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Kevin Has Evil Versions of Overflow, Grey Matter and Wildvide: Undertoe, Dark Matter & Thorn Blade.
Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max next travel to Castle Bishopbrook to visit a distant relative who's royalty, but when Ben encounters a "ghost" at the haunted home, it turns out to actually be his new rival, Kevin 11, throwing even more twisted aliens his way: Thornblade, Undertow, and Dark Matter!
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9 фев 2019

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Комментарии 639
Diego-Diana Molina Parra
Diego-Diana Molina Parra 41 минуту назад
His voice does not change
cr gammer
cr gammer 3 часа назад
1:48 its not dark matter its enderman
l'enderman Scheleton
l'enderman Scheleton 3 часа назад
I'm an Enderman!
Jason Bray
Jason Bray 4 часа назад
Notice that when Dark Matter shows up, a creepy version of Grey Matter's theme!
Donjuan Martines-Lopez
Donjuan Martines-Lopez 9 часов назад
Kevin’s voice sounds stink fly’s voice!!!! Howwwwww
CUBIX 18 часов назад
Grey matter looks like crash hopper
Latasha Evans
Latasha Evans 19 часов назад
Krist Mardjo
Krist Mardjo День назад
Ben has more dna pods then kevin i hope ben gets master control then he could turn into waybig and stomp onto kevin
Steven Scarorough
Steven Scarorough День назад
Dude undertow is a stupid name
Fernando Gallegos
Fernando Gallegos День назад
Why does Kevin's aliens cooler than Ben's? I LIKE IT!
Jonathan Mason
Jonathan Mason 2 дня назад
Season and episode now!!!!!
Fixtionmaster101 2 дня назад
Here's a question that needs an answer. How did Kevin build himself his own omnitrix?
Purity_ 242
Purity_ 242 3 дня назад
I love this concept of two omnitrix wearers
jacqueline kierindongo
jacqueline kierindongo 3 дня назад
You know what’s funny is that in this entire scene is just beast boy and raven talking cipes and strong are really talented voice actors
Francimara Assis
Francimara Assis 3 дня назад
Kamen rider Blue Falcon2018
Kamen rider Blue Falcon2018 4 дня назад
Its albedo all over again
TheNewb 4 дня назад
You know how aliens had its ultimate forms and fusion forms and the evolved forms this must represent the aliens dark side or opposite forms
Amy Crescione
Amy Crescione 4 дня назад
okay so dark matter is nightmare fuel
Cryptic WolfYT
Cryptic WolfYT 4 дня назад
Anyone remember the 2000s of ben 10 if so u r amazing
Favour Mariama Khai Fornah
Favour Mariama Khai Fornah 4 дня назад
Neither do I
Fran arancibia
Fran arancibia 5 дней назад
Me da miedo materia oscura
Krystal Faataui
Krystal Faataui 5 дней назад
Natalie Ramnarain
Natalie Ramnarain 5 дней назад
DracD_ erp
DracD_ erp 6 дней назад
"Wildvide" u wot
guerreiro estelar Théo
guerreiro estelar Théo 6 дней назад
I don't know why people say this Reboot is bad
boruto uzumaki
boruto uzumaki 2 дня назад
Because its not like the first one
RealTurtlemir 6 дней назад
Kevin is like Albedo...
Kalvin Nue
Kalvin Nue 6 дней назад
Okay, so we’ve got Cannonbolt - Wreckingbolt Overflow - Undertow Heatblast - Hot Shot Four Arms - Quad Smack Grey Matter - Dark Matter Diamondhead - Black Ice Wildvine - Thorn Blade Blitzwolfer - Bashmouth And I’m Guessing That We’re Gonna Have XLR8 - Quicklash Upgrade - Enhancement Stinkfly - Buzzkill And Maybe If We Need Shock Rock - Crag Spark Slapback - Hit Split Humungousaur - Titanosaur Rath - Fury Claw
ThomasSpongeConductor 222
ThomasSpongeConductor 222 2 часа назад
Kalvin Nue
Kalvin Nue 2 часа назад
ThomasSpongeConductor 222 nice ones
ThomasSpongeConductor 222
ThomasSpongeConductor 222 2 часа назад
And Kalvin Nue, good names by the way
ThomasSpongeConductor 222
ThomasSpongeConductor 222 2 часа назад
And by that, I mean Season 4 Of The reboot
ThomasSpongeConductor 222
ThomasSpongeConductor 222 2 часа назад
Here are some more names for Kevin’s future aliens- Buzzshock- Short Light Arctiguana- Fridgeman Frankenstrike- CreepBuzz Way Big- Bigfoot Ripjaws- Tooth Trout And as for Buzzshock, Arctiguana, Frankenstrike, WayBig, And Ripjaws, I bet they’ll be on the Omnitrix in the next series
Patrick Petty
Patrick Petty 6 дней назад
God, this is awful...
Gabriel Games br
Gabriel Games br 6 дней назад
Diamondleo 6 дней назад
Dumb bush
KetchupPuppy 12
KetchupPuppy 12 7 дней назад
Who doesnt like "Wildvide"
Jullios Paras
Jullios Paras 7 дней назад
Jullios Paras
Jullios Paras 7 дней назад
I want to see heatblast as bad
Hoan Hot Ho
Hoan Hot Ho 7 дней назад
Kevin's voice like beast boy
afif hasan
afif hasan 7 дней назад
I love ben10 cartoon
Rodriix castro
Rodriix castro 7 дней назад
Riflemutt Prime
Riflemutt Prime 7 дней назад
Gotta admit... Thornblade is really cool
Leon Saluoto
Leon Saluoto 7 дней назад
I think this version of Kevin is cool af
chase beal
chase beal 7 дней назад
The theme is either the same or very similar to the original. Eh I still like it
Pauletta Wyatt
Pauletta Wyatt 7 дней назад
How did kiven get his missioning ailens
DEADLYDINOBOY 21907 7 дней назад
I am impressed Kevin impressed
Emanuel Rojas
Emanuel Rojas 7 дней назад
I feel like Kevin's aliens are mutant versions of Ben's
Mythical Creatures
Mythical Creatures 8 дней назад
What will shock Ben next is the name of Kevin’s Omnitrix and Bashmouth.
el joni
el joni 8 дней назад
no entiendo ingles :"""v
Paolo Calapatia
Paolo Calapatia 8 дней назад
I like this Kevin’s Wildvine than this Ben’s Wildvine
Looolooo 345
Looolooo 345 8 дней назад
I think Kevin is gone crazy with he’s watch👿👿👿
Diamondleo 6 дней назад
Looolooo 345 I would
David Ignite
David Ignite 8 дней назад
Wait you wrote wildvide not wildvine???
Juan manuel Medina Garcia
Juan manuel Medina Garcia 8 дней назад
Гульнара Кан
Гульнара Кан 8 дней назад
😮 вау новые пришельтцы Кевина
Michael FromYoutube
Michael FromYoutube 8 дней назад
next diamond head ang hit blaze
Junaki Begum
Junaki Begum 8 дней назад
I like Kevin's version of the aliens it's more interesting btw why does four arms have bens original cloths form the flashbacks when Ben was in school being bullied to Kevin should've he had bens current cloths or tetramen however you spell FourArms species name well there armor
Agnes Bannerman
Agnes Bannerman 8 дней назад
IT'S Wildvine not wildvine
Cat 8 дней назад
It’s not wild vide it’s wild vine
Ninjara Ty
Ninjara Ty 8 дней назад
He sounds like beast boy
Eduardo Adam
Eduardo Adam 8 дней назад
dark matter is more like crashhopper
Bendy Benny
Bendy Benny 9 дней назад
3:25 oof burn
BonnieMaster459 9 дней назад
1:49 Ok dark matter is creepy as f**k
Baby Ice Bear
Baby Ice Bear 9 дней назад
It’s wildvine, not wildvide
julie marie gallant
julie marie gallant 9 дней назад
Look at Gwen's face at 3:58
julie marie gallant
julie marie gallant 9 дней назад
Kevin has different powers
Broly The legendary super saiyan
Broly The legendary super saiyan 9 дней назад
Kevin’s voice actor sounds like another character I’m familiar with but I can’t remember his name
R3tr0Sp4ce The 2nd
R3tr0Sp4ce The 2nd 2 дня назад
+Amy Crescione Beast Boy from TTG and Stinkfly in this reboot
Broly The legendary super saiyan
I remember now it was Chiro from super robot monkey team hyperforce go!
Amy Crescione
Amy Crescione 4 дня назад
metal gear rising revengeance raiden:who!
Deejay Xclusivo
Deejay Xclusivo 9 дней назад
He sounds like beast boy
Tomas Nahuel Faragasso
Tomas Nahuel Faragasso 10 дней назад
Que asco esta serie
Pamela renee Nolasco
Pamela renee Nolasco 10 дней назад
0:12 sounds like beast boy
Lanceo0ksGaming !
Lanceo0ksGaming ! 10 дней назад
is it just me or kevin sounds like beast boy
John Morgan
John Morgan 10 дней назад
Kevin 11 and a Forever Knight?! Alright show, you've got my attention...
Myles Gonzales
Myles Gonzales 10 дней назад
How did that bear roar?
Gaius Julius Ceasar Augustus Germanicus
Kevs names were better
Katia Carmo
Katia Carmo 10 дней назад
28uxdf tem w1 tu 3emq
Scolf 11 дней назад
Dark matter is a Gollum :D :D :D Thornblade Swampfire Swampwater Eeewwww
Thong Nguyen Phung Cao
Thong Nguyen Phung Cao 11 дней назад
Dark Matter is Hell's a creepy!
Ethan Pritstick
Ethan Pritstick 11 дней назад
"I'm about rearrange your day, and your face." *Ok, I may not be a fan of modern Ben10, but that was pretty funny.*
Kristy Fields
Kristy Fields 11 дней назад
wait so thats cevin
Nyland Larkin
Nyland Larkin 11 дней назад
Echo echo bull horn
Springy Anthony
Springy Anthony 11 дней назад
Zombie Grey matter and aliens
pronic junior
pronic junior 11 дней назад
dark matter mad scary
Shawanna Glynn
Shawanna Glynn 11 дней назад
kevin joel monzo'n juega
kevin joel monzo'n juega 11 дней назад
BEN 20
Danman29 11 дней назад
Huh, so Kevin has his own watch now, what happened to albedo having the Omnitrix You know I would like it if they do an episode where they have Azmuth and mention Celestialsapiens being responsible for the reboot
yousef Al qalaf
yousef Al qalaf 12 дней назад
Guys I think that tetrax will come and help ben get back his aliens
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez 12 дней назад
Why are they still limiting Ben with only 10 aliens?
java de jesus
java de jesus 12 дней назад
Dark matter looks like slender man but its 4 arms + grey matter
Brian Sanchez
Brian Sanchez 12 дней назад
I wander if spitter will appear in the next season
Jc Tabing
Jc Tabing 12 дней назад
I mean under tow
Jc Tabing
Jc Tabing 12 дней назад
Alien Name Ripoff: Wildvine - Thorn Blade Overflow - Thunder Tow Grey Matter - Dark Matter
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta 6 дней назад
el MASACRE :v 12 дней назад
Darkmatter is Slenderman
Nate Escobales
Nate Escobales 12 дней назад
Missing aliens!? More like messed up aliens! And also, what if there not missing! What if...there hiding?
Wesh Marc Arthur
Wesh Marc Arthur 12 дней назад
Thats a bad grey matter
Dominique Davis
Dominique Davis 12 дней назад
Yo! That part reminds me of the land before time 3! It's like the when your big song! That's my favorite song is it?
Patricia Turner
Patricia Turner 12 дней назад
Ok i only just realize how is ben missing wildvide grey matter and overflow
iron man
iron man 12 дней назад
Thorn blade reminds me of shockwave from transformers
Kevin Jared Hurtado Lozano
Kevin Jared Hurtado Lozano 12 дней назад
Dark matter is scary!!!
Gearoid Mc Naught
Gearoid Mc Naught 12 дней назад
Dark Matter more like Ultimate Dark Matter!!!!
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta 6 дней назад
+Gearoid Mc Naught now l get it
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta 6 дней назад
+Gearoid Mc Naught lool
Gearoid Mc Naught
Gearoid Mc Naught 6 дней назад
bashenga the black manta Yeah I know and I was just joking.
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta 6 дней назад
Nop ultimate Greymatter is more like a modok
Esther Almendares
Esther Almendares 12 дней назад
No wildvine and overflow upgrade grey matter are gone
ChipperStreams 12 дней назад
Can we just all be glad that Kevin has the same voice as the original
son of the bat gax
son of the bat gax 12 дней назад
From a masterpiece to trash
Merda Aysaan
Merda Aysaan 12 дней назад
Türkler imoji atsın❤👈
Ryan Shields NO.39
Ryan Shields NO.39 12 дней назад
This actually explains why we lost wildvine overflow and grey matter pretty awesome
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta 12 дней назад
I like darkmatter design they could have repurpose the design and made it be a new alien for ben
Albert Rogert Alvarado Calderon
Albert Rogert Alvarado Calderon 12 дней назад
Stupid series
darth vader
darth vader 12 дней назад
coloca unvideo en español
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