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We learn what it takes to be a lifeguard for a day!
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This is Day Jobs! The new Smosh Pit series where we train for a job, compete for a job, but only one of us GETS the job! What kind of job do YOU want see next?!
Special thanks to our lifeguard instructor, Ashley, for not letting any of us drown!
Follow her here: instagram.com/littlecricketshivers/
Noah Grossman
Keith Leak Jr.
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp

Creative Producer: Josh Mattingly
Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
Smosh Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Produced by Kristin Sanchez & Garrett Palm
Supervising Producer: Phil Rogers
Cam Op: Jameo Duncan
Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
Production Manager: John Michael Burgess
Editor: Michael Green
Post Supervisor: Brett Noborikawa
Assistant Editor: Stephan Erdmann

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Sep 22, 2018

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Comments 2 848
Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit 10 months ago
What do you think of our new show, Day Jobs? What jobs do YOU want to see? Let us know!
Miriam Cardoza
Miriam Cardoza 8 days ago
Being a smosh member
after seeing this i would personally like to challenge the smosh squad to a swim meet lmao
Landon Pyle
Landon Pyle 13 days ago
I don’t know but there are only four videos of day jobs!!
GamerKid _XD
GamerKid _XD 13 days ago
Firefighters and photographer
Hi Hello
Hi Hello Month ago
A teacher 👩‍🏫
Immapotato 9 hours ago
Good job Courney
Kyle Ramirez
Kyle Ramirez 15 hours ago
When they did the backboard rescue they killed him because if how much ripples and roughly they were moving him😭😭 I know its their first time ever doing this but im a BSA lifeguard and this is hilarious😂
Hi guys
Isaac Jenkins
as a lifegaurd 1 training is the most akward thing ever but also it was so much fun like by second day e all knew eachother pretty damn well cause ya get close fast! but also this instructor aint the best gaurd lol
GD Draygons
GD Draygons 2 days ago
Omg verdugo pool!
Baby Parrot
Baby Parrot 2 days ago
5:53 fwip him over :3
Maggie Stapleton
Maggie Stapleton 3 days ago
yeah Keith stop being alive
C-DOG AWESOME 3 days ago
You have to sing another one bits the dust during CPR
Kitty Sugar cookies
Olivia-to my house5:30
Kitty Sugar cookies
Olivia- To my house:30
Gabi Taite
Gabi Taite 4 days ago
if i see one more baconfest ad i’m done
issued b
issued b 4 days ago
7:10 strap in his nuts
Hannah Capri
Hannah Capri 4 days ago
shane: “ask what their sign is”
Matt Manivannen
Matt Manivannen 4 days ago
If you are watching this video congrats, you have been trained in CPR and AED as of today
my dick's small but
All of their bodies are so good
Dreamy 5 days ago
9:31 🤣
oh my music
oh my music 5 days ago
noah- where are you taking him?? olivia- to my house! shayne - aaaHHHHHHHHH
oh my music
oh my music 5 days ago
“ protect my nuts “
Ellie The Seahorse
The weird thing is that Olivia was dating Sam while this was happening😂😂😂😂
CurlyWurly77 5 days ago
Americans say buoys like "boowees" soo I thought she said boobies, like "can you grab my lil boobies"
Silixia 5 days ago
noah: *where are you taking him?* olivia: *to my house!!* shayne: *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*
Maddy Madsen
Maddy Madsen 6 days ago
She forgot PPE!!!!!!!😱
FOOLY COOLY0005 6 days ago
That boi Noah lookin like megamind lmao
Maggie Kate Kelleher
HELLO HELLO ARE YOU OKAY (aggressive tapping)
Liv G
Liv G 6 days ago
Noah is never getting a job 😂
kaitlyn paulsen
kaitlyn paulsen 6 days ago
i’m loving olivia’s lifeguard swimsuit w the longer shorts + the bikini top
King Ethan
King Ethan 6 days ago
5:54 "thats going to provide the brace for his neck and fwip him over" lol
Beebug 17
Beebug 17 7 days ago
Nate Patterson
Nate Patterson 7 days ago
At the beginning the one girl said no it's Ashley yay
Jason Ngo
Jason Ngo 7 days ago
nice "The Office" reference Courtney
Ally Adams
Ally Adams 9 days ago
Ato my house ...... AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH
james mohr
james mohr 10 days ago
me: **see's intro clip** me:**instant like**
Sophia Godfrin
Sophia Godfrin 10 days ago
"PROTECT MY TINY NUTS!!!" - Noah 2018
Savannah Montgomery
“well, as a life guard you’re GUARDING lives” IM CRYING also, when Shayne said “natural selection” for some reason i lost it😂😂💀
GD Shirbiurt
GD Shirbiurt 10 days ago
2:06 Shane’s face
Alexander Raymond
Alexander Raymond 11 days ago
courtney with the office reference 9:44
100,000 Subs Without Videos
2:02 “This THING is not okay”😂
JULIA CELESTE 11 days ago
*courtney has a new summer job* Shayne: Yeah now you can finally quit SMOSH.
Lamar Darwish
Lamar Darwish 12 days ago
Who ships coutney and Keith together?
_Zarc Kun_
_Zarc Kun_ 12 days ago
We want more
uncle guacamole
uncle guacamole 13 days ago
Olivia: has a boyfriend also Olivia: 11:45
tanner_equine 13 days ago
where are you taking him to..my house! AHHH AHHHA HHHHHHH
tanner_equine 13 days ago
relax, relax, relax guy : RELAX!!!!
Sairsha C
Sairsha C 13 days ago
5:32 Sam (Olivia's boyfriend) better WATCH OUT
Nova Empress
Nova Empress 13 days ago
As a certified lifeguard, I can say that you guys didn't do too bad.
Izzy Elias
Izzy Elias 13 days ago
I was like “wait that not right” and then realized that it’s old and the Red Cross switched the backboarding. Also, I love being victim when we do scenarios, it’s so much fun
scarlett Fulwider
scarlett Fulwider 13 days ago
xXxGamerGirlxXx 13 days ago
3:56 Geez Shane 😂
xXxGamerGirlxXx 13 days ago
3:51 ok Shane I think you're doing a little much bud 😂
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