Bernie Responds To Buttigieg’s Remarks On College Affordability: ‘He’s Wrong’ | All In | MSNBC

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2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders responds to Pete Buttigieg’s criticism of universal free college. Aired on 12/5/19.
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Bernie Responds To Buttigieg’s Remarks On College Affordability: ‘He’s Wrong’ | All In | MSNBC

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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 725
Bran Evans
Bran Evans 24 days ago
No Socialist will ever take the White House. We Americans were born free and we will live free!!
Thomas 25 days ago
Racheal WE are with U!!!
Thomas 25 days ago
judgement is now. Racheal Maddow do you support Bernie?
Thomas tinkler
Thomas tinkler 28 days ago
Bernie goes sicko mode
Lenny Gordon
Lenny Gordon Month ago
MSNBC actually giving Bernie air time?!?!?! FINALLY! Honestly took long enough.
Jason Ashby
Jason Ashby Month ago
MSNBC: You should be ASHAMED of yourselves. Stop ignoring Bernie Sanders and stop lying about him and his policies. Stop lying about the polls. You are the ones that make our skin crawl.
Nate Knows
Nate Knows Month ago
I’m not donating or voting for #WallStreetPete !
outest universe
outest universe Month ago
AndrewYang is an entrepreneur, so he knows the drill. Any CEOs cannot get results in a few yrs, fired. In his case 4 yrs. We want him be President bc he's got great potential and fresh ideas. Unlike SenSanders and JoeBiden who sat in office for >40 yrs still got nothing done. And worst so, their supporters want them stay on the job longer. Obviously they do not understand what a leadership meant in free market and democracy. They will lead a monarchy-like state and harbor corruption. We need to change that, now!!!
Hugo Gonzalez
Hugo Gonzalez Month ago
When Bernie schools Buttigieg
Hugo Gonzalez
Hugo Gonzalez Month ago
#refundPete #WallStreetPete
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
Bernie & Nina 2020!
Wonder Guy
Wonder Guy Month ago
*FREE does not mean QUALITY* Do we really have to go down history lane and explain what happens when any gov provides for people?
Demonic Jester
Demonic Jester Month ago
Bernie 2020 let's go!
DeathLeprecon Month ago
Only Sanders can make me like an MSNBC video.
Dakoda Sanders
Dakoda Sanders Month ago
Money talks and Pete listen 💰🤑
S3lvah Month ago
One thing Bernie needs to add to his response is this: Means-tested and otherwise partial programs like "M4A-who-want-it" are easy for Republicans to dismantle once they get back into power, by simply introducing more limitations over dozens of bills - just as with ACA. Programs where universality has been deeply baked in are harder to dismantle because they'd have to change the heart of the program against public will. There's a reason why the UK's NHS and other countries' universal healthcare programs have endured despite (sometimes) decades of conservative rulers who'd love to privatize them. Universal programs will move us forward, not keep us in a see-saw with destructive Republicans.
Scott Covert
Scott Covert Month ago
Tuition free college means nothing to everyone who has already been, can't go, won't go - sick, injured, parent with small children, taking care of someone else, retired, already paid off loans. Universal Basic Income on the other hand helps everyone how they need it. Imagine graduating college and you've already earned $48,000 in tax free income, just by being an American citizen. That's your tuition right there, and you keep on earning after until you die. #Yang2020
Shaka's Intermission
What do you say to posting a video about Sander's surge to go toe to toe with Joe in this months polling? Seems like you forgot to mention now he's doing well.
Eddy T.
Eddy T. Month ago
We need Bernie !!!
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
mrfuzztone Month ago
Bernie Sanders 2020 - honesty and energy
47imagine Month ago
"Not the way Buttigieg does it?" Sorry Bernie. Pete intends to pay for his education plan by raising taxes on the wealthy as well. If you want to call someone "inaccurate," make sure you're accurate as well.
FlursFrost Month ago
People think Pete is against rich people . Lmao he has the highest support from rich people lol
Ama Jang
Ama Jang Month ago
so is this the only guy on MSNBC who is not a Bernie Hater???
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
If Bolshevik Bernie gets in, he opens the gate to millions more illegals seeking his free Healthcare and other handouts. This insures that the votes are there to keep power in the loonies hands for generations. We can take our country and flush it down the toilet.
rolback Month ago
I worked my way through school, 40+ hours per week, up at 5AM and doing homework at 11PM, working weekdays/weekends , do I get a refund plus interest under Bernie’s plan?
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
@rolback Hallelujah!! The one wise man!
rolback Month ago
Prashant Wason Yes, hard work and struggle molds a person with a good life experience. Teaches perseverance, values, debt management, budgeting, value of money, independence, self reliance, goal setting, leadership, plan making and more. More than you will ever get out of a university.
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
@Prashant Wason Absolutely! It's only when you work hard to get/achieve something that you truly appreciate it. We don't want to destroy college like the public schools system.
Prashant Wason
Prashant Wason Month ago
Even if you don't, would you want most people in your generation and the generations that follow to do the same?
NIO Electric Vehicles
In France the public got so fed up by the elite that they started a revolution lynching the elite. They made this nice thing called a guillotine to cut off their heads. Now in 2019 it's impossible to start a revolution with violence. But through the years the elite shaped the system so they are the ones who benefits the most. They know every loop hole and they just throw money against each problem. They buy politicians who are there to serve the public and not the elite. People were done with this years ago but nothing has changed. Bernie is a guy who always have fought to better the public. Don't waste your chance to get Bernie elected he is probably the last chance for a general revolution that will change politics, economics, environmental and social problems. And to a new a generation learn from Bernie it's sad but we will have to pickup his work and continue his work after he leaves us. It's time to show that we won't be pimped by the elites.
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
206 guy
206 guy Month ago
Smug Pete is easily the worst candidate on the debate stage
206 guy
206 guy Month ago
@FlursFrost Barack hasnt endorsed anybody yet.
FlursFrost Month ago
@206 guy he just got endorsed by Barack Obama buddies that should help him abit
206 guy
206 guy Month ago
@FlursFrost Its the truth bro
FlursFrost Month ago
@206 guy wow
206 guy
206 guy Month ago
@FlursFrost best for lying about black support
MrFuggleGuggle Month ago
Bernie and Buttgay
Nazi Hunter
Nazi Hunter Month ago
Pete buttigege wrote an award winning piece on BERNARD SANDERS in high school. We need 18 year old Pete back for vp. Hahaha
Dank Audio Stash
Thank you for covering this great man.
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
@Dank Audio Stash Of course! When we don't (Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jung Un, Ho Chi Minh) MILLIONS DIE!! www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/12/socialisms_unbroken_trail_of_failure.html
Dank Audio Stash
@Roger didit Yeah because the CIA keeps killing our leaders (see Allende)
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
SnK Views
SnK Views Month ago
Yang for president
Nicholas Morrison
Pete is a lying MFer
Dr Atikur Rahman Talukder
Bernie 2020💜💜💜
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
Snap quiz. Bolshevik Bernie had a baseball team that was named A) the greens B) the workers C) the justice league D The reds.. Answer................ It just so happens he picks the name "the reds" Coincidence? Google "Bernie Sanders Marxist past".... 🤔
Bernie is the only candidate with the grass roots support to defeat trump. BERNIE 2020
FlursFrost Month ago
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
Awww what's Bloomberg know?........ Democratic presidential Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that his rivals for the party’s nomination would be eaten “alive” by President Donald Trump. Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, told CNN on Tuesday that “Trump is getting stronger and I think he would just eat alive the candidates. Because they don't have plans that I think are practical, that can be implemented. They don't have management experience and the President's job is a management job." He added, "This is not a job where you take training wheels, this is the future of the world -- the free world. And you need people with experience." Wait until Trump gets hold of Bolshevik Bernie.
Hisoka Morou
Hisoka Morou Month ago
I’m donating another $2.70 right now 👍🏽
sara parker
sara parker Month ago
please vote for Bernie, he needs more millions and more mansions.
Nicholas Morrison
sara parker also if he wanted to just enrich himself then he would just do what all the other swamp monsters are doing, pretending that private healthcare isn’t a negative incentive to help people stay healthy.
Nicholas Morrison
sara parker he’s barely a millionaire. And if he had a billion it wouldn’t matter, anyone is welcome to work hard and be successful, but pay enough taxes so that people at the bottom have the opportunity to make it too. Is that so hard to grasp? If Bernie was a billionaire and he was proposing higher taxes for the rich that wouldn’t make him a hypocrite, it would mean he understands what the system needs. These attacks against him are vapid.
PersianImm0rtal Month ago
Buttigieg is incompetent. Bernie Sanders is the future of our country!
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
@FlursFrost Must be a guy thing huh? My back door isn't open to any men, maybe yours is. I know Pete's is. As far as Bolshevik Bernie...... After he graduated from James Madison High School in 1959, he went to Brooklyn College for a year before transferring to the University of Chicago, where he joined the Congress of Racial Equality, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Student Peace Union and the Young People’s Socialist League. He read psychology, sociology and history. He read Marx, Lenin and Trotsky.
FlursFrost Month ago
@Roger didit litterally every president does it's called having make friends whattttttttttt
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
@FlursFrost Why would I want a guy in the white house that invites men in the back door?
Brian Molina
Brian Molina Month ago
@Roger didit its not but ok. ive addressed all your points and proven them wrong and you chose to ignore em, yeah u sure showed me
Will Wright
Will Wright Month ago
And every generation Republican try to cut Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid. But the programs are so popular they can't wilthout total destruction of their party. Same thing will happen with #MedicareForAll & #TuitionFreeCollege. Thatis part of the reason Republican like Buttigieg (typo: Democrat) lie about them.
Brenden Varty
Brenden Varty Month ago
Where is the full interview? #bernieblackout
Peter Month ago
Andrew Hassett
Andrew Hassett Month ago
Thanks for finally giving Bernie the airtime he deserves
EliLovesWaffles Month ago
Walt, WHO uploaded this?? lmao
treydarling Month ago
559 billion (tuition) a year vs the 70 billion(taxed) a year for universal college.
Firefly Guitar
Firefly Guitar Month ago
Bernie will win against Trump. Biden will probably start a wrestling match and get sued.
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
@charles sanchez Trump will be too! Bahahahaha. On Tuesday, Sanders addressed the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas, drawing over 400 organized labor supporters and workers, far more than the some 300 who turned out for Warren on Monday night. .......... Real change also means getting rid of the corruption,” Trump told the estimated 5,000 people who packed inside The Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom for the rally. www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/12/socialisms_unbroken_trail_of_failure.html
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
@charles sanchez Yeah, I'm sure that the millions of over 25 voters out there, will rush to "debunk" it. He just got heckled in Las Vegas at a small gathering of Union employees for his FREE Healthcare for all scheme.
Roger didit
Roger didit Month ago
Bernie is toast. He has ZERO CHANCE at winning the White House. Want to know why? Google "Bernie Sanders Marxist past" and wait until this hits the debate stage
Khrashing Phantom
THIS explaination is why it's Bernie Sanders 2020! What Pete should be doing is taking notes and refining his strategy, before he want to debate someone who's been working on these proposals for decades. All of these candidates would actually work very well together if they chose to.
Khrashing Phantom
FlursFrost Very true, and there are still people who don't. There are even fewer people who would actually work to make it happen. That's leaps more than any other candidate.
FlursFrost Month ago
Huh ? He just said free college. For everyone anyone can say that
IgoMicro Month ago
I know MSNBC has an anti-Bernie slant but I appreciate them giving him air time to respond to Buttigieg's ridiculous points.
Kieth_Singleton2011 Singleton
The problem with college is the tuition keeps increasing by big margins and that they put classes on you that you don't need for a degree that you will never use it in so they can make more money off you but they call to make you more well-rounded and I call it a Hustle cuz you can't say no. Do not forget the giant debt you get put into that could take most of your life time to get rid of with no guarantee you'll find a good job in that field.
sulema leon
sulema leon Month ago
Bernie 2020!!! Only one with a plan.....Warren will sell out to Wall Street.....Biden is Wall Street if we want OUR country back Bernie is the only way
FlursFrost Month ago
James Martin
James Martin Month ago
geez, this is the 21st Century - a Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree should be the standard - just like High School Degree was for the 20th Century - time to upgrade people, GO BERNIE !!!
DoppelCooper Month ago
WTF, Bernies combing his hair?!?! That means game on time, RIP the rest of the pack
Umang Malik
Umang Malik Month ago
Everett Lewis
Everett Lewis Month ago
More Bernie please!
Zac Lodro
Zac Lodro Month ago
I go to utsa, got the fafsa pell grant and several private scholarships. Graduating debt free at 21 because I lived with my parents. Definitely worth it though!
Robbert Johan Smidt
Ian685 Month ago
So will Bernie pay more or is tax above him?
Nicholas Morrison
Ian685 really??? Of course he would. That’s what he’s advocating for. Work hard, be successful, contribute back to the community.
Ian685 Month ago
So your talking about Union members@
Luis Ly
Luis Ly Month ago
Antifa Cuckeesian
It's clear that Mayo Pete's 🍞 goal isnt to stop billionaires kids from getting a public college education but to using old Nixon and bush talking points to stifle progress.
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