Bernie Sanders responds to Mike Bloomberg's dig about Russia

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Bernie Sanders responded to Mike Bloomberg's claim that Vladimir Putin wants him to be the Democratic nominee so that President Trump will be reelected. Senator Sanders said he would not allow Russia to interfere with the 2020 election.




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Comments 80
Mexicano 213
Mexicano 213 Month ago
Bernie Sanders looks more like a teacher to me
geokid 2848
geokid 2848 Month ago
I believe in you Bernie! Hope you win Massachusetts!!!!!
Cypra [キプラ]
Hi, I am from Russia and I am not sure if our country is doing these things, but if we are, I would like to apologize for the immature actions of my country.
Fred Langone
Fred Langone Month ago
Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Mike Bloomburg is a Clown in a suit. Joe Biden is Sleepy and has Altzheimers illness. Warren is fake and a Liar. Guess the only vote would be for Mini Mike, The Clown wins...
Terry Month ago
It’s strange that Sander’s response sounds more like a promise to Putin that he won’t have to interfere, rather than a threat that he won’t be allowed to interfere.
Friedrich Hayek
Friedrich Hayek Month ago
Sanders logic =greed is what is wrong with America, no give me all your money in taxes
emilio palac
emilio palac Month ago
Crazy sanders. Trump better. Talk too much about nothing. Agenda no doable.
Russian Badass
Russian Badass Month ago
I lost brain cells by hearing Bernies stupidity
Titus Bingaman
Titus Bingaman Month ago
Mike Bloomberg is a liar
Andi Dang
Andi Dang Month ago
Mark Yarton
Mark Yarton Month ago
crazy old man
LWRC Month ago
Bloomberg is more moderate than Sanders as he called out Sanders in the last debate. I don't agree with anything the democrats are pushing as it will end in disaster just like what we've suffered in the Oturd years.
hultonclint Month ago
Bernie thinks the President of China is named Qi?
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa Month ago
Bernie avoids questions on immigration. Socialism cannot work with an Immigration program.
rohit gosavi
rohit gosavi Month ago
Bernie criticizing presidents and prime minister's of each and every country. Bernie wants to be president of USA or president of World?
Ronan Max
Ronan Max Month ago
Putin is going down.
John Brittingham
In 1998, then-Rep. Sanders cosponsored a bill that would allow Vermont and Maine to dump their nuclear waste in a poor and largely Latino town in Texas called Sierra Blanca. A Texas Observer article in 1998 covered protestors from Sierra Blanca confronting Rep. Sanders and being given the stiff arm. The story’s headline was “Sanders to Sierra Blanca: Drop Dead.” Sanders even rebuffed an offer to visit Sierra Blanca, telling its residents, “Absolutely not. I’m gonna be running for re-election in the state of Vermont.” Liberal hero Paul Wellstone-an actual progressive Democrat-gave a speech on the Senate floor calling this dump “environmental racism.” Former Texas Democratic Rep. Silvestre Reyes called Sanders actions “insanely callous.” In 2016, Sanders’ tax returns revealed that as of 2014 Jane Sanders was still drawing a small salary as an alternate commissioner for the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission as part of the agreement with Vermont that her husband pushed.
ricky miles
ricky miles Month ago
Russier? Where is russier? You'd think a man running for president could at least used proper grammar and correctly pronounce the name of a country...
Сергей Дрозд
It is sad to see that Russia is treated as some kind of horror. Nobody cares. Election or not. Media is sometimes shown to us, but the attitude is "Oh again this joke." Russia is not the USSR, such power no longer exists.
simone Month ago
Coffin Food
Coffin Food Month ago
Bernie looks like the creepy guy on the block that used to buy the little boys candy and sneakers when they “spent time” with him.
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson Month ago
Free public college = poor education = no jobs. Medicare for all = low level of care. Tuition forgiveness = high taxes for all. Anything free is not worth it. Pay for quality.
AheadoftheCurve Month ago
I don't think it's the Russian's helping Bernie. Maybe somebody posted on websites hosting food drives the articles about how you stopped the food donations in NY, showing what type of person you are Mr. Bloomberg. It's possible people are beginning to see you for who you are. Ever think of that? #heartless Bloomberg Strikes Again: NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/03/19/bloomberg-strikes-again-nyc-bans-food-donations-to-the-homeless
G M Month ago
Here is what the U.S. will be like if Bernie Sanders becomes president..... ruvid.net/video/video-WCUq0V-3mgo.html “The goal of socialism is communism” Vladimir Lenin
Robert Cole
Robert Cole Month ago
Bernie wants a minimum wage of $15/hour. California is an expensive place to live (compared to lots of states). Do they get $30/hour? How does an employer create this money? By charging the consumer more. Example: a McDonalds franchise charging a family $20 for dinner will now charge $50. These business will have to cut back employees or go out of business. Bernie can’t figure that out.
imacenurface Month ago
Bernie..... your podium was made in China along with that microphone... Vote for trump -
Bjeli Orao
Bjeli Orao Month ago
A socialist going against Russia and China? what kind of backwards world is this
oggyreidmore Month ago
Tickets to sit in the audience were between $1750 and $3000 each. If you can afford that much for a 4 hour "show", you're probably as afraid of Bernie's tax policy as Mike Bloomberg. It's kinda like the early polls showing Joe Biden "leading" but then we find out they only polled people over 65 who still have land lines.
Charles Wesley
Charles Wesley Month ago
Bloomberg is another Jew who is anti gun sand who is a Global Zionist and wants to bring America down to a NWO ( Jew World Order ) state. Trump was attacked pretty much exclusively by Jews trying to impeach him both Pelosi's bunch and the witnesses too because Trump is dismantling the NWO attempt at Global Rule. .
Akairo Hoshi
Akairo Hoshi Month ago
It's funny how Putin doesn't even has to do anything to destroy US democracy, they just do it themselves by accusing each other of being supported by putin.
tiverton Month ago
Hey, Democrats, don't bother voting in 2020. Putin will pick our president anyways. Idiots!
Christopher N
Christopher N Month ago
Now it makes sense why you see so many internet people supporting Bernie yet in the real world you don't find any real Bernie supporters. Russia probably has their whole propaganda team working to pump up Bernie. Just watch how many of these Russian trolls come out to say this comment is not true and how Bernie is not backed by the Russians. It is so obvious Putin, we know you are trying to make it look like Bernie has so much support. We aren't gonna fall for it!!!
mark raven
mark raven Month ago
Amazing how when supposedly Russia is helping Democrats it's laughed off... Russia helping Republicans and it's a three year carnival ride. It's all BS. Russia is the ones laughing at the nonsense
David Bow Wow
David Bow Wow Month ago
Maria Elena Flores Rojo
Why is Sanders talking to Putin on national television? Isn’t this the same thing that got Trump in trouble back in 2016?
NBaimf Month ago
What if a person is half white, half black, is pro 2A pro Bill Of Rights, believes in a womans right to abort herown baby, loves capitalism, is anti war but pro violence, is married to a bisexual cop, and is a activist for transexual animal rights, but voted for king bush twice? What side does that person take? Where is that persons representation?
Weeb man 69 OwO
Weeb man 69 OwO Month ago
Vote none of thee above ! Bernie has one line! Billionaire HEY BERNIE GIVE ALL YOUR MILLIONS AWAY AND MAYBE WE’LL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY
Jose Ricardo Cardenas Silva
Bernie Sanders presidente
J D Month ago
Does Bloomberg still watch Fox News? Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like a Republican talking point.
правительство планеты Planet Government
правительство планеты Planet Government
8 years Old
8 years Old Month ago
I’m not voting Bloomberg unless he takes down the wall
Jack Braddell
Jack Braddell Month ago
Do Democratic Elites really believe that Bernie supporters would vote for Bloomberg if he was nominated, due to the establishment sabotaging Sanders in order to achieve his nomination ???? Party not known for reasoning so this logic will be implemented.
marvel sheppard
marvel sheppard Month ago
berne Sanders President 2020
Ron Ruggieri
Ron Ruggieri Month ago
As a longtime independent democratic socialist myself I am a critical " critical supporter " of Bernie Sanders . I think Bernie would be wise to distance himself from the HATE RUSSIA , New McCarthyism. I think his Democratic Party presently is as stable as a U-235 nucleus . What WE THE PEOPLE really need is to institutionalize a THREE PARTY SYSTEM in the USA . The plutocrats control both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. A once again betrayed " socialist " Democrat Bernie Sanders might consider calling for an American Labor Party similar in its class roots to the British Labor Party . Bernie Sanders - himself from a Jewish background - is a " Profile in Courage " in recently branding that Zionist friend of Trump , Benjamin Netanyahu , a " racist reactionary ". In the USA anti-Zionism is NOT anti-Semitism whatever FAKE NEWS says .
John Cristy
John Cristy Month ago
When I watch these elite corporate media and their donors and politicians they suck up to, and how they ignore, downplay Bernie and progressivism while trying to push Biden, Pete or Hillary down their viewers throats... .... I can't help to think of Mary Antoinettes and pheasants of the world and history... Pitchforks are already on their way for your bubble-castles and you're still acting oblivious to it.
Oldschool Gamer
Oldschool Gamer Month ago
90% of comments: insults a candidate 9% of comments: random comments 1% actually discussing the political stances, policies etc. 0% showing their disgust of the American electoral system essentially being a sham.
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly Month ago
2 clowns thats for sure.
Bogodo Month ago
russian china russian china russian china russian china they use this to attack donald trump ,now use this to attack bernie
Lucky Oswald
Lucky Oswald Month ago
Bloomberg candidly said that China is a democracy and Chinese president Xi Jin Pin "is representing his constituency". Yes, he was serious, not joking
J. Lo
J. Lo Month ago
Bernie should scare every freedom-loving American!!! Part of a bio on Bernie...it's shocking!!! Bernie married his college sweetheart, Deborah Shilling, and spent his small inheritance on a summer home in Vermont on 85 acres. The shack had a dirt floor and no electricity, maintaining his proletariat credibility, but not impressing his new bride. He refused to get a steady job, so his wife didn’t stick around long, divorced after 18 months. The Viet Nam war was escalating, and when the next draft was announced, Bernie applied for a conscientious objector deferment. His deferment was denied, so he dodged the draft by having a kid out of wedlock in 1969 with his new girlfriend, Susan Mott, even though he STILL wasn’t working, and had no way to support the child. By the time his draft number came up, he was too old to be drafted anyway. He continued to subsist on odd carpentry jobs and unemployment checks, and occasionally selling $15 articles, including the one about how women fantasize about gang rape. He still refused to get a steady job to support his child. His girlfriend left him. In 1988 he married Jane Driscoll and took a cold-war era honeymoon in communist USSR. His new wife supported Bernie financially through his many attempts to win a public office and shared his radical leftist political views. They visited the pro-Soviet Sandinista government of Nicaragua known for their human rights violations, support for anti-American terrorists, and the imprisonment and exile of opponents. Bernie blindly overlooked the carnage to stand with fellow socialists. They traveled to Cuba in hopes of meeting Bernie’s hero Fidel Castro, but access to him was denied. Bernie Sanders managed not to hold a full-time job his entire life or vote in a single election until he finally ran for Mayor of Burlington at the age of 40. After several failed elections, he finally won the office of Mayor of Burlington, VT, and eventually a Senate seat, which he has managed to keep off and on. For all of his years representing Vermont, Bernie Sanders passed a total of three bills, and two of them were for naming post offices. He’s a draft-dodging deadbeat dad, a globe-trotting communist dilettante, and a petulant detractor of hard-working honorable Democrats.
msmightymelle Month ago
Medicare for All has additional benefits that are never mentioned. Once the government takes responsibility for the payment of healthcare, the government realizes it is cheaper to make things healthier for people. That means improvements to other policies like the amount of pollution allowed in our air and water, food and safety inspection rules, sick time allowed, etc. Once the people's health has value, the government has a reason to care for and actually defend our citizens rather than allowing corporations to make money off of us regardless of consequences.
Ursa Major
Ursa Major Month ago
Bernie : Hey Mr. Putin, when I'm President, you're not gonna interfere in our elections Putin : ohhhh I'm so scared 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Y O J I M B O Month ago
P A Month ago
President Bernie Sanders 2020! The only logical choice for the U.S and the world.
Luis C
Luis C Month ago
Time to Boycott CBS enough is enough! They don’t believe in democracy only their special interest.
The Engineer
The Engineer Month ago
Love you Bernie. We need your programs. Ignore those Trumps.
Izaiah Florés
Izaiah Florés Month ago
What does Trump have to do with Mike?
The Engineer
The Engineer Month ago
Don’t worry, I donated to Bernie again.
Nada Bobada
Nada Bobada Month ago
When it comes to interfering in U.S. elections, Russia's attempts are weak compared to that of the DNC and the Corporate Media.
Jerry Tom
Jerry Tom Month ago
''Bloomberg's claim that Putin wants Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee so that President Trump will be reelected'' What positive thing has Putin got AT ALL from America in the last 4 years?What exactly is Putin supposed to get?Either is he stupid and Trump betrayed him or was that all made up lies (that were already debunked by Mueller and others) but for some bizzare reason this lies are keep repeating.
Turbo Cichlids
Turbo Cichlids Month ago
Trump 2020
Teri Cunningham
Teri Cunningham Month ago
‪Mike Bloomberg Gave the DNC $300K Two Days Before He Entered the 2020 Race‬ So DNC changed its rules to let him run.The DNC was already a corrupt corporation. Now bought and SOLD to Bloomburg .lf elected he will buy House & Senate. MB=TRUMP with more money
Donovan Dey
Donovan Dey Month ago
Bloomberg wants to start 100,000 black businesses. I hope he does, so that when 99,999 of them fail, we will get to hear a hear a beand new excuse on how it's white people's fault.
Youtuber Month ago
You guys smell that? Bernie is berning down the corrupt establishment who clearly are desperate and pathetically grasped for straws in this one. Disgusting showing. Bernie is the man
The crown isn't some normal people... those people paid 3K a ticket to be in the crowd. If you have 3K to pay to be there when you could simply watch it free on tv, well that says something about your financial status. Then people wonder why the crowd seems like they all work for wall street. 😂👍
Mike Nike
Mike Nike Month ago
Hermit crab Bernie going at it again, I can’t wait until Trump take a giant dump on top of his shinny forehead!! And Bloomberg should stay home and enjoy his billions!! Bloomberg is an embarrassment getting beat by a little hermit crab like sanders!! TRUMP 2020!!!!
CuriousReason Month ago
Please, the US, do not interfere in other +200 countries elections as well.
Armenian Highland
Bernie for president! From Europe!
hey you , hi.
hey you , hi. Month ago
Even trumpsters are becoming Russia conspiracy theorists if it can hurt Bernie. Both parties work for the same Masters
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
How lovely, my daily Russian news from American channel.
Top Arriveria
Top Arriveria Month ago
Someone shoot Bloomberg already! Like get your guns and do something about him.
Top Arriveria
Top Arriveria Month ago
CBS is fake news just like Trump said.
The V
The V Month ago
CBS, trash questions, trash moderators, no one in control, and trash crowd. Bad debate, made everyone look bad.
Евстафий Евлампиевич
That's the American sense of humor. It's nice to see people sneering at their "elite". Let's make Russia great again!
Fred Best
Fred Best Month ago
yeah! Trump won again
The Summerland
The Summerland Month ago
stacked audience by corrupt dnc, as an american I am utterly disgusted at the level of systemic corruption. Bloomberg is transparent as the greed ridden selfish predatory capitalist he is, we hate you Bloomberg, you are epitome of all wrong w/ our system
Theophilous Punoval
I lived in Vermont for 22 years, and I can state unequivocally that most Vermonters love Bernie Sanders. They love him for his dedication to helping the working class, for his integrity, his moral courage and his honesty. Bernie is the most popular senator in the USA, and is now the most popular candidate for President. Of all the candidates, only Bernie has a plan to deal with the climate crisis that addresses the issue dramatically enough to make a difference. He is fighting for everyone to have health care, for everyone who wants a college education to get one without going into crippling debt, and for those who do have college debt or medical debt to have those debts forgiven. Bernie wants a better quality of life for everyday Americans. He wants to end the perpetual wars that cost so many lives and so much money. And he means what he says. Just ask Vermonters like me. We love Bernie because we know we can trust him, and we know he cares about us. (Bloomberg's Red-baiting attack is pure BS.)
Nordic Natives
Nordic Natives Month ago
🇺🇲🇺🇲DONALD TRUMP 2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲
Bill Muno
Bill Muno Month ago
chump trump shittin bricks
radar mike
radar mike Month ago
This new information by Alison Galavni of the Lancet study confirms that Sanders plan can cover more than estimated expense for healthcare. The author of landmark health care study by Yale University researchers , Alison Galvani says Bernie’s financing plan that he disclised yesterday at CNN townhall , fully pays for his Medicare for All initiative. This is her today's tweet link mobile.twitter.com/alison_galvani/status/1232340072122535937?s=21
Thomas MacKelly
Thomas MacKelly Month ago
Bloomer literally bought the audience lmao
Lana Cresto
Lana Cresto Month ago
That why I am voting Sanders and not Trump for President in 2020. Sanders hates Russia and Israel which is why AIPAC is against Sanders. No more white Jews killing brown skinned Palestinians. Amazing you leave Germany being abused and then Jews look at there skin and say "I am white skinned therefore I can abuse brown skinned people and being Jewish gives me more money and power to do so." Not anymore Jew Sanders is here to stop you and Russia unlike Trump and the Zionist AIPAC loving Republicans better watch out white racist Jews. Germany abuses you and you act like Germans around brown skinned people. More proof that white privilege exists
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