Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial Using One Matte and One Metallic | How To Apply Eyeshadow

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Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial Using One Matte and One Metallic | How To Apply Eyeshadow
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Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial
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Beginners Eye Makeup Detailed Talk Through
► ruvid.net/video/video-c_edhmg6IDI.html
Foundation Routine Detailed Talk Through
► ruvid.net/video/video-gUx63Y9sD1c.html
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♡ Hi I'm Sinead (Shin-aid) or people call me Sineady. I live in Cork, Ireland. I’ve been making videos since 2010 and I love teaching so if you have any questions I am here to help with eye makeup, foundation or anything at all. I also have JHS with CFS so I am part of the spoonie club.
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Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial Using One Matte and One Metallic | How To Apply Eyeshadow

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Dec 2, 2019




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TheMakeupChair 8 months ago
Sometimes you just gotta own those mistake 🙈😁 Has it ever happened to you?? In the end didn’t turn out too bad but not likely to do it that thick again 😂🙈
Aisha Abdul
Aisha Abdul 4 months ago
Please Do Follow my insta account for makeup Videos @aisha_abdul5
syamsiatun Enji
syamsiatun Enji 5 months ago
indonesia hadir....
Y&K WORLD 5 months ago
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Sid neyplayz
Sid neyplayz 7 months ago
Sid neyplayz
Sid neyplayz 7 months ago
TheMakeupChair ws
hudah tasleem
hudah tasleem 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-CFJGct8CJyY.html Watch this👆👌
DreamLara1181 6 days ago
amazing, i love it. you look so beautiful my dear
Norain Alkaff
Norain Alkaff 7 days ago
Hiii dear.. What eyeliner do you use on bottom eye?
ES S 15 days ago
Can you pleaseee do a soft pink eyeshadow tutorial that would look good on olive skin. I am huge fan of yours because I have learned so much from you. Please do a soft pink eyeshadow tutorial.
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Edma Jamon
Edma Jamon 27 days ago
_what a lovely voice and a beautiful face! So love the makeup! 😍😍😍_
Sunitha Sonu
Sunitha Sonu Month ago
From wer u buy product
Shahzad Ahmed
Shahzad Ahmed Month ago
Beautiful eye
Jack Deen
Jack Deen Month ago
Wow Very nice eye makeup 😍😍
Mahbuba Islam Tamanna
ruvid.net/video/video-xBDuzDX5NeA.html Plz subscribe
kusina ni batang
Amazing makeup good friend
Mohammed Adnan
Mohammed Adnan 2 months ago
Nice 👍
shuuiki 2 months ago
Somebody's uploading your videos claiming they're theirs. And they've uploaded this exact video. This is their channel so you can report them for infringement: Maleeka Zehra ruvid.net/show-UCFVg6hDSuGtrZiP7ezwoFsg
Nanditha sindhya Nanditha
Can you show that how you hold your brushes when applying eye shadow , because I think I am making mistakes in that . When apply it was very bold ... please can show that in ur next video?😊
Glam Eyes
Glam Eyes 2 months ago
Your voice is awesome same as your makeup... :)
Angel Pari
Angel Pari 2 months ago
shortee619vanessa 2 months ago
What color did you used
labbik haiber
labbik haiber 2 months ago
Bold Bby
Bold Bby 3 months ago
Just wanna say thank you for all your videos you definitely helped me out big time I definitely love how you give simple steps And if you use a term that some of us aren’t familiar with you go ahead and tell us what it is instead of just continuing on Like I said thank you so much !
mycar amaze
mycar amaze 3 months ago
U didn't show how to fix the lashes use of eyeliner any thing i was waiting for a complete eye makeup but upset
Fira Afrin
Fira Afrin 3 months ago
Oh my gosh....her voice is just wow!!!😍😍😍love from Bangladesh😘😘
ritika maggu
ritika maggu 3 months ago
Best eye tutorial
it's maryam online
it's maryam online 3 months ago
How to flim this type video??
Lucky Rose Vlogs
Lucky Rose Vlogs 3 months ago
Hi ka Lucky thnks much for the tuitorial I'll try that on my next vlogs
giusep flauding
giusep flauding 3 months ago
Now that's relevant content !! loved it! take a look at these tips here: womanby.com 😻 😳⁉
Lynda Glamour
Lynda Glamour 3 months ago
Pleas i need subscribers for my channel
Dolled Up By Geeta
Dolled Up By Geeta 3 months ago
Ine Medal
Ine Medal 3 months ago
Love it. Short n simple 😍
Ma. Cecilia Bearis
Ma. Cecilia Bearis 3 months ago
I keep doing it for myself 😊
Relief of Life
Relief of Life 4 months ago
Abdullah Mir
Abdullah Mir 4 months ago
I don't know how to blend..
مريم حيدر كاظم
your voice💔🙂
Mushfiq Sifat
Mushfiq Sifat 4 months ago
Jesan 101
Jesan 101 4 months ago
All in all in one makeup box amzn.to/2UyJzhO
Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar 4 months ago
Mam ur techniques
S.D Saiful
S.D Saiful 4 months ago
cultured Creator
cultured Creator 4 months ago
Nice video
Aimtin Blog
Aimtin Blog 4 months ago
Your very eutiful
Donald Jean
Donald Jean 4 months ago
U talk so soft
Whatsapp Love Status
Whatsapp Love Status
Sneha Verma
Sneha Verma 4 months ago
C k sania Abu alia
C k sania Abu alia 4 months ago
Ur voice is amazing,awesome,wonderfull ..
saima pirzada vlog
saima pirzada vlog 4 months ago
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Sid's Creation
Sid's Creation 4 months ago
Awesome eye Makeup Loved it...
sharifa sayema
sharifa sayema 4 months ago
Your makeup is so awesome
sharifa sayema
sharifa sayema 4 months ago
X BACK 4 months ago
Music Studio
Music Studio 4 months ago
Thank you so much.....www.beautycare45.com/2020/03/amazing-eyes-makeup.html
Mohd Ameen uddin
Mohd Ameen uddin 5 months ago
Nice makeups beautiful
Jbatencila Official
Jbatencila Official 5 months ago
AUTO-SUBSCRIBES+NOTIFICATION to all who will subscribes in my channel. 💯💯👍
Manu Ghisingg
Manu Ghisingg 5 months ago
cooking with s h e
cooking with s h e 5 months ago
Nice vide
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 5 months ago
syamsiatun Enji
syamsiatun Enji 5 months ago
indonesia hadir kak....
Paloma Buenaventura
Paloma Buenaventura 5 months ago
Wow so amazing... I wanna try that in my channel...
Waruna Pradeep
Waruna Pradeep 5 months ago
Pièrre Mamari
Pièrre Mamari 5 months ago
If your into new eye makeup visit this! IG: @makeupkimeska hope you like it!
Veggie Nidhi
Veggie Nidhi 5 months ago
marin rina
marin rina 5 months ago
Nataya Davies
Nataya Davies 5 months ago
This video makes it look so easy but I think eyeshadow is so hard 😩 good tutorial though! I like how it is short and straight to the point in comparison to those other makeup tutorial videos that go on for ages.
Evygail Caungca
Evygail Caungca 5 months ago
Hi you can also check my video about basic make up tutorial :) Thank you and God bless
Lurror 5 months ago
So beautiful eyes and skin, It's easy and cute for a casual Tuesday ❤️ Perfect!
ichangganda Vlog
ichangganda Vlog 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-51MaArETPM4.html Make up tutorial 2020
nasim akhtar
nasim akhtar 5 months ago
This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I've got no words to express this. By the way, we have the same eye color!
Henna Hussain
Henna Hussain 5 months ago
Excellent beginner eye makeup video! Very helpful! Thanks. :-)
Marie The beauty explorer
I wanna try it also this tricks , nice sharing , I’m doing a make up as well but soon I will do same tricks you teach us
Harjot Kaur
Harjot Kaur 5 months ago
Wow!!!Amazing and simple eye look. Liked it...💕
Yooo Sarah
Yooo Sarah 5 months ago
tollin farouk
tollin farouk 5 months ago
I love it very much thank you. I love you very much and the video is very amazing.❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕
Urvashi Gurjar
Urvashi Gurjar 5 months ago
W O W R E A L L Y nyc
Y&K WORLD 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-7zT0ZNAaTcQ.html Watch this review.
Padidela Srinath
Padidela Srinath 6 months ago
Nourin Jahan
Nourin Jahan 6 months ago
Ariana Berkeley
Ariana Berkeley 6 months ago
Love your soft voice, it goes really well with this tutorial. Makes me feel ever so relaxed x
Joycieee 6 months ago
Hi guys watch this video to know where to download Free Background Music 💕 (Thank me Later) Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe💕 ruvid.net/video/video-2s5gGUdddI4.html
lucky trix lakshmi
lucky trix lakshmi 6 months ago
Farhan Jf
Farhan Jf 6 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-9ep9WYXVfaw.html follow her guys . She is amazing as a new RUvidr - #kashfiaNT
Tatiana Barrantes
Tatiana Barrantes 6 months ago
love your cahnnel. Which shadows did you use?
Unicorn Gaming
Unicorn Gaming 6 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-dDvyD-c8cxE.html watch this amazing makeup video
pooja Verma pooja Verma
NYC makeup
Saroj Patekar
Saroj Patekar 6 months ago
Please visit my RUvid channel m.ruvid.net/video/video-S2_9OwGPsKg.html
Neelofar Khan
Neelofar Khan 6 months ago
👎 Sahi nahi bataya
Tshering choki
Tshering choki 6 months ago
bithika borah
bithika borah 6 months ago
Step one have beautiful eyes
Creativera Talks
Creativera Talks 6 months ago
marcy sere
marcy sere 6 months ago
Would these 2 colors look good on Brown eyes?
Harsh singh
Harsh singh 6 months ago
Wow soooooo much good . Wonderful 😘😘😘❤❤❤
Honey Jay Montefalcon
we have the same brush but the problem is I don't know how to use it.. And that's make me sad🙁
Anoosh Tahir
Anoosh Tahir 6 months ago
That's so nice☺️
Selfie Tv
Selfie Tv 6 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-INGJJa_tOaU.html Best and long lasting eyeshadow promo video
Juvielyn Canicosa
Juvielyn Canicosa 6 months ago
I love watching makeup tutorials. Lol but I have no makeup. 🤦‍♀️ Wish I have one. Thank you for sharing this beautiful makeup tutorial.💄 Your so gorgeous 😊😍😍
Dan Iglesia
Dan Iglesia 7 months ago
Dan Iglesias Mahan
Defina Defff
Defina Defff 7 months ago
Nice vid
G.Lahari G.Lahari
G.Lahari G.Lahari 7 months ago
Thanks u so much I love makeup kit sooooo
Light Queen 212
Light Queen 212 7 months ago
Thank you! As a beginner, this is the best eyeshadow tutorial video i have seen! So easy! I will definitely be trying to do this! You just inspired me more! I subscribed! Carry on with your great work! 💜
Md Sojol
Md Sojol 7 months ago
I love this makeup
Naffie Hawk
Naffie Hawk 7 months ago
rmansoor moiz
rmansoor moiz 7 months ago
YOU GOALSSS ♥️♥️♥️😭😭🖤
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