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Dixie D'Amelio
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Hey guys! Sooooo I apparently can't VLOG so we had to shoot a video at 2:30am for the next day and Ben Kickz was cool enough to shoot with me last minute!
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Aug 9, 2020




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Comments 100
Bige Stephens
Bige Stephens 16 hours ago
When he calls $6000 cheap me ImReaLLy PoOR
Drk Pwry
Drk Pwry 2 days ago
Joseph Weber-Thomas
Charli is way better
[Toka NTJANA x2]
[Toka NTJANA x2] 5 days ago
Kinda looks like Kendall jenner
Opi x
Opi x 5 days ago
Ben is a simp
mattshiznet silva
Lmao Dixie doesn’t wanna do this fame shit andit shows 😂😂 she doesn’t wanna do RUvid or tiktok only does it cuz u know MONAYYY
Meme Sayyed
Meme Sayyed 7 days ago
Who ever likes this comment will be rich when you are older
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 8 days ago
Me getting $40 of amazon
Here I am watching a shoes vlog and me questioning myself who the heck is Travis Scott.
Tycrackedd 8 days ago
7:36 the screen peek 😳😳
McKenna Schroeder
We stan this duo
Clutch Gaming
Clutch Gaming 10 days ago
Some of those shoes ugly yet worth thousands
Pamela Board
Pamela Board 11 days ago
"They used to be so cheap like 600" im dying rn
olivia and hadassah
me: yah yah nice video! my brain: LaTe NiGhT sNeAkEr MeEtUp LeTs SeE wHo We BoUtTa FiNsEsSe.
Hargunpreet Kaur
Hargunpreet Kaur 13 days ago
Hi Dixie D'Amelio!
Amina Efendić
Amina Efendić 15 days ago
I love you!!!
100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge
It's weird how most of us living on Earth will never meet or even acknowledge each other's existence. For example, if you're reading my comment; this is probably the first and last time you'll ever see me. !!
fake canahuate
fake canahuate 19 days ago
I didn’t hear anything Ben said
Dixie say too charli im a big fan off here
Sharon Trempala
Sharon Trempala 20 days ago
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
fightnight14 20 days ago
A pair of shoes for thousands of dollars. When you wear them they would just look like an ordinary pair.
Bolevard Co.
Bolevard Co. 22 days ago
I’m a size 12;(
Chemical BassBooster
Ben stay strapped 🔥🔥🤯
773x 22 days ago
honestly don’t know why these d’amelio bums are famous
Mariya Nadeem
Mariya Nadeem 22 days ago
Dixie is high as a kite no one can tell me she aint
Brad Churchey
Brad Churchey 25 days ago
Along time ago there was a cool pair of low top phat farm shoes red and white with a red strap but I can't even find a pic of them now lol
Sara lee
Sara lee 25 days ago
Dixie is like that really cool older sister of one of your friends who is sweet to you yet u are still constantly intimidated by her
anitsiirc 25 days ago
why does the lighting of the video make me depressed
Vanessa 0822
Vanessa 0822 25 days ago
His voice is so mf sexy
Julian Engelbrecht
Julian Engelbrecht 26 days ago
Like for a cookie
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Porsche 911
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Asaians no mor taiping
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Deviled eggs is a human and im black with a 7 inch magic wand and bruce dragon fighting skills and deadshot aim and lion hunting skills and i grant that power to my bitches to do the same so if an enemy approches it shall be
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Kenneth will throw the first punch
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
4 billion vs 6 billion
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
War against god has started bring the drama to 3153 carrevero dr w jacksonville fl 32216 my home addy door unlocked i have no weapons so come with you fuckin gunz
Kenneth Lane
Kenneth Lane 27 days ago
3 weeks until omegalul
Fitslikesize42 27 days ago
Mad respect to what he's achieved so far but he sounds hella cringe the way he's just like "these used to be so cheap 400$ " dude sounds like a spoiled little kid
apllxzま 27 days ago
Bro he said 4K was cheap and now 40k wtf
Jake 28 days ago
Dixe is shit
Anna Puricelli
Anna Puricelli 28 days ago
Love Dixie
Anna Puricelli
Anna Puricelli 28 days ago
HackTricks 28 days ago
Dixie lowkey looks like fazerain on acid
• hyuniee
• hyuniee 28 days ago
0:15 tony what are you doing in dixie’s video?
Jadah Wise
Jadah Wise 27 days ago
nick willis
nick willis 28 days ago
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Its Chris
Its Chris 29 days ago
He stay blushing
Maxplayzroblox keyz
Bruh i also love revenge storms their my favourite
Thomas Daly
Thomas Daly 29 days ago
I hate that people will watch this and think they know shit about shoes
C0DE 29 days ago
Why she sitting like that tho
Felix_53 29 days ago
Why are so dumb people so rich accept for for ben
Munniram Haribaran
Munniram Haribaran 29 days ago
My grandchildren are crazy with all brand of sneakers.
David Diaz
David Diaz 29 days ago
Homie was mad nervous
Austin Barker
Austin Barker Month ago
he said 15 20 k for the diors he def scammed people for that price
Christian I
Christian I Month ago
she’s baked
Żęåûx X
Żęåûx X Month ago
Who else didn’t think dixies voice was deep
Pablo Entrobar
Pablo Entrobar Month ago
More professionality
Assassin Killer
Assassin Killer Month ago
It’s nevel from icarley
Lenny Hernandez
Lenny Hernandez Month ago
Not 1 time did I see eye contact lmao
madelin smith
madelin smith Month ago
Good Boy
Good Boy Month ago
Is it just me or dixie looks like faze rain
Jake G
Jake G Month ago
Demarion Abram
Demarion Abram Month ago
Hey Dixie, you're new song goes hard bro
Estefasni Sanchez
ESTEFNI 🤍🤍🤍🤍🍑🤡🤡👭
Kukushi-ight Month ago
She's like Oh i have all of those It's only 35,000$ Quotes only rich people say wich said
Diana Barra
Diana Barra Month ago
Hi Portugal plss🇵🇹🇵🇹💖
xol 7531
xol 7531 Month ago
Teddy Knott
Teddy Knott Month ago
Hi you are my favourite tiktoker
Reiley Hudson
Reiley Hudson Month ago
I know that they are just friends but the way he looks at her...... friendship goals
Yasmin Mcilvenna
Deseree Ong-Aban
Dirk Nowitzki Anoyo Balasbas
His voice reminds me of XXXtentacion😮👍
Seema Dhandar
Seema Dhandar Month ago
People who just buy sneakers are dumb cause they are many other interesting shoes like Chelsea Botts etcc
Briza Camacho
Briza Camacho Month ago
But his voice...
Une queen 2009
Une queen 2009 Month ago
Hey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Παναγιωτης Μακρης
I love you dixie can follwo me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees😘😘😘🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍👍👍👍
Ben starring at Dixie 👁👄👁
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Month ago
This is a cringe as video
Morgan Willis
Morgan Willis Month ago
Patrick O'Kane
Patrick O'Kane 8 hours ago
Vertexx 7 when the year 7s try to speak road
Manar Said
Manar Said 24 days ago
It’s annoying
Bella Waffle
Bella Waffle 25 days ago
uhhh noo
Vertexx 7
Vertexx 7 26 days ago
U r a joke ting fam 😂
Milena Kikita
Milena Kikita Month ago
Ali Phillips
Ali Phillips Month ago
Do you think they would make a good couple
Emanuelle Alves
Emanuelle Alves Month ago
This is how many people like Dixie ⬇️
Konkes Month ago
I'm stoned and so is Dixie.
sailash ragukumar
There stoned
FeniXxX Month ago
Lol tik tokers buying hype ass shoes and don’t know what they are, all sneakerheads cringing rn
FeniXxX Month ago
Lickady Clit Same bro smh
Lickady Clit
Lickady Clit Month ago
Makes me sick that she has a pair of Dior 1s
Tiguidazz _
Tiguidazz _ Month ago
Hello Dixie:) I spam your comments to ask you to put subtitles in French or English, because I am French and I don’t understand English very well I’m sure it’s too much to ask but I hope you will
Tom Lambert
Tom Lambert Month ago
the way ben looks at her
Klara Month ago
Why is he so rich?
martin harnish
martin harnish Month ago
sus bull😂😂😂😂🤣
Navya sayal
Navya sayal Month ago
I’m still looking at the house
SoakingEggs Month ago
am i the only one who's glad not knowing shit about shoes?
Pip Face
Pip Face Month ago
“Nike Air Force ones like $70” funny because I got mine for 90+ tax...
Hdis hUDU
Hdis hUDU Month ago
Mine were like 70 too, maybe it’s different in places
yashika Chandani
Dixie sing the be happy
social media
social media Month ago
So this what making up some dance moves can do for you? She would be a regular joe if it werent for that her personality is dull.
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