Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply Eyeshadow

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Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply Eyeshadow
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Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial
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Beginners Eye Makeup Detailed Talk Through
► ruvid.net/video/video-c_edhmg6IDI.html
Foundation Routine Detailed Talk Through
► ruvid.net/video/video-gUx63Y9sD1c.html
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♡ Hi I'm Sinead (Shin-aid) or people call me Sineady. I live in Cork, Ireland. I’ve been making videos since 2010 and I love teaching so if you have any questions I am here to help with eye makeup, foundation or anything at all. I also have JHS with CFS so I am part of the #spoonie club.
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Jul 8, 2019




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Comments 255
Beautician 2 days ago
How To Do Your Makeup Like A Pro beautyloungelk.com/makeup-tutorial/
Ms Yuna Salazar
Ms Yuna Salazar 2 days ago
Nice channel
Natilie Gulden
Natilie Gulden 3 days ago
Who else is giving up on make up?
tanu k
tanu k 4 days ago
Very confusing
Alliyah Camacho
Alliyah Camacho 17 days ago
Why are you eyeshadows purple and pink but they come out brown on your eyelid
Julia Boländer
Julia Boländer 18 days ago
Your's are perfect toutorials! It's sooo easy to understand and to follow! Love your videos and your voice is very calming ❤️
Margarita M Corona
Margarita M Corona 23 days ago
Hey, can I ask the the names of the Mac eyeshadows you used?
Rahma Tu
Rahma Tu 26 days ago
Diamond280WW Month ago
When you apply eyeshadow primer do you rub it in or pat it in ?
taroal Month ago
Louise Hamby
Louise Hamby Month ago
i need concealer , the brush with it plz my location is 146 loudon highway 15 kingston TN, also i'm a beginner at makeup, also do you happen to have 2 eyebrow liners give me 1 of them plz, & some lipsticks plz reply if yes. TheMakeupChair.
skip sweeny
skip sweeny Month ago
how about ads for eye makeup for olderladies
Elizabeth Ashe
Elizabeth Ashe Month ago
I like the idea of calling it a middle tone too. I understand the purpose of it better that way.
Marshpanda 399
Marshpanda 399 Month ago
I ended up looking like I got punched in the face
Cute User
Cute User Month ago
Takes purple, looks red on eyes ... what witchcraft is that 😂😂❤❤
ILINCA Month ago
Love your channel and your makeup. Just subscribed to your channel. Please visit my new channel as well (I am new to youtube) and if you want please support me and subscribe. Thank you :) xoxo ruvid.net/show-UCopQ7eKYnQmibjmpKbsEbkg
AEIOU TV 2 months ago
Awesome Vid
Mary Ross Ebajay
Mary Ross Ebajay 2 months ago
Collette 2 months ago
The Amazing Panda
The Amazing Panda 2 months ago
Your voice is really calming. And your instructions are amazing. 💕
Anna Ri
Anna Ri 2 months ago
Wow! You're so amazing! I've been trying it many times but each time looked like a monster 😂 Now I feel empowered Thanks a lot❤️❤️❤️
Kelly Bo Belly
Kelly Bo Belly 2 months ago
#Spoonie 🧡 Great tutorial!
Sadia Majid
Sadia Majid 2 months ago
Wow. Such an amazing talent to have. I am currently learning but still aren’t as good as you
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams 3 months ago
I love this look. So simple. So beautiful.
J Beauty
J Beauty 3 months ago
It turned out beautifully. Well blended, and neat.
Tanice McIntosh
Tanice McIntosh 3 months ago
Beautiful sweetie
Ella Sheffer
Ella Sheffer 3 months ago
You are so good at makeup
Siholan ly
Siholan ly 3 months ago
What are the shades of eyeshadows you’ve used here please. The links don’t take me to them. Thankyou x @themakeupchair
Bec X
Bec X 3 months ago
Lovely clear voice and straightforward. Superb!!!!
pinklemonade 3 months ago
Thanks for being so clear!
`Pastel Wolf`
`Pastel Wolf` 4 months ago
Not trying too hate but this is not for beginners
Batang Maynila Maharlika
i love how you explained the details, nice.
Mie Loh
Mie Loh 4 months ago
ChrissyNmartin E
ChrissyNmartin E 4 months ago
She is so easy to understand she explains everything perfectly!! I have heard never to put shimmer in your crease she does it all the time and it looks great 👍
Jenn Sweeney
Jenn Sweeney 4 months ago
Oh my gosh I've been wanting all these other RUvid channel "tutorials" to actually teach you something!! Thank you SO much for explaining how & why!!
Maya Watt
Maya Watt 4 months ago
Sadia khan
Sadia khan 4 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-tzRom9uRt6w.html Plz like and subscribe my RUvid channel
toxicnades 4 months ago
What kind of mascara did you use?
Patricia Gutierrez
Patricia Gutierrez 4 months ago
You must try this with mink lashes at lasheddragoness.com 🔥
LIKE ME 5 months ago
One Piece Gaming
One Piece Gaming 5 months ago
😍 guys! i just got $1000 to spend at FashionNova just by fiIIing this out: *appie-inc.us/ufashionnova?a1* 💜💙
Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez 5 months ago
Sooo pretty 😭
Brie Lundy
Brie Lundy 5 months ago
You really describe it well
Shifa Khalifa
Shifa Khalifa 5 months ago
Your eye looks really nice
Alexa Mhl
Alexa Mhl 5 months ago
I'm here just for her voice lol
slothLOVER 5 months ago
Loved how simple this looked. Thanks for explaining in a crisp cool voice. You have beautiful eyes.
Avon Catalog
Avon Catalog 5 months ago
Avon Catalog www.thenewcatalog.com
Liza Light
Liza Light 5 months ago
Anybody else get extremely uncomfortable with how close she got to her eyeball in the beginning
bel gardner
bel gardner 5 months ago
I used to love and be pretty good at makeup. After not wearing any for for 2 years I really needed this video. I looked like a clown yesterday 😂
Mia B
Mia B 5 months ago
I suck at eyeshadow and this worked great! Thanks! 🙏🏾
Carrie Westwood
Carrie Westwood 5 months ago
Morgan Reckeweg
Morgan Reckeweg 5 months ago
This has been the first make up tutorial that actually helped me, you are so detailed and easy to understand. Thank you so so much!!! I may not have done it perfectly but I now feel confident enough to add eyeshadow to my daily make up look!!! You are awesome!
Preeti Lovesyou
Preeti Lovesyou 5 months ago
Check this out ruvid.net/video/video-vpjSib5Zodw.html
Schneewittchen87 5 months ago
Hi, can you please let me know which colours you used from Mac? The link above only shows one colour. Kind regards, Sina
kkimberly2004 5 months ago
Very nice!
Very helpful video. Very pretty as well. ruvid.net/video/video-b9IuevYCmdY.html
Concepcion Azure
Concepcion Azure 6 months ago
Hate makeup tutorials...this one is nice to the point..
Jaelea Cosmetics
Jaelea Cosmetics 6 months ago
Hello beautiful this is JaeLea with JaeLea Cosmetics? Love your channel! Would you like to do a makeup look or review for my company? I offer the eyeshadow pallet or lipstick even eyelashes ...please get back to me ! I am super excited to see your video of you decide to do one ?
Victoria Ortega
Victoria Ortega 6 months ago
Which lashes do you use?
Mrs Jeree
Mrs Jeree 6 months ago
I love these videos. Simple, to the point!!! Thank you!
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