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The Great Wall of China is a must-see and we saw it from Badaling. However - no one tells you that there is something YOU SHOULDN"T WEAR on your visit!

Plus, it's easy to get some great pictures despite the crowds.... IF you follow my tips.

Why was I frustrated travel to the Great Wall at Badaling? Because it took a long time for us to (1) Walk to the subway station (2) Transfer and get to our destination subway station where we then had to (3) get slightly lost trying to find the bus station before (4) finally finding the station and getting in line for what we hoped was the right bus and then (5) riding the bus to the Badaling Great Wall area after a girl beside us vomited because of motion sickness and then (6) walking for 15 minutes to get to the actual village/town at the base of the Wall and (7) finally finding the cable car to ride up to the wall so we didn't exhaust ourselves before ever getting to a good view point. However, it was still worth it!

Lauren Bercarich



6 авг 2011





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R S 19 дней назад
This is from our trip. We went during winters, but it was still fun: ruvid.net/video/видео-wGmpOePXLaE.html&index=12&list=PLka49mXk6JjpuT7P1SkcRw88IxMKHe3bM
Da Mao
Da Mao 2 месяца назад
here is a greater tip. whenever there are lots of Asian tourists in a scenic location, just walk 200 feet more, you will not find anybody with you. 90% of Asian tourists hate exertion. I think actually that's generally true, but especially true of Chinese/Taiwanese tourists. I think for the Chinese/Taiwanese, exertion is a inverse ratio of eating.
Agus Widjaja
Agus Widjaja 3 месяца назад
Were you there on a weekday or weekend? Could it be less crowded on the weekend?
Happy 4 месяца назад
What happens when you have sex in the Great Wall, one of the seven wonder in the world
Paddy Man
Paddy Man 9 месяцев назад
In 2:00, it’s great view. 👍👍👍
Michael Meinzer
Michael Meinzer Год назад
So I'm guessing a 6 hour layover won't be enough time to get to Badaling and back to the airport?
Aldo Rodriguez
Aldo Rodriguez Год назад
Here is a great tip: don't wear Crocs, ever.
Ya Goo
Ya Goo Год назад
Going solo may save a few bucks, but the planning, waiting in line, andrushing all the time seem to much for me. I'd rather join some local tour groups with English speaking guides to avoid the hassle. There're such groups the concierge can arrange for hotel guests to join right?
VanaFanta Год назад
i wanted t know did you walk further and long in what direction to be alone did you guys go left or right??
Anty Pang
Anty Pang 2 года назад
A better " China Train Booking " APP has arrived: Fast:tickets issued in 5 minutes. Timely: book same-day tickets. Flexible: change bookings anytime.
marcio hk
marcio hk 2 года назад
Secrets of a World Traveller
Secrets of a World Traveller 2 года назад
love your stuff cheers for the share
Nathan M
Nathan M 2 года назад
The best tip would probably be NOT to go to Badaling. Sure, if you want to deal with crowds and tacky gift shops with virtually all history erased with reconstruction and hand rails, then sure visit Badaling. But you might as well just buy a postcard and beat the hassle.
ChinaReport.com 2 года назад
lol - yes, last time i wanted to try this, i turned back at Xizhimen Station and went to explore the Summer Palace instead. Thanks for enduring!
Great Wall Tour Guide Mr.Ping
Great Wall Tour Guide Mr.Ping 2 года назад
Most people have already visited the Great Wall of China , how about you ? would you like to see the Great Wall ? which part the Great Wall will you prefer to see ? I am a professional tour guide and have already serviced for more than 6000 tourists from all over the world . I would like to be your private tour guide and driver if you come to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall section . For more details , please visit my website www.mutianyugreatwalltours.com Book now , I am waiting for you in Beijing .
Xinyi Sui
Xinyi Sui 2 года назад
Donald Trump approves.
Anwarsyah Nur
Anwarsyah Nur 3 года назад
I was there last year, fantastic!
Yuchen Liang
Yuchen Liang 3 года назад
This is my hometown, and then 欢迎来到北京!
360WorldTravel.tv 3 года назад
Nice tips about the Wall. Thanks!
法克鱿 3 года назад
Haha, after you say walking alone, two guys just showed up! Thank you for sharing!
360WorldTravel.tv 3 года назад
+法克鱿 I agree. That was interesting.
Cube Aholic
Cube Aholic 3 года назад
XD just as you say all alone and the camera cuts out a famly walks into the shot lmao
360WorldTravel.tv 3 года назад
+Cube Aholic That's the irony of it.
MarbleDwarf 5987
MarbleDwarf 5987 3 года назад
Did the people speak English
shuangxi ji
shuangxi ji Год назад
A little.
MarbleDwarf 5987
MarbleDwarf 5987 3 года назад
Welcome to my hometown! I'm from Beijing!
stephen chapple
stephen chapple 3 года назад
dont go to baddaling go to Mutianyu less people better scenery fun taboggan ride on the way down
stephen chapple
stephen chapple 3 года назад
The hotel staff speak English tell them where you want to go they will give the correct bus number to catch, also buy a yikatong card just need a 20rmb deposit load it up you save 60% on train and bus travel
stephen chapple
stephen chapple 3 года назад
save your money dont go on a organised tour to the wall they take you to the jade factory then a tea house then a silk factory visit a Ming tomb then they only give 2 hours at the wall all the while trying to make you spend money go to the foreign language book store in Wangfujing street and buy a map of the city which includes the subway map it is in Chinese and English easy to read the subway system will take you where ever you want to go. Beijing Zoo Lama temple Drum and Bell towers Tianamen square Forbidden City Beijing is a safe and friendly City just carry a card of your hotel and show any taxi driver the can take you back if you get worried
stephen chapple
stephen chapple 3 года назад
she is hopeless saying it took 6 hours to reach the wall at Baddaling my first time to Beijing in 2012 i reaserched online before i left home it was easy caught a taxi to the deshengmen watch tower got on the 919 bus to Baddaling 2 hours max easy and i had never been to china before dont listen to her Beijing is the easiest city to get around the subway is great the buses are good and taxis are cheap dont listen her
tianyi jiang
tianyi jiang 3 года назад
good video,welcome to china and you are pretty!
Shaz W
Shaz W 3 года назад
Your video guides to China are very helpful and well made - thank sigh Lauren ^_^ I'm thinking of going this year and taking my children (2 are adults in their 20s and 1 is 12). We were thinking of going on an organised tour, but would also like time to stroll around and do our own thing sometimes. Is it easy without the language? Also, I've heard there are a lot of tourist scams. May I ask which month you went and where you stayed, and your reviews on these places? We're thinking of going around July/August time. Also, which vaccinations did you need to get?
weili6112 4 года назад
I saw your other video travling in the train in China and claiming a world record staying on the train. This time you said it took you 6 hours from the city to the Great Wall? Come on, this can't be true. Otherwise, great video, great tips, thanks!
Marc Duchamp
Marc Duchamp 4 года назад
Yes you might be right about the noise, people get too excited. Yeah I have been to Vatican & Sistine and 20+ other countries BTW......
Marc Duchamp
Marc Duchamp 4 года назад
Very noisy, are Chinese always this loud? Kinda ruined the solemnity of the place....
ID 3 года назад
+Marc Duchamp Yes, you are visiting a country with billions of people and we talk loud deal with it (i am chinese)
Aime Babolate
Aime Babolate 4 года назад
You are visiting one of the seven wonders you twit. What did you expect? Have you visited the vatican and the sistine chapel? You are naive if you think you can hear a pin drop there. Travel more.
cpdapitts 4 года назад
i can speak a little chinese or mandarin i think its called ok, ni hao means hello,hao means good,zaijian means goodbye im trying to learn mandarin because im gonna move to china when i grow up
DY M 4 года назад
You really should go there by train which never has the traffic jam proble.
alex riches
alex riches 5 лет назад
6 hours? You planned terribly. Worst case scenario you get there in 3 hours. Badaling is THE most accessible section of the wall there is. There are several direct buses/minibuses going there. A real tip for an actual traveller and not a tourist: Review the ''Jiankou'' section of the wall. If you have common sense and know how to get about in China, you can reach this unrestored, empty part of the wall within 2 hours. There you have 2-3 hours depending on your pace to reach Mutianyu (another very famous part of the wall). Take this route and you actually NEED good boots/trainers with grip on. Seriously... flip flops on the restored section of the wall are a no-go? Noob.
MG47 5 лет назад
You look alike Jade Raymond.
Zhexi Tony Zhang
Zhexi Tony Zhang 5 лет назад
If u still stay in china, hope you can visit chongqing,its wonderful city, people call baby hongkong, good night view, good food,
paggodiablo01 5 лет назад
you should go to the Ming Tombs, it's not far from there
John Parker
John Parker 5 лет назад
I always hire a private car. It's worth the money,
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 3 года назад
+John Parker Damn, nice one ahah. You got me there :P
John Parker
John Parker 3 года назад
+Bob Does your mother count?
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 3 года назад
+John Parker hey john, i heard you fuck a lot of bitches, is it true?
Leslie Wei
Leslie Wei 5 лет назад
hi where are u now?
Leslie Wei
Leslie Wei 5 лет назад
+jc5842 nice!~
jc5842 5 лет назад
edwin lks
edwin lks 5 лет назад
Hi Lauren, Just wondering how long does it take from Badaling railway station to the actual Great wall entrance on foot? And is the cable car station inside the entrance of the great wall? Many thanks!
James Rong
James Rong 4 года назад
about 30 mins, plus you could always take the "tour bus" which you can book at the front desk of your hotel. Cheaper, convenient and saving the time of step 1-4, lol.
CrazySoon9413 5 лет назад
Lauren Bercarish Just because most tourist are asian looked doesn't meant they're all Chinese... they could be Japanese,Korean, Kazaks, Mongolians or South East Asian...
costitravel 5 лет назад
Very interesting video! A invite to look at my video. Hello from the Romania!!!
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 5 лет назад
On this trip I did go country to country - so from China to Vietnam to Cambodia to Thailand to Laos - and back again to Thailand.
YAHeim Israel
YAHeim Israel 5 лет назад
Do you go country to country
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 5 лет назад
I guess my experience was much different than yours. I didn't find it to be easy, but I'm glad you did. It was certainly an inexpensive way to travel!
stephen chapple
stephen chapple 5 лет назад
you are wrong i have been to Beijing and i had no problem getting to Badaling great wall go to the deshingmen gate watch tower and catch the 919 bus did the research myself it was easy had no help from any one Beijing is so easy to get around. from my hotel close to the forbidden city catch the 109 bus to Deshingmen Watch tower then the 919 bus to Badaling all up 90 minutes so easy do the reverse coming back
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 5 лет назад
Thanks very much! In Beijing we did find that most of the other tourists were Chinese, coming to see their capital city. I viewed this as a positive, because none of the tourist attractions were overtaken by foreigners.
Cornbread Man
Cornbread Man 5 лет назад
Lauren, just to let you know I really enjoyed your uploads. They are all very informative and fun to listen to. Are most of the visitors Chinese? From your video I didn't see too many other ethnicities/nationalities.
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 5 лет назад
Yep, I wish I could just snap my fingers and be back there!
Lloyd Brown
Lloyd Brown 5 лет назад
would love to see what you saw! totally surreal...
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 5 лет назад
Well - we were all alone for a while! And those were the only two people we met out that way. We actually took a few photos together and then enjoyed the peace and quiet.
Lloyd Brown
Lloyd Brown 5 лет назад
haha just as she says "all alone" there come 2 people walking round the corner 2:07
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 5 лет назад
I think some people do hire a taxi - it isn't too far out, but I would imagine that this would be one of the most expensive ways to travel. Maybe hiring a private car - that way you're guaranteed someone is there to take you back at the end of the day!
Bagartach 5 лет назад
That sounds far better than bus and subwaychanges. Im going to China next week actually and it would be wonderful if you could tell which train we could take there :))
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 5 лет назад
That's a great tip on taking the train. If you have any more details - like train numbers or how much it cost to take that train, I'm sure others would appreciate it! Next time...the train!
罗新语 5 лет назад
yeah,every time when I go to see the great wall with my friends,the traffic jam always makes me frustrated,but I found a TRAIN to save our time that you can take from BEIJING north railway station to go straight to the great wall.next time you can try it.
ffermwr1 5 лет назад
I went in april,headed down to the local bus depot,£6 ,showed the picture on a leaflet ,one hour journey,no probs!
Cosmo Ray
Cosmo Ray 5 лет назад
1:51 What a view!
Alex Xu
Alex Xu 5 лет назад
The mistake is you should have taken the subway to Xizhimen, then hop on a train to Badaling, 78 min train ride, no delay, (yes, Badaling has its own train station). and there you are.
fredsk877 5 лет назад
is it too far out of beijing to consider a taxi? would that be pretty costly?
LaAerial 6 лет назад
It's not a hassle getting there, you just need a producer. And it's the closest section to Beijing and the easiest to access that's why it's the most crowded. You could've hired a private card to take you 2 hours away for a more exclusive experience plus a ride down via the personal slides instead of the rollercoaster thingy at Badaling.
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 6 лет назад
I KNOW -- 6 hours! Well, when you're figuring things out on your own in a foreign country sometimes travel isn't smooth. However, once there I was able to get rid of that stress and really enjoy myself. And, I do hope there is a next time!
Kuo Guo
Kuo Guo 6 лет назад
spring or summer
Nice video but there's more to Beijing than the Great Wall. Check out my video on Dashanzi 798 Art District for Beijing's hip side.
John Robida
John Robida 6 лет назад
Thanks for the tip, enjoyed it. Guitarist Trevor T. Reed.
Gordy 6 лет назад
Went there recently and took the 'roller coaster' down from the wall! It was great fun but it would have been better if it wasn't freezing D:
Joey Bivens
Joey Bivens 6 лет назад
Why was it "hell" to get there? Aside from the vomiting it sounds like a pretty cool, adventurous day trip in China. I've had days like that on my travels with a bunch of transfers and running around slightly lost. It's all part of the adventure.
shene81 6 лет назад
I was at Badaling the Great Wall 3 days ago. It was very nice to be on the top of a mountain.
allen wong
allen wong 6 лет назад
I am Chinese, live in Hangzhou, China. any question you can ask me. I am also a traveler, designer, chef, and capoeira beginner. You could do that, that's easy to find an enough money-making job in China as a foreigner . actually i have a few of foreigners in Hangzhou and Shanghai, they are teaching English like Lauren, Tourist guide for other first come overseas visitors, writing something at Travel Magazine, or just help Chinese children's education....
jojo chibimarukochan
jojo chibimarukochan 6 лет назад
which season is the best to visit the great wall?
Lauren Bercarich
Lauren Bercarich 6 лет назад
If you could make it work -- you could get a job teaching English in China and experience China and the region. Just trying to tempt you! Thanks for the feedback :)
plglg 6 лет назад
i went to the great wall and it was raining .. and i've lost my way and went to the stairs instead of the chairlifts .. and when i realized that i've taken the wrong way it was too late .. so walked all the way down ,, it was so frustrating
ProChoiceJesus 6 лет назад
Your frustration at the beginning was, well...frustrating. Inconvenience is a wonderful part of any China travelling. I've learned to step out of my western body, mindset, and emotions and throw all expectation out the window. We (me included) are far too used to comfort, speed, convenience & ease. These will get trampled on in China. Good video, ideas, but the "inconveniences" should be presented as a pleasant, important & memorable lesson of Chinese culture.
DAwdar 6 лет назад
thx for vid!
HussainAA1 6 лет назад
alright!!!! I will go there
imhellag 6 лет назад
It's because you folks look like Brad and Angelina :) Wait - no, it's because you're foreign LOL and the first outsiders they've ever seen.
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 6 лет назад
we went to visit Great Wall in May, and boy, the locals liked to take photos with US for no particular reason....
imhellag 6 лет назад
The Wall is not a pleasant experience LOL esp in summer. Migrants and domestic travelers sprawled out from heatstroke, vomiting is pretty common, motion sickness.
DAwdar 6 лет назад
You went to the wall without any research? There is not ONE great wall, there were many great walls build. this one is from 17th century , with this particular part restored in the 50s or 60s. the oldest one build 200 bc but has hardly anything left of.
Mikkel Lind
Mikkel Lind 6 лет назад
You only need to take the bus from anywhere in Beijing and you will arrive in an hour. And badaling is not the great wall it's a remake not even on the same place. Don't complain about crocks the Koreans usually wear high heels. But true if you arrive as a tourist without any good information it can be hard to get there.
chinary8 6 лет назад
How much homework could you POSSIBLY have done if you went to Ba Da Ling? Jin Shan Ling is the place to go. Hire a driver and go. It's not the tourist wall packed with people, you're in the middle of nowhere, virtually alone and it's just a 1.5 hour ride outta Beijing.
watertakken 6 лет назад
I'll be there this summer.
thetonedeaftenors 7 лет назад
Wasn't so green when I was there in winter, it was bloody freezing too.
Jay Dubbs
Jay Dubbs 7 лет назад
Guessssss who first! I ammm, it does look like hell to get there though lol. Did you walk the whole thing? haha.
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