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Thomas Petrou
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Becoming Addison For A Day!
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Nailah Hi
Nailah Hi 2 days ago
My left foot lol!
Emma Dugan2
Emma Dugan2 2 days ago
Left foot
Hype_sway_edits 3 days ago
For chase: Left foot 🦶 Edit: I luv you chase and Charli ❤️✨
catie cat
catie cat 3 days ago
“shit now i have to buy you something nice”
Kirsten Reese
Kirsten Reese 4 days ago
Left foot
Oscar Torcasio
Oscar Torcasio 4 days ago
is it just me or does chase look like thomas's son
Jessica Lozoya
Jessica Lozoya 6 days ago
omg when thomas asked chase what to coment and chase said left foot like lmaooooo
Tylor Robinson
Tylor Robinson 6 days ago
Left foot
Jacquelyn Jamison
Left... foot...😶
Among Us
Among Us 8 days ago
Left....... foot
x xxraahafxxx
x xxraahafxxx 11 days ago
Left foot😂
caydence's world forever
Chase said l eft f oot
Willow Odriscoll
Willow Odriscoll 11 days ago
also left FOOT
Willow Odriscoll
Willow Odriscoll 11 days ago
omg when someone throughs chase,s hat and chase starts screaming is so funny lol ngl littrally this is the funnest thing ever btw i love your vids thomas
Olivia Jimenez
Olivia Jimenez 11 days ago
Left foot
Addison is literally so sweet like omg
tRaViiEzA cOkEtA
tRaViiEzA cOkEtA 12 days ago
left foot
xXx0Lilith.Mew0xXx 12 days ago
Also y the hell left foot chase y the hell left foot 🦶
xXx0Lilith.Mew0xXx 12 days ago
Michael (sorry is I spelled it wrong): EMPTY YOUR POCKETS chase: DONT TAKE MY 💵 me: dieing of fliping laughter and nobody noticed it
Essentially paytyn
Essentially paytyn 18 days ago
Left foot
Ella 26 days ago
Left foot
Shadow Vibes
Shadow Vibes 26 days ago
Brody Zimmerman
Brody Zimmerman 27 days ago
Left Foot
Kat Quilter
Kat Quilter 27 days ago
I commented this with my left foot :3
Harper Salmon
Harper Salmon Month ago
Left foot
leslie b
leslie b Month ago
left foot
hannah johnson
hannah johnson Month ago
im not the only one who heard addison say simplie and then it sounding so hard
Anastasija Jovanovic
Left foot
Veronica Smith
Veronica Smith Month ago
LEFT FOOT Hi i;m your biggest fan i love all of you that is in the hype house
Mia Chetwynd
Mia Chetwynd Month ago
Mate i am a alien
Presto Magic
Presto Magic Month ago
Left foot
Hawks Lxvsr
Hawks Lxvsr Month ago
Thomas is such a softie just looks so bold and mean but in reality he’s a lil softie and I actually dig it so much if your seeing ty is Thomas I love youuuu PS : As a fan tho❤️❤️❤️❤️💕✌🏽
Selena Burris
Selena Burris Month ago
"wheres g6" lmao had me dead
kristin monika lim
left foot
Lilly'Aura Passion
Left foot 😍💜 I love you Chase! Thomas love you most! The vlogs are amazing.
Samantha Case
Samantha Case Month ago
Left...... foot
Jordan Garza
Jordan Garza Month ago
Left foot
Aisley Ferguson
Aisley Ferguson Month ago
left foot- 💀 I’m dead
Roxy Pinkett
Roxy Pinkett Month ago
left foot
Bennny Boy68
Bennny Boy68 Month ago
Turn to Jesus
Gallagher Cox
Gallagher Cox Month ago
Left foot
Slytherin :D
Slytherin :D Month ago
Left foot ;-;
Crash Holliday
Crash Holliday Month ago
I think Addison is on drugs
Brandon Borden
Brandon Borden Month ago
Left foot
William Haase
William Haase Month ago
Addison has such a good personality
Jacinda Joseph
Jacinda Joseph Month ago
Left foot 🦶🏽
allison miranda
allison miranda Month ago
omg thomas laugh kills me. and his jokes are not funny but he makes them funny some how
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Month ago
Left foot
Kitty Mosher
Kitty Mosher Month ago
left... foot
Halle Suarez
Halle Suarez Month ago
“F*ck of broke boy, you ain’t taking my money”
Trinity Scheible
Left foot
Mackenzy Mcbride
Why is chase the funniest person in the hype house
Lilly Olivares
Lilly Olivares Month ago
left foot
saleena pahal
saleena pahal 2 months ago
Left foot
Delilah B
Delilah B 2 months ago
Dawnmp4 2 months ago
Chase is so cute and funny we need him in the vlogs more 😂
Samantha Watters
Samantha Watters 2 months ago
Thomas: it’s like we’re camping Chase : ya except we live in a mansion Me: 😂😂😭
Laila Badran
Laila Badran 2 months ago
left foot
Alysha Pajunen
Alysha Pajunen 2 months ago
left foot
FlightJordan 2 months ago
Left foot
Zariah Pacheco
Zariah Pacheco 2 months ago
left foot.
Fan Dreak
Fan Dreak 2 months ago
Why I’m just now discovering this video
Malina Dannenberg
Malina Dannenberg 2 months ago
Left foot
Autum Driesbaugh
Autum Driesbaugh 2 months ago
left foot
Mariel Ragadio
Mariel Ragadio 2 months ago
B M 2 months ago
Left foot
triple trouble truffle
left foot 💞💝💓💓💝💝💞💝💓💝💞💞💝💓💘💘💖💕💖💘💘💕💓💝💞
Random.Emma012 2 months ago
i know that i am not the only one who watches all thomas's videos right?
saliya wilson
saliya wilson 2 months ago
left foot
XD shortstuff_2.0
XD shortstuff_2.0 2 months ago
*Thomas talking at the end ne: OMG THE CAT!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Barner Perry Adyson
Barner Perry Adyson 2 months ago
Left foot 😂
NATHALY PEREZ 2 months ago
left foot
jana eleter
jana eleter 2 months ago
hello fellow peeps
jana eleter
jana eleter 2 months ago
Kenna 24
Kenna 24 2 months ago
"I have Mia here to protect me...Hi Michael hi paper. Hah I don't know how to spell his name
Yareli Orozco
Yareli Orozco 2 months ago
Left foot
sheila kazimi
sheila kazimi 2 months ago
Left foot
K&k Playz
K&k Playz 2 months ago
left foot
KAHLEENA NELSON 2 months ago
Left put
Paulina Munoz
Paulina Munoz 2 months ago
left foot
Emma Loo
Emma Loo 2 months ago
left foot
MINSUNGIE TV 2 months ago
Tran Lam
Tran Lam 2 months ago
I'm late butt does chase not look like a cat and act like it In this video
Gabriella Lafogg
Gabriella Lafogg 2 months ago
Left foot
Lavida Manygoats
Lavida Manygoats 2 months ago
left foot
Sylvie Masters
Sylvie Masters 2 months ago
Left foot
Adopt me Team
Adopt me Team 2 months ago
Left foot
Neil Becerra
Neil Becerra 2 months ago
left foot
salima 2 months ago
best moment in the video 3:48
100 subscribers before Christmas
Lowkey chase looks like Robbie from gravity falls
Nylon Gachas
Nylon Gachas 3 months ago
Chase is a cat 0-0
Samantha Watters
Samantha Watters 3 months ago
I love chase 🤣🤣
Kaiden S
Kaiden S 3 months ago
“Thuck off you ain’t thaking my money” -chase 🤣😂😅
Kaiden S
Kaiden S 3 months ago
I like chase a lot more watching clogs w him in it
enabeannn 3 months ago
left foot
xX polarlikesfriedchicken Xx
0:46 that’s me on a day-to-day basis
Speesy Cheesy
Speesy Cheesy 3 months ago
Chase is so funny lol
Adorbsellie !
Adorbsellie ! 3 months ago
Left..... foot.
Paula Orriols
Paula Orriols 3 months ago
Left foot
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