Bernie Sanders fires back at Hillary Clinton over new criticism l ABC News

ABC News
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Clinton, the former Democratic presidential nominee, said in a new Hulu documentary that Sen. Sanders "got nothing done," and that "nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him."
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Comments 80
Outlet Music
Outlet Music 7 days ago
All of Sander's Supporters are a bunch of know nothing radical Democratic Communist!
Coffin Food
Coffin Food 12 days ago
Screw both of these idiots!
Britney Nguyen
Britney Nguyen 14 days ago
I will never vote for Bernie. he is Commie-Virus. Hilary must eb executed for Benghazi, treason, corrupt and homicides. Next to her must be Scum Obama, Suzan Rice and Eric Holder Jr.
Nick Behrooz
Nick Behrooz 14 days ago
Bernie is one to talk he is always bumming his gums and his supporters do to, about 2016. Hashtag ‘I like Bernie???’ 😂😩 wtf lol
Physical Grafitti
Physical Grafitti 18 days ago
Would it be too much to ask that hillary, the this lying beast witch serpent whore be one of the people the coronavirus kills dead???
calico kitten productions
Wow this guy Bernie Sanders has got class. Pity can't say the same about about clinton
MsAlkato 20 days ago
Chronic, pathological liars are NOT authentic.
Rick rick
Rick rick 24 days ago
I’m voting for Hillary, the people’s champ
Martina Wheeler
Martina Wheeler 27 days ago
I wish she would just go away... forever... she got away with more crimes than any politician ever. She is crazy stupid rich.. Just go away Hillary!
StrnFn9099 28 days ago
It's obvious Sanders and his supporters are getting screwed again by the DNC machine.
jeremy buker
jeremy buker 28 days ago
Lock that crazy big mouth up kick her and cuckoo traded husband out of United States take there finances a way it time for them to retired from politics you didn't win Cry-Baby
Marinegirl Powers
Marinegirl Powers 28 days ago
Is it true he never had a job until 41?
wuhan tuna
wuhan tuna 29 days ago
Proud Bernie supporters for Hillary...remember that bumper sticker? hahahahaha
RKD 29 days ago
GIRL SIT DOWN! She lost to an Orange imbecile. Sour grapes much. These guys explain it better! ruvid.net/video/video-tHHe4qP6EBs.html
Rick rick
Rick rick 29 days ago
I’m voting for Hillary with Sanders as VP
Trippyville Beats
i respect clinton. i do not like her.
NOYB Maxx Month ago
I like Bernie..to bad he's a Socialist. . He's gotta go... I think crooked Hillary is planning on swooping the nomination. ..perhaps people should watch Hillary's America. Nobody would ever vote for her after watching that documentary.
NOYB Maxx Month ago
Hillary the Crooked Hag...she's got to go away.
Louie Adam
Louie Adam Month ago
Hilary Clinton is a loser. But with her statement, it is good for Bernie because it makes Bernie bigger because people know the truth about Clinton my opinion.
The Black Dawn/Ajjqi
Why does Bernie give any fucks about that loser
Heather Murray
Heather Murray Month ago
Clinton’s just bitter
Heather Murray
Heather Murray Month ago
Wow that photo was airbrushed
Eryk Space
Eryk Space Month ago
Hillary Clinton in 2016 - "I am running for President and am proud to say I have the support of Senator Sanders" Hillary Clinton in 2020 - "Bernie's bad news!"
Schrodinger's Cat
hillary clinton is such a blow hard. everybody likes Bernie except for the elitists in washington, even my MAGA friends like Bernie
linuxgirl Month ago
Good God, when will she get out of politics? She LOST. She holds no political office. She holds no cabinet position. She is finished *running* for office. Why the hell is she still talking?
Gemma W
Gemma W Month ago
She is ruining herself and the party even more she need retired and get some help .
Brett S
Brett S Month ago
Hillary will be so mad if Bernie becomes the next president
Maritza Rodriguez
god blessyou
Joey BoX0RoX
Joey BoX0RoX Month ago
Hillary Clinton, unplugged, unleashed like a bitch dog and unhinged like the lunatic she is.
Ling li
Ling li Month ago
Bernie supported HRC to vote for her but his followers vote for Trump that makes hilary furious about sanders .
Douglas Zolton
Douglas Zolton Month ago
Clinton proves again and again that she is a loser, She demonstrates the ability to be small and mean spirited. When after she gypped Bernie of the nomination in 2016, he gave her his support and spoke up for her all over the country anyway. But her small minded but inflated ego still keeps her a loser and she deserves nothing more than being a sentence or so in a POTUS history book.. She looks very small in intellectual understanding as well as compassion. She could have been so much more,but that would require her being a decent and compassionate human being.
harlows place
harlows place Month ago
Demetrios Athenaios
Of course he has. He has remained 'uncoraptable" and he has not started any wars in Syria or Libya In Addition Sanders has introduced 8178 bills. 882 passed. 444 became law. Klobachar has introduced 2743 bills. 237 passed. 132 became law. Biden has introduced 2203 bills. 647 passed. 321 became law. Warren has introduced 3184 bills. 562 passed. 275 became law. Harris has introduced 3774 bills. 739 passed. 329 became law. Hillary Clinton has introduced 1957 bills. 180 passed. 75 became law.
The Engineer
The Engineer Month ago
Bernie won Iowa. Bernie won NH. Bernie is on top in NV and TX. Next.....Hillary is still butt sore from Trump; dazed and confused....she forgot who cleaned the floor with her head. Amnesia is a hell of a condition. She needs her meds.
free_WiFi he's innocent
Hilary is the embodiment of virus corruption that spreads wildly!
Jamie White
Jamie White Month ago
See there are two kinds of democrats. Sanders, Warren and AOC actually want change. Hillary, Pelosi etc. they only want the appearance of change while getting all the perks of the republicans. Don't be fooled. Bloomberg and Hillary represent the 1 percent not the people. You can tell who is who by those who are attacking Sanders and Warren. They like the way you get rich in government and don't care about the poor at all.
flawlessduck Month ago
Hillary Clinton has ALWAYS been on the wrong side of history. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc. She is the definition of a corrupt politician.
Stan Moon
Stan Moon Month ago
www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/11/donna-brazile-hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders Hillary bought the nomination in 2016 by paying 20million to the DNC. Donna Brazile knew about it.
David Stone
David Stone Month ago
❌Crooked Hillary Clinton losing to President Trump is among my top 10 favorite things that happened in the 🇺🇸USA. I had a Trump Victory Party all day after crooked Hillary Clintons crushing defeat and will Party 🎊 again in 2020 when President Trump hands another Democrat a crushing defeat. Please run again crooked Hillary so you can be a three-time loser. 👎
dbelote78 Month ago
The centrists, and the classic liberals, wont even vote for him lol
tim Carra
tim Carra Month ago
hillary should stay out of it mind her own business
Angel Month ago
“Nobody likes him”? I voted for him in 2016! I still have my Bernie cap! It was shameful what Clinton and the DNC did to him. But Trump was so repulsive that I held my nose and voted for her. But I blame her Trump being president and for being an arrogant lazy fat ass fool for not pushing to those states that wrapped it up for the 🍊💩. No one cares how many popular votes she got! That’s not what wins. She’s a loser and she should shut her pie hole along with her creep husband.
John Vogel
John Vogel Month ago
Look where she is invited to speak, Fake News.
John Vogel
John Vogel Month ago
Enough of Hillary, who cares what that evil Bitch has to say. Nothing but lies out of that bitches mouth. Maybe Bernie should put something in her moth to shut that C**t up.
Patriotic Asian Populist
That's not firing back. Bernie Sanders loves getting smacked around by Hillary. 😂
Will Dragon
Will Dragon Month ago
Ryan Odonnell
Ryan Odonnell Month ago
HC is actually helping Bernie with these type of comments
spiceyfood52 2 months ago
This woman is so evil, why is our media asking her about all this, when they should be asking her about the children she has put in child sex trafficking. She has done this with the adoption safe family's act. She gave bounces to cps workers. She has made it so that children and parents don't get due processing, There are 2 senators dead because they found out the truth. Nancy schafer and Linda Collins- smith. There are 50 million parents in the united states who do not have there kids. And these kids that are taken are being sold into sex trafficking. Look it up cps kids for cash. Hillary and Bill and walter mondale and Tom bally did this to american family's and they sell good children from good family. ask Hillary about this.
DIYTFY 2 months ago
Hillary is like a human turd. Bernie is like a super hero.
Don Seagrave
Don Seagrave 2 months ago
what about her husband on Little St. James Island??? Is that addressed in her new documentary???
Hunt4Perch 2 months ago
Driving him to a third party candidacy. Is she supporting Trump?
musicmadness1214 2 months ago
Oh please, Clinton is so bitter.
carloss Loss
carloss Loss 2 months ago
Hard to listen to someone who's people went out of their way 4 years ago to sink Sander, and not let the American People decide what they want. She Tried that with Obama and we remember how that went.
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!!
Clinton's a killer i thought that war criminal was in prison What s trump doing in office besides giving Palestinian land to Israel he built Israel's wall where's ours???
Ezekiel's Call
Ezekiel's Call 2 months ago
Bernie is disgusting. It was bad enough that he supports evil communist dictatorships, then we saw this... www.snopes.com/fact-check/bernie-sanders-essay/
berdboy 2 months ago
communism will never win... go back to russia ya old scum bag
Reynardus 2 months ago
Is she ever just going to crawl away?
Snooty Fox
Snooty Fox 2 months ago
It will be biden Clinton as VP. She's so gross she would do that
Bonnie Gail
Bonnie Gail 2 months ago
Larry David is running for President ?
carver3419 2 months ago
Shame! She blew the election and won't take responsibility.
andrew reynolds
andrew reynolds 2 months ago
Poor old killary
Ross Michael
Ross Michael 2 months ago
Two terrible choices! They should get married and have a honeymoon vacation in Iraq. 😋😋😋
Dev Roop
Dev Roop 2 months ago
Thank you Hillary for endorsing Bernie. Last month it was Elizabeth and now you. Thank you thank you thank you.
Mike Gee
Mike Gee 2 months ago
Projection much?
Jaren C
Jaren C 2 months ago
This double talking snake 🐍..... can’t stand her ass.
Atrax Robustus
Atrax Robustus 2 months ago
God this woman's got some chutzpah
Stan Moon
Stan Moon 2 months ago
Nobody likes Hillary she needs to shut her non-relevent mouth.
Silkemyk 2 months ago
gamatron17 2 months ago
dopes that hate hillary are brainwashed by russia.
gamatron17 2 months ago
bernie is a satanist shill
Woody Woodpek
Woody Woodpek 2 months ago
Bernie and Hillrod 2 constipated old commies.
Ettibridget 2 months ago
I used to like Hillary, that was NOT a nice thing to say... What I don't get is why do Americans even care about her? She ran for president, she lost and that should be the end of it. She is a closed chapter. Why is she even out in the media and why do reporters/jourmalists even ask her or listen to her? Can someone explain?
Brandon G
Brandon G 2 months ago
Hilary is just the worst kind of person. She just needs go away
TheKlamminator 2 months ago
She is the embodiment of why everyone hates politics and politicians.
Dbusdriver71 2 months ago
What gets me so annoyed so much is Hillary thru shultz really burnt Sanders and yet she thinks he cheater her in some way. All I have heard lately is how bad Sanders is; I don't recall him attacking anyone.
TheMischief9 2 months ago
Is that old bat still around ?
MachinaSapien 2 months ago
Clinton reminding America why she lost
anne anne
anne anne 2 months ago
The establishment dems and the corporate media are repeating what they did in 2016. It didn't work then, it won't work now. Even if Bernie isn't the nominee, Biden won't beat Trump Because as much as Bernie will support whoever the democratic nominee and ask them to vote, alot the Tulsi, Yang and Sanders supporters will stay home because what's the damned point. That's why the USA is only at number 25 on the least corrupt countries and number 23 on the democracy scale. Your people might be good but your election system sucks!
steve brindle
steve brindle 2 months ago
Hey Clinton, you are hated worldwide! I am watching from the UK and Clinton has always come across as a warmongering Neoliberal, Russophobic, Pro-Zionist, Psychopathic, criminal liar! (I am sure there are other adjectives that apply to this vile woman but these five will do to be going on with!)
Keaton Jazz
Keaton Jazz 2 months ago
Hillary Clinton is part of the old generation. She had her time with Bill Clinton. Now, we need a new vision!!!! And Bernie Sanders articulates that vision well! Bernie Sanders is an honest candidate who has the courage to make ideal statements of how our nation should be. Don't take my word for it: look him up and see for yourself if the ideals he states is worth voting for. Or you can vote for the Status Quo-Biden. Go Bernie! #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders
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