Bernie Sanders announces 2020 run: Extended interview

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says he will run again for the Democratic nomination. In this extended conversation with "CBS This Morning" co-host John Dickerson, Sanders discusses taking another shot at the presidency and why he believes this campaign will succeed. He also discusses foreign policy, retail giant Amazon, and the bombshell claims made by former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Sunday's "60 Minutes."
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19 фев 2019




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Luca Час назад
Adolf Hitler, was a socialist just like Bernie Sanders Hitler would be proud of Bernie
Fadi Chamoun
Fadi Chamoun 5 часов назад
Mr Dickerson would you please be encouraging and actually promote the man that wants to help your country instead of constantly doubting his ability to do so. At least he has the right mindset, when you hear him speak you hear a man who cares about his country and who cares for the future of this planet. Don't keep doubting his plans and their feasibility and try to actually help him replace this joke of a president you currently have over your heads.
Random Blabbering
Random Blabbering 7 часов назад
Hmm.. I wonder if there will ever be any incentives to achieve anymore. Why take baby steps? Why not just count the number of people on this earth and count all the wealth currently exist in the world and just divide among each person equally, I mean no one have to work or have incentive to work. LOL. I mean young people just haven't realized that's the path they're voting for and heading toward. Just think: 1) Open border = massive increase in population 2) Free basic healthcare for all = run by the government, which eventually will run out due too population exploding 3) Pharmaceutical companies stop inventing new cures due to lack of incentive 4) Free college to all = No more professors also due to lack of incentives .... much deeper problem than people care to think or believe. Finally, USA inevitably crumble just like Cuba, Venezuela and all the other collapsed currencies before us. Hope not in my lifetime! But its gonna happen if people don't wake up soon.
Random Blabbering
Random Blabbering 7 часов назад
I like to see how Medicare for all and no cost college for all can be implemented and kept with hundreds of thousands coming in to this country illegally. Ha! with no border wall and as a matter of right for illegal immigrants, unlimited amount of illegals... and once the world gets out the entire third world countries will walk into this country demanding to be taken care of by the rich few (that is if there will even be any rich people left lol).
Daniela Holona
Daniela Holona 12 часов назад
sanders/yang 2020
Righteous628 День назад
Bottom line:If Bernie Sanders gets the nomination he will defeat Trump and Become the best President since FDR. If he doesn't get the nomination. Trump will be President for 4 more years.
Righteous628 День назад
I am very surprised.This was the first decent interview with Bernie Sanders that I have ever seen on a mainstream media outlet.
joel yazell
joel yazell День назад
Distracted by red mole.
Loura Ann Caffey
Loura Ann Caffey День назад
Got my vote....again! As a middle working class citizen I am tired of paying the bill for the country for services I can't receive while corporations and the elite pay very little or none.
Emmanuel Perez
Emmanuel Perez День назад
BERNIE2020!!! ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-HTVg2DjirMU.html
la luz la luz
la luz la luz 2 дня назад
Caso serrado. Reina el templo Jehova y la iglecias de Jesucristo. Ame
la luz la luz
la luz la luz 2 дня назад
Usted también. En mi arresto. Y lo digo. Testifico con el poder de la iglecias de. Jesucristo de los últimos días. Amen
Ronnie Joe
Ronnie Joe 2 дня назад
Tell it like it is Bernie, but he is right. Bernie Sanders inspired me at the age of 20, 3 years ago ... which made me very active in politics. He focused on the youth and the Revolution he is talking about does not grow over night.
Elizabeth McCuaig
Elizabeth McCuaig 2 дня назад
23:35 hahahaha LOVE YOU BERNIE
Gustavo Mejia
Gustavo Mejia 3 дня назад
Andrew Yang or Bernie?
HotestOnTheBlock 3 дня назад
BERNIE, bernie, Bernie BERNIE!!!
EtchASketch 3 дня назад
Seek reform, not revolution.
Luke Dylan
Luke Dylan 4 дня назад
3:42 min Man look at the face like he doesn't believe what Bernie just said. It's true.. .the party came Bernie's way cause the democrats noticed it's pretty popular... the needed to go more to the left. But to me ...still Bernie 2020!!!
Enggar Baskara
Enggar Baskara 4 дня назад
Francisco Antonio
Francisco Antonio 4 дня назад
That's my President.
Chester Izzy
Chester Izzy 4 дня назад
Sorry - I’m still with HER!
Paul Warren
Paul Warren 4 дня назад
Szalai Laci
Szalai Laci 5 дней назад
My president
I Comment
I Comment 6 дней назад
Bernie will also be able to talk sense into the Israelis
Loren J Hernandez
Loren J Hernandez 6 дней назад
Bernie has my vote 🇺🇸👊🏼 2020
Skid1288 6 дней назад
Bernie you need to go back to the old folks home... The Soviet Revolution ended in 1991
Joey K.
Joey K. 7 дней назад
Support joe biden
Tiyath 8 дней назад
23:34 is what you're here for
Anastasia Tsib-Maevskaya
Anastasia Tsib-Maevskaya 8 дней назад
Vote Bernie 2020! Look what cool merchandise I found www.amazon.com/Bernie-Sanders-T-Shirt-Vote-Tshirt/dp/B07PKWMBKZ/ref=sr_1_36?keywords=Bernie+Sanders+tshirt+not+me+us&qid=1552298895&s=gateway&sr=8-36
Groovedrift Pandafruit Music
Groovedrift Pandafruit Music 8 дней назад
The US citizens get a 2nd chance. Dont blow it this time ok?
SherlogyBoy 8 дней назад
he’s pretty cool but i wish his upper lip worked
James Evans
James Evans 8 дней назад
SlayerPlayer27 record low unemployment rate for blacks..... Record unemployment low for Hispanics 3000000 jobs created Record stock market Agreed to de nuclearise North Korea.... Ensured peace and improved relations with North Korea.. Appointed a record number of woman to his administration than any other president... All of this in 2 years
Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller 8 дней назад
Truly hope we are intelligent enough to elect Bernie as President. We need leadership that has a working understanding of our political system and it's policies. We need leadership with a good track record for supporting policy that benefits the little guy. We need leadership that will put the Billionaires in their place, and lead w/o their monetized influence. We need a leader who knows where America has gone wrong, at each turn, to truly have a chance to make America great again. Bernie is the only candidate in my opinion who can do the job (as we keep expecting) from those who do not hit these 4 aforementioned points.(Or, no more CRAZY-DESTRUCTIVE $$$ PUPPETS, please!)
Danielle Herdegen
Danielle Herdegen 8 дней назад
WHITE AMERICA WAKE UP. ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-2l4ax1hj_KM.html
Ondřej Tureček
Ondřej Tureček 9 дней назад
I studied healthcare systems at medschool in Europe and can confirm what Bernie Sanders is saying regarding costs of US system and causes of it is correct.
Sadri778 9 дней назад
Eng. Eric
Eng. Eric 9 дней назад
Sanders in the US and Ciro in Brazil!!!
snerketryne 9 дней назад
Elect this man president already. Kind regards - The world.
snerketryne 6 дней назад
+Bal Gehaktmnnggggnnhuuuhhh
Bal Gehakt
Bal Gehakt 6 дней назад
Trump 2020 - a person from the Netherlandsm
dabadadeeda 10 дней назад
Bernie was too radical for the Dems just 2 years ago. Now he isn't radical enough. Proof that the left has gone off the deep end. God, i hope the left eats itself this time around.
Mizreg 10 дней назад
The man. The myth.
CGGamerDK 10 дней назад
If you want to taste the sweet nectar of a well-functioning democracy society based on a welfare state, you will need to scrap your two party system. A revolution against the current government is needed to create a government based on a parliament based on a multi-party government, where the majority decid Christian of Denamrk
FUC3 10 дней назад
Kuchi Saké
Kuchi Saké 11 дней назад
A man who has fought for justice for over 40 years, stood up against racism since he was a teenager, and at the age of 19 chained himself to a black woman during a segregation protest while stating "if you're gonna arrest her, you're gonna arrest me", will be known as the greatest president in US history. Hear me now, quote me later.
Fire Marshall Bill
Fire Marshall Bill 11 дней назад
I can't wait to see him lose,his followers will be crying and yelling at the sky again 😂🤣😂🤣
Nank Dug
Nank Dug 11 дней назад
CBS mic worse than mine.
Adam Kern gaming
Adam Kern gaming 11 дней назад
Bernie lives in an echo chamber of his own terrible ideas
Adam Kern gaming
Adam Kern gaming 11 дней назад
stephlynn1982 just because a lot of people support it doesn’t make it a good idea there’s an entire generation of unemployed drama geeks like you who think that the government or the world owes them things like jobs or health care but in reality it’s your own fault your in debt because u took out a loan to go to college but than went and studied something that had no chance of getting you a career
stephlynn1982 11 дней назад
Check the polls on the issues. You are dead wrong. The only echoes Bernie is hearing are the majority of Americans behind him saying YES PLEASE.
Mrs G
Mrs G 11 дней назад
black people will not be voting for Bernie --- No reparations for ADOS = No Black Vote
Tina Alicia
Tina Alicia 11 дней назад
There should NEVER be money in politics from special interests groups. We elect people to work for Americans, not corporations! #BernieSanders2020
methni wajdi
methni wajdi 12 дней назад
Not only america but also the world needs this men, he will be a true 🌎 peace maker
methni wajdi
methni wajdi 12 дней назад
Not only america but also the world needs this smart men, he will be true 🌎 peace maker
Kuchi Saké
Kuchi Saké 11 дней назад
As a European, I hope he will become president. The EU tends to emulate what America does on a smaller scale, and we're noticing a rise white nationalism ever since Tangerine Hitler took office. Bernie's influence can turn that around. I hope you'll vote for him, and convince as many as you can to do the same. M.A.K.A. Make America Kind Again
Scott 12 дней назад
Glad he's talking more about automation but hope he takes on similar position to Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend.
Joe Caner
Joe Caner 12 дней назад
(17:06) "This country is moving to an oligarchic form of society." Moving to an oligarchic form of society? We are already there.
Nurzhan 13 дней назад
Make America NORMAL again
Gadekko 13 дней назад
He will win.
Lina Balawan
Lina Balawan 13 дней назад
Bernie Sander's mic is not positioned correctly. Can hardly hear him if compared to the Host.
Jay D
Jay D 13 дней назад
No Socialism! Hope Trump and Bernie lose!
boiledgermanfood 13 дней назад
You want Trump and Bernie to lose?
H4I2I2EE 13 дней назад
What do you mean by "socialism"?
Chris Bressette
Chris Bressette 13 дней назад
One million from every state? What is the population of your Vermont Bernie? Vermont is once again without a senator for a couple of years while this millionaire runs again and collects his paycheck from the middle class. Please take the money the Clintons forced you to take and retire!!!
Mentales 13 дней назад
The young people are behind you. Keep fighting Sanders!
James Evans
James Evans 6 дней назад
SlayerPlayer27 record low unemployment rate for blacks..... Record unemployment low for Hispanics 3000000 jobs created Record stock market Agreed to de nuclearise North Korea.... Ensured peace and improved relations with North Korea.. Appointed a record number of woman to his administration than any other president... All of this in 2 years
Bal Gehakt
Bal Gehakt 6 дней назад
Dont speak for the young people. TRUMP 2020.
James Evans
James Evans 6 дней назад
Snip3rX nightcore trump 2020
Snip3rX nightcore
Snip3rX nightcore 7 дней назад
Bernie 2020
James Evans
James Evans 8 дней назад
Mentales I’m not
iLikeTigerz101 13 дней назад
Alright you ultra conservative Christian theocrats, you want Jesus to return with open arms and provide hope for the people, well here you have it! He’s Jewish, liberal, believes in free healthcare and is against the greedy wealthy.
osmic 13 дней назад
I would love to be in a room with Bernie Sanders Jose Mojica and Amlo all 3 are presidents for the people
David Kinsella
David Kinsella 13 дней назад
"How come every other major country guarantees healthcare to all people?" Because half of Americans have gotten themselves into an absolute fit over conspiracy theories which all point back to their own constitution which makes them terrified of their own government. America is a great country in many ways, but in many ways it is deeply dysfunctional.
David Kinsella
David Kinsella 13 дней назад
Why is the volume so low?
Emit RelevArt
Emit RelevArt 13 дней назад
This appears to me a guy who is WORKING, someone who truly cares about the people he wants to and will have to serve, and who is willing--as a leader should be--to sacrifice himself to guarantee a good future for the generations to come. He appears to me a guy who is THINKING, someone who doesn't make statements just for appearances but who tries himself and encourages others to search for a deeper meaning, for a better way to see things and to act upon them--through conversation, through education, etc. He isn't perfect, nobody can be, but he is well PREPARED to fulfill his duty for the country he loves and wants to bring into closer unity. Since most of our environment is composed of other people, the only way we can possibly make life a better place and time, is by learning to live together more compassionately, more understandingly, more honestly. It's the only way we can overcome our own faults, and help each other do the same. Greetings from Belgium!
Preben Leopold Sand Aasen
Preben Leopold Sand Aasen 14 дней назад
President Sanders we salute!
Preben Leopold Sand Aasen
Preben Leopold Sand Aasen 14 дней назад
Wow! He is damn smart" GO BERNIE!!
Mohy eldin
Mohy eldin 14 дней назад
Less than one minute in the interview gets asked a campaign question but gets straight into policies , that's what we need in a politician.
FLOYD DEWD 14 дней назад
Good'ol Bolshevik Bernie... I wonder if Hitlery will return the favor and help fund Bolshevik Bernie's communist campaign?
TayToria 15 дней назад
23:35 DUMB FUNNY 💀
Adelberto Muggler
Adelberto Muggler 15 дней назад
B-B-B-BERNIE! BERNIE! BERNIE! Ba-Ba-Da-Ba BERNIE! BERNIE! BERNIE! Bee-Ba-Da-Sha-Wa-Ba-Da-Ba-Dow! Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaa! 😀
Tsuki 15 дней назад
The fact that many americans think socialism will work in america just shows me how deluded you have been by their lies. I am from Norway and we have SOME socialist policies, which only works because we are 5,2 million people in total with a vast amount of money from oil. If we were 52 million this system would collapse long ago. And it's even proven by our government. Our gun laws work, because again, we are 5,2 million people. When someone buy guns, they have their backround checked properly and we are only allowed to have it in our home or on designated shooting ranges.
sonsofthunder 15 дней назад
What's generally considered a "liberal" TV news show, attacking him from the center... it's insane. Just listen to his words. Join the debate. There's still hope.
Nort McGort
Nort McGort 15 дней назад
Kamala 2020!
Sean Nugent
Sean Nugent 15 дней назад
This guy is an old nutbag Jew looking to destroy America like Jews are trying to destroy Europe by flooding them with migrants..its no surprise Jews have been thrown out of 100 countries..this evil BS not gonna work here..
Sean Nugent
Sean Nugent 13 дней назад
100% True, www.realzionistnews.com/?p=128
boiledgermanfood 13 дней назад
Sean that's not true, please don't spread fascist conspiracy theories.
RoRo Zorro
RoRo Zorro 16 дней назад
Go Bernie! Destroy the corporate elites . Shift the paradigm. Talk about the issues. Fake media doesn’t talk about issues . Our democracy is fake . It’s a damn welfare state for the rich.
Hindquarterz 16 дней назад
A jewish man peddling communism? stop the presses
H4I2I2EE 13 дней назад
How/why is it communism? You are exaggerating.
hardlines4 16 дней назад
Oh look, it’s Mr. socialist freeloading Bernie again🤡😂
Philis37 16 дней назад
Brooklyn in the house. Freezing there, wow. Voting for Senator Bernie
Philis37 16 дней назад
DrSupaSnail 16 дней назад
Good interviewer. I appreciate that immensely
David Delgado
David Delgado 16 дней назад
peacepipenetwork 16 дней назад
Bernie 2020
starmyk100 17 дней назад
Please vote for him He will do so much good for the world...
Sharon R
Sharon R 17 дней назад
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕@NCICAP www.ncicap.org INCLUDE CAPTIONING AND TRANSCRIPTION PLEASE. “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche
Devon Couch
Devon Couch 18 дней назад
As much as i hate hillary im glad she cheated bernie out of his chance last time. She pretty much garunteed a trump win by doing that
Devon Couch
Devon Couch 18 дней назад
A vote for bernie is a wasted vote, he will just die of old age in 3 days
H Soko
H Soko 18 дней назад
H Soko 1 second ago "Capitalism and Socialism" (Yin and Yang) Take the best of both worlds! Not either or! All of western Europe has Capitalism AND Socialism already. Europe has many Entrepreneurs, lawyers, Physicians, Corporate jobs too! (SO does America have both for that matter ie; Social Security, Medicare, National Highways, Fire Departments, Military, US Postal Service, its all "National and Public" payed by us, the taxpayers) I think we as US citizens should know where our tax payer money is going. Yes, both encouraging business AND taking care of our people! Seems great
Kel Roz
Kel Roz 18 дней назад
And with Booker as a qualified,talented,fighter who is also african american on ticket,that would clinch the victory.
Kel Roz
Kel Roz 18 дней назад
And for all those on the other side who are wishing for Sanders to win,because they feel its a sure win for them and Trump,as always be careful what you wish for"you may get it. Just like many democrats were celebrating that Trump rather then Bush,etc was going to win the republican nomination in 2016. Trump,believe me,knows no matter what he may say publically,that Sanders is the one person,if he can win the democratic nomination,can beat him. The president is a smart man. He always knows no matter what it looks like at the time,what he is doing. And he knows the one person he dosent want to battle againt is Sanders. Just like in 2016 he was the one wildcard that could shake the established order,he knows Sanders is that wildcard for 2020. I like Elizabeth Warren. I like her policies and talk. But he knows as i do,that she can never beat him. In fact it would be an easy win for him. The only other possoble contender that could threaten Trump,if he got in wpuld be o rourke from Texas. But he would be more because of looks,style etc not because of policy. But Sanders with Booker as VP would win,i am convinced of that though it would still be close,because Trump is a political and public media genius. Democrats be bold. Democrats be fearless In the Trump style but from the left and with the decency,honesty and putting people not big money first,like Sanders,and you will not just win an election in 2020 but begin to gain a mandate to transform our beloved nation to greater heights then ever before,for all our people,not just those at the top. Sanders/Booker Because a great nation is a terrible thing to waste. Sanders/
Mr. !nProgress
Mr. !nProgress 18 дней назад
two top choices for 2020, one is bernie, the other one who i'll propably vote for is Andrew yang, definitely want to see him go far!
Slorti 18 дней назад
*Tweets about how millionares and billionares should not be able to buy many cars or houses* *Tweets about that from one of his two houses*
Dane Rose
Dane Rose 18 дней назад
I hope Bernie wins.
somecallmetim46 18 дней назад
14:45 We swindled more young people into buying into my pie-in-the-sky claims than Clinton and Trump COMBINED! Who'd a thunk?
BLUE MOXIE 19 дней назад
No Bernie you SUX and you will LOSE no Sanders U will LOSE....ThankYou for coming thankU...LMAo GOODBYE.
Kingsley Zissou
Kingsley Zissou 19 дней назад
Fix the education system in the U.S.... Use Finland as your example, they were atrocious in education but they fixed their problem. The blueprint is right there, all the U.S. has to do is follow it. Unless education is fixed, the slide to true Idiocracy will continue to accelerate. www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/05/why-finlands-education-system-puts-others-to-shame
Samanatha Russell
Samanatha Russell 19 дней назад
Oligarchy corruption been here since the 20s
sas g
sas g 19 дней назад
Give your freedom away and let the government "take care of you"Bernie Sanders 2020
sas g
sas g 19 дней назад
The only way United States of America survives is to go back to the roots and take the unconstitutional power away from the government. That is option 1 2. Turn USA into a communist country
Wesley Locke
Wesley Locke 19 дней назад
actually Donald Trump has made the economy better then ever, and you and all your democratic friends have failed to prove hes a racist in any way, in fact african american jobs are growing more then ever. and you over here are an extremely uneducated socialist trying to destroy america, who hasn't even had a real job.
Wesley Locke
Wesley Locke 19 дней назад
up next, why we lost part two.
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