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Bernie Sanders responds to Trump's national address

Fox News
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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders delivers remarks after President Trump gave his first Oval Office address to the nation over the situation at the U.S. southern border.
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9 янв 2019

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Комментарии 7 503
Cableguy008 3 дня назад
If this is such a national emergency, why doesn't Bernie and the other democrats simply vote to fund the wall that Trump, the Republicans, and HALF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY want? Seems like a win-win to me. Or could it be he doesn't actually consider this an emergency, but instead a political talking point to try to make Trump bad?
Monica Cameroni
Monica Cameroni 3 дня назад
Yes..It is true that i can not afford healthcare but Obamacare is the problem and yes...it is true that millions are working without permits and how those jobs did not go to americans authorized to work... Really the Dems do not care!! I liked Bernie... but now he showed his true colors..Bye Bye!
Antonio Dalfonso
Antonio Dalfonso 3 дня назад
Bernie Sanders for president 2094 !!
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown 4 дня назад
Bernie Sanders always says the right things.
Tonya Long
Tonya Long 5 дней назад
qanons us watching
Mildly Amusing Channel
Mildly Amusing Channel 5 дней назад
Good on ya Bernie!
npower22 6 дней назад
This guy is such a joke. I love how he talks to his people like there five years old.
Antonio Romo
Antonio Romo 6 дней назад
Mexico will pay for the wall because America will save billions, only in welfare along, Bernie. SAve American lives, and spend less money in jails. Bernie, do you house has a wall? or you sleep with open doors?
Antonio Romo
Antonio Romo 6 дней назад
What are you do Bernie? He is the boss. Now talking for the poor, la la la la, but no for the victims of the open border. Oh! Bernie, I feel pity for you
Paul Wiseman
Paul Wiseman 6 дней назад
Sanders has misused his office to secure a loan for the college his wife was President of, not enough collateral and yet because Sanders was a congressman the loan was secured then defaulted. Sanders actions were illegal yet he's still in Congress his interest are for himself he certainly does not represent his constituents besides he doesn't tell the truth about socialist countries.
Skylar Anne
Skylar Anne 6 дней назад
Bernie would've helped the us so much. It's heartbreaking that we have such a low standard of a person running us into the ground.
tim brandimarte
tim brandimarte 6 дней назад
Yes cuz fox isn't paid for by the government like CNN
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy 7 дней назад
This video is a joke.
LilTrout 7 дней назад
LilTrout 7 дней назад
lol just dont eat lol
scott l
scott l 7 дней назад
Really need to picket Trump properties.
Sioux Zhann
Sioux Zhann 7 дней назад
Full blown socialists need their throats slit.
sluggo 8 дней назад
6 thousand 4 hundred assholes watched bernie awesome
Dan Marine
Dan Marine 8 дней назад
Trump is on the right track. You liberals have lied about the wall for many years. For many years, you never REALLY passed or approved any bill to actually FIX the issue. Trump knows this, and he knows why, as we all do. At least sane minded Americans anyway. BUILD THE WALL!!
Jessica Pete
Jessica Pete 8 дней назад
Go Bernie! From navajo nation
I’m Jeffrey
I’m Jeffrey 8 дней назад
I’ve always asked why Vermont, Bernie Sanders home state, doesn’t decide to bulldoze 100,000+ acres, then build 20,000, 40,000 or many more homes for immigrants, this would also include supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc to help sustain all the new immigrants moving in. This goes for Boulder, Co, and other states and cities that have room. Anyone?
Eriqqus Browun
Eriqqus Browun 9 дней назад
Night 🌒 Mid 🌙 Night TWI🌑NIGHT
Roo 9 дней назад
OliverMiles 9 дней назад
I guess FOX news let's the truth slip out every now and then
boi Stevens
boi Stevens 9 дней назад
Bernie 2020
Arctic Fox Gaming
Arctic Fox Gaming 9 дней назад
I would understand that the illegal immigration is a problem, but it should be dealt in a way that would drown the US in more debt. Money should be spent on education, clean energy, better roads, providing more opportunities, reducing the carbon footprint, clean the ocean. The lack of education is the main reason why one extreme side acts like a hive mind and the other is sensitive that needs safe spaces from anything like opinions.
thai 9 дней назад
Child trafficking, drugs, invading by illegal aliens is a real crisis, how many Americans live cut short by illegal invaders, democratic got voted power by illegal aliens so they care and protected more illegal aliens, 259 billions yearly for illegal aliens.
Ja Biezel
Ja Biezel 9 дней назад
Twice he mentions people who are being directly affected and twice he failed to mention those who he should have highlighted the most. This whole idiotic ordeal had to do (at least according to the hippopotusmus) with border security, and yet the border patrol are among those who are being affected by this shutdown. Not only that, Border Patrol and Security Agents, and over 150,000 other federal workers have filled a lawsuit against the administration for not only forcing work without pay, but also expecting them to work overtime as well.
Gia S
Gia S 9 дней назад
Bernie Sanders has never worked an Honest day in his Life. The guy is Parasite living off the Taxpayer's of a Country he hates and wants to make a Socialist Utopia. Socialism is a Failed Ideology, look at Venezuela etc
Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg 6 дней назад
Gia S Bernie isn’t a socialist. He is a social democrat. A better example of his ideology in practice is Sweeden, Norway, Denmark, etc.
weedle151 9 дней назад
'Ol Bernie is layin it on thick... Those who have at least half a brain know the berns propaganda and fear mongering lies.... And he's wading over waist deep in his demonicRat lying propaganda....
Cire 22
Cire 22 9 дней назад
Better dead than red.
misopaste27 10 дней назад
Now that’s an address.
Sutham Panatkool
Sutham Panatkool 10 дней назад
Bernie 2020!
Dawn Courtney-Reed
Dawn Courtney-Reed 10 дней назад
If walls dont work Sanders tear down your wall and tear down the 600 miles of wall that are up in California
William Felix
William Felix 10 дней назад
Embarrassing the usa is going through this
Carlo Santana
Carlo Santana 10 дней назад
Hard to believe FOX actually posted this!! Are they starting to feel the Bern!
Bryan Plested
Bryan Plested 10 дней назад
Bernie for 2020! Even Fox News is getting fed up with Trumps BS, much respect to Fox News for posting this.
BunnyBlue502 10 дней назад
Impeach Trump!!!!
Gine Reichenberg
Gine Reichenberg 10 дней назад
Bernie go to bed
Angel Fernandez
Angel Fernandez 10 дней назад
Lets keep our shitty government closed for ever. May the strong survive
MetalGearMk3 10 дней назад
Federal workers are leeches, keep the government shutdown, thank you Trump!
first last
first last 10 дней назад
If Trunp repeats stats he is creating fear... If anyone else does it, it's considered a response
Gid 10 дней назад
Trump is just doing literally whatever he can to deliver on an impossible promise
B Q 10 дней назад
Bernie yea it’s fkd up but this is what America wanted they all did vote for him smh....Bernie for President
HotPurple-Red DJ
HotPurple-Red DJ 10 дней назад
Republicans are getting corner with this shutdown and concern economy 😎
Ric Babboth
Ric Babboth 10 дней назад
Turd head Sanders! Ready for the grave.
Joshua Morin
Joshua Morin 10 дней назад
If you watch these recent political videos about the shutdown you will notice the huge divide in our “public” opinion. Half the country agrees with trump and half agrees with the dems. Very interesting times :)
killintime 24/7
killintime 24/7 10 дней назад
If you can't run your corporation within your budget. Find another form of employment! 🌎 for sale . No mention of why the government was going to close. This is all about raising the debt ceiling! More debt for the children !
Rudolph Sturling
Rudolph Sturling 10 дней назад
who brings a child into this world with $100 in the bank? smh. that isnt trumps fault you have $100 in your bank account.
Awas 10 дней назад
Thank U....Mr . B Sanders for the Love of our Flag 🙌🙆😊
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