BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games (Round Two)

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The Rhino Beetle Games is in full effect, and it's now round two of eliminations. For this week's challenge, we #rhinobeetle strength to the test, in an experiment to see which of our remaining 6 male rhino beetle gladiators competing in these Olympic-style beetle games is the strongest! Will your favourite beetle make the cut? #tournament #insects
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Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 19 843
paul ridgeway
paul ridgeway 8 hours ago
OH WHAT!!! lol
paul ridgeway
paul ridgeway 8 hours ago
oh yeah thats it #TeamPoseiden woohoo
paul ridgeway
paul ridgeway 8 hours ago
lets do it #TeamPoseidon
Carrie Florencia
Carrie Florencia 9 hours ago
Ail. Be. The. Guge
erin e
erin e 10 hours ago
The Blue Viper
The Blue Viper 10 hours ago
#TeamHades cause heck teah!!
MrBlazing 16 hours ago
Cliff Ashcraft
Cliff Ashcraft 16 hours ago
#team Hephaestus
daisy cat
daisy cat 16 hours ago
Go Posiedan!!!
Saturn Jozefek
Saturn Jozefek 22 hours ago
#TeamPoseidon cmon let’s win these olympics !
Dïamönd 22 hours ago
#TeamHephaestus i recently switched to him but still, he seems like a good beetle so-
Alberto Serrano
#TeamPoseidon yassssssssssshssssssssss
Holtye Hogs
Holtye Hogs Day ago
#teamhephaestus Rooting from the start
REDIDZz Zz Day ago
i will not miss you apollo like if you dont agree
Open Up
Open Up Day ago
Can I just say this is really well made
GachaJen /Gacha Vids
I always vote for #TeamHades!!Go team!!!
Paulers Day ago
NOOO ZEUS I love u☹☹☹☹☹😓 welp... #TeamPossidion
Jordan Ay'Che
Yes HEPHAESTUS!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!!
Paula Speights
go zeus go go go
Paula Speights
go zeus go
The Radicles
The Radicles Day ago
GO POSEIDEN! !!!!!!! #TeamPoseiden
Orange-Hat Guy
YEAH HEPHAESTUS! #TeamHephaestus
Athena Kvamme
Let's go Hephaestus!!! #TeamHephaestus EDIT: YESSSSS
Anisha Birch
Anisha Birch 2 days ago
zinaal kriid
zinaal kriid 2 days ago
You guys think the announcer's nickname is VW? Wrong. It's his real name - Vee Dubbleyuh. It's beetlish.
Dalan Jones
Dalan Jones 2 days ago
come on #TeamPosiedon We've got this
#Hades since before the games
Peter Rochom
Peter Rochom 2 days ago
#teamzeus 😭😭😭😭😭
Sayde McCormick
Sayde McCormick 2 days ago
YEAAAH!!!! CONGRATS HADES!!!! I'm Sorry Team Zeus.
Sayde McCormick
Sayde McCormick 2 days ago
rkidlat 2 days ago
go hades
Celeste Callaway
Celeste Callaway 2 days ago
#TeamPoseidon LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Throwwway 2 days ago
ninja kev
ninja kev 2 days ago
Because #teamzeus lost I will choose #teamposiden
Hunter Day
Hunter Day 2 days ago
gummyrats 2 days ago
Craycraydoge 2 days ago
Go hades!
Aiden Yote
Aiden Yote 3 days ago
Apollo robbed
Addicionz Makez
Addicionz Makez 3 days ago
proud to be a Joker Ortiz
Strength helps by when they compete against other males the stronger one and the one that throws off the other gets the right to mate
proud to be a Joker Ortiz
I choos hepheast
Noeli 3 days ago
#TeamHephaestus Cause Hes So Stronk!!!!!
Jahziel Samurai
Jahziel Samurai 3 days ago
Sorry Apollo im sad
Liz-A-Bee 3 days ago
Oman 3 days ago
#teamapollo :( (live well little buddy) but i has converted to hades because im a demonic kind of guy #hades
Herom 2006
Herom 2006 3 days ago
Fibrizok 3 days ago
Alex Holste
Alex Holste 3 days ago
The narrating an commentary of this video is movie material. This deserves millions of views.
Von Doctor
Von Doctor 3 days ago
Hades wins by doing nothing
Banana Bunch Kids
Nooooooooooooooo Zeus 🤯🥺😤😭😢😩😩😔😕
GoogIe+ 4 days ago
TEAM HADES LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jazzed 4 days ago
# team hades
Crystal Writter
Crystal Writter 4 days ago
I was loosing hope in hades but he didnt move an inch and Zeus went flying! #TeamHades
Dan_Bloxham 4 days ago
I believe in you #TeamHephaestus Edit: WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!
Nesar 4 days ago
I shouldn’t be having this much fun watching this
a wild Toaster has appeared
i genuinely got emotional over the tug of war challenge! #TeamHades my number 1 beetle ftw
Wierd Mule
Wierd Mule 5 days ago
Still gooo!! #TeamHades
Cousin Time YT
Cousin Time YT 5 days ago
Let’s do this #TeamAres!!
Fidget Faggot
Fidget Faggot 5 days ago
@ yeaaah
pikachu lover1052
#TeamHephaestus GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Jevin N
Jevin N 5 days ago
Nikki 5 days ago
When #TeamHephaestus toppled that tower so quick it surprised me-been a #TeamHephaestus supporter since the beginning! I laughed so hard whenever Hades and Zeus disappeared off the log 😂
Eliezer Wineberg
Eliezer Wineberg 5 days ago
#TEAMPOSEIDON ( because of percy jackson best book ever)
Eleanor Hodges
Eleanor Hodges 5 days ago
GusTheCreator 5 days ago
We can do this POSIDON gooooooo
Tyshay Lewis
Tyshay Lewis 5 days ago
Ruined it when you gave them immunity that literally defeats the purpose unsubscribes
Bren Scott
Bren Scott 5 days ago
#teamposeidon for the win, gotta cheer on the winning boy from round one
Talal bin hussain
#TeamHades all the way!
Kieryn Kelly
Kieryn Kelly 5 days ago
Fitting that zuse and haydes would face off for supremacy
joey kestel-watkins
#TeamHades all the way what a champ
Jenn Mitchell
Jenn Mitchell 5 days ago
Emma Wirig
Emma Wirig 6 days ago
oh I forgot I only chose zous becase Iliked the name my reel gladeader was hades!!!
Emma Wirig
Emma Wirig 6 days ago
noooo zuos.
Asp the Brawlhalla guy
No Zeus now I'm on #teamPoseidon
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