Ben Shapiro Leaves Liberal Professor SPEECHLESS In An Epic Debate

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Feb 17, 2019




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Comments 98
Jero49 Hour ago
The only straight person I see on that stage is "BEN SHAPIRO"!
Nicky G
Nicky G 2 hours ago
9:20 A meme is born
aburgheim 2 hours ago
Speechless?? What?? As always Beni creates his own logic rapid-fire motormouth forcefield with unrelated facts and disregard for historical context nor timeline of cause and effect. He is a paid provocateur of the ruling class and divides with malicious intent, you can actually see his sadistic grin when confusion sets in and he goes for the kill. The uninformed audience is stunned at the opposition being stunned and they feel reaffirmed in prejudice, bigotry and paranoia!!
kim Jong-unsub
kim Jong-unsub 5 hours ago
7:05 what a desperate moron
Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson 6 hours ago
Yes ben. Despite your religion you do have social responsibilities. "You would shut down my business for not baking a gay couples cake" is not a religious argument, it's a business/legal complaint. The fact is ben wants special exceptions to whatever the law is. That's the real point of his argument - that laws should just be ignored if someone says god. The worst part is he doesn't actually believe what he is saying, he is just lying to try and get his way. And that wouldn't be such a huge problem except for all the jackasses who buy into it all.
Ocean Martin
Ocean Martin 7 hours ago
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 10 hours ago
Ben Shapiro for president. Yes or no?
Love Humanity
Love Humanity 23 hours ago
Once the state power can compel you to do things along their lines of thinking if it goes against fundamental principles, you can define what that is and you know what will happen next.
TheTruth About Science and God
Please share this brief video with other people: ruvid.net/video/video-_rUgIRFk3tc.html
James Charles
Bens an idiot
のBE2つ Day ago
All these people got OWNED
ceci davenport
Pink Head needs to go home.
ceci davenport
Who is the IDIOT on the left and why did his Mother ever encourage him to speak?
SushipOp Day ago
Ben, thank you for being the Intellect on this Romper Room packed panel
SushipOp Day ago
2:42 ... I bet this guy's camping in CHAZ right now
fred wilson
fred wilson 2 days ago
America is truly under attack on this exact subject religion as the professor says No not in America your paranoid. Controversial? Ben is controversial? Maybe he just speaks the truth and speaks the facts. Truth and facts the liberals cant stand and don't want to accept!
Pearls & Swine
Pearls & Swine 2 days ago
"it's a public, for-profit business" Oh FFS, how do you become a professor when you don't understand the difference between a private and public establishment. A bakery is a PRIVATE business. Just because it's open to the public does not make it public. That's not what public means.
Pearls & Swine
Pearls & Swine 2 days ago
The host or moderator (voice off camera) is fucking annoying. He insists on interrupting that debate, saying "it's related", then goes on to say something totally unrelated.
Chris Vanderwielen
"I think you're being paranoid, look at all our religious freedoms. Now take Pakistan, for instace.." YES, you blithering idiot. And just how the fuck do you think countries lose their freedoms? It sure as shit isn't from quoteunquote being paranoid. It's by allowing their freedoms to be slowly stripped away... under the guise of "you're just being paranoid".
Sara Cohn
Sara Cohn 2 days ago
I don’t think the four nut jobs were actually able to follow Bens words. They are just that dumb.
Peyton Howard
Peyton Howard 2 days ago
What’s sad is Ben could never be our president because of religion alone, jfk almost lost the presidency just for being Catholic. They feared that the church would run the country
The KGB 2 days ago
These are getting so stupid that I thought this would be a meme
Ollicron 2 days ago
That lady with the red head "Let's stop using the gun language." Bruh I can and will say whatever I want and whatever way I want to say it.
John King
John King 2 days ago
The government must regulate the Muslims religious duty to slaughter infidels.
Michael LPN
Michael LPN 2 days ago
Marriage is not intended to be between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. A marriage is a commitment before God. Leviticus 18:22 states “a man shall not lay with another man as with a woman, it’s an abomination”
Illumignostic 2 days ago
Even as a left-leaning anarchist, I agree with Shapiro most of the time. If he wasn't religious, especially a McReligion, he would be one of the most important figures in modern history.
Illumignostic 2 days ago
You can't smoke peyote. Mescaline is orally active.
Tim Endrizzi
Tim Endrizzi 2 days ago
Churches gave religious freedom when they signed a contract with I R Satan called a 501 c 3.🤪🤪🤪
Gxulien 2 days ago
i'll shut down your business if you won't sell a keg to an inyerracial wedding. Nothing wrong with thay, right?
Gxulien 2 days ago
Hahahaha! Speechless, as in how could Ben be so dumb.
mwangi mwaniki
mwangi mwaniki 3 days ago
Ben shapiro is smarter than them all and way too honest ...love the courage
Nathan Brock
Nathan Brock 3 days ago
haha the four of these clowns have an IQ about half of Bens.. Even the crossed legs, pink hair, arrogant smirks and attempts to discredit attempts at debate and fact are revealed.
Kathryn 3 days ago
Go live on unicorn island. These liberals can go play the victim somewhere else. Bye.
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 3 days ago
Ben's argument is literally Mill's argument against state intervention in behavior aka one of the fathers of liberalism. so....
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 3 days ago
Liberalism is a cancer and that "Professor" and that redpink headed moron proved it !!!! ' Ben destroyed her !!!
Sabrina Scott
Sabrina Scott 3 days ago
Where can you find the full debate anyone knows ?
Danielle Santos
Danielle Santos 3 days ago
The guy on the left is so damn annoying!
Connor Sargent
Connor Sargent 4 days ago
“For goodness sakes man” guy is not even making an argument he’s just saying well just see how good we have it here. Like that’s not an argument? He’s not talking abt Saudi Arabia he’s talking abt America you fucking doorknob
Maurice drew
Maurice drew 4 days ago
Dont give Ben Shapiro to much praise. He's russ limbaugh with a harvard law degree and a full action packed brief case of debate tricks. Google his 11 debate tactics. Newt G. was another untouchable conservative genius. Rise like a rocket drop like a rock.
Hyperchut 4 days ago
Ben is so much more than these clowns can handle.
aj koots
aj koots 4 days ago
you can only smoke Peyote on Sundays
qwerty 4 days ago
Token short red-haired perma-offended drongo with nothing to say once the conversation elevates past sound bites.
Lorena Pérez
Lorena Pérez 4 days ago
Why is it that they never answer questions? Well done, Ben!
Lorena Pérez
Lorena Pérez 4 days ago
Liberals can't handle the truth
Cliff Griffen
Cliff Griffen 4 days ago
Go ben
Gregory Eastwood
Gregory Eastwood 4 days ago
Arrogant professor. Stupid.
Roberto Von Lookinland
Ben gave that slap head a bust in the chops, drink more water, Baldie, and stop shaking you liberal coward.
Abdon Morales
Abdon Morales 4 days ago
Ben has the look of a hawk 😁 you wont escape
Radical Realtor
Radical Realtor 4 days ago
I wonder how Ben would feel if he was regularly turned down for service for being a Jew? If he was in another place and time - many places and times -this would’ve happened. And if he stuck with this argument -he would have had to validate that they had that right. Including in Nazi Germany. Me thinks he would change his thoughts!
Scott Funk
Scott Funk 5 days ago
Controversial for speaking truth? Interesting
Garrett1111 5 days ago
I love Ben and nobody should debate with him because they will get slaughtered but there’s one little thing....he’s in the closet....trust me.
J 5 days ago
Jonathan Kroiss
Jonathan Kroiss 5 days ago
Give me an example... Wtf
albert speer
albert speer 5 days ago
the pink haired midlife crisis gal there, gets triggered with the word "GUN"
albert speer
albert speer 5 days ago
they can built a huge college with one room and Mr. ben can teach single handed all dozens of " lectures" this misleading misinforming assholes do on every college campus
albert speer
albert speer 5 days ago
to think this assholes WOKE < " PROFESSOR" and libtards , are making money while ruining many minds, not to mention ,they sent their asses off with a debt and a useless DEGREE !
Bobby Verloop
Bobby Verloop 5 days ago
Shapiro for President
Doc 5 days ago
What the hell is Jim Carey doing in the thumbnail picture?
stapme 5 days ago
Why was red hair there?
Connor Kuhlman
Connor Kuhlman 5 days ago
Ben’s a tank.
Ty w
Ty w 5 days ago
I like that. “The left likes guns, but only when their being used by the government against conservatives.”
Solo Hazard
Solo Hazard 5 days ago
Tony A. Vollenberg
Swamp creatures and puppets of the far left Globalist...!!!
Tony A. Vollenberg
Yup ... just quit my job at Superstore... ! Hope things are well and going great for you...!!!
Dave 6 days ago
Why is it so enjoyable to watch this man just ROAST everything? It's great, I wish politicians could think like Ben, he knows his shit, he knows what the problems are, and he probably has a pretty good idea of how to fix most, if not all of the problems therein. Love ya Ben, we need more people like you my friend!
Jay Compton
Jay Compton 6 days ago
Ngl, I thought the thumbnail was Jim carrey 😳
Xidraxus 6 days ago
"but you'll shut down my business if I don't serve a cake to a gay wedding" For one, that's just unnecessary and homophobic for no reason. You don't know those people or what they've been through, its prejudice. So yes shut down your lame ass homophobic cake business.
Fatima PRITZLAFF 6 days ago
Liberals are always winning 🙄 like a baby 👶. 🤮
Laurie Grube
Laurie Grube 6 days ago
Ben's common sense throws them all off their crying game.
Jacob Dont give no shit
You know been was placed in the middle of the debate because he would say factual things.
MJ Hanners
MJ Hanners 6 days ago
It seems crystal clear, that Mr. Shapiro should run for President of the United States. Lets start a type of go-fund me account and hope he still has enough faith in what’s left of America. Thank you Ben Shapiro for ........everything you do.
S Sellers
S Sellers 6 days ago
My company offers three health plans plus the option of receiving a payment for choosing no coverage. I think if I choose the no coverage option, the government should force them to give me the top plan. And a free smoothie machine in the break room. And longer breaks. And paid breaks. And.....that's kinda how the thinking and process goes with some people. They are addicted to being unsatisfied.
Katarina Hernandez
No social distancing?
AR Grover
AR Grover 6 days ago
Conversation is a good thing which we need more of.
Luke Hanley
Luke Hanley 6 days ago
If a homosexual couple and a heterosexual couple want to adopt the same child which couple is best suited and why? Who decides?
Brebs 6 days ago
He don't miss 😂
Mara Wecker
Mara Wecker 6 days ago
How is this in Ben Shapiro smart in this? The only thing he was good at was giving his opinion in front of a right wing audience, and he had good editing as we hardly ever got to see anyone’s argument against him. Good for him to be able to negotiate his contract. People who work at Hobby Lobby don’t have that luxury of “negotiating their contract” at minimum wage jobs. Just because employers do not understand science and how the female body works, doesn’t mean people who work for them should suffer 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Joshua Wilks
Joshua Wilks 6 days ago
This like Ben Affleck vs Sam Harris
Vera White
Vera White 6 days ago
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BIG LO 6 days ago
They should change the title to Ben Shapiro murders Scholars news at 11. LOL just kidding for all you triggered liberals. Sad that I even have to say that.
LimeVid2 6 days ago
No he didn't
tony reyes
tony reyes 6 days ago
Whole situation could be solved in a much easier way than the government paying for it. Go down to the store and buy a pack of condoms, ya cheap bastards!
David Barkin
David Barkin 6 days ago
I'll never forget how when Shapiro was being interviewed by the most Right wing journalist on the BBC. The guy asked a few tough questions, and Shapiro called him a Communist.
M P 6 days ago
Ben is smarter than the four put together and just think of how that must hurt there egos.. the guy on the left is your typical bald goofball professor who thinks he knows everything.
Quinn Jackus
Quinn Jackus 6 days ago
We need Ben Shapiro in 2020
grzegorzrada 7 days ago
Joey Reynolds
Joey Reynolds 7 days ago
what does the guy on the far left mean by American religion? does he mean native Americans or does he mean colonists religion.
Esmeralda Alaniz
Esmeralda Alaniz 7 days ago
Ben Shapiro is a social reject... only people in the political party know of him
Edgar Finklestein
It would be an excellent idea to get rid of all ridiculous caveman superstitious nonsense, especially religion.
Red Pill
Red Pill 7 days ago
The smug liberal on the left has only smugness and no substance. A quintessential pseudo-intellectual.
Prince Harming
Prince Harming 7 days ago
So what the guy on the far left (side of the stage) is saying... is that you should not be able to even open a business... unless you take HIS particular stand on the religion issue. That the State should, indeed, be able to compel you to violate your own religious principles even though that exercise has not interfered with another individual's right to life, liberty or property in the process.
Coneman3 7 days ago
Ben Shapiro typically oversimplifies like the Right always does. He only 'appears' to destroy Left arguments because arguments on the Left are more nuanced and not as simplistic as most of the right wing arguments. 'Winning' a 'debate' does not mean that you have spoken truth or wisdom. Also his thinking is too logical as an ENTJ, and he misses the big picture in human terms. As an INFJ if given time to reply to him, I think I could destroy many of his arguments.
yjjeeper1 8 days ago
"We're not trying to infringe upon religious rights and beliefs", fast forward one year....... unmasked rioting and looting is not a public health threat, but churches in large remain closed indefinitely.
Jaymee Fletcher
Jaymee Fletcher 8 days ago
ALL of these people ALL of them.. left/right etc don't realise that their just clowns. Clowns for us all to laugh at on the internet. They provide entertainment. Nothing more.....
Tim Y
Tim Y 8 days ago
They have no argument that’s why they look so depressed!
Manga D
Manga D 8 days ago
If, hypothetically speaking, 99.9% of stores refuse to do business with you for your beliefs, isn't that threatening to the so called freedom in the US? Or is it only a threat to someone's freedom if it is the government doing it?
s. h. e. made it
s. h. e. made it 8 days ago
It's really funny watching how they all squirm in their seats in sink low the body language is hilarious. Mean while then just sits there in his chair confident and relaxed and still open for listening.
s. h. e. made it
s. h. e. made it 8 days ago
It is NOT a "public" for-profit business that sells cakes. It is a private business. It is a business owned by people with the right to practice their religious convictions. It is not a government business. Or a government service. These liberal professors are so pompous.
Locbui1989 8 days ago
doesn't matter the topic, if ben shapiro is on your side, you'll win every debate
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