BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games (Round Two)

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The Rhino Beetle Games is in full effect, and it's now round two of eliminations. For this week's challenge, we #rhinobeetle strength to the test, in an experiment to see which of our remaining 6 male rhino beetle gladiators competing in these Olympic-style beetle games is the strongest! Will your favourite beetle make the cut? #tournament #insects
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Mar 16, 2019




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Rowdy Adventures
Rowdy Adventures 17 hours ago
#team Zeus
Thug Chungus
Thug Chungus 6 days ago
Kyle 12344 Hfudifr
I love you #TeamZeus
Kyle 12344 Hfudifr
Kyle 12344 Hfudifr
I love Beetles and ants
Nali 10 days ago
What do you even do now
Faris Ali
Faris Ali 12 days ago
#teamhepheastus I converted from zues
LodowyPLAY 12 days ago
bun bun books
bun bun books 12 days ago
#TeamAres WOOHOO
Marc Turnier
Marc Turnier 13 days ago
Jk I think it is hefestus
Marc Turnier
Marc Turnier 13 days ago
Posiden will win!!!
Pedro Henrique Cozac Balian
mspixie123 14 days ago
Alenika Jane
Alenika Jane 15 days ago
Nooooo zeusss!!!!
kitykatking 999
kitykatking 999 15 days ago
Poseidon Poseidon Poseidon Poseidon
Brennan Hill
Brennan Hill 16 days ago
Oh he lost that round oops
Brennan Hill
Brennan Hill 16 days ago
Oh yeah! Zeus won you guys who bet Apollo are trash!!
Brennan Hill
Brennan Hill 16 days ago
I meant last round
Mr. Colonial
Mr. Colonial 18 days ago
U r bad person I eliminate Apollo I was rooting for him.😖
putting pug dragon
putting pug dragon 19 days ago
GO #TeamHades even tho ur bad at digging and your the god of the underworld!!
Kaitlyn Wynn
Kaitlyn Wynn 19 days ago
Hephaestus for the win
Rory Kennedy
Rory Kennedy 19 days ago
#Go Hades
Rory Kennedy
Rory Kennedy 19 days ago
John Ouellette
John Ouellette 19 days ago
Kenshin tabata
Kenshin tabata 20 days ago
hades is just chilling while zues sucks at insect tag of war strategy
Maeve Dillan Dela Rosa
I bot to hephestes
EliyahRose Nkranz
EliyahRose Nkranz 22 days ago
Keep going Poseidon
Javier Gallo
Javier Gallo 23 days ago
I think hades fell asleep
triwulandari1977 23 days ago
You can just give me the Beatles
Ares Adel
Ares Adel 23 days ago
jotaro jojo
jotaro jojo 24 days ago
#TeamAres xD
DUCKY GAMING! 24 days ago
NerdSkit 26 days ago
wallywallendo 26 days ago
#TeaM HADes
wallywallendo 26 days ago
wallywallendo 26 days ago
SCP- 173
SCP- 173 27 days ago
15:57 well das cute
NatyNateTV! 27 days ago
Tarun Ganesh
Tarun Ganesh 29 days ago
Jacob Legg
Jacob Legg 29 days ago
#teamzeus# he is a real deal god
Singa Jepang
Singa Jepang Month ago
Because if a beetle doesn't have much strength it may breed or never breed because males need to joust if they want a mate.
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