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A travel guide for visiting Beijing China. Highlights include: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City Imperial Palace, Beijing Temple of Heaven, Quanjude Peking Duck, Donghuamen Night Market, and the Great Wall of China near Beijing.
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Feb 22, 2015

Beijing (City/Town/Village)Travel




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Comments 333
Un mundo Mejor.
Un mundo Mejor. 18 days ago
Excelente video pero falto traducción en español. Ya quiero ir a China!!!
yo gotti
yo gotti 22 days ago
shenzhen is more organized when it comes to road safety
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 20 days ago
Its hard to be more disorganized than Beijing I think :)
Wen Chu
Wen Chu Month ago
beijing is ugly looking
George Ayoub
George Ayoub Month ago
Where did you buy the clothes from? (That you were wearing in the end)
Yellow Productions
That end shot was from Japan.. we rented the Kimono: ruvid.net/video/video-N4_U2IP9zZs.html
Ken Sim
Ken Sim Month ago
my favouriteare to relax and pople watch inthegrecoolweather andyoumised the snack street in wang fujing andthe yummy soft you tiao or fried dough sticks
Rice Boi
Rice Boi 2 months ago
1:01 Buddy... it's called fog
Tibet Travel Agency
Tibet Travel Agency 2 months ago
welcome to Tibet
Tristan Jay
Tristan Jay 2 months ago
love it
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 2 months ago
Thanks Tristan!
Cynthia L. Rodriguez
His sunglasses are a whole mood.
Jukinah Amat
Jukinah Amat 3 months ago
Sweet memories in Beijing always in my heart just bck in my sweet home yesterday safety landed at KKIA 1205 noon ...
asdzxcv 3 months ago
7:45 did he dieded for this video ?? RIP ..
Brendan Alimony
Brendan Alimony 4 months ago
I live in a bubble. I wish I had money to travel the world.
Sonny 4 months ago
Great Video. Thank you for posting.
henry wu
henry wu 4 months ago
F. Y. S. L. M. Big
Nisha Martinez
Nisha Martinez 5 months ago
5:57 SHEEP PENIS .... well No Thank you
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 5 months ago
Daia 6 months ago
I thought they had yuan in China, i'm confused
ZB Qin
ZB Qin 4 months ago
DaiaJ what s “yuan”?
Meyvita Kuncoro
Meyvita Kuncoro 6 months ago
Ada kalanya Putri huan zhu jg main film.di tian an men
Jayhob Ackluhammad
Jayhob Ackluhammad 6 months ago
Am i the only one who really doea just open up all sensitive to great works of mankind like the great wall. Secondly the idea of adventure and traveling around the world seeing great cities, and other monuments of humankind just does something to me, just the thought of it ya know....but nope ill be stuck here forever...little ole Towanda, Pennsylvania USA...google it its a dump town, urban dictionary the shit youll know what i mean.
Jayhob Ackluhammad
Jayhob Ackluhammad 6 months ago
5:55 that whole list of foods made me puke dude sheep penis all stringy and long puje puke puke
Rui Zhang
Rui Zhang 7 months ago
I forgot from when but people can book a ticket online now.
Anne Corey
Anne Corey 7 months ago
Very good food. In. China love your video is very good hope you enjoy your food there. I love them all thank you for sharing 30--11--18.
Deynos 7 months ago
Great video! One question, how u get this part of wall? It' s possibile by public transport? Thx for answer mate!
Deynos 7 months ago
@Yellow Productions How i can find these buses? 😊 Thank you for attention!
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 7 months ago
Hi Deynos.. there are busses you can take to get there.. we took a day tour on a tour bus that picked us up from our hotel, the JW Marriott. If I was to do it again I would rent a car and driver for the day
龙虎山Handsome 8 months ago
ew vio
ew vio 8 months ago
read this! For the moment please everyone bear in mind that traveling to China is placing your body in jeopardy because now 2016 China enacted the " espionage law " which authorizes it to exercise (and ARREST) world wide jurisdiction on any one who in China or overseas is reported as being " anti-China" ... For example, now because China offers 70,000 dollar reward to any Chinese citizen to report any suspicious Westerner as a potential spy, he can audio record your conversation with local Chinese and send it on a government application and expect to get paid if lucky.......Simple! October 2018 China arrested Interpol chief when he short visited China! Again, for the moment I will never suggest anyone shoiuld go to China! Wait until China self relaxes after a while... watch! ruvid.net/video/video-lJm_RyfQsPo.html
Sweet Sour Travel
Sweet Sour Travel 8 months ago
I just arrived from Beijing. a fantastic city. your video shows well what the city is.
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen 8 months ago
the china that creates Manchu due to lacking leadership, or blind fear, are no more I think, they already a republic state too, means no longer short in the leadership, select form people, or form party, the intellectual class, no longer fear to lose the heart of the nation under King authority, now are people authority, people or republic usually recollect relive better, than king authority, because of limited blood line.
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen 8 months ago
china is very good, representative war, mean major population, in peace, small military groups fight each other for power.
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen 8 months ago
some food I do not like, for whatever the reason.
Eric Tsen
Eric Tsen 8 months ago
This is so helpful. Thx
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 8 months ago
My pleasure Eric!
clement muhirwa
clement muhirwa 9 months ago
Its boring
P P 9 months ago
What about chinatown in Beijing ? Why you didn't go there ?
Laura Leloux
Laura Leloux 9 months ago
sooooo beautifulllllllllll
Black Jax
Black Jax 9 months ago
How do you find your way around Beijing?
Di fang
Di fang 10 months ago
was i addressing you?
Ana Straw
Ana Straw 10 months ago
my dad is on the plane right know to china and this will be very helpful. Thankyou!
Ana Straw
Ana Straw 10 months ago
Still, the great wall of china is not outdated .All the other monuments too. Anyway, it helped ALOT
rtgtx 10 months ago
This video is kinda outdated. A lot have changed in the past three years. China is a fast changing country.
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 10 months ago
Cool Lia!
Ham Pam
Ham Pam 11 months ago
I wached many guide video , but yours is very good and best
Ham Pam
Ham Pam 10 months ago
@Yellow Productions yourwelcome
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 10 months ago
Thanks Ham Pam!
Laura Peralta
Laura Peralta 11 months ago
For the forbidden city, are you able to buy tickets the day before you go?
刘洋 5 months ago
Check out the official website, you gonna be able to buy tickets before you get there.
YuFan Ma
YuFan Ma 5 months ago
you can buy online in offical website en.dpm.org.cn/
Ben Zhao
Ben Zhao 8 months ago
I don't think there is a need to buy the ticket in advance. Directly go the the ticket table at any time u plan to visit the place. However, for the national museum, u need make an appointment first in their official website, and tickets for free.
Yellow Productions
Yellow Productions 11 months ago
Hmm.. not sure on that one!
Al Black
Al Black 11 months ago
La storia di Pechino risale a centinaia di anni. Prima erano gli imperatori a dominare la gente, poi Mao Zedong ha forzato il comunismo su di loro. Chiunque abbia resistito è stato umiliato pubblicamente, torturato e talvolta ucciso! Ancora più interessante è la Grande Muraglia, da cui i soldati respinsero gli attacchi dei belligeranti mongoli.
Carolyn Agustin
Making a trip to Beijing in August. How far is the Great Wall from the International Airport. I have a 12 Hr layover and would like to see most of the places in this video. I want to try to see the Great Wall but not sure when I can fit it in my schedule.
Yellow Productions
If you only have 12 hours, and you want to pack the most in, I would book a private car and driver to drive you around. In that case you could make the great wall, and 1 or 2 other attractions. If you aren't booking a private driver than I would visit the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Jingshan Park, and WANGFUJING STREEt. Those are all in about the same area
Carolyn Agustin
Yellow Productions got it. Bummer. If that's the only place I'll be going to, would it be possible. And if you were in my situation. How would you go about and sight see?
Yellow Productions
I don't think you'll be able to fit the great wall in a 12 hour layover along with everything else.. that'd be tough!
Myerami McLerie
...and the cars will (hopefully) drive around you. yep, this description is PERECT!
Yellow Productions
Bolivar Moscoso
Very very good,
Yellow Productions
Thanks Bolivar!
George Kiruku
George Kiruku Year ago
Nice one, thank you for the insight, can you suggest a good travel agent that one can book those excursions with, and also the tour bus?
Yellow Productions
Hi George.. I booked the great wall tour from the hotel I stayed in, the JW Marriott. So I don't have any travel agent suggestions. I'd suggest the concierge at your hotel
Richard McCarley
Great video of the Great Wall
Yellow Productions
Thanks Richard!
Lily Lou
Lily Lou Year ago
I grow up in china, this brings back so much memories.
Yellow Productions
Henry Fisher
Henry Fisher Year ago
Hi! thanks for this. so how easy is it to organise a tour to the great wall?
Yellow Productions
I was staying at the Marriott. .. we just asked at the front desk and they handled getting us booked on the great Wall tour
Nice video! Let us know what you think of ours at Bucketlist Binge!
sunil shrestha
I am from Nepal. I love china so much.l 've great salute to china & its people.
H H 2 months ago
Me too ruvid.net/video/video-G6INP7eadS4.html
Dianne Wang
Dianne Wang Year ago
I went to all these places except the Great Wall and street markets as a kid. I lived in China for the first 7 yrs of my life
Yellow Productions
Dianne Wang
Dianne Wang Year ago
Tourists please remember this point: 4/6/1989 is a topic that the Chinese don’t talk about
Greg Strasburg
5:57 Sheeps Penis? Disgusting, why offer it, it most likely gets people laughing in disgust.
Yellow Productions
Maybe just for that reason. It gets people to come up and look at the food
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