BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games (Round Two)

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The Rhino Beetle Games is in full effect, and it's now round two of eliminations. For this week's challenge, we #rhinobeetle strength to the test, in an experiment to see which of our remaining 6 male rhino beetle gladiators competing in these Olympic-style beetle games is the strongest! Will your favourite beetle make the cut? #tournament #insects
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Mar 16, 2019

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Comments 19 897
James Brown
James Brown 15 hours ago
Poseidon rules keep on going Poseidon
Terrence Houck
Terrence Houck 15 hours ago
#Team poseidon
noel silagan
noel silagan 23 hours ago
And zeuz
noel silagan
noel silagan 23 hours ago
Bye apollo
Vivian GDias
Vivian GDias Day ago
Let’s go #TeamHephaestus !
Vivian GDias
Vivian GDias Day ago
The beetle can protect it self more and have a better change to survive the wild.
The Unpredictable
I don’t want to be rude but The name is pronounced Ha-fus-tus
Jacob Bau
Jacob Bau Day ago
#TeamHades coming in clutch😅
FliptheGrid 2 days ago
Brayton Pollock
Brayton Pollock 2 days ago
# hades
a guy from nz
a guy from nz 2 days ago
the angle of the rubber band that was attached to the blue things was different every round. that surely impacted the results. #rigged
moopee1 2 days ago
Go zeus And as soon as I say that Zeus falls off
Jon Pete Catan
Jon Pete Catan 2 days ago
oh come on it aint fair zeus is clearly touching the ground. #TEAMZEUSRCHEATING
Zachary Isaac
Zachary Isaac 3 hours ago
At least he was trying non like hades
Finn Jury
Finn Jury 2 days ago
Yes bring the fire and burn the ring out
CaptainCat 55
CaptainCat 55 2 days ago
Umaru Chan
Umaru Chan 2 days ago
Im for the water god and for the hell god Did anybody else yell when the god of hell won hehe ( sorry idk how to spell their names)
mgk2020 3 days ago
I love how the best strategy in both of the elimination rounds was to freeze in place. Lol
Jack Hudson
Jack Hudson 3 days ago
team Hades forever! #teamhades
Mia Birmingham
Mia Birmingham 3 days ago
#teamhades for the win! Let’s see how he does :)
Ramses Whitt
Ramses Whitt 3 days ago
#team Ares
Jonnell Elodie
Jonnell Elodie 3 days ago
#TeamDionysus gotta go for the underdog
Alexander Dejesus
#team hades
Angie 4 days ago
Yessssssss #teamhades poor #zeus
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox 4 days ago
This is really late but go #TeamHades !
Le gaming
Le gaming 4 days ago
Sitori78 4 days ago
# team Poseidon
M0B 4 days ago
Whoooo im happy that hades win in the match because i literally dislike zeus in the greek mythology but beatle zeus tried his best so good job trying 😊
Skuller Videos
Skuller Videos 4 days ago
it should be who pulls the most not timed
Khoda Konya
Khoda Konya 5 days ago
Where you have got a rhino beetle
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 5 days ago
We are still in the game! Lets go #hades
jan steyaert
jan steyaert 5 days ago
these games are rigged!
Hunter Conway
Hunter Conway 5 days ago
#Team Poseidon
Snow Blind
Snow Blind 5 days ago
why am I so into this???
Snow Blind
Snow Blind 5 days ago
I about died
Julio Pillado
Julio Pillado 5 days ago
TeamHades is cheating!!!!!!!
Budz your Buddy
Budz your Buddy 6 days ago
Hi mikey(im just ur fan)
Aiden Hortillosa
Aiden Hortillosa 6 days ago
#Teamhades NUMBER ONE!!!
Roman Jr. Reynoso
Antscanada Is the best
V 6 days ago
#TeamAres Woo!!!
William MacLeod
William MacLeod 7 days ago
gacha master
gacha master 7 days ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo zeas
ethan pavelic
ethan pavelic 7 days ago
Zachary Beh
Zachary Beh 7 days ago
Do they go back to the wild like the forest
Yunhong Zhu
Yunhong Zhu 7 days ago
Hades all the way down to the Underworld!
Gaming Fishron
Gaming Fishron 8 days ago
I was on team hades from the start because I thought he would do good. He was probably the fastest digger but the obstacle got in the way. And at round 2 the moment he fell I didn’t wanted to switch but thought he was out of the game. But I was wrong and counter jinxed myself and yeah hades is mad strong sent Zeus flying. Note:don’t count me I am here just to watch #teamhades
Mocoking's palace
#TeamAres 20000000% and moar
Nash RBLX 9 days ago
R.I.P Zeus Bye... I'm now changing to hares :(
gacha master
gacha master 7 days ago
Phantøm Łiz
Phantøm Łiz 9 days ago
#TeamHades!!!!! Edit:Lol,I forgot the S. XD
Demonskid 9 days ago
I been binging this channel all day, been a #TeamHephaestus fan since I hit these videos. I held my breath in the first game video... and had to rewind Hephaestus' part in this one. xD Dang! First place! Woo! Now to move on to the next video.
Luis Morales
Luis Morales 10 days ago
#teamzues forever
Toasty Toast
Toasty Toast 10 days ago
Pepsi is better aka Justin Newton
I am speed
Athbum Acers
Athbum Acers 10 days ago
#teamposeidan will win for sure
Black Finn
Black Finn 10 days ago
I'm on Team Hephaestus #TeamHephaestus
Brian Ang
Brian Ang 10 days ago
Daniel Steward
Daniel Steward 10 days ago
The narrator cringe. Why?
Christine Willey
Christine Willey 10 days ago
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 10 days ago
Good job Hepheastus!!!!!
RazorGames 10 days ago
Get outta here apollo super happy you lost cuz I want either Hades Ares or Hephaestus to win
Crumbly Cakes
Crumbly Cakes 10 days ago
#Team Dionysius
UnIcorn GYMNAST 11 days ago
Hades was so chill in tug of war. LOL
Kermit E. Frog
Kermit E. Frog 11 days ago
*Before watching episode* GO #TeamZeus
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones 11 days ago
#T eamHades
Margaret Mosher
Margaret Mosher 11 days ago
Like your arm tattoo
Margaret Mosher
Margaret Mosher 11 days ago
#HADES #restin peace Apollo
Elizabeth Ojewale
Elizabeth Ojewale 11 days ago
But I still like Hades
Elizabeth Ojewale
Elizabeth Ojewale 11 days ago
I like Poseidon now 🤔🙁😒
Gabriel Gordon
Gabriel Gordon 11 days ago
Worst national anthem but great at nature 4/5
Gabriel Gordon
Gabriel Gordon 11 days ago
P.s. #hades
Arie Houston
Arie Houston 11 days ago
Yes!!’ Team haphaestus since the beginning!!!
K Watson
K Watson 11 days ago
go zeus!
K Watson
K Watson 11 days ago
darn it
Red Kid
Red Kid 12 days ago
I want to see him release the beetles
The Cat's Meow
The Cat's Meow 12 days ago
Who are people?🐱 😿 👚 👖 👟 This is meh 🐱this is my face cam
PHEONIX Gaming 12 days ago
PHEONIX Gaming 12 days ago
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