a dirty sock on it. When they say they are going to look near the creek, out loud were she can hear them, instead of hiding and returning to the car later were she can get supplies for fire or make clothes out of the seats and have shelter in the freezing cold, she goes down to the creek were they just said they were going. That's as far as I got so far but I figure she dies at the end.
Achilles E
Achilles E Month ago
Small Town America is very scary!!
Damion Tesla
Damion Tesla Month ago
Peter Griffin was for sure on the other side of the creek.
Soda Pop
Soda Pop Month ago
i hate bullies
Martin Cline
Martin Cline Month ago
All the coolest chicks drive jeeps😍 GPS knew she was driving a jeep, it was a road....for a jeep. Okay until 10:00 stereo typing at its worst.....im out!
wm kyle
wm kyle Month ago
Cute girl. Many flaws the editor should have seen. Typical Blue Ridge Mountain mentality. Worth the watch.
Hany Adel
Hany Adel Month ago
Just block this lair!
Zhong Kui
Zhong Kui Month ago
Yoo where Tom cruise at 😐??
Chai Maa
Chai Maa Month ago
Nice film
Enes Jal
Enes Jal Month ago
Vay arkadas sunun cektigi iskenceye bak!😕
Дом Дома
Дом Дома Month ago
In real life, probably, everything is bought the same way. A poor girl .😢
Johnny Deep
Johnny Deep Month ago
Anyone commenting that this is a good movie should be hung like saddam Hussein by his balls..lol
Johnny Deep
Johnny Deep Month ago
Another Shit Movie not even worth .03 cents.
FABIOLA Kezumo Month ago
What a wonderful movie..u wnt regret with this one...did really enjoyed it...what a brave lady
Гульназ Аукенова
Жақсы фильм 👍. Рақмет
Two Fishes
Two Fishes Month ago
Well, it ain't a Reacher movie, you arrested my attention thru false pretenses... just like a 🐖 in the 60s
Trooperandcooper Ale
Really good movie, Hermione Corfield really made this a good movie. Lowell - Jay Paulson got to shine.
Zhazira Muhambetkalieva
Cool movie 👍👍👍👍
Saudiel Arcos
Saudiel Arcos Month ago
This is exactly why men don’t ask for directions we just keep on driving
It's Reality
It's Reality Month ago
Where is Tom cruise in this movie???
Billy poppins
Billy poppins Month ago
In the closet
Ripley Month ago
I swear, that was Ed Bassmasters TESTI character... same guy ;)
SIMON John Morris
stupid ending
Avae taylor
Avae taylor Month ago
What was that she threw in his face ?
Hamida kabir
Hamida kabir Month ago
This movie on netflix?? What's the name of it?
Spencer Whitsett
Spencer Whitsett 23 days ago
Rust creek
H golden lady
H golden lady Month ago
too much drama
kuku ridwan
kuku ridwan Month ago
Kind of boring.
John Wilson
John Wilson Month ago
Really good movie
John Wilson
John Wilson Month ago
Dammit lady should have twisted something up around that f****** leg right away I don't give a s*** if hillbillies are fuking trailing your ass
Jim Wilkes
Jim Wilkes Month ago
seen already
Dan Zykam
Dan Zykam Month ago
Really? Who uses a map? And gets out in a strange place to look at it on hood? Soooooo last century 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marques Dashoun
Marques Dashoun Month ago
Nice movie
Ruby Lustado
Ruby Lustado Month ago
I don't think this is Tom Cruise movie because the picture is Tom Cruise movie but when you watch it , it doesn't look like it and I didn't see Tom Cruise in this movie
chakrafina casanova
this is why alot of women dont trust men
Volker H
Volker H Month ago
clickbait thumbnail! not edge of tomorrow just a BS B-movie
Anne-Marie Bond
Anne-Marie Bond Month ago
Moral of story plan your journey before you leave and head to some far remote place.
Kim Ta Ru
Kim Ta Ru Month ago
always bring ur phone on your pocket and never trust to stanger👍👍
Nataly Velokova
Nataly Velokova Month ago
She should never have gotten out of the car. Then she should have gotten back in the car as soon as the truck stopped. How stupid!
َأفْدِيٍ رِجَـآلّ اَلْدّيٰـنّ بٍالْدَّمّ
What I know about the Americans that they yearn for all that is new and love the experience and challenge and they are sensed and do not lie in that and many young Americans are creative and lacking only to return to their instinct and they will find it in the religion of God, the only God in this universe The American bears red, blue and white colors that Islam is the true religion
Pockets MacCartney
8/10 *
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah Month ago
Why was she still walking at the end? The state police came to rescue her?????
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah Month ago
How could that deputy be so damn freaking stupid !
Jason Bligh
Jason Bligh Month ago
Glad I got past the first five minutes which annoyed me it was actually a great movie 🍿
drizzle hoc
drizzle hoc Month ago
I watched that movie only because of the Tom cruise thumbnail
Farm Zone
Farm Zone Month ago
free download method ruvid.net/video/video-YC3SJZuWxW0.html free
Abdellah Ezzaky
Abdellah Ezzaky Month ago
I cant believe that, lost many Innocent lives to save one live
Noble Outcast
Noble Outcast Month ago
Innocent? huh?
Pekka Ylönen
Pekka Ylönen Month ago
Is it realistic to make a wind bell from tree class beer bottles at 19 minutes? Do you need a hurricane to make a noise, after that it is meaningless? Maybe someone can calculate or make experiment to prove wind speed and frequency to make beer bottle bells and sell the idea!
Ranya Floor
Ranya Floor Month ago
Good movie
William Anthony Leasure
WoW that was pretty good!
i love this girl she protect by self...
Janet Kerkorian
Janet Kerkorian Month ago
Navaratna Tennekoon
A very Good Family movie , especially for 'Young Girls" self defense and survival.
Daniel Beach
Daniel Beach Month ago
I give that a ten. And the movie a 7
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