Bentley Ultratank. First Run. Eng Sub.

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Мы создали настоящее зло. Это Bentley Ultratank - настоящий Бентли на гусеницах. Он валит по любому типу покрытия и делает это с комфортом.
Teleport Ray - m ē k ȧ nsm
svastonov - ребята с нашего двора pt.2
вкладываюдушу - целовались по дружбе
13 - woo
yavnoe bessilie - hatred
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May 9, 2019




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Comments 21 473
TinyBubbleExtreme 7 hours ago
7:02 "OHHHH khasbdhasv,dhasvdhlsavdlajhsdvashdashdvasjhdvasjdhvasldhavsldhv"
Biddle Love
Biddle Love 17 hours ago
Grasnasnoodle! 👍👍
Lukasz Ronikier
Lukasz Ronikier 17 hours ago
u stupid 🙄
Debajyoti Sarkar
Debajyoti Sarkar 18 hours ago
Abe kea Bak raha hain
Haroon Muhammed
Haroon Muhammed 20 hours ago
America: we have muscle cars Russia: hold my vodka
ride hunter
ride hunter Day ago
You definitely improved the usefulness of a Bentley.
sandeep singh jagdev
Hooo hoooooo,🤟🤟🤟 Yes yes yes, You people are great, 💯🔫 bullet fire💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔫 Forever thumbs up👍.
satriyowicak Day ago
That's how russian repell the third reich
Scott Antkowiak
EYE PROTECTION for the angle grinder at least! come on people! You only have TWO eyes! lol
sanyam09 Day ago
this machine is lit
Abu Khattab
Abu Khattab Day ago
Germans and Russians should marry and produce hyper intelligent kids, unlike the Indians whose genes are mixed with cows and elephants.
Moe Whitfield
Music guys, music kills hearing the engine.
Tanishq Bana
Tanishq Bana 2 days ago
That's how they do it in mother russia
Survival MMA
Survival MMA 2 days ago
Fastest tank
Bolt #
Bolt # 2 days ago
Im suddenly arroused
Mason Alex
Mason Alex 2 days ago
I’d take this to tire kingdom for a tire alignment and say where is your god now fools
manman mi
manman mi 2 days ago
brosay what
brosay what 2 days ago
What are thoooose ?!
S P Lit
S P Lit 2 days ago
Brutal music
Baked Potato
Baked Potato 2 days ago
Meanwhile in Russia:
Conexus X18
Conexus X18 2 days ago
What in the actual hell is this?? Talk about ruining a perfectly good car! This is like gang raping Jesus’s mother.
Dr House
Dr House 2 days ago
Putin wants to know your location
stop watcing anime
These things only happends in russia
Ali Köse
Ali Köse 3 days ago
The only one question comes to mind when i see this video is WHY??
김평수 3 days ago
I hope that is one of the next generation madmax cars
La ϟϟ
La ϟϟ 3 days ago
Ohh my god that paint 😲😲😲😲😲
Qais Niazi
Qais Niazi 3 days ago
Red bull gives you wing.
Nakul Nakul
Nakul Nakul 3 days ago
Watching this video may harm your Bentley viewer's discretion needed.
igor bo
igor bo 3 days ago
Не ну ты конечно извини но контент говно досмотрел до 50! Сек(
Shubham Bhattacharya
Just a English comment
BMW 3 SE 4 days ago
Авария жили
baibhav 4 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav 4 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav 4 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav 4 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav 4 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
baibhav 4 days ago
8:50 looks like its goin to war
Little Timmy
Little Timmy 4 days ago
Bentley body on tank. Yawn.
Freddy J
Freddy J 4 days ago
This is so freakn stupid!
Yaluobud Werdna
Yaluobud Werdna 4 days ago
Было бы хорошо, чтобы увидеть рабочих носить защитные очки при использовании шлифовальных машин.
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 4 days ago
Ha tylko Ruski mógł coś takiego odjebać xd ale 👏👏
John Isho
John Isho 4 days ago
So sick
Prince Entertainment
Ate official
Ate official 4 days ago
song name ? 8:38
MARCO COCCO 5 days ago
The w12 si correctly sfructed
Bud the Gamer
Bud the Gamer 5 days ago
My name literally is Bentley
Mike Sacco
Mike Sacco 5 days ago
A lot of design flaws. Not nearly enough travel on the suspension. Track guides And these are only a few issues. But pretty good considering most people can’t even drive a regular car
uzerish x
uzerish x 5 days ago
i didn't understand a single word in this video, but i loved it
Mike Diesel
Mike Diesel 5 days ago
The things you do when you have money...
Israel Makinde
Israel Makinde 5 days ago
drives this shit with no protection, man's too hard
Katya Kristova
Katya Kristova 6 days ago
но круто!!!
Katya Kristova
Katya Kristova 6 days ago
бмв лучше
sandeep biswal
sandeep biswal 6 days ago
Brutal Music..😶😶
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu 6 days ago
i thought the thumbnail was 100000000% clickbait...
Norse Titan
Norse Titan 6 days ago
Anil Ameer
Anil Ameer 6 days ago
We seen Tesla truck now Bentley tank next is RR PHANTOMS jetfighter.... Lol crazy guyssss really
Rob Anderson
Rob Anderson 6 days ago
The only fail here is that at 9:09 the close caption says [Brutal Music] where it is clearly not brutal...so fail
truong le phuong
truong le phuong 6 days ago
Very good
CchewWitup 6 days ago
7:44 thats the true authentic face of disappointment like "we let this guy drive it godamnit....."
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